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Truman and the Use of Atomic Bomb Term Paper

… Truman and the Use of Atomic Bomb

The atomic bomb has only been used twice against the human population; both times by the U.S. when it dropped the dreaded weapon on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki towards the end of World War II. The decision to drop the bomb, made by the U.S. President, Harry Truman, resulted in over 100,000 deaths and almost total destruction of the two cities. Since that time a debate has raged about the necessity and morality of using the bomb. The "traditionalists" are of the view that the use of the bomb was justified since it resulted in a prompt Japanese surrender; thus saving the lives of a large number of Americans who would have inevitably died if…. [read more]

Atomic Bomb Term Paper

… ¶ … Atomic Bomb and the Deciding Event in Persuading the United States to Pursue Development of Nuclear Weapons

The following research study is conducted through a qualitative review of literature relating to the Manhattan Project and the atomic bomb developed and use in World War II against Japan. Japan was a formidable enemy in that the Japanese were very gung ho and did not care nor see any value in compromise and it is the failure of the Japanese to attempt to compromise so that the war and the associated deaths could be ended as well that resulted in the United States making use of the atomic bomb. The atomic bomb development program was top secret therefore the program had been compartmentalized to lessen…. [read more]

World War Two Term Paper

… Russia and America emerged as the new super powers of the world while Britain was relegated to a third rate power. Many Asian nations (India, Philippines, Burma, etc.) got their freedom from their colonizers. The United Nations Charter was signed on June 1945 (San Francisco) as a world peace organization to supervise international security and promotion of human rights.


We are still haunted by the legacy of the world war two and now that we are in the shadow of the war it is plainly obvious that it was one of the most foolish acts of mankind. (Self-destruction) In the history of the world the harrowing experiences of the Had Britain (as a super power) been a little more prudent and watchful over the…. [read more]

Atomic Bomb Historians Like Gar Research Paper

… S. would be able to dominate the Soviets diplomatically. Secretary of State Byrnes, who had always had presidential ambitions and still resented that Truman had been selected as vice president in 1944 rather than himself, was a great enthusiast for atomic diplomacy, and thought that the bomb might "put us into a position to dictate our own terms at the end of the war" (Alperovitz 32).

Military and Civilian Opposition to the Use of the Bomb

Although largely unknown at the time, behind the scenes a number of scientists and military and civilian officials opposed using the atomic bombs. McGeorge Bundy, who had helped Stimson prepare his memoirs and write his 1947 article in Harper's, also came to the conclusion that Japan probably would have…. [read more]

Terrorist Attack on the U.S. Marine Compound in Beirut Airport in 1983 Term Paper

… Terrorist Attack on the U.S. Marine Compound at the Beirut Airport in 1983

In the early morning hours of October 23rd, 1983, a truckload of explosives would introduce America into a new era of terrorism. Forever gone would be the days where terrorist attacks were small-scale, poorly thought out, schemes. In its stead was the new breed of terrorist. These terrorists, from that point forward, would be well-trained, well-armed, and well-informed with the latest intelligence. Oftentimes, they would now be working for legitimate State governments, governments looking for underhanded means of obtaining their objective, with the deniability of the use of a terrorist outfit. These newly evolved terrorist were no longer afraid to take on big targets for fear of not getting supporters. They had…. [read more]

Trinity Site Manhattan Project Term Paper

… Manhattan Project

Whether due to a morbid self-satisfaction, naivete, or sheer stupidity, the members of the Manhattan Project reveled with "elation" and "jubilation" at the sight of the mushroom cloud (Department of Energy). The Trinity Site, located in a remote part of New Mexico, was believed to be far enough from the civilian population to guard against fallout, but local ranchers lived only 20 miles away. Official reports indicate that civilians suffered "little external injury," but that their "livestock were not as fortunate, suffering skin burns, bleeding, and loss of hair," (DOE). Stafford Warren, the project's chief medical officer, would later recommend that future tests be conducted within no less than 150 miles from human population and claimed that the Trinity nuclear tests had been…. [read more]

Atomic Testing in the 1950s and 1960s Research Proposal

… Atomic Testing

Though modern people have concerns about atomic testing and the impact of radioactive fallout, ignorance about the atomic bomb and radiation meant that people who were exposed to such testing in the 1950s and 1960s were frequently unaware of the toxic and possibly fatal consequences of such radiation. On the contrary, rather than strive to avoid toxic fallout for bystanders, the government actually went out of its way to minimize the perception of risk. For example, in Las Vegas, businesses actually touted the nuclear testing as "a super fireworks spectacle for tourists." The government did not discourage this use, but instead allowed thousands of civilians and military personnel to fallout that it knew, or certainly suspected, would be hazardous if not lethal.

Although…. [read more]

Legitimacy of International Institutions Term Paper

… For example, UN agreed to lift sanction from Libya after Gaddafi regime agreed to accept civil responsibility of bombing Pan Am Flight 103 that occurred in Scotland in 1988. Moreover, the UN has assisted in putting end to Apartheid in South Africa when Security Council unanimously passed Resolution 418 in 1977 to impose weapon embargo on South Africa.

Legitimacy has been effective in the present contemporary international relations because states believe that it will serve their best interests to accept legitimacy of international institutions. Buchanan & Keohane (2006) argue that states exist to protect their self-interest, and states must treat the institutional rules as binding if they intent to protect their interests. Typically, many international institutions have been able to enjoy legitimacy from states based…. [read more]

Nazi Germany and the Atomic Bomb Abstract Term Paper

… Nazi Germany and the Atomic Bomb

Abstract/Overview- With all the power in the Nazi regime, why were they unable to produce a successful nuclear program? Fortunately for the Allied forces, German efforts were a huge failure, as the United States was the first nation to drop an atomic bomb. Germany could have been successful; they had both the resources and the personnel, but instead put too much energy and resources into their rocket project and evicted some of the greatest scientific minds out of Germany into Allied hands.

There is a great body of research to lend information on such an examination. The current body of resources was acquired through the use of the online scholarly databases, Questia and JSTOR. The main key words used…. [read more]

Rape of Nanking Book Review

… ¶ … Iris Chang, the Rape of Nanking: The forgotten Holocaust of World War

New York: Basic Books, 1997. By ____ June 8, 2012.

The book the Rape of Nanking: The forgotten Holocaust of World War II presents a tremendously disturbing historical account of an atrocity committed during wartime that rivals even that of the infamous Nazi Holocaust that consumed more than 6 million Jewish civilians throughout the entire occupied region of Europe during World War II. To use the phrases rivals is not at all to suggest equivalence in scope, because there is no dispute that the Jewish Holocaust resulted in approximately twenty times as many victims. On the other hand, in terms of senseless brutality and the depths of absolute inhumanity of man…. [read more]

History of American War: Aerial Warfare Term Paper

… Below, I highlight the aircraft models that were mainly used by the U.S. during the Second World War. These will be classified as per the kinds of wartime aircrafts highlighted elsewhere in this text.

Bomber Aircraft: The bombers mainly used during this war were the Boeing B-29 Superfortress, Boeng XB-15, Brewster XA-32 and the CAC Wirraway (Lorell, 2003). The Boeing B-29 Superfortress was the one responsible for the dropping of the atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Transport Aircraft: the United States made use of such models as Boeng C-108 Flying Fortress, Lockheed Model 10 Electra, Waco CG-3, and Douglas C-54 Skymaster for transportation and logistical purposes (Lorell, 2003).

Reconnaissance Aircraft: by 1941, the United States had begun to appreciate the need for reconnaissance aircraft.…. [read more]

Attack on the Naval Base Essay

… "

In response, the United States froze all Japanese assets in the country and placed an embargo on all petroleum exports to Japan unless they had a special license, which were ultimately never issued.

From here, war became almost inevitable, because Yamamoto "never thought Japan could win a protracted war against the United States," and so a decisive and stunning surprise victory was its best chance for removing the United States as a strategic and economic threat.

The planning and execution of the attack need not be elucidated here, as it has been discussed with almost fetishistic devotion in numerous books and journals. Instead, because the central argument of this essay is that the attack and the numerous deaths it resulted in, both immediately afterward…. [read more]

Japan and Korea Occupation Essay

… S. As a capitalist leader of allied powers. Both the countries wanted for Korea a political and economic system that could have furthered their ideological agendas. The U.S. wanted for Korea what it had achieved in Japan, modernization of society and economy and a Korean State friendly to the U.S. polices. Same was desired by Russia when it occupied the Northern parts of Korea, thereby expanding the communist influence further into East Asia. While the U.S. comprehensively gained control of the political and economic system of Japan, it could not do the same in Korea due to Russian forces being already stationed in North Korea. In fact the U.S. only succeeded in eliminating the threat of Korea being wholly ruled by the Russian backed communists.…. [read more]

Bias of Authors Regarding America Essay

… 6, 1945, and later wrote that 'the use of the barbarous weapon was of no material assistance. The Japanese were already defeated and ready to surrender because of an effective sea blockade and successful conventional bombing." After the horror of Hiroshima on Aug. 6, 1945, what purpose was served by the atrocity of Nagasaki on Aug. 9? H.J (Selig, 1994)."

The actual causality prediction had been one million so there were many who felt the bomb's taking of 140,000 was a blessing in disguise. Clinton recently said that the towns hit by the bombs were no mistake; attacking Pearl Harbor had been a mistake (Remorse, 1995).

This work was slanted very heavily in support of the use of the atom bomb following the attack on…. [read more]

Critical Thinking Exercise Essay

… Humanity is no different. Those who recognize the scarcity of resources, especially in a world of exponential population growth and prevalence of religions that preach doctrines of hate against other faiths -- from the Crusades to 9/11 our religions have a pretty lengthy history of hate-based conflict -- naturally recognize that occasionally for one and one's kin to survive, conflict is required. And so it is that war is inevitable. Nature does not have morality, it has realism and the only morality is survival. War, no matter how hideous the idea might be, will happen and any people that want to survive to future generations will need to be ready for it.

Works Cited

Crossman, Ashley (2014). Rational choice theory. Retrieved May 25, 2014…. [read more]

Manhattan Project Term Paper

… Manhattan Project

The development of the first atomic bomb represents a reference point in recent American history. The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki have given rise to numerous controversies as to the development and use of this kind of weapons. Scientists and common citizens alike have wondered about the creation, usage and effect of these bombs on the world at large.

Scientific experiments undertaken in the 1930s generated the conclusion that fission (the procedure resulting in the splitting of the atom) was possible. With this great scientific discovery came the speculation that a bomb could be created as a result of a chain reaction under a particular set of circumstances. In order to understand in what way the Manhattan Project was proof of American exceptionalism,…. [read more]

Violence and Death in Slaughterhouse Five Kurt Term Paper

… Violence and Death in Slaughterhouse Five

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., a fourth-generation German-American now living in Cape Cod, was an American Infantry Scout and as a Prisoner of War, witnessed the fire-bombing of Dresden, Germany, the Florence of the Elbe in 1945. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on the character, he survived to tell the tale: Billy Pilgrim, the hero of Slaughterhouse Five, -- or the Children's Crusade, bounces around in a time spanning his life and believes he is aided by an extraterrestrial civilization that has kidnapped him and put him in a zoo. Containing sexual content, violence and offensive language, the book was censored and burned in Drake, North Dakota in 1973, banned in Rochester Michigan for religious reasons, challenged at Owensboro, Kentucky High School…. [read more]

Disagreed: "In Matters of Foreign Essay

… Disagreed: "In matters of foreign affairs, the American constitution does more harm than good."

One of the fundamental and overwhelming roles of America and the American government is to engage in peaceful relations, if at all possible with the 200 countries all over the world: the constitution is what has guided and what continues to guide the nation in how they interact with other nations and how they engage with authority over their territories. "It is designed to further certain goals. It seeks to assure America's security and defense. It seeks the power to protect and project America's national interests around the world. National interest shapes foreign policy and covers a wide range of political, economic, military, ideological, and humanitarian concerns" (, 2013). In foreign…. [read more]

Advancements in Military Technology and Information Superiority Essay

… ¶ … Advancements in Military Technology and Information Superiority So Important in the American Victory over Japan in the Pacific War?

The Importance of the Advancements in Military Technology and Information in the American Victory over Japan in the Pacific War

The war in the Pacific theatre of operations was unlike the one waged in Europe whereby conventional battlefield operations and tactics were applied in terrains that were familiar with both the Allied forces and Nazi German forces. In this arena, the facet of warfare was vastly different especially when the terrains vary from dense jungles and mountainous areas necessitating guerrilla warfare strategies to sea lanes inundated by islands and islets where sea battles utilized these land masses as hidden staging areas or hiding therein…. [read more]

Termed the Forgotten Battle Thesis

… Chapter Two: Literature Review

Background and Overview

In reality, it is not surprising that it required some time for the United States to recognize the strategic significance of the Aleutians. At the time, Alaska was not even a state and its geographic distance from the contiguous United States further distanced the region from the minds of American policymakers. For instance, according to Hodas-Walsh (1997, pp. 3-4), "Not only was Alaska and the Aleutians a secondary theater of war during World War II, the United States had always considered it of secondary importance." By the fin de siecle, though, the United States had in fact begun to take some interest in the archipelago but the interest was only modest and fleeting. In this regard, Hodas-Walsh (1997,…. [read more]

Weapons of Mass Destruction Essay

… Atomic Bomb is probably one of the most recognized weapons of mass destruction even after almost 80 years of its first deployment. It was in 1939 that Albert Einstein first warned American government of the potential threat of Germany's capability to develop weapons of mass destruction.

This warning was taken seriously and led to the development of the Manhattan Project. Over the course of the next six years, America worked relentlessly on the development of first uranium rich weapon of mass destruction that could easily wipe off the population of any middle sized town.

Atomic bomb had the potential to cause serious damage to its targeted area. It could result in tens of thousands of deaths while also causing harm to coming generations of the…. [read more]

Nuclear Weapons and Physicists' Moral Choices Term Paper


The physicists instrumental in the design and development of the nuclear atomic bomb are certain to have held a certain level of pride in their accomplishment however it is just as certain that there must have been regret as well due to the potential for destruction, death and war that had been loosed into the hands of mankind for use in war.

The work of Horowitz (1998) states that "With the Manhattan Project...many physicists would redefine purity and thereby their relation to society." In other words, science and politics had become very much interactive and as stated by J.H. Rush in 1947: "Science had become politically interesting and scientists had become interest in politics." (as cited in Horowitz, 1998)…. [read more]

Italy in World War II Essay

… It might therefore be considered fortunate for the country that it was able to succumb to the more popular Western forces rather than their less acceptable Communist counterparts.

Despite the relatively weakness in terms of military strength, it can also be said that the fighting in Italy played a part in the outcome of the war. By engaging German soldiers in Italy, the Allied forces were able to occupy Germany in terms of casualties that might have otherwise gained the upper hand in less unpleasant fighting territories.

Furthermore, it is uncertain that the claim of Italy as being a "second-class" territory during the war is unequivocally factual, since many influencing factors played a role. Indeed, opinions about this might be as divided as the leadership…. [read more]

Farewell to Manzanar the Intact Term Paper

… Those who answer no to loyalty questions will be deported. Both Papa and Woody answer yes to the questions and in that instance, Papa attacks a man who calls him an inu or traitor.

Pressures and tensions are somewhat relieved when the Wakatsukis transfer to a better barracks near a fruit orchard and manage to survive through gardening (Houston 2001, Sparknotes 2005). The camp as backdrop now resembles a typical and small American town but still fenced in from the outside world. Bill and Jeanne adjust to their new world, Bill forms a bank called "The Jive Bombers," while she takes on certain Japanese and American hobbies and religious interests. Jeanne tells how she has begun distancing from Papa, while he and Mama are drawn…. [read more]

US Regional Security: Indo-Asia-Pacific Essay

… The process will result in decapitation and enable U.S. forces to utilize Chinese air space in strategic bombing of civilians. Since air power is increasingly dependent on the cyber domain in today’s military operations, this strategy will incorporate air-cyber integration.[12]The United States will establish a robust and secure networked command and control structure to support air power initiatives against China. Cyber specialists will carry out offensive operations against Chinese cyberspace through leveraging opportunities to exploit weaknesses in China’s cyberspace. Cyber capabilities will be combined with the other air power strategies in the war against China.


The Indo-Asia- Pacific region holds many U.S. interests. Both Russia and China, however, are seeking to exert control in the region. To counter their power, the U.S.…. [read more]

Who Fought for What in WWII Essay

… S. and the UK were, ultimately, in it for themselves and had used the Soviets to help defeat Germany: once the Germanic threat was eliminated, there was no need to pretend to be friends, as the Cold War certainly showed.
The third war aim of the Allies was to affirm their individual might. The UK did not do so well in this regard as its resources dwindled substantially while those of the U.S. and the Soviet Union grew. The U.S. and the Soviet Union set about showing off: the Americans decimated Hiroshima and Nagasaki just to illustrate to the Soviets what they were capable of doing with their great new bombs (Stone & Kuznick, 2012). Meanwhile the Soviets, not to be outdone, set about building…. [read more]

US Foreign Affairs Since 1898 Thesis

… U.S. Foreign Affairs Since 1898

Explain the origins of the containment policy after World War II. Also, explain the reasons for the conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union.

Even when the Soviet Union was an official ally of the United States, distrust of Stalin's USSR and communism as an ideology was pervasive in the U.S. Vocal critics of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal decried the legislation as socialistic, even though the New Deal was actually intended to offer a middle ground between classical economic theory and radical leftism. However, the defeat of Nazism and the expansion of the Soviet sphere of influence into Eastern Europe alerted President Harry Truman and the rest of the Western world that a new level of communist…. [read more]

Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb Term Paper

… ¶ … Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb

The use of atomic weapons has never been a clearly defined choice for any nation. Nuclear power yields destruction on a level that is virtually incomprehensible. Two single war-head nuclear bombs were dropped on two cities in Japan and those two cities were leveled. The Japanese had no choice but to completely and utterly surrender to the United States. Those two bombs ended a war. but, at what cost? The truth is that, on some level, the choice to bomb Japan and not Berlin was based upon a virulent racism that coursed through the veins of the United States. People of Japanese decent had been rounded up and placed in internment camps throughout the U.S. They had…. [read more]

U.S. Invaded Iraq in 2003 Essay

… These are some of the basic reasons that Bush advocated for and intended the U.S. To take stern action against the state of Iraq under the leadership of Saddam Hussein.

Moreover, the occurrence of the incursion was aimed at changing regime to fit the U.S. neocons, and promoting American interests in a rich country, but wars are fought for balance of power and not for idealistic reasons. In addition to that, the U.S. being the sole superpower thought that by invading Iraq, Iran and other unfriendly countries seeking nuclear weapons would stop their attempts. Other motives of the invasion were to secure the Israeli position in the Middle East.

The 2003 incursion in Iraq occurred between mid March and late April. This started a reign…. [read more]

John Dower War Without Mercy Essay

… Race and World War II: The Racial Hatred between Japanese and Americans Fueled a Merciless War

When one thinks of racism in World War II, one automatically sees images of Hitler's Nazi Germany. The German genocide of Jews in Europe was one of the biggest racial tragedies of the modern world. However, it was not the only racial hate that was fueling cruelty and oppression during the context of World War II. As John Dower presents in his work War without Mercy: Pacific War, it is clear that there were extremely high racial tensions between the Japanese and the United States which were perpetuated by the military and media's of each respective nation. This extreme xenophobia and racism then led to an increase in wartime…. [read more]

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