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Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela Term Paper

… Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela

The Bolivarian Revolution refers to an accumulated social association as well as political development in Venezuela. Its most well-known leader is Hugo Chavez, the originator of the Fifth Republic Movement plus the current President of Venezuela. In addition the Bolivarian Revolution looks for the execution of Bolivarian-ism in Venezuela. Proponents of Bolivarian map out its roots to an avowedly democratic socialist explanation of a number of ideals of Simon Bol'var in the early years of 19th century Venezuelan and Latin American innovative leader, famous in the South American Wars of Independence. Columnists say Chavez has used the professed Bolivarian Revolution to strengthen his influence, nationalize industries and use the administration of government to change vast phases of daily life for Venezuelans…. [read more]

Hugo Chavez: Buffoon, Autocrat, Television Entertainer Essay

… That was the irony as Chavez used oil money to bolster his power.

How did he treat his subordinates? He rambles on for hours, according to the video and comments by Alberto Barrera, and his ministers and guests "have to put up with his rambling on for six hours…telling the same joke." He has his cabinet doing foolish things like investigating the death of Simon Bolivar -- wasting time and money -- on an assassination that happened 200 years ago. He treats his cabinet like they were children, is the answer to that part of the question. When Nelson Mora, an activist paid by the government, told Chavez on television that most of the people in a barrio that were to be moved to a…. [read more]

Venezuelan Governmental Action Chavez Term Paper

… Venezuelan Governmental Action - Chavez Attempting to Abstract

In my paper below, I shall state the policies of Hugo Chavez the president of Venezuela and discuss his obvious abuse of power and their repercussions not only on America and the world but also on Venezuela itself.


Venezuela currently supplies the United States with over 15% of its oil, making the South American nation its 4th largest supplier, after Saudi Arabia, Canada, and Mexico."(Jim Bencivenga). It is this position that Hugo Chavez is trying to take advantage of by enforcing his 2001 Hydrocarbon law according to which royalties on foreign operators doubled from 16.67% to 30% and a majority government stake was required in any joint venture taking place in the…. [read more]

Civil War Mediation Strategies in the Pre-1900s Research Paper

… Inclusive v. Exclusive Civil War Mediation Strategies:

What is Inclusive Strategy?

What is Exclusive Strategy?

Civic Society: Including the Voices of the Civilian Public

Benefits of Civil Society

Drawbacks of Civil Society

Civic Society: Excluding the Voices of the Civilian Public

Benefits of Excluding Civil Society

Drawbacks of excluding Civil Society

Elite Driven Peace: What is the purpose?

Governmental Power Sharing

Military power sharing

Stasis in Roman Sicily Case: Example of Exclusive Mediation

Thirty Days War Case: Example of Exclusive Mediation

Bosnia Case: Example of Exclusive Mediation

Libya and Kenya Case: Example of Inclusive Mediation

Colombian case: Example of Inclusive Mediation


Norway the Mediator

Transitional Justice Framework

Benefits of Victims at Negotiation Table

Drawback at the Negotiating Table in Colombia

Legal Framework for Peace…. [read more]

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