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Dangers of Plastic Bottles Research Paper

… ¶ … Dangers of Plastic Bottles

Whether you drink Coke, Pepsi, Gatorade, or any of hundreds of possible beverage choices, the chances are you will drink it from a plastic bottle. From baby bottles to cleaning products, and of course beverages, Americans consume 2 million bottles every 5 min.(Palliser 2010) These bottles are made from a petroleum-based chemical known as polyethylene terephthalate (PET), and in the past few years researchers and scientists have begun to look into the impact these kinds of chemicals have on the health of the people. (Palliser) While everyone knows there are natural environmental dangers associated with these plastic bottles, there are also serious health dangers associated with the use of these bottles. Scientists have found dangerous toxins associated with the…. [read more]

Business Ethics Bottled Water Costs About 10,000 Term Paper

… Business Ethics

Bottled water costs about 10,000 times more than tap water. In addition, in the U.S. alone over 2,000,000 PET plastic bottles are used every 5 minutes. What ethical issues must the Waterkeeper Alliance bear in mind when considering whether or not to discontinue its brand of bottled water?

This is a major ethical question for the Waterkeeper Alliance to resolve quickly, as many traditional bottling companies are under scrutiny for their pricing practices and lack of full disclosure relating to their bottled water products. As bottlers have set prices at ridiculously high levels relative to the true value of the water sold, outrage has steadily grown over this practice. On August 1st in the New York Times editorial pages researchers for the paper…. [read more]

Existence of Tap Water Contamination Essay

… 48).

Epidemiological studies examining the effect of chlorinated water have found that people exposed to chlorinated by-products have elevated bladder cancer rates (Bove, Fulcomer, Savrin, 1995) whilst other studies (McGeehin et al., 1993) have suggested an association between chlorinated water and adverse reproductive effects.

Water is used in numerous ways. Its contact with the human body is vast. People use it to clean their contact lenses; they use it to brush their teeth, to wash out their dental inserts; to scrub their dishes, and so forth.

The news according to the Environmental Working Group is disturbing:

Public water supplies in 42 U.S. states are contaminated with 141 unregulated chemicals for which the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has never established safety standards Top states to contain…. [read more]

Environmental Economics Water Essay

… Tax money seems to be the issue. This is a gold mine for the company that does not have to pay heavy taxes on the water they extract to the town or state, and can sell the water at a huge profit.

Another economic issue that was not eluded to specifically is the damage caused by water transportation from the large tankers. This could cause infrastructure damage that is then paid for by the citizens. Another reason for there to be some tax taken for the extraction of the water.

Personal Opinion

Yes, Nestle should pay a tax for the extraction of the water because of the community toll, but they should be allowed to continue taking the water. Unless there is some study completed…. [read more]

Delineates a Hypothetical Disaster Plan Essay

… With my EMT background, I don't anticipate any difficulties getting these prescriptions -- my physician has always been thoughtful and responsive in this regard. Further, any medications needed to maintain the health of myself and my family members will be included in the first aid kit. These medications require vigilant storage and renewal considerations.

(4) Radios for tracking the progress of threats and to hear warnings about travel and the like. I will keep two types of radios in the kit: A wind-up radio that does not require batteries and a battery-operated AM/FM radio with better air-wave reach. Flashlights of various sizes and types -- both those that use batteries and those that are solar-powered or wind-up powered. Extra batteries of all necessary sizes will…. [read more]

Fashion "Eco Term Paper

… She advocates taking good care of one's clothes to prolong the life of items. This includes wearing delicate and professional clothing on appropriate occasions and not, for example, working out in the yard. Washing in cold water and hanging clothing out to dry is good for the life of the clothes and for the environment.

As has been shown, eco-fashion is not a movement that takes us back to past centuries, where individuals were almost wholly in charge of the garment-making process, from raising wool to spinning threads to weaving their own garments. Although technology is modern and seemingly the antithesis to the natural movement, it is actually technology that will facilitate cleaner manufacturing and processing. Technology is a driving force behind eco-fashion, as well…. [read more]

Why Lead in Drinking Water Has Serious Negative Impacts on Citizens Case Study

… Flint water crisis is an object lesson in how not to handle a public-health problem, especially one that was caused, at least indirectly, by actions of the city itself. Despite abundant evidence that there was a problem, city officials delayed remedial action for another six to nine months." (Stephan, K., 2016).

Flint, Michigan, is a city of nearly 100,000 residents seventy miles north of Detroit, and about 41.6% of its citizens fall below the poverty level, according to the U.S. Census Bureau (CNN, 2016). This paper reviews the facts surrounding the disastrous decisions that were made by elected officials that allowed water containing high levels of lead to be used by citizens in their homes. The leadership challenges and the public safety will be thoroughly…. [read more]

Western Civilization Developments in Civilization and Control Term Paper

… Western Civilization

Developments in Civilization and Control of Water Supply in Western Europe until the Seventeenth Century

The idea of who controls water and water supplies is not normally associated with developments within a society. However, because water is such a necessity for survival and the flourishing of a society as a whole, it becomes an important symbol for the status and health of any society. By tracking the development of Western Europe in correlation with the development of irrigation and water control systems, one can see how they are so intimately related. At times, it is the development of society which affects how and who controls that society's water. Other times, it is the inventions and control of the water itself which in turn…. [read more]

Justice and Fairness in Water Rights Essay

… Conclusion

It is reasonable to conclude the Nozick would agree that Nestle had the right to pump water for its bottling operation because they had the wherewithal and ability to do so and since the company's operations are legal, the decision to allow the operations was just, even if other parties were harmed in the process. In contrast to Nozick's entitlement theory of justice in distribution, Rawls would likely argue that an application of a veil of ignorance could help determine a more equitable solution that took the interests of all stakeholders into account. In the final analysis, it is also reasonable to conclude the fights over riparian rights will escalate into full-scale water wars in the latter half of the 21st century -- or…. [read more]

Marketing Discuss Product Service Terms Essay

… Segmentation variables to be used for the market include age, income levels, gender, social class, education background, ethnic background and lifestyles Ferrell & Hartline, 2010.

The bottled water will be targeted at persons aged between 15 and 64 years of age who make up 65.2 per cent of the population Central Intelligence Agency, 2012()

with women being the major target gender. The product will be targeted at low to middle class persons who are the most unlikely to have access to clean supplies of water. The education background of the target market includes individuals who have reached the secondary level of education who will be able to appreciate the difference in quality and purity of bottled water over tap water. The product will be targeted…. [read more]

Marketing Strategies of Coca-Cola Term Paper

… Following the U.S. attack on Iraq, protest broke out in Thailand against the U.S. And many sections called for boycott of American products. One of the major Coke bottlers in the southern part of the country, Haad Thip had to temporarily close down its plant following outcries against the war. This led to disruption of supplies of Coke, Fanta and Sprite in southern Thailand. Coca-Cola's Thailand unit has announced that the company is neutral and does not support political and religious cases. (The Financial Express, 2003)

Pepsi in Thailand:

In early 2002, Pepsi announced that it would target six countries in Asia with the goal of becoming the best selling brand in the respective countries - China, South Korea, India, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand.…. [read more]

Video Tapped. Essay

… Nonetheless, it shows plastic bottles dumped in the Pacific containing toxins causing various neurological disorders.

Effects of Bottled Water Industry

Despite the availability of clean drinking tap water, demand for bottled drinking water in the United States of America is high; it is the highest in the world. According to World Watch the country was the biggest consumer of bottled water in 2011 and the market was expected to grow by 6.7%. More Americans prefer bottled water to tap water regardless of the cost, this situation causes depletion of water resource as well as a host of environmental concerns.

The demand of bottled drinking water has triggered rampant water mining by the bottling companies. The leading water miners in the United States are Pepsi, Coco…. [read more]

Make a Change Research Proposal

… Makea Change

Change Through Business: A Strategic Business Plan

Make a Change

PO box 6598 Columbia

Business Vision

Business Mission

Business Goals

Production Goals

Sales Production

Market Demographics

Utilizing Market Knowledge

Market Strategies


Financial Plan

Office / Workflow

Change can be painful and it can take time, but history has shown time and time again that change for the better is possible. Change means to make things different than they are now, and there are plenty of things in the world that need to be changed. You may be wondering how just one person can make any difference at all in the complex world we live in today, but we at Make a Change believe that change is possible and we want to do…. [read more]

Observed Comparative Morphology Term Paper

… ¶ … Morphology

Bottle-Nosed Dolphins and Great White Sharks

Vertebrates are animals that have a backbone and/or a spinal column that supports their body. The interlocking units of the backbone are called vertebrae. Not only does the backbone support the entire body, it also anchors the limbs. Animals that are vertebrates include fish, birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals and various insects. The backbone can be inside the body or on the outside part of the body. Of all of the animals in the world, vertebrates only make up about 2% of all animal species. This paper will discuss the comparative morphology between two vertebrates: a dolphin and a shark.

Dolphins are mammals that can be found in the oceans around the world. Dolphins are mammals of…. [read more]

Economics There Are a Number of Variables Essay

… Economics

There are a number of variables that can be included in a regression equation to estimate demand for a durable consumer good (No author, 2011). The general state of the economy -- GDP -- is a good measure, as are other key economic measures such as unemployment and new housing starts. These measures are best because consumers will often increase purchases of durable goods in good economic times, but will delay such purchases when the economy is facing difficulty. I would include different variables for "fast-moving" consumer goods. These goods are less subject to fluctuations related to the health of the economy. Population growth and demographic variables such as number of households would be more important demand variables for fast-moving consumer goods. In both…. [read more]

8th Grade Science Literature Review Essay

… These demonstration examples have been tested with metrics and there exist hands-on demonstrations with simple manipulations and characterizable hypotheses (Campbell 2011). In the development of a unit on the concept of gas physical properties and their relationships, a core set of assessment and then review will be implemented. The basic evaluation will be tested by administering worksheets initially to challenge the understanding of student comprehension of gas physical properties. These worksheets will be provided with only minimal context in the 8th grade science curriculum as an initial set of examples after reading the chapter. Following this worksheet, a detailed set of instructions regarding volume, the examples of weight and temperature performed with visual demonstrations of boiling and mass, and finally a hands-on experiment with a…. [read more]

Plastics the Ecology Center ) Essay

… Plastics

The Ecology Center (2011) says that besides the fact that plastics create safety problems during production, many chemical additives that give plastic products their desirable properties for performance also have very negative effects on the environment and humans' health.

Chemicals can migrate from plastic packaging to the foods that they contain (Ecology Center (2011). Some of the examples of plastics contaminating food have been found with most plastic types -- "including Styrene from polystyrene, plasticizers from PVC, antioxidants from polyethylene, and Acetaldehyde from PET" (2011).

The chemical structure of the migrants and the nature of the packaged food are the factors that control migration (Ecology Center 2011). "In studies cited in Food Additives and Contaminants, LDPE, HDPE, and polypropylene bottles released measurable levels of…. [read more]

Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Our Ecological Footprint Essay

… If I am going a distance less than two miles, I choose to walk instead of driving. If the distance is over two miles but less than 10 miles, I choose to cycle my bicycle. Biking is also healthier since it constitutes exercise to the body. Since my town has plenty of bike lanes and pedestrian sidewalks, I choose to walk in order to reduce my ecological footprint.


I will also make sure my faucets are closed tightly to reduce my ecological footprint. A faucet dripping at a rate of one drop per second wastes four gallons of water per day. Therefore, I will make sure to conserve water by closing all faucets tightly. Where possible, I will strive on the installation of water-efficient…. [read more]

Products That You Have Selected Essay

… Condensed milk: marketing of Eagle Brand ® Sweetened Condensed Milk markets towards the lower-middle class lady by promoting recipes for baking and demonstrating how the condensed milk can become an essential part of the baking product.

Its product is mainly promoted via Internet in colors, style, and format that interest the general tastes of this supposedly genteel and refined class.

The price too corresponds to the budgetary range of its audience.

Eaglebrand promotes itself via recipe and essay contests and vary their condensed milk with 7 different tastes. They also make them easy for their clients to use by recently affixing an easy to open can.

The cans are attractive and colorful.

Eagle brand runs a recipe club, and offers its clients incentives such a…. [read more]

Toxicology of Bisphenol a Health Article Review

… Some would say, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." These folks would argue that it is in the countries' best interests to maintain production and use of BPA. They may claim that there are general risks in life and consuming a small amount of BPA in one's lifetime is not worth risking the economic futures or stability of a country. These are the same perspectives that have a disregard for human life. These people do not place value on humans, particularly ones that are not wealthy. If and when those in power experience a similar degree of vulnerability, perhaps their attitudes will shift. Perhaps by that time, we will have passed a moment when there were options available.


Aschberger, K., Castello, P., Hoekstra,…. [read more]

Plastic Garbage in Oceans: Marine Pollution and Microplastics Term Paper

… Not only do microplastic particles pose a short-term problem in relation to animals ingesting it, but also the source of these microplastic particle, plastic bottles are filling the beaches and shorelines of the world leading to dramatic impacts on water and land quality throughout the world. In terms of long-term damage brining back ingestion and the aforementioned article quote, people can become affected by these microplastic particles because they eat the animals that consume the particles. These particles can be hazardous to the health of living organisms and if these particles accumulate in the body, that could pose a serious health risk for humans who eat seafood often.

Solutions: The solutions offered in the article in regards to standardization of methods in order to effectively…. [read more]

Plastic in the United States About 25 Thesis

… Plastic

In the United States about 25 million tons of plastic is discarded every year as waste. These materials are usually dumped in land fills and they are not degraded for decades. It also forms twenty percent of all municipal waste. There fore there is a need to find an alternate solution for the disposal of plastics. (Ware, 3) Condemning plastic altogether and replacing it totally seems to be a task that is Herculean and be best left for the future. The harmful effects of plastic especially when discarded and absorbed into the ecosystem where it takes considerable time before it can be decomposed is proven, and this parameters prompts the enquiry into the ways and means of containing the use and waste generation in…. [read more]

Tylenol Cyanide Case Study

… Tylenol Case Analysis: Johnson and Johnson

In the contemporary world, taking responsibility and immediate action in the face of a huge crisis is a requirement for any U.S. corporation if they are to survive and maintain their market position and reputation. These types of organizations are expected to be socially responsible to their employees and the public not only if they are directly involved in a crisis involving their products or services, but also if there is an indirect association. In 1982 Johnson and Johnson was faced with this challenge. They were indirectly involved in a catastrophe which killed seven people because their leading pain killer Tylenol was tampered with and unassuming consumers became the victim of such an atrocity. The way in which Johnson…. [read more]

Marketing Mix -- Kopparberg's Cider Thesis

… This is a viable concern for a flavored alcoholic drink like Kopparberg's ciders ("Kopparberg," 2011). In fact, the migration of Kopparberg ciders' consumer group to increasingly younger demographics is a case in point ("Kopparberg," 2011).

Much of the Kopparberg website is given over to announcing various events that Kopparberg is either sponsoring or participating in some manner ("Kopparberg," 2011). The events span a wide range and there appears to be something to appeal to everyone ("Kopparberg," 2011). There are glamorous fashion events, spotting events, events associated with particular brands popular among you people ("Kopparberg," 2011).

What recommendations do you have for the marketing mix? Kopparberg's cider should open it distribution to the West Coast of America. Kopparberg's cider is distributed in Manhattan by the Manhattan…. [read more]

Production of Food Products Research Paper

… These animals are forced to eat food that would ordinarily not be part of their natural diet in the interest of producing a less expensive meat product for the consumer.

The ill effects of factory farming are felt not only the animals involved in the process. The effects are more far reaching than that. Among the other effects are the human illness caused by the drug-resistant bacteria associated with the wide-spread use of antibiotics and water and air pollution caused by the inordinately large accumulation of animal waste. Ordinarily neither of these conditions presents itself on a traditional family farm. On such farms the animals are provided living conditions more conducive to their historical environment. As a result, they are subject to less exposure to…. [read more]

Harmful Effects of Plastic on the Environment Essay

… Plastic Bags & the Environment

Plastics in the Environment: Problem and Solutions

Plastic pollution in the oceans and on dry land is a terrible plague that needs to be addressed through responsible environmental management. This is not a new concept, as plastic has been an eyesore and an ecological miscreant for many years. This paper delves into the ongoing problem of plastic's polluting effects on the environment, using research from scholarly and other reliable sources. The paper will also reference sources that present solutions to the problem of plastics within the planet's natural environment.

What is the problem and how long has it been going on? "…Plastic pollution is killing millions of birds, fish, whales, seals and sea turtles," according to marine scientists referenced in…. [read more]

How Personal Can Ethics Essay

… ¶ … Personal can Ethics get

Valerie is facing an ethical dilemma because she is forced to consider her personal well-being vs. that of the company and other major stakeholders. The performance of the company is struggling as a result of Waters' inept management, so she has an obligation to the shareholders and the other employees to address the situation immediately. Valerie is in a vulnerable position herself, though, if she chooses to become a whistle-blower. She may receive a visa to stay as a student, but only if she can find a way to pay her tuition fees. Valerie has no ethical obligation to Waters at this point.

If I was Valerie, I would take the information to the CEO. The company is suffering…. [read more]

Business Discuss the Ethical Concepts and Dilemmas Research Proposal

… Business

Discuss the ethical concepts and dilemmas that are facing Valerie?

Valarie has discovered evidence that her boss, Waters, is accepting kickbacks, from the two fragrance companies he has chosen for Wisson to work with. She suspects that the company has discontinued working with six other companies because they had not made payoffs to Waters. She knows that kickbacks are in clear violation of Wisson's policies. She faces dilemmas in both reporting and not reporting her discovery. If she discloses Waters' activities, she fears retaliation which could result in her being fired. and, she knows her decision will influence the lives of coworkers who she considers to be her friends. On the other hand, if she doesn't report the unethical conduct, she has to cope…. [read more]

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