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Brain Dysfunction and Criminal Behavior Research Paper

… The frontal lobe is a very important part of the human brain because of its function not only in individual function of the body, but in terms of understanding social, legal, and moral rules and regulations within the society and disruption leads to misconduct and very often to criminal behaviors by the afflicted person which will end in tragedy. It is in this particular region of the brain where social morays are interpreted and the individual's ability to differentiation right and wrong is also located (Brower 2001,-page 720). Therefore, damage to this region of the brain either through congenital deformity or severe injury will logically impede the ability to understand right and wrong or also inhibit the ability to internalize social morays. If this particular…. [read more]

Brain Structures/Systems Are Affected in Parkinsons Disease? Essay

… ¶ … brain structures/systems are affected in Parkinsons disease? What do the cognitive and emotional symptoms of the disease tell us about the possible functions of the different parts of these systems?"

Parkinsons Disease is a crippling, degenerative disorder that mainly affects a movement center of the brain. The disorder creates a shortage or limiting of action of the neurotransmitter dopamine which in a healthy brain triggers purposeful movement in the neurons of the region and is also shown to affect norepinepherine, to some degree. The disease is usually progressive, beginning with a single sided tremor usually in one hand, particularly when the individual is at rest and then can progress to tremors in all the limbs, all the time as well as slow movement…. [read more]

Brain Injury Thesis

… Brain Injury Resources in Kane County

In choosing to focus on brain injury, it is our desire that the general public's awareness of the serious of such injuries will be raised, as will the knowledge and understanding that symptoms might not be immediately visible. As early care for brain injuries is not only most effective but often the only way of forestalling permanent damage or death, this awareness is extremely important (NIH 2010). Every year, nearly one-and-a-half million people suffer traumatic brain injuries through falls, automobile accidents, and through other causes, and fifty thousand of these individuals die (BIAA 2010). The vast majority of those who suffer a fall or other accident that results in a brain injury are treated in emergency rooms or urgent…. [read more]

Brain Summary Essay

… Brain Summary

Though not much to look at on the surface, the brain is one of the most complex -- if not the most complex -- natural marvels known to man. With many billions of neurons serving to make connections in the brain, it is far more complex and varied in its abilities than even the most complex and powerful computers. Different functions stem primarily from different areas of the brain, but it takes a complex interaction to produce most behaviors. There are several techniques for studying the brain in general and the different areas of the brain involved in certain activities and behaviors. Electroencephalograms (EEGs) measure electrical activity in the brain through electrodes placed on the exterior of the head, while positron emission topography…. [read more]

Brain vs. Spinal Cord Anatomically Essay

… If this comparison results in negative connotations, they may respond with a grimace, a verbal expletive, and a look downward at their foot. By comparison, a young child experiencing this for the first time might enjoy it and begin to stomp around in the mud puddle to recreate the experience repeatedly.

The product of CNS sensory information processing is behavior. This includes motor control, thinking, and emotional content. When motor control is involved, such as getting up out of a chair, the decision to stand up is packaged into information and transmitted by motor neurons into the periphery. The fibers that transmit this information are called efferent fibers. External signs of emotional behavior would be voicing an expletive or a scream of joy when stepping…. [read more]

Brain Drain of Health Professionals Thesis

… The 'brain drain', also referred to as 'talent flow' (Hooks et al., 2005) and the 'Diaspora' (Bryant and Law, 2004), is the flow of skilled human capital out of a country at a considerable rate. Africa is faced with this growing problem (Mutizwa-Mangiza, 1996; Bloom & Standing, 2001) and has witnessed decades of wasted development potential, however it has also been experienced in other nations throughout history e.g. USA and Europe and is currently happening in Ireland. This migration has been blamed for worsening the human capital crisis in Africa (Wadda, 2000). The continent has suffered and continues to suffer problems of extreme poverty and lack of both human and institutional capacity. There has been massive influx of emigration from Zimbabwe since the late 90's…. [read more]

Traumatic Brain Injury Individuals Regarding Employment and Their Social Life Research Paper

… Psychology & Nbsp;(general)

Taumatic brain injury indiviiuals regarding employment and their social life


Individuals with traumatic brain injury (TBI) often struggle with basic tasks and social skills, primarily due to the impact the injury may have on particular neurological functions. Depending on the severity of the injury and the parts of the brain that are impacted, individuals with TBI may experience issues that impact their new identity, self-esteem, their ability to maintain focus in the workplace, and appropriate resources in regards to the knowledge of the professionals who deal with TBI individuals. The main question that will be focused on in this capstone project is: What factors impact the growth of traumatic brain injury individuals to be successful at work which leads to a…. [read more]

Cognitive Effects of Brain Injury Essay

… The type of information processed by these declarative memory networks is relatively lateralized, with verbal information mediated by the dominant hemisphere and visuospatial information mediated by the non-dominant hemisphere (Cozzarelli, 2010). Remembering (retrieval of) declarative information requires the activation of the selected neural networks that originally encoded it. Volitional recall is initiated by prefrontal structures; for a relatively limited period of time after initial presentation, such recall also requires the participation of the hippocampal portion of these representational networks. After memories are encoded and consolidated, however, retrieval becomes less hippocampally-dependent (and, eventually, independent of the hippocampus) and instead is frontallydependent .

In addition to their amenability to volitional recall, declarative memories are highly associative and their recall can be triggered by activation (via external or…. [read more]

Mtbi and Depression Traumatic Brain Essay

… Let us review the facts:

1. The depressive symptoms that occur in PCS are virtually identical to the depressive symptoms associated with other mental disorders or even depression associated with terminal medical conditions (Silverberg & Iverson, 2011).

2. There no known study that can identify the depression in PCS as being distinct from the very same clinical depression that is so costly to society.

3. Smokers with lung cancer often develop depressive symptoms (Sadock & Sadock, 2007). The medical profession would be ridiculed and punished if these patients were told that their cancer is a personal concern and that lung cancer is not a public concern. Likewise, their depression, which is directly related their use of a substance, could have been avoided if they did…. [read more]

Patients Diagnosed With TBI Cope Research Paper

… Program lasted 13 weeks. Results discovered that CBT supplemented with cognitive processing therapy seemed to be the most effective in helping patients with both post-TBI and PTSD symptoms.

Previous studies show that social and emotional support can go a long way in helping victims of various diseases. Bell et al. (2011) therefore conducted a telephone support intervention in order to assess whether that may help victims f TBI better cope with social and emotional aggravation in their routine lives. They conducted a two group, randomized controlled trial on 433. Subjects who were recruited form inpatient rehabilitation. The subjects (mean age 16) were randomized between a Scheduled Telephone Intervention (STI) group and usual care (UC) and simply usual care (UC) which was the control. Aspects that…. [read more]

Brain Factors Influential in Causing Psychopathy Term Paper

… According to Cale & Lilienfeld (2002), substance abuse affects the functioning of the amygdala, a fact considered contributing significantly to psychopathy. Therefore, Anderson et al., (2014) recommends lifestyle modification as among the strategies that should be adopted to prevent occurrences of psychopathy.

Apart from the above, Harmer et al., (2009) postulate that an excellent relationship exists between the brain developments of an individual with psychopathy. Research shows that individuals with a history of abnormalities in their central nervous system development are two at risk of developing psychopathy as compared to those with a history of normal development of the central nervous system. Among the abnormalities that have a high correlation with psychopathy include hyperactivity, learning disorders, and personality disorders.

Moreover, Ogloff (2006) recognizes that protein…. [read more]

Mind and the Brain Essay

… It simply means that the dance would be considered as the sole interacting event as it would exist in "relationship with all of the dancers and the stage and the costumes and the scenery" (Carreira, 2011).

Similarly, mind should not be looked for in the brain. The reason is simple. The mind is the entire interactive experience of human beings existing in association with the world. Mind cannot be considered a thing because it is an accomplishment as the dance is. In simple words, mind is rather an act including the occurrences that happen under our cranium. However, it cannot be restricted to them (Carreira, 2011).

Mind is, in fact, a shapeless continuum whose function is to identify, observe, distinguish and understand objects. Due to…. [read more]

Cell Injury and Death, Thrombosis and Embolism Assessment

… Cell Injury & Death, Thrombosis & Embolism, Cell Function in relation to Inflammation, Causes & Course of Inflammation

The human body may pose natural responses to external and internal influences, such as trauma, infection, poisoning, and loss of blood flow, autoimmunity, or errors of development. Pathology is looking at the way in which the body's responses to injury, while evolved to protect health, can also contribute in some ways to disease processes. Human cells may respond to injury and stress by specific mechanisms and may result in CELL INJURY or CELL DEATH. Please describe cell injury and cell death respectively.

Cellular injury occurs when a cell is unable to maintain its steady state or homeostasis. Normal and healthy cells live in a state of equilibrium…. [read more]

Brain Plays a Vital Role Term Paper

… However, Gage's personality suffered severely after the accident, as did his proficiency at his place of employment. Prior to his accident Gage was renowned for his temperament and efficiency at work -- subsequently, he was prone to fits and emotional outbursts that not only affected his judgment but reduced the efficacy of his performance (Kihlstrom, 2010, p. 765). An examination of the specific nature of his injury and its relationship to the cognitive process reveals why.

In a normal brain, the ventromedial frontal cortex contains somatic markers for neurons (Kean, 2014) that take emotional input from sensory perceptions and relates them to positive or negative outcomes based on predictions. Such predictions are greatly formed based on experience and the memories created in its wake, which…. [read more]

Cell Phone and the Brain Research Paper

… Davis points out that most studies focus only on those using cell phones for approximately five years.

The World Health Organization has found cell phone radiation to cause factors associated with the risk of cancer. Some of these factors include; DNA damage, an increase in reactive oxygen species, weaken the blood-brain barrier and increase micronuclei (Cell Phone Use- Is it Safe? An Interview with Devra Lee Davis, PhD, MPH., 2011). However, these studies are limited to in vitro systems as opposed to live subjects. Yet, other studies indicate an association between increased use of cell phones over time and risks for developing brain cancer. Davis (2011) states that the risk doubles after using a cell phone for only ten years. A major contributor to this…. [read more]

Disorders of the Brain Alzheimer Research Paper

… This is because the areas that are affected by the disorder are the ones that are responsible for these functions in an individual. Therefore the damage in these regions due to the disorder greatly affects the development and behavior of an individual (Remedy Health Media, LLC .2014).

Doctors recommend magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) when carrying out investigations of whether a person has Alzheimer's disease or not. This is intended to rule out any other possible cause for the cognitive impairment like brain tumor or even blood clots. This involves a painless outpatient procedure that involves the use of a tube-like machine; MRI gives a detailed picture of internal organs parts of the brain included. A physician may request for an MRI if a patient has…. [read more]

Schizophrenia Affects the Brain, Person Term Paper

… Psychotherapy and counselling may also be of benefit in coping with the new lifestyle, and the role of cognitive behavioural therapy has also been seen as suitable to help with some patients, especially those with residual schizophrenia.

Once the patient is in the community the role of family and social support are important. The establishment of routine help, and contact also helps to ensure that medication is continued. The prognosis may be good for many patients, and aspects such as outside support may make the difference to the level of recovery and the quality of life.

When we look at the effect that this condition has on family members we see that it is influential on more than the individual. Those close to the sufferer…. [read more]

Brain Wiring of Serial Killers vs. Regular Citizens Research Paper

… ¶ … Psychology of Serial Killers: Brain Wiring or Lack of Conscience?

The issue of serial killers can bring any of a variety of images or feelings to mind. People often associate serial killers with sadist, cruel people who have no regard for human life or suffering. While this may often be the case, it is important to consider that the actions of such seemingly cruel, violent, inhuman people may be due to a difference in brain wiring. In essence, the thing that separates serial killers from the regular, functional members of modern society is a few pounds of gray-colored muscle in the center of the human head. This is not an unsupported fact. As a matter of fact, psychological journals and experts alike seem…. [read more]

Effect of TBI on an Individual Thesis



How Brain Injuries Impact One's Cognitive Ability Levels

How Brain Injuries Impact One's Cognitive Ability Levels

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) has considerable impacts on the normal functioning or operation of the brain. In most cases, brain injuries damage the nerve cells to an extent that these cells no longer transmit information to each other in an ordinary manner. Brain injuries are usually divided into three major categories like mild, moderate and severe depending on the extent of neurological damage that takes place. Given their impact on neurological functioning, brain injuries have an impact on one's cognitive ability levels. Some of these impacts include cognitive disabilities,…. [read more]

Looking into Traumatic Brain Injury Term Paper

… This has added disparity in level of care in states (Stone, 2014). Pertinently, according to the recent study that was published in neuro-rehabilitation, it found out that minorities have a lower rate of success when it comes to treating traumatic brain injuries as compared to Caucasians. The available data suggest that the minority populations are at a traumatic brain injury risk hence the notable disparities in the outcomes. One of the questions that needs to be asked is why cultural issues and socioeconomic and discrimination play a role. Thus it is necessary to have a shift in treatment paradigm (Stone, 2014). As a worldwide condition, TBI has longtime consequences on the lives of individuals. Unfortunately, many countries have limited speech -- language pathology thus TBI…. [read more]

Traumatic Brain Injury Research Paper

… After an injury, a child may lose consciousness, seem dazed, or have a seizure. The symptoms occur immediately after the concussion and even some few days or weeks later. Concussion symptoms may be hard to notice since some children may act to be fine even if they are in traumatic brain troubles. During diagnosis of concussion, a child's caregiver may check the child's eyes, memory, strength of the child's arms, and legs. Jennings and Blaskey (2013) elicit that this check (neurologic exam) may be sufficient to tell the caregiver how well the child's brain works. Similarly, an X-ray of the child's neck and the head may help in checking extra injuries.

Porr (2012) affirms that upon complete examination, TBI doctors commonly issue instructions on a…. [read more]

Effect of Traumatic Brain Injury on Sexual Function Term Paper

… ¶ … Traumatic Head Injury on Sexual Function

Sexual Dysfunction Caused by Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury has a number of well documented long-lasting after effects which can inhibit the normal life of the injured individual. After serious head trauma, individuals suffer from both physical and emotional traumas, which must later be addressed and dealt with in order to return to every day living. One of the lesser documented consequences of some traumatic brain injuries are various physical, neuroatanomical, and psychological dysfunctions affecting sexual activity and behavior, "Overall, there was a fair greater tendency for TBI individuals to report a decrease in the frequency and quality of their sexual experiences," (Ponsford, 280). Following brain injury, many individuals suffer from a variety of sexual dysfunctions…. [read more]

PTSD and TBI Research Paper

… This study utilized quantitative survey data to test a model of what causes alienation on campus among student veterans. We then present quotations from student veterans describing the types of situations they find alienating. The results have direct implications for how student affairs professionals may help veterans succeed in college." (2011: 279)

These insights are illustrating how there has been very little research conducted in these areas by anthropologists. This is because most data that is collected is based upon looking at specific sources vs. corroborating the result. When this occurs, it means that select areas have been addressed. While at the same time, others are being effectively ignored. In this case, Elliot provides a good starting point. However, she does not do anything to…. [read more]

Rehabilitation Counseling Term Paper

… ¶ … Head Injuries and Resultant Deafness

John Q. is a twenty-five-year-old male who suffered head injuries as the result of a roadside bomb in Iraq. Until this injury, John was a healthy young man with a wife, a child, and on a career path in the United States Army. The incident not only altered John's life plan for himself and his family, but left him physically disabled and, now, facing the post surgical prospect of neurological rehabilitation. Worsening the situation, the proximity of the explosion to John was such that he sustained injuries to both ears, and is now hearing impaired with a complete loss of hearing in either ear. His hearing impairment is not such that it can be repaired with cochlear implants,…. [read more]

Music Term Paper

… In this instance, the message is only stimulation -- there is no particular message, only from the doctor to stimulate the patient, something that will begin the recovery process.

Understanding how communication works is valuable not just for selling things, but to overcome challenges in communication all over the world. In a situation where brain damage is causing blockages for certain channels and messages, music is a means to break through, and the core message of stimulation can be received. This allows for the superior recovery that researchers have found with respect to the use of music therapy for brain injured patients.

Works Cited:

Bradt, J., Magee, W., Dileo, C., Wheeler, B. & McGilloway, E. (2010). Music therapy for acquired brain injury. Wiley. Retrieved April…. [read more]

High School Head and Spinal Cord Injuries Thesis

… Head and Spinal Cord Injury

Serious head, spinal, and neurological injuries

"Be a man!" "Tough it out" When an athlete is injured, many coaches use these types of phrases to encourage their students to push themselves through pain. But recently, the actress Natasha Richardson died of what seemed to be a mild head injury she sustained after skiing (Hitti 2009). The actress fell down on a 'bunny slope,' and talked and laughed about her mishap afterwards. Within, she was in a coma, and soon died from bleeding on the brain. Aggressive monitoring and treatment of head injuries is essential to prevent such tragedies occurring on the playing fields of youth sports, where such injuries are all too common, particularly in contact-heavy sports like football, hockey,…. [read more]

Effects of Brilliant Blue G. On Spinal Cord Injury Thesis

… ¶ … Brilliant Blue G. On spinal cord injury

The spinal cord is the thick elongated bundle of nervous tissues, which is enclosed within the vertebral column or spine and extends from the base of the brain to the rest of the body (Laberge 2010). Its chief function is to carry nerve impulses between the brain and the rest of the body. The brain and the spinal cord together form the central nervous system or CNS. The spinal cord is a very important component of CNS as the link between the brain and the spinal nerves, which connect the muscles and body organs. The other nerves, the motor and sensory nerves, make up the peripheral nervous system or PNS. The spinal cord transmits messages also…. [read more]

Social Network and Its Effects Research Paper

… The greatest proof analyzing how personal computer use influences kids' constructs on the researches of TV revolves around physical results and violent or aggressive material. The proof on physical impacts connects the inactive nature of computer use to an enhanced threat of weight problems and medical concerns caused due to the reactions in the brain. Kids need to restrict their time with media and need to be instructed to utilize computer systems securely to stay clear of the kinds of eye, back, and wrist injuries that have actually afflicted grownup users. In addition, the proof on violent or aggressive material links exposure to violent or aggressive video game to the development of enhanced aggressive habits. More powerful actions are required by policymakers and software application…. [read more]

Homeopathic Remedies for Anxiety Homeopathy Research Paper

… Causes of Anxiety Disorder:

Choices of lifestyle

Caffeine, Alcohol and certain drugs

Emotional trauma

Lack of balance of some specific chemicals in the brain.

Heredity (Coulter and Dean, 2007)

Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder:

Needless, impractical and out of control concerns about daily things

Increase in heartbeat

Stiffness in muscles




Dizziness and trembling

Changes in mood

Feeling of Pessimism and hopelessness


Sexual impotence

Disturbed sleep (Coulter and Dean, 2007)

Homeopathic approach to Anxiety Disorders:

Prolonged anxiety that is untreated can add to other psychological ailments, drug abuse and alcohol; in addition, it weakens the immune system and speeds up the aging process. A hale and hearty immune and nervous system manages our body's curing process and protects it against diseases and infections…. [read more]

Basal Ganglia the Control Research Paper

… The only accepted treatment for early stage disease is L-dopa, which is a dopamine precursor capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier. Unfortunately, the side-effects can be debilitating and its use is therefore limited and no treatment currently exists for the more advanced stages of disease.

Parkinson's patients reveal cognitive deficits similar to those found in patients with Huntington's disease (reviewed by Stocco, Lebiere, and Anderson, 2010). These include nondeclaritive and working memory deficits, although L-dopa administration can improve working memory. When Parkinson's patients with mild to moderate disease were challenged with a probabilistic category task, they performed significantly worse than healthy controls (Shohamy, Myers, Onlaor, and Gluck, 2004). Performance improved over time for both patients and controls, but patients always performed worse in the task;…. [read more]

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