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Bottled Water Term Paper

… Bottled Water vs. Tap Water

Is bottled water safe to drink? Is it environmentally responsible to buy bottled water? Is tap water a safe and sound alternative? What kind of filters are necessary when drinking tap water? There are a variety of answers available in the literature today for all of these questions. And due to the importance of water in terms of human health and nutrition, these questions are relevant and vital in today's changing world. All sides and a diversity of opinion will be fully examined and reviewed in this paper. However, the bottom line for this research is that bottled water is, as a general rule, a wasteful use of resources. And whenever possible people should avoid buying plastic and instead use…. [read more]

Against Bottled Water Essay

… Bottled Water

Safe? Environmentally Friendly? Well-Regulated?

The questions in the title above expose an issue about something of a craze in the United States in the past few years: bottled water. It seems that everybody carries around a bottle, and instead of jugs of tap water in meetings, as previously offered, these ever present friends are, well, ever present in such situations. While there are benefits to having water at all times, and especially in such a compact way as a bottle, and while it is very important to drink water and stay hydrated, many have started to question the actual process of bottling, as well as if this process if environmentally safe, and consumer safe. In other words, as ads continue to increasingly put…. [read more]

Water, Gatorades and Powerades Essay

… Water is recommended by American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), when one is exercising for a short period of around an hour. Drinking too much water can cause over hydration that causes fatigue to the body system. During exercise, a certain amount should be taken according to the rate of sweating.

Sports drinks have electrolytes like potassium and sodium which occur naturally in the body; this makes them effective in fluid replacement as they have salt concentrations equal to the body.They have high calories, which replace the, loss of energy. They are taken when one is undergoing an activity of high intensity physical activity, in high temperatures and exercises which last more than an hour. Power drinks help in smooth muscle contractions and energy metabolism.…. [read more]

Bottled Water Essay

… Chemistry

Bottled Water

What are the environmental and economical effects of drinking bottled water? What are the factors behind the success of bottled water business? What is your opinion on promoting bottled water vs. tap water?

As clean water supplies are additionally extended to meet the burdens of industry, farming and an ever growing population, the scarcity of secure and easy to get to drinking water has become a chief problem in many areas of the world. In the wake of several major epidemics involving food and water, there is a mounting apprehension for the security and superiority of drinking water. While bottled water is extensively obtainable in both developed and developing nations, it frequently symbolizes a momentous cost to the customer. Customers may have…. [read more]

Harmful Effects of Bottled Water Essay

… Bottled Water

Harmful effects of bottled water

The harmful effects of bottled water: A manifesto 'Drink more water.' Drinking water is a necessary part of sustaining human life. Although the recommendations of how much water people should drink vary with the person's level of activity and the seasons, in general 6-8 glasses of water a day is considered optimal for good health, to prevent the individual from becoming dehydrated, to improve digestion, and encourage the efficient excretion of wastes from the body. Buying commercially-bottled water is a popular method of ensuring that healthy, safe and clean water is always at hand. "The average American consumed 1.6 gallons of bottled water in 1976. In 2006, that number jumped to 28.3 gallons" (Plastic recycling facts, 2011, Earth911).…. [read more]

Water and Plastic Bottle Burden Research Paper

… Water and Plastic Bottle Burden

Where to Turn for Safe Water

The first time sustainability was defined by a global institution was in 1987, when the Brundtland Commission, with a grant through the United Nations, outlined what was meant by the term. The principle of sustainability, according to the commission, implies meeting the needs of present without compromising future generations from meeting their needs. There are myriad facets related to the issue of what a sustainable society is, with the debate often weighed down by partisan rhetoric. There are, to be sure, many practical and convenient ways in which human society can reorient itself towards a better and healthier lifestyle, more in line with global perceptions of sustainability. This does necessarily mean abandoning technology, as…. [read more]

Bottled Water America Is the Hub Term Paper

… Bottled Water

America is the hub of consumerism. It is the country that supports free enterprise and capitalism. While the proponents of this economic system might give us thousands of reasons why capitalism is good, they can never convince you that the same system is not robbing our people of their basic rights. On the surface, everything might appear fine. But it is only when we carefully study the entire system and how it affects us that we realize that consumerism is making our lives difficult and stealing our many basic rights.

In every country, it is the responsibility of the state to provide its people with clean water and fresh air free of cost. But it is only in the United States that providing…. [read more]

Water Rocket Design Thesis

… Water Rocket Design and Lesson Plan

The water rocket is among the simplest and yet most exciting ways to simulate a ballistic reaction using safe household materials. The experiment involving the use of pressurized water within a container such as a discarded soda bottle can provide educational insight to young students beginning to learn about propulsion, compression engines, fuel usage and even about the peripheral emphases on taking safety precautions and preparing an experimental design. The Water Rocket is an excellent and engaging way to work with a modestly sized group of students in order to stimulate participation, insight, goal orientation and compliance with a set of specific instructions. The water rocket experiment could also serve as a great way to stimulate creative group activity…. [read more]

Water: An Overlooked Essential Nutrient Essay

… PowerAde currently has nine different flavors in the U.S.A. ( Gatorade products vary from country to country and include the Gatorade carbohydrate nutrition drink and Gatorade Nutrition Shake as well as the Endurance Formula. This contains twice the sodium and three times the potassium that the typical Gatorade formula as well as containing chloride, magnesium, and calcium. In 2007, G2, a lower calorie type also labeled as a healthy choice beverage, was released and produced in seven flavors. Gatorade Tiger (2009) contains 25% more electrolytes than Gatorade Thirst Quencher and also contains amino acid theanine. All of these are very different to the Gatorade produced in 2010 and the earliest Gatorade formula. Compositions of both Gatorade and PowerAde vary from country to country, too, depending…. [read more]

Water an Overlooked Essential Nutrient Term Paper

… Water: An Overlooked Essential Nutrient.

A new battle is raging in Congress concerning Gatorade and enhanced water products in school vending machines. Should they be considered junk food and not allowed? or, are they truly of value to the students? According to an article in the September 26, 2007, Washington Post, public health advocates to ban the sale of Gatorade and Powerade, which normally contain up to two-thirds the sugar of sodas and more sodium, in addition to waters such as Vitamin Water and SoBe Life Water. Too much sodium intake by young people could surge high blood pressure. Nutritionists stipulate that sports drinks are not as healthful as claimed. A 12-ounce bottle of Gatorade Rain contains 75 calories, 21 grams of sugar and 165…. [read more]

Water Privatization Essay

… One of the groups already contributing to the problem is bottled water companies that pollute the environment by storing water in plastic bottles, and take water from the supply in rapidly dwindling aquifers. This use of water reduces the amount of water resources available and reduces according to some people's belief in the government's ability to produce safe water resources. It promotes people's confidence in water privatization.

Water privatization has been attempted in the UK and other European regions as well, and has been met with failure. In the UK, privatization was met with bankruptcy and public outcry. A company named Yorkshire Water amassed "colossal debts" while struggling to make a profit; the company like many others proposed many solutions to their problems, but like…. [read more]

Water Shortage in the Middle East Term Paper

… Water Shortage in the Middle East

Water Shortage and Consequent Conflicts in the Middle East

Even before food, two elements are vital for the survival of an individual, and for life on a planet to exist: air and water. The characteristics of water which make it indispensable for life are endless, including both personal consumption and hygiene, as well as natural and chemical reactions in the nature and atmosphere, without which no form of life would be able to survive. During recent years, the natural resources of water have begun to shrink. Record high levels of consumption, increased elimination of greenhouse gases generating global warming, climacteric conditions and larger than ever global populations are all contributing to the reduction of the globe's water resources. Within…. [read more]

Water Crisis in "Crossroads Essay

… Water Crisis

In "Crossroads of a Water Crisis" Tara Lohan discusses the politics of water in California by framing the issue as part of a global water crisis. According to Lohan, California is one of the world's battlegrounds for water. California's water policy is emblematic of the larger problems facing access to clean drinking water throughout the world. In California, Lohan points out, major sources of clean water are diverted to big agriculture including ranching. The diversion of water to agro-business is problematic because there "simply is not enough water to go around," to sustain the population (p. 1). Lohan predicts that within the next fifty years or so, many Americans will not have access to clean drinking water. This is the case not only…. [read more]

Voss Water International Marketing Plan for the Turkish Term Paper

… Voss Water

Today, Turkey is emerging as an increasingly important nation that serves as a bridge between the Middle East and the European Union and points beyond. Turkey's full membership in the European Union appears to be a matter of when rather than if, and the Turkish population has enjoyed the economic benefits of a secular state seeking to become a full partner in the international community. Cities such as Ankara and Istanbul are becoming a cosmopolitan amalgam of the best that Europe, the Middle East and Asia have to offer, and the growing Turkish middle class is eager to spend their discretionary income on Western goods that communicate good taste and top-notch quality as evidence of their new affluence. In this environment, there are…. [read more]

Water v. Soda Term Paper

… One naturopathic physician notes, "A number of patients coming into the office have been suffering from a variety of symptoms, all of which can be traced to a lack of water intake. Most were drinking plenty of fluids: coffee, soda, tea and juice. But none were drinking enough water," (Brett). Although soda contains water as its primary ingredient, the body does not absorb it as readily because of the extraneous additives and carbonation. Furthermore, a dehydrated person can drink a bottle of water faster than he or she could chug a can of soda, thereby delivering nutrients to the body quicker.

Finally, water is generally cheaper than soda. Tap water costs nothing, and bottled water is significantly cheaper than sodas except for the "designer" waters…. [read more]

Risk Assessment for a Water Research Paper

… These people are immune-compromised individuals, for example individuals with HIV / AIDS, individuals who have undergone organ transplants, individuals with cancer undergoing chemotherapy, among other immune system disorders, some infants, and elderly may be also at risk from infections. Such cases are understandable and they should always seek advice from their health care providers concerning drinking water.

Radon, Cryptosporidium & Giardia

Radon is known as a radioactive gas that is found in almost every soil. Their occurrence sometimes finds its way up via the ground to the air and into homes via the foundation. Using ground water source for drinking may as well facilitate existence of radon to the home air. According to EPA, there is small source of risk on the part of radon…. [read more]

Water Sanitation Research Paper

… ¶ … water sanitation. We discuss the need for water to be safe for human consumption and the need for water in times of disasters such as floods and hurricanes such as hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. This paper then outlines the actions that are to be taken by individuals as well as the community as a whole in ensuring that there is adequate supply of safe drinking water.

The concepts of water and sanitation are intrinsic to the very survival of humans on the face of this planet. This is because the human body comprises of about two thirds water and it does several functions to one's body (AC,2010).

Functions of water in the human body

It is essential for the process of digestion.…. [read more]

Mineral Water Deerside Essay

… The final key success factor will be to ensure that there are no issues in the supply chain. The Republic of Georgia is in the area of Italy or Greece on the Global Corruption Perceptions Index (Transparency International, 2010), but beyond dealing with local officials the Caucasus region is politically unstable -- it is important that there are no problems with this part of the supply chain. The unhappy experience of Fiji Water is an example of how supply chain issues can effectively cripple a water business (Hsu, 2010).

Break-Even Chart


Year 1

Initial Marketing


Ongoing Marketing


Other Fixed Costs




Revenue per case


COGS per case




Breakeven # of cases


The risk management plan…. [read more]

Should the Government Ban Bottled Water? Research Paper

… ¶ … Bottled Water Be Banned?

Why are Americans, Europeans, and other citizens around the globe buying bottled water in such enormous quantities? What is wrong with the water their communities provide? These questions are the essence of the issues addressed in this paper and these are the salient questions that need to be answered in order to understand why billions of plastic bottles are filled with water and sold in supermarkets and elsewhere every year. If a family cannot be certain that the water they drink from the tap in their kitchens is truly safe, what is their alternative?

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), among the most respected and visible conservation and environmental organizations, "pollution and deteriorating, out-of-date plumbing" are delivering…. [read more]

Water in Africa Essay

… In other areas, rainfall patterns are either steady or they have been sporadic throughout the past century. It is expected, however, that there will be increasing climatic variability with climate change, and the ability of agriculture in the region to adapt to that is going to be critical going forward. There are tools and approaches that facilitate this, but these need to be in place on the ground and available to the farmers in the region in order to be effective (Cooper, et al., 2008).

Ultimately, there is broad-based agreement in the literature about the importance of water to eradicating poverty. The current problem presents itself as a gap between the resource, which exists in sufficient quantity, and the development of that resource (Van Koppen,…. [read more]

Commodity Chain Analysis Water Term Paper

… Commodity Chain Analysis: Water

Commodity Chain Analysis Paper: Water

Aquafina Bottled Water (Pepsico)

The increased popularity of bottled water over the last ten or so years has led to many questions about its position in the market, as well as regarding its health beliefs and its impact on the environment, both in packaging and in trapping a once free flowing commodity in a salable form. "Over the past several decades, the bottled water market in North America has experienced significant growth. Between 2002 and 2007 alone, the typical American's bottled water consumption rose by nearly 50% and has grown by more than 20-fold since 1977." (Quantus 2010, p. 1) This work will identify a single brand of bottled water, namely Aquafina, due both to its…. [read more]

Is Bottled Water Bad for You? Essay

… Bottled Water: Our Dirty Obsession

Bottled water has a kind of a health halo in our society. It is considered a substance that is intrinsically 'good for you' because water is a necessity for us to live. Consumers rationalize: what could be wrong with apparently clean, pure bottled water? But according to environmentalist authors such as Cynthia Barnett and Peter H. Gleick, the bottled water industry is causing devastation to the environment and does not even provide the benefits to the consumers that the purchasers desire in the short-term. The dark and dirty secrets behind bottled water are easy to overlook. Barnett demands that consumers give equal scrutiny to the environmental effects of the bottled water industry as they do the meat and drug industries…. [read more]

Marketing Plan for New Evian Bottled Water Term Paper

… Marketing Plan for New Evian Bottled Water

The marketing operations are an integrant part in the activity of every company and what was once a temporarily occurring solution is now an ongoing process. With the launching of a new product, all companies conduct intense market research in order to identify the characteristics of the competition and the customers; they analyze the internal and external forces which affect the corporate operations and develop a complex set of decisions on product, price, distribution and promotion, all organized into the marketing plan.

The current plan is focused on developing strategies and conducting research prior to the launching of Evian's new line of bottled water. The marketing campaign will be based on the benefits of drinking the new water…. [read more]

Behavior Modification of Drinking Essay

… Day 5: In attempts to achieve my objective, I started this day with vigorous physical activity that was followed with drinking 2 glasses of water. I remembered to bring my water bottle and took the water to quench my third and regain improved concentration levels when carrying out the day's activities. I was involved in several activities that included lots of walking, which drained my energy. Drinking water was very helpful because it made me feel energized and provided motivation for performing other activities. I also took water with every meal and eventually reached my target of drinking 8 glasses of water. Similar to the third day, I rewarded myself with a massage treat, which gave me a sense of satisfaction.

Following the completion of…. [read more]

Coca-Cola Bottles Coca Term Paper

… We've seen coke in bottles made of glass, aluminum, plastic and even served in cans, but now as Coca cola has decided to test it's limitations we might even be able to see it flowing right through the taps in our homes. This might seem like an unusual prospect but to the current CEO Douglas Daft it all seems quite plausible as he said in an interview with London's Sunday times in March that, "You would have water mixing automatically with the concentrate and then connect it all up so that when you turn on your tap, you have Coke at home. There's a lot more to it than that to ensure quality, and it has to be a sealed unit so people can't alter…. [read more]

Drinking Water Essay

… For the modern diet, water or water flavored with a bit of fresh lemon is preferable to fruit drinks, sports drinks or sodas, which also are usually high in sugars and calories. Water with lemon helps the body detoxify and remove waste products quicker, and since there is nothing to digest, is usable to the body immediately.

There are several easy ways one can increase their water consumption.

Carry a water bottle with you when you drive, walk or garden.

Sip water throughout the day while at work.

Drink water at night while watching television or doing home activities.

Freeze some water in freezer-safe bottles; take these with you on trips or to have on hand.

Choose water instead of other beverages when dining out…. [read more]

global water crisis and problems Research Paper

… If water resources become scarcer, and they already are, then water-rich nations will become the targets of water-poor nations. Access to water has already been the root cause of conflicts around the world. For example, the core reason why China has behaved aggressively to gain control of the autonomous region of Tibet is because of access to water; the Tibetan plateau is the source of the region's rivers ("Water Security and Environmental Management on the Tibetan Plateau"). The global water crisis, which is affecting Americans as well as people from around the world, can also threaten to cause massive humanitarian crises beyond the immediate need for drinking water. For example, drought conditions might displace people and cause conflicts over land as well as water resources.…. [read more]

Satire About Water Pollution Term Paper

… One cannot trust anything these liberals say, they have their own agenda, plain and simple. They love to cause trouble and stir the pot. Even the government says the country does not have a big problem with water pollution. These authors state, "Water quality in the United States, while not showing vast improvement since the early 1970s is at least not getting worse" (Freedman and Jaggi 23). Thus, water pollution is not as big an issue as people make it, and the country can deal with it simply and effectively by simply ignoring the problem, and looking for bigger fish to fry. Other reports show that pollution has increased: "The number of national pollutant registers worldwide has grown rapidly in recent years, fueled by public…. [read more]

Dangers of Contaminated Water Essay

… ¶ … Fouling our nest" from Unquenchable: America's water crisis and what we can do about it

According to Robert Glennon's book Unquenchable: America's water crisis and what we can do about it, for many years the supposed benefits of modern agriculture have actually resulted in environmentally unsound practices and the chemicals that we have used to supposedly 'improve' our lives have actually resulted in environmental degradation to the planet and to our own health (Glennon 65). To support his overall thesis claim, Glennon notes how synthetic products such as agricultural fertilizers and added chemicals to gasoline have caused significant water contamination of which most Americans are unaware. Government attempts to reign in big agriculture and big businesses' assault on our water supply in the…. [read more]

Cadmium in Wastewater and Drinking Essay

… Furthermore, any possible interferents must be localized and discarded. Both of these objectives comprise the essence of sample extraction. And as can be inferred, the process is ultimately utilized to achieve a more accurate measurement. The reliable and accurate analysis of Cd from a given water sample most often requires the use of an instrument such as a flame atomic absorption spectroscopy (FAAS) or an inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy (ICP-AES), both of which require pre-concentration steps. Such prerequisites must occur because these instruments have a detection limit that is not low enough to sufficiently detect the concentration levels mandated by the given guideline (Ferreira 2007; NWQMS 2004). On the other hand, the are other instruments such as graphite furnace atomic absorption spectroscopy (GFAAS)…. [read more]

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