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Biggest Issues Citizens Politicians Confronted Essay

… S. People, he pointed out, did not know or cared much about the foreign policy his country was conducting because they did not have the time to dwell on it too much. They were too concern with the shortcomings of the regime and the hardships of the last years of communism in the country when, although there were financial possibilities to purchase goods, there was little if anything to choose from. The queues for groceries that were rationalized gathered all the discontent of the population and reverted their interest from foreign policy. Moreover, he concluded, the contact with the news around the world only happened through the Free Europe Radio station which was not available to everybody so few opinion exchanges would have been possible…. [read more]

Born to Be Big Term Paper

… Born to Be Big

Childhood obesity has become an epidemic. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the incidence has more than tripled in the last thirty years. Obese youth are more likely to have risk factors for cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, bone and joint problems, and sleep apnea. Obese youth are more likely to suffer from social and psychological problems and they are at greater risk than youth of normal weight for becoming overweight or obese adults. Obese adults can suffer from many health problems, including osteoarthritis, heart disease, some types of cancer and Type 2 diabetes (CDC, 2010). Childhood obesity is a very serious matter.

Obesity adds to health care costs. Begley (2009) noted that over sixty percent of…. [read more]

Born in Shame Is a Romance Novel Book Report

… Born in Shame is a romance novel about a highly driven, unmarried advertising executive in New York, Shannon Bodine, who discovers an unseemly secret about her origins which takes her to Ireland, where she builds a new life. In the span of one year, Shannon has witnessed the sudden death of her father, Colin Bodine, and the terminal illness of her mother, Amanda Bodine. On her deathbed, Shannon's mother reveals that Shannon is not the child of Colin, as Shannon had been told growing up, but the product of fling that her mother had while vacationing in Ireland before she met Colin. Her real father, Shannon is told, is an Irish farmer named Thomas Concannon, who was still residing in an small Irish town when…. [read more]

Young Diverse Children Living Term Paper

… The Casey Foundation was formed based on the supposition that children "do best when their families do well, and families do better when they live in supportive neighborhoods." (AECF, 2004). Officially titled the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the community organization was founded to help disadvantaged children and their families realize better futures and better opportunities within the United States. The primary mission of the organization is to help foster "public policies, human service reforms, and community supports that more effectively meet the needs of today's vulnerable children and families."

Their initiatives and projects include help promoting education reform to address critical issues children face in big cities, programs to ensure familial economic success and juvenile detention alternatives initiatives, which are targeted toward keeping youths out…. [read more]

Chinese-American Born in Victorville Admission Essay

… I have enjoyed the travel that this job requires and I am constantly learning about exciting new cultures and meeting interesting new people. Recent trips include Mexico City, Hong Kong, Beijing, Miami, Las Vegas and Dallas, to name a few. I found Mexico particularly amazing, with its ancient pyramids, rain forests, and historic cathedrals.

Outside of work, I dedicate much of my free time to helping others that are less fortunate than I was growing up. I understand that other children are not nearly as privileged as I was because many of them do not have the great parents that I did to support their growth and development. To try to help, I am an active member in the Big Sisters Program and serve as…. [read more]

Law School? I Was Born in India Research Proposal

… ¶ … law school?

I was born in India although I moved to New York with my step-mother when I was twelve. My father is a high ranking police officer in India. He is an honest and hardworking law enforcer in a country which, like most developing countries, is known for poverty and corrupt government officials. It was through him that I developed a respect for the law and realized its importance for progress in society. Since I had moved to the U.S., it was only a few years back that I was able to return to India for a visit. It was with new awareness and level of maturity that I viewed the everyday scenes on the streets of my country that I used…. [read more]

Native Son Essay

… ¶ … Bigger in Native Son

Richard Wright demonstrates the power of societal preconceptions in his novel, Native Son. Bigger is not necessarily a misogynist because he kills women. He is the product of a society and that society has practically shaped him to be what he is. Bigger is a product of society in many ways. His limited education is one result of what can happen to a young African-American that is lost in the system. As a result of his treatment, Bigger is angry and resentful and much like a caged animal. His violent behavior is the result of a society that mistreats certain individuals.

Bigger is the result of racism and his actions from day-to-day are the result of that racism. There…. [read more]

Person as a Born Criminal? Term Paper

… ¶ … person as a born criminal? What does the research show?

Definition of a born criminal:

Criminology is a study of behavior of human beings that make them violate existing law and tries to find out the reasons for their violations of law. There are different studies in sociology of law to find out the reasons for the origin of laws which end up defining certain behavior as criminal behavior. This is certainly important to know as why certain behavior is being talked as criminal behavior, though even the knowledge is often lacking in explanation of the causes of the law in question. At the same time, it is also important to know why some individuals violate those laws, while others do not. In…. [read more]

Native Son Shards Essay

… This sense of disenfranchisement certainly was embodied by Bigger Thomas No. 2, who never abided by the rules of enfranchised Caucasian people, who bought food on credit and never paid and rented housing and never paid for it. This bigger justified such behavior by explaining to the author that he refused to partake of the social and economic system proffered by such Caucasians because he had absolutely nothing and they had everything that he did not. Significantly, the progressions of Biggers appeared to get worse and worse, as bigger No. 3 had a penchant for walking into movies for free and engaging in other subversive behavior, such as transporting liquor during the country's prohibition period. Another commonality shared between all of these young men was…. [read more]

Fat and Proud Essay

… ¶ … women in the Fat and Proud You-Tube videos worked their way through the seven stages of a deviant career in this documentary. We will discuss some of their strategies for managing fatness as a master status. The author will also discuss how successful they are in those strategies. Also, we will consider some other mainstream television programming from the United States series the Born Loser featuring overweight contestants/participants. Further, we will see how these programs are different or similar to the Fat and Proud videos in terms of what the participants are doing with their status as fat.

As in our text, obese people look around themselves for look in order to determine their weight status as well as that of those in…. [read more]

Jelly Roll Morton Was Born Term Paper

… Morton wrote more than one thousand songs, including:"Wolverine Blues," "The Pearls," "Mama Nita," "Froggie More," "Black Bottom Stomp," "London Blues," "Sweet Substitute," "Creepy Feeling," "Good Old New York," "Sidewalk Blues," "Tank Town Bump," "Kansas City Stop," "Freakish," "Shake It," "Burnin' The Iceberg," "Ganjam," "Pacific Rag," "My Home Is In A Southern Town," "Turtle Twist," "Why?," "New Orleans Bump," "Fickle Fay Creep," "Stratford Hunch," "Shreveport Stomp," "Milneberg Joys," "Red Hot Pepper," "Jungle Blues," "Mint Julep," "Pontchartrain," "Pep," "Someday Sweetheart," "The Finger Buster," "The Crave," and "Grandpa's Spells." Several of his compositions were musical tributes to himself, including "Winin' Boy," "The Original Jelly-Roll Blues" and "Mister Jelly Lord." During the Big Band Era, "King Porter Stomp" was a big hit for Fletcher Henderson and Benny Goodman. Two…. [read more]

Landon Carter's Character Through Erik Term Paper

… (McLeod 1) Kids go on to depend on others, have little self-worth and also question their abilities.

A lot of traits exhibited by Landon reflect an unhealthy stage two. Landon depends on his friends and acts according to them. That is to say he is doubtful of himself as a person and his personality. Regardless of the kind of people they are, Landon still hangs out with them. The friends that Landon has do not depict his true personality. There is a scene when Landon is with his friends in school and it's been just a day after him practicing lines with Jamie.

Jamie walks up to Landon: "Hey Carter, So I'll see you after school?"

Landon pauses.

Landon "Yea, in your dreams" [laughter follows]…. [read more]

1985 Enron Was Born of a Merger Term Paper

… ¶ … 1985 Enron was born of a merger between Houston Natural Gas and Internorth, a Nebraska pipeline company. During the merger Enron subsequently incurred a large amount of debt in addition to losing exclusive rights to the use of the pipeline due to deregulation of natural gas pipelines. It was vital at this time for the company to embark on a new business strategy if they were to stay in business. The CEO, Kenneth Lay, hired McKinsey & Co. As consultants with Jeffery Skilling as the liaison. Part of Skilling's strategy was to create an energy derivative by establishing "gas banks," allowing Enron to buy gas from a network of suppliers and then turn around and sell it to consumers while collecting transaction fees…. [read more]

Fandom Was Born When the First Two Term Paper

… Fandom was born when the first two people started talking about their favourite program and it rolled like an avalanche into our times when fandom took unimaginable proportions for those first people who used to bring it up as a means of interacting. Today there are associations, estates (Tolkien Estate) and numerous fandom communities around the globe the existence of which is facilitated by today's means of communications through television and Internet.

TV series such as Star Trek, Xena or X-Files long after they ended their production still have their share of faithful fans. Matt Hills' researches on the topic of "Fan Cultures" reveals and analyses the scientific grounds for two mainstreams of fandom: "good " and "bad," or consumerist fandom. He is citing the…. [read more]

Roll Thunder Born in Jackson Essay

… Logan's teaching are some of the subversive ways the characters in Taylor's book enjoy personal triumphs. The Southern social hierarchy seems immutable and unchangeable in spite of the small triumphs earned by families like the Logans.

The incidents at Strawberry highlights the different ways individuals deal with discrimination as Big Ma tries to appease the shopkeeper whereas Uncle Hammer wants to kill the man after hearing about the story. Generational differences and also the growing sense of anger and resentment against white power become key themes of Roll of Thunder, Hear Me Cry.

Growing up in an unjust society impacts the hopes and dreams of the Logan children. They witness the struggles of their family in keeping the title of the land in their name.…. [read more]

Benedict Arnold American History Working Research Paper

… Furthermore his track record of dealing with British army in youth might also have been a considerable reason. Selfish men tend to ignore the greater good when it is compared to their own individual well being along with this Arnold made various friends and enemies within the elite class and his general perception was not of a great politician nor as a diplomat. Arnold's approach had many flaws as a leader although he made a lot of profits from his businesses, his extravagant life style kept him under debt and he used his political and social connection to avoid pressure from creditors[footnoteRef:10]. Another major reason for his disrepute amongst elitists was Arnold's views about American society and poor condition of general masses at most instances…. [read more]

Role of Andrew Carnegie Essay

… Carnegie was not brought up like a rich kid who got everything he wanted; in fact he had a humble past. Therefore he had feeling to help the community and fulfill the needs of the people. Once he became a richest man, he also gave lot of money back to the community. For example, Carnegie Hall, which also exists today and is the famous conservatory of music in the world, is one of his developments. His work shows that Carnegie was not a selfish or one sided man. If he got dirty to make extra bucks, than he also gave a lot of money back to the society to make it a better place.

He acted as a role model for the big business and…. [read more]

Frank Lloyd Wright Was Born in 1867 Research Paper

… Frank Lloyd Wright was born in 1867 on a farm in Richland, Wisconsin where he spent most of his youth. He was originally named Frank Lincoln Wright but when his parents divorced and he had designed his first building, he decided to change his middle name to Lloyd. When he as 12 years old he and his parents moved to the larger city of Madison, Wisconsin where he attended high school but never graduated.

Wright's initial interest in architecture developed during his high school years and this interest led to his taking a job with the Dean of the University of Wisconsin's College of Wisconsin. The requirements of the job dictated that he quit high school but he did find time to take several courses…. [read more]

Alfred Hitchcock Was Born Term Paper

… Alfred Hitchcock was a genius who knew how to use camera angles, lighting, and scripting effectively and with great cinematic suspense. His films live on as classics because they were created by a master, who was a perfectionist about his craft. He once told an interviewer, "The chief requisite for an actor is his ability to do nothing well. That is not so easy as it sounds. He must be willing to be used by the director and the camera. It is the camera which must decide what to emphasize and what is most dramatic'" (Tuska 79). That is one reason his films are still so popular today, they were created with a deep understanding of suspense and drama, and so, even if they seem…. [read more]

Sarah but That's Not Her Real Name Essay

… ¶ … Sarah but that's not her real name. Sarah has been blind since birth. Actually she sees some colors, she can stand in front of a tree and know that is a tree because it is tall and dark. But most of the world she sees is lights and darks. She can tell if there is sunlight or cloudiness. Besides her blindness, she is an otherwise perfectly healthy person who is 5-feet 4-inches tall, with big brown eyes, brunette hair, and a petite figure and tiny hands. Sarah is very attractive and charming and well liked. She finished high school with only two "B" grades notwithstanding the fact that she took all advanced classes, and she took classes for very bright students that were…. [read more]

Blood by Suzan-Lori Sparks Expands Creative Writing

… A major contribution to the character's restlessness in the proximity of death is the newly acquired certainty that she had used most of her life wrongly, investing a lot of effort in enhancing and sharpening her intelligence, to the detriment of her humane qualities, as she chose to overlook kindness completely. Therefore, Vivian's various recollections, peppered with repeated references to John Donne's undisruptive portrayals of death, serve to escalate the crisis attached to the awareness of the fact that there isn't much time left to effect necessary changes.

The irony of Vivian Bearing's evolution is not lost (C). Being accustomed to subject everything to intellectual rigors, the dying professor recognizes the same pattern behind the particulars and realizes that she had wrongfully cherished intellect over…. [read more]

Rudyard Kipling's Novels Term Paper

… Again, one sees here Kipling's tendency to weave a story of Colonial England's intermingling with native India with a thread of imperialism nevertheless present.

This was the first mention Lispeth had ever made of her matrimonial views, and the Chaplain's wife shrieked with horror. However, the man on the sofa needed attention first. He was a young Englishman..." (Lispeth, 1.1: Plain Tales.)

In Miss Youghal's Sais from Plain Tales, where the central character - Strickland - believed that a policeman should know as much about the natives as the natives themselves, Kipling once again explores the interaction between the English in India and the natives.

There has been a lot of debate over Kipling's Imperialistic stance in his books but equally the contrasts and contradictions…. [read more]

Discovering Personality Through Memoir Essay

… ¶ … plain vanilla person, but my early years could be described that way. I was born in [INSERT TOWN & COUNTRY] to a working class [?] family of [INSERT NUMBER OF PEOPLE] consisting of my parents and my siblings [INSERT NAMES OR NUMBER OF BROTHERS AND SISTERS]. Life with my family was predictable and as stable as could be expected given the times and the place.


I found the 5-factor personality theory to be a comfortable fit for thinking about how I have adapted over the years, and perhaps why my personality appears to have changed along some dimensions. The quality of extraversion is not an attribute that I would have considered as applicable to me during my growing up years. Indeed, I…. [read more]

Weaknesses in the Legal System as it Relates to Deaf People Term Paper

… ¶ … rights and interests of deaf people have been overlooked by agencies of government that has repeatedly pledged to provide equality and full participation. In response, our outcry has been relatively muted. Discussed in some detail below is the outrageous spectacle of the highest court in the land deciding to minimize the protection afforded by our principal civil rights law which is known as the ADA. To combat for the rights of the disable, is there anyone marching in the street or demonstrating in front of the Supreme Court? No, the response is primarily in the form of a few letters to the editor and erudite criticism by several legal scholars.

The Supreme Court has treated the cause of civil rights for people with…. [read more]

Born in Florence, Italy Term Paper

… She was also a statistician and developed forms for hospitals to use to track patients who recovered and who did not. This was the first time that standardized forms had been developed for hospitals to all track patient outcomes the same way.

She became very famous for her career and her revolutionary ways of doing things. She organized nurses to help sick patients during the Crimean War. People called her the "lady with the lamp" because she felt her career was a 24-hour profession and that women in her profession had to work day and night taking care of others. She was the very first woman to win the British Order of Merit, which was given to her in 1907. She wrote four books about…. [read more]

Boys and Girls Clubs Term Paper

… 7%) and their rate of eclampsia was over twice as high as the overall rate (0.3%).

The CDC also documents that infants of mothers aged ten through fourteen:

Were more likely to be born preterm -- before thirty-seven weeks gestation -- (21.3%) than the overall rate of 10.3% and their rate was thirty-three percent higher than the rate for infants of mothers aged forty five and older (sixteen percent), the next highest risk group.

Were more likely to be born very preterm -- before thirty-two weeks gestation -- (5.3%), a rate more than triple the overall rate of 1.6% and over twice the rate experienced by mothers aged forty five and older (2.6%).

Were more likely to be born with low birth weight. Their rate…. [read more]

Effective Ethical Moral and Legal Leadership Research Paper

… ¶ … Ethical, Moral, and Legal Leadership

Debates whether leaders are made or born have continued to evoke striking opinions for a long time. Some people believe leaders are born, meaning that they are naturally strategic, intelligent, charismatic, and visionary. On the contrary, others are of the differing opinion that leaders are made through education, training, experience, and mentoring. Some people argue that leaders are both made and born. They are naturally extroverted and intelligent but enhanced with training, education, experience and mentoring (Avolio & Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2010).

A study focusing on global top leaders established that fifty-five percent think leaders are made on the belief that leadership is above mere genetics. A twenty percent minority believes that leaders are born. The remaining twenty…. [read more]

Winter Dreams the Tension Essay

… The themes of "Winter Dreams" are relevant today because striving and social climbing remains part of American life. The contradictions between the values of being a 'self-made person' on one hand, and desiring to mimic the lifestyle of old money can be seen on every college campus today. Many wealthier students who do not have to take out student loans have the luxury of studying subjects that do not automatically prepare them for a career. Poorer students must worry about employment after college, and getting a marketable degree. Many of them study similar subjects as their richer friends, such as English and Art History, and find themselves upon graduating with little hope of a job in an anemic market.

The idea of being able to…. [read more]

LA Is a Very Diverse City, World-Class Essay

… LA is a very diverse city, world-class, and a city that faces a number of challenges for the 21st century. There are so many different ways to see this city. It is fascinating and it is frustrating. It is where dreams are made and where dreams are broken. Los Angeles is the perfect city for this kind of study. The interviews were based on the following questions.

If you had $1 million, how would you spend it?

What's the biggest problem/concern you can think of to describe LA?

What place do you like best in LA?

What's the most important event in LA history?

What will take LA into the future?

Is LA ready to lead in the future?

What are some misconceptions about LA…. [read more]

Creative Powers it Is a Fact Term Paper

… Creative Powers

It is a fact that the society in which we live will never be truly free in all areas of life. Indeed, it has been suggested by some that total freedom would result in anarchy, and that rules are necessary in order to ensure a civilized society. On the other hand, too little freedom would hardly be conducive to creativity in any sense of the word. It would therefore be useful to what degree freedom within society, in terms of the law, culture, education, politics, and other influences, relates to individual and collective creativity in the same society.

Freedom in Society

Freedom is a very wide concept, and difficult to define. It means different things to different individuals and different societies. If Hayek's…. [read more]

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