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Mind and the Brain Essay

… It simply means that the dance would be considered as the sole interacting event as it would exist in "relationship with all of the dancers and the stage and the costumes and the scenery" (Carreira, 2011).

Similarly, mind should not be looked for in the brain. The reason is simple. The mind is the entire interactive experience of human beings existing in association with the world. Mind cannot be considered a thing because it is an accomplishment as the dance is. In simple words, mind is rather an act including the occurrences that happen under our cranium. However, it cannot be restricted to them (Carreira, 2011).

Mind is, in fact, a shapeless continuum whose function is to identify, observe, distinguish and understand objects. Due to…. [read more]

Astrocytic Tumors Brain Term Paper

… Astrocytic Tumors

Brain tumor is one of the most lethal forms of cancers with more than 13,000 deaths every year in the United States. Though we are still a long way from developing medical interventions that promise total recovery, advancements in the diagnostic methods such as MRS, ultrasonic aspiration and in surgical procedures such as intraoperative neuronavigation, Gamma Knife radiosurgery, etc., have improved the precision for the surgeon and outcome for the patient to a significant extent. It is hoped that our increasing understanding of the molecular pathology of the disease propelled by the huge amount of research devoted to the field would lead to developing a successful treatment plan for astrocytoma and all other forms of brain tumors in the near future.


Brain…. [read more]

Brain-Death Arguments Upon Brain-Death Technology Term Paper

… The magnetic imaging of the patients of brain-death shows a clear-cut 'hollow-skull sign', which is a clear indication of permanent loss of functions (MSPC 1995, Perry 2011).

Neo-cortical or Higher-Brain Death

Another important part of the brain is the cortex which is further divided into several major lobes, like the temporal lobe whose work accounts in the language sector as well as the visualization and temporary memory storage, the occipital lobe which recognizes the visual information and the parietal lobe which controls the social interactions and the corresponding emotions and reactions. Any damages to such areas can cause hallucinations, schizophrenia, temporary memory loss, problems with words and numeric and social dis-connections. These are some minor issues which are not account in terms of brain death,…. [read more]

Brain Scans as Evidence Research Proposal

… Brain Scans as Evidence

"Brain images provide insight to understanding behavior.

Additionally, the images themselves carry great impact, particularly when used to show differences in either the anatomy or the biological functioning of two different brains.

For these reasons, brain images have increasingly been used

in both criminal and civil trials"

Even though images from brain scans may be used as "evidence" in trials, researchers regularly relate a number of concerns that currently challenge the perception the quote introducing this study asserts. In fact, lshani Ganguli (2007), Harvard University, cites Nancy Kanwisher, a professor of cognitive neuroscience at MIT, to assert in the article, lshani Ganguli "Watching the Brain Lie": "[Functional magnetic resonance imaging] fMRI Is a Messy Muddy Mixed Field...[That Requires] Extremely Well Trained…. [read more]

Brain Tumors Research Paper

… Brain tumors originate from the brain as primary or secondary tumors, where origin cell type defines the tumor dictating the appropriate kind of treatment.

Brain tumors originate from the brain cells being either primary or secondary tumors.

The type of cells from which brain tumors originate describes the types of various brain tumors.

Symptoms of brain tumors start as common ailments but as the condition worsens, clear symptoms start to appear.

Diagnosis of brain tumors bases of the medical history of the patient giving information on the appropriate treatment that is depends on type, location, and condition of the patient.

Brain Tumors


For long time, brain tumors have been serious conditions that can affect individuals without compromise of their age. For example, in the…. [read more]

Cell Phone and the Brain Research Paper

… Davis points out that most studies focus only on those using cell phones for approximately five years.

The World Health Organization has found cell phone radiation to cause factors associated with the risk of cancer. Some of these factors include; DNA damage, an increase in reactive oxygen species, weaken the blood-brain barrier and increase micronuclei (Cell Phone Use- Is it Safe? An Interview with Devra Lee Davis, PhD, MPH., 2011). However, these studies are limited to in vitro systems as opposed to live subjects. Yet, other studies indicate an association between increased use of cell phones over time and risks for developing brain cancer. Davis (2011) states that the risk doubles after using a cell phone for only ten years. A major contributor to this…. [read more]

Disorders of the Brain Alzheimer Research Paper

… This is because the areas that are affected by the disorder are the ones that are responsible for these functions in an individual. Therefore the damage in these regions due to the disorder greatly affects the development and behavior of an individual (Remedy Health Media, LLC .2014).

Doctors recommend magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) when carrying out investigations of whether a person has Alzheimer's disease or not. This is intended to rule out any other possible cause for the cognitive impairment like brain tumor or even blood clots. This involves a painless outpatient procedure that involves the use of a tube-like machine; MRI gives a detailed picture of internal organs parts of the brain included. A physician may request for an MRI if a patient has…. [read more]

Healthcare Communications Concerning Children With Brain Tumors Term Paper

… Healthcare Communications Concerning Children With Brain Tumors

Today, several young children are diagnosed with brain tumors of various kinds, and the news can be devastating for the child and for his parents too. It may be difficult for the parents of a young child to understand what has happened, and why their child has been affected with such a disease. They may become overwhelmed by what has happened, and at this stage, it is important that they form a good and stable relationship with the health care professional who has been assigned to take care of their child, and to communicate well with them. This would help the parents to analyze the various treatment options available to them, the advantages and the disadvantages of each…. [read more]

Concise Analysis of Primary Brain Tumors Essay

… Meningiomas


Meningiomas present symptoms through numerous means. Symptoms might emerge due to underlying cortex irritation, cranial nerves or brain compression, vascular brain injury, or hyperostosis and superimposing soft tissue invasion. Secondary meningioma symptoms and indications might surface or worsen at the time of pregnancy; however, normally, they subside following childbirth. Physical results echo the above symptoms and also encompass signs resulting from increased intracranial pressure, underlying parenchyma compression, cranial nerve involvement, and subcutaneous tissue and bone involvement by meningiomas (Haddad, 2016).

Treatment Modalities

Meningioma treatment has proved to be disappointing and restricted to either perioperative medicines or medicines administered when every other treatment method has proven unsuccessful. While a majority of meningiomas develop slowly with a small mitotic rate, several cases indicate clinical benefit…. [read more]

Can the Ketogenic Diet Help Brain Cancer Patients Research Paper

… Cancer affects millions each year worldwide. Some attribute it to diet; others attribute it to environmental factors. Meaning, some may say the toxins in processed food can lead to a higher risk of cancers while others say exposure to chemicals and toxins in the environment can as well. Still, growing evidence suggests nutrition plays an important role in a person's risk for cancer and if diagnosed with cancer, chances of remission. The old saying, "You are what you eat" applies in that nutrition can provide additional assistance to a person with cancer or it could hinder his/her progress.

Brain cancer is an often-fatal cancer in most people. Researchers believe tumors utilize glucose as a main supply of energy. Thus, a diet like the ketogenic diet,…. [read more]

Von Hippel-Lindau Essay

… • Medical monitoring and surgical resection of pheochromocytomas, pancreatic islet tumors or adenocarcinomas of the pancreas.

• Medical treatment of states of depression, anxiety and distress, kidney failure, deafness, blindness or neurological deficits.


Currently there are no standard and approved methods of therapies for the treatment of VHL disease. Radiation and chemotherapy are two of the methods which are now less used than before for treating VHL disease because of their side effects. Other therapies also exist but none of them provide an ultimate cure or treatment of this disease (Maher et al., 20011).

Photodynamic therapy is a safe and efficient procedure for the treatment of retinal angiomas in children, however it is not considered as a standard procedure for treatment as of now.…. [read more]

Ectopic/Heterotopic Brain Tissue Term Paper

… There objective was to call to attention to a cutaneous marker for neural tube defects of the scalp. The "hair collar" sign consists of "a ring of long, dark, coarse hair surrounding a midline scalp nodule" (Drolet and Lawrence 309). There are several different types of ectopic brain tissues or heterotopic brain tissue. Most of these fall under the CEB, but some of them point to serious problems in the infant. It is important that the pediatrician have these checked by a neurologist.

The skin and the nervous system are both derived from ectoderm. Separation of neural ectoderm from epithelial ectoderm occurs during the third to fifth week of gestation concurrent with the formation of the neural tube. This chronological association during embryogenesis may explain…. [read more]

Role of Genetics in Ataxia Term Paper

… Role of Genetics in Ataxia

Ataxia is a neurological disorder that is characterized by unsteady walking, loss of muscle coordination and slurred speech. It is no longer a rare condition in that more is known about it. It is dominant hereditary, recessive or sporadic. It is dominant hereditary if both parents pass the gene on to their offspring and DNA tests detect this condition. It is recessive when only one parent transmits the gene. And it is sporadic if there is no evidence to show this. Friedrich ataxia is the most common recessive type of ataxia, with first symptoms developing in childhood. The ataxia gene may also be mutated and develop into ATM. No cures are known for ataxia and the prospects are dim.

Ataxia…. [read more]

Theoretical Perspective of the Biological Term Paper

… An individual nature is the vehicle by which one expresses his/her values and emotions to others (Coon & Mitterer, 2008). The human brain processes the four major biochemicals in different manner, and this mixture determines ones nature and personality. The chemical behavioral foundations comprise of hormones and neurotransmitters, which play a major role in interaction and nervous system's cells stimulation.


Neurotransmitters are efficiently the messengers of the brain and they hold information from one brain cell to another. Neurons are sensitive to various types of neurotransmitters and have receptors. Neurons that are sensitive to certain neurotransmitters tend to cluster together forming circuits in the brain that assist the spread of information (Coon & Mitterer, 2008). Neurotransmitters; norepinephrine and epinerphrine, are crucial portion of the…. [read more]

Aphasia in the World Article Review

… Unlike Wernike's aphasia, individuals with Broca's aphasia may become frustrated and depressed because they are aware of their language difficulties.

Treatment for aphasia is mostly done through speech therapy. There are no medical or surgical procedures currently available to treat this condition. The traditional therapies commonly use various tactics by using a mixture of images to enable the patient to repeat words that they are trying to learn and remember. However, there is a newer type of treatment called Melodic Intonation Therapy (MIT). In the past few decades it was found that MIT works more efficiently, than the traditional therapies, for patients diagnosed with Brocas aphasia. In this article, by Schlaug, Marchina, and Norton (Schlaug, 2008), it is discussed what MIT is and what other…. [read more]

Cellular Function How Do Cells Term Paper

… Professional development

Hyponatremia is one of the signs and symptoms of electrolyte imbalances, sighs include; muscle weakness this is due to osmotic swelling of cells. Lethargy, confusion, seizure, and comma this is as a result of altered neurotransmission .Due to decreased extracellular circulating volume one experience hypertension and tachycardia, vomiting, nausea and abdominal cramps as a result of edema which affects receptors in the brain or vomiting center of the brain system, there is also decreased serum osmolality and an increase in red blood cells counts. (Stephen, 2009).

Hypernatremia signs and symptoms include; agitation, restlessness, fever and reduced level of consciousness due to altered, cellular metabolism .water shift from intracellular to extracellular fluid result to hypertension and tachycardia there is increase viscosity of saliva due…. [read more]

Anti-Cancer Drug Anaerobin A) Effects Essay

… Similar could be the case with anaerobin. Nutritional assessment should be carried out and a higher protein diet should be encouraged to help with the treatment process. (Ravasco, Monteiro-Grillo, Marques Vidal & Camilo, 2005)

The nutritional assessment includes not only food intake but fluids and semi-fluids as well. Since a weaker kidney means you should focus on your fluid intake and food intake, you should include more water in your diet to increase re-absorption of water and sodium ions by the body as well as to dilute any toxins in your body.

The National Cancer Institute also gives certain guidelines as to how to go about your nutrition during treatment and even if you are feeling well after cancer, for precautionary sake:

Eating frequent but…. [read more]

Strats Methods Prog Design Strategy Essay

… The second committee will be disbanded upon delivering a prioritized recommendation the Foundation will then underwrite and provide for accredited medical continuing education and for the public on the Internet. The existing National Brain Tumor Society (NTBS) Internet resource portal will provide a model both for information delivery, but also for assessing gaps and need (National Brain Tumor Society 2011a).

Strategies for one-on-one partner mentoring and bereavement support include pairing up brain cancer victims and families; one potential way to enhance this and also provide a parallel, larger psychosocial support system, is through group activity. The NBTS hosts many similar support groups throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New York, but not in all communities (National Brain Tumor Society 2011b). The Foundation believes cancer patients…. [read more]

Biochemistry of HNRNA C. And HRALY in Cancer and Normal Cells Using Northern Blots Analysis Thesis

… Biochemistry of hnRNA C. And hRALY in Cancer and Normal Cells using Northern Blots Analysis

Department of Chemistry

Thesis Defense Approval Form

two groups working independently During the mid-1990s discovered hRaly, which is a protein that shares a great deal of primary sequence homology with the heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoproteins C1 and C2 (hnRNP C). These two proteins have been posited by other researchers to play a number of important roles in pre-mRNA biogenesis as well as mRNA metabolism. To this end, this study screened 24 paired tissue samples from normal and tumor cells for hraly and hnRNP C. expression. Based on an analysis of the resulting data, the results of this study showed that hnRNP C. And hRaly may be capable of providing the same…. [read more]

Personal Perspectives on Living Book Review

… IV. What Was Learned from This Individuals' Account of Their Experience?

Galvez states that the "common denominators for a successful rehab process are a positive attitude, a good sense of humor and a strong support system." (2010) Galvez learned that there are five symptoms that point to a potential diagnosis of a brain tumor including: (1) headache; (2) dizziness; (3) nausea; (4) facial/tongue numbness -- frequently biting your tongue, lip, or cheek; and (5) loss of appetite. (Galvez, ) Lessons Galvez states that he learned are the following lessons: (1) tell the doctor everything; (2) do your homework; (3) write down a list of questions for the doctor; (4) bring at least one other calm person with you to the doctor's office to take notes;…. [read more]

Cause and Effects of Cell Phone Radiation Term Paper

… ¶ … Cell Phone Radiation

The whole world has experienced an increase in the use of wireless mobile telephones and this has consequently raised health concerns since a very slight effect on the health of humans can spell a serious public health concern. Many investigations have been carried out both for specific effects and general effects of the use of mobile phones with particular interest on the radiations produced by such phones. What further raised the health concerns was the evidence that was found from various epidemiologic investigations showing potential health hazards. Examples of specific investigations include the determination of the effects of extensive use of mobile phones on the brain metabolites which can be detected by proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy and finding out if…. [read more]

Phineas Gage Thesis

… Phineas Gage

The strange but (somewhat) illuminating case of Phineas Gage

This paper will examine the details of the (somewhat) illuminating case of Phineas Gage: the specifics of the Gage case itself, and also how it has been interpreted by brain surgeons, psychologists, and historians. It will examine if the case itself is still relevant, and more importantly the implications of how the case was read by Gage's contemporaries.

The strange story of Phineas Gage is one of the earliest recorded accounts of how changes in brain anatomy, as the result of traumatic damage could affect an individual's cognitive functioning, including his or her personality. Gage was the foreman of a railway construction gang in Vermont, who suffered a horrific injury when an accidental explosion…. [read more]

Neurological System the Nervous Essay

… Depression of certain neurotransmitters, namely, dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, and monoamines have shown to cause depressive symptoms. Also a polymorphic variant of the serotonin receptor has also shown to play a role in depression. Individuals homozygous with the s variant of the allele, encoding for this receptor, have shown to have a two fold risk of developing major depression in response to a stressor. (McCance & Huether, 2010)

Typical symptoms of Major depressive disorder include: depressed or irritable mood, loss of interest, significant weight loss or gain (> 5%), sleep disturbances, psychomotor agitation, fatigue, feelings of worthlessness or excessive guilt, poor concentration and recurrent thoughts of death and suicide. (McCance & Huether, 2010)


1) Traumatic injuries to the brain can be either direct (coup)…. [read more]

Using a New Technique to Cure Merkel Cell Carcinoma Research Paper

… Further, "nuclear levels of p50 and RelA were also markedly lower, approximately 50% in TNF-activated cells expressing MCPyV ST, compared with uninduced cells" (13859). This also confirmed that MCPyV ST inhibits the IKKa/IKK? phosphorylation. This is crucial because IKK plays an essential role in cellular signaling, and the prevention of the IKKa/IKK? also works to inhibit viral reproduction. In addition, it appears that the MCPyV ST inhibits a number of chemical reactions within the viral cell that increase the virility of the MCC cell, particularly the ability for it to grow so rapidly and spread so quickly. Overall, the data suggest that the MCPyV ST and NF-kB transcriptional repression is done through specifically identified cellular phosphates and that dephosphorylating of IKK is an important target…. [read more]

Evolution of the Cell Phone in America Thesis

… Cell Phone Growth & Resulting Issues

Millions of young people are growing up today in American using cell phone wireless technologies in ways that can properly be termed obsessive. And many of those same youths figure cell phones and wireless technologies are the way life has always been. A lion's share of 17 and 18-year-old high school students -- and millions of college students -- walk out of class or out of school are not looking up to see what the weather is like, or looking around them to see what friends might be around. They are most likely looking down at their hand, and in their hand is that ubiquitous cell phone with text messages waiting to be quickly read and answered.

Where and…. [read more]

Rheumatoid Arthritis Research Paper

… Generally, benign and malignant tumors have certain similarities and differences with the similarities including the fact that they can both quite large, they are dangerous at times, and they recur locally. On the contrary, they differ in ability to metastasize, growth rate, tissue invasion, systemic effects, probability and site of recurrence, effective treatment methods, cellular appearance, and death toll (Eldridge, 2013).

Question 7:

Prenatal genetic testing is a process that is used to determine whether a fetus has a genetic abnormality or disease like Down syndrome. However, prenatal genetic testing isn't required though screening for Down syndrome and some other conditions is nearly a standard practice and the outcomes are not conclusive. A prenatal screening test is accomplished through the use of karyotype to examine…. [read more]

Lung Cancer Is a Complex Essay

… Side effects of this treatment experienced by the patient are: fatigue, discomfort and loss of appetite. The treated area may develop skin irritation. Majority of the side effects of radiation therapy disappear once treatment finishes (Spitz, Wu, Wilkinson, and Wei, 2006).

Usually, radiation therapy cures lung cancer but if it does not then treatment with steroids might be necessary. Radiation therapy sometimes leaves everlasting scars in the tissue nearby the cancerous lung. Normally, the scars have no symptoms. These scars can cause cough and dyspnea. For this reason, it is important that radiation treatments are directed at minimizing area exposed to radiation. (Spitz, Wu, Wilkinson, and Wei, 2006). The radiation oncologists often use CT scans for radiotherapy planning. This type of treatment is often used…. [read more]

Cancer Is a Class of Disease Essay

… Cancer is a class of disease in which a group of cells grow uncontrollably (division beyond the normal limit), invade other tissue, and at times metastasis, or spread to other locations in the body via the lymph or vascular system. These three properties of malignant cancers differentiate them from benign tumors, which are localized, self-limited and do not invade other tissues. The medical specialty that is concerned with the study, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancer is called oncology (Weinburg, 2006, intro).

The type and robustness of cancers are so varied that their causes are diverse as well. Cells replicate so many times and with such vigor that it is likely there will occasionally be errors (mutations). Unless some sort of error correct is available,…. [read more]

Retrograde Amnesia Is the Loss Term Paper

… [Lynn Nadel] The explanation for this is that autobiographical memory takes a long time (as much as a life time) to consolidate.

The extent of RA is directly dependent on the degree of damage. If the damage is limited to the hippocampus region then there is every likelihood that remote memory access (other than autobiographical memory) would be preserved. If the damage extends to the temporal cortex lobes then there would be a more pronounced loss of autobiographical or semantic memory depending on whether the right or left lobes are affected. [Reed JM]

Treatment for Amnesia

There is no specific treatment for amnesia although most people experience total or partial recovery over a period of time. Restoration of full memory is out of question especially…. [read more]

Facial Reanimation in Facial Paralysis Direct Muscle Neurotization Term Paper

… Facial Reanimation in Facial Paralysis, Direct Muscle Neurotization

Plastic Surgery- facial paralysis: Considerations

Paralysis of the face is uncommon and is estimated to occur one in four thousand persons. It is noted by various practitioners ranging from "neurologists and neurosurgeons, trauma surgeons, ENT surgeons, head and neck surgeons, plastic surgeons, internists, and psychiatrists." (1) the face being the most important part of the human existence, paralysis causes physical and psychological problems. For example the inability to animate one side of the face causes trauma and restricts normal communication. (1) People adopt various methods to disguise their paralysis and often avoid disclosure and sometimes express anger. The case of facial paralysis and the response by the patient vary with age. In children often tend to be…. [read more]

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