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Effective Application of Corner Office Strategy Term Paper

… This enabled P&G to back out of expensive advertising on television, and the resulting recapture of market share also created brand lift for the more premium products (Kanter, 2009). This business strategy became a global growth model for P&G (Kanter, 2009). Evidently, Proctor & Gamble understands the important of both perceived and real value to product differentiation -- and the company knows how to finesse the low price, added value strategy quadrant (Kanter, 2009).

In another example of turning strategy into great performance, P&G employed their in situ market research to solve an enduring product problem. Proctor & Gamble's market research scientists visited a customer's home to try to learn why Frebreze was not selling. The market researchers learned that people don't necessarily detect unpleasant…. [read more]

Strategy Implementation at Kraft Foods Essay

… Similarly, it has to look over the current strategic controls in order to ensure that they are effective enough to evaluate its performance after the completion of strategy implementation.


Kraft Foods is one of the well-recognized brands in the food industry. In order to make its strategy implementation process successful, it has to analyze its current business policies, practices, and strategies and ensure that they aligned with its mission, vision, and corporate wide principles. Kraft Foods focuses on each and every aspect of its business operations so that its strategy implementation does not get any adverse impact from any side. The strategic controls and systems, human resource management policies, organizational culture management strategies, organizational structure and design are the primary areas which can impact…. [read more]

Change as We Will See Essay

… Instead of this old image, Sigelman gave them the image of "kicking their butts," meaning the opposition of the company in the competitive market. Like some Douglas MacArthur, George S. Patton or Robert E. Lee, his troops looked up to him for leadership. They had the IT technology, the skilled workers and the corporate work ethic. They had instituted all of these methods of organisational management change and simply needed good old-fashioned leadership for one more good push to take that hill of customer excellence and amazement and succeed where everyone had said they could not. This intangible quality of leadership that had helped Howard Schultz build and then rebuild Starbucks was what made the Office Tigers of Chennai the special forces of outsourcing that…. [read more]

Change Management Plan for Palms Essay

… Quantitative data will be derived from hospital records and accounting reports and records. Comparative analysis that compares these measures after implementation of EMR to those one year prior to implementation of EMR will provide a clear quantitative picture of the success of the change strategy.

Quantitative measures are only one facet of the success of the project. If the project is successful in terms of cost savings, but it results in disgruntled staff then the change will harm the hospital's reputation in the long run. Workers that are happy and satisfied will provide better customer service and be more productive. The attitudes of workers will be measured through the conduct of a survey concerning how they feel about the EMR system. The survey will utilize…. [read more]

Brand Equity Describe the Roles and Objectives Research Paper

… Brand Equity

Describe the roles and objectives of a brand manager and a brand management team

Brand, or product, management is the other principal area of corporate advertising and in recent years has become one of the dominant fields of marketing, often driving advertising development. Brand management is usually part of the marketing or sales department. The brand manager concept was established in the 1930s by the giant packaged-goods corporation Procter and Gamble and has since been adopted by many companies, particularly those that manufacture food, packaged goods, and many different products and brands.

Corporations that use the brand management system assign one person to a specific product or product group. This executive, often with his or her own staff, handles all the work that…. [read more]

Strategy Management Current Situation Home Case Study

… There are a number of options on the table for renewed growth. The first is to continue with the strategies already in place. This option is reasonable, given the demographic situation. The U.S. is facing an aging population, and if Home Depot is well-positioned to meet the needs of older customers, it will find that this market is growing over time. This alone will provide Home Depot with growth opportunities.

The second alternative is to take a defensive strategy. New housing starts have been falling for 18 months at this point. While the economy is not in recession yet, the sluggish housing market would seem to indicate that Home Depot can expect a slowdown in its business. While the company might want to grow, should…. [read more]

Marketing Strategies Planning Implementation and Control Term Paper

… Marketing Strategies, Planning, Implementation & Control

In the past decade, the consumer good and services industry has become inundated with competitors, raising the business strategies of rival companies. Numerous consumer research studies have indicated the harsh truth that the best products don't always win in the marketplace. Instead, marketing strategies and tactics can be the difference in the success of roughly equal products and services. As a result, proper and efficient marketing strategies, planning, implementation and control play a significant role in whether the company and its' products or services become lucrative or not. This paper will provide an overview of the various marketing strategies, and will provide examples from Cingular, Kodak and JetStar Airlines to demonstrate both successful and unsuccessful real-life marketing strategies. Finally,…. [read more]

Influence of Branding on Consumer Purchasing Behavior Research Proposal

… Branding Strategies

Assessing the Influence of branding on consumer purchase behavior is begins with an analysis of how the accumulated effects of marketing strategies contribute to the permanency of branding and their accumulative effects on consumers. The impact of Web 2.0 technologies (Bernoff, Li, is re-ordering the dynamics of branding on a global scale based on social networking. Broader still is the cultural assimilation of branding on a global scale. Learning and cultural assimilation is actually becoming more pervasive as a result of more effective branding strategies that are being implemented. This cultural assimilation and focus isn't at the expense of cultural richness and identity at a local level however. Research completed in this dissertation shows that branding and messaging is interpreted and synthesized…. [read more]

Brand Extension the Disadvantages Essay

… Additionally, it is often difficult to successfully associate a certain brand to two or more products and then go without weakening of the brand image and postion that is already imprinted on the mind of a customer.

Aaker (2004,p.211) indicated that this problem is common by saying that the associations' that are created through an extension can spoil a previously sharp image that is an integral asset while at the same time reducing the level of brand credibility.


The work of Aaker (2004,p.214) indicated that the concept of brand extension can lead to the cannibalization of the already existing products of a given brand depending on their positions in the market. This means that the sales of the extensions may increase while the sales…. [read more]

Ethical Branding Fairtrade Literature Review

… Ethical Branding: Case of Divine Chocolate

UK consumer attitudes

Purchasing fair trade chocolate (Divine Chocolate)

USA consumer attitudes

Purchasing fair trade chocolate (Divine chocolate)

Comparison of attitudes

USA and UK consumers towards fair trade chocolate purchasing


According to Visser, W, Matten, D, Pohl, M & Tolhurst, N (2010)fair trade principles and ethical branding is in line with the sustainability of corporation's business. The business incorporating fair trade principles create a unique selling point for themselves and as a result the consumers are also attracted towards these products. The awareness in developed countries regarding the food and clothing has increased usage of fair trade products. Coffee and chocolate are major items gaining a focused attention by the consumers of young and high income group. The…. [read more]

Marketing Strategies the Marketing Plan Delivers Marketing Plan

… Marketing Strategies

The marketing plan delivers the various strategies that All Technology Computer will use to enhance competitive market advantages. The paper discusses the company mission statement and the strategies that the company will use to align its mission statement with its strategic objective. The brand differentiation is an effective marketing tool to enhance marketing advantages and IMC has been identified as an effective marketing tool within the business environment. More importantly, the company will be operating in the U.S. economy and the company will take the advantages of the economic and technological superiority of the U.S. To deliver high quality product and services.

Company Background

ATC (All Technology Computer) is computer hardware and software provider operating in the United States and the company is…. [read more]

Impact of Big Data on Business Strategy Term Paper

… ¶ … Big Data on Business Strategy

Business Strategies

The competitive nature of today's business environment is driving companies to use technology driven business strategies (Berman & Hagan, 2006, p.28). Big Data and technology are undoubtedly impacting on business strategy progression. The research indicates that Big Data offers real-time application, which allows businesses to move information to analytics tools from various systems and sources. The ability for a business to analyze the behavior of a consumer based on experiences depends on the ability of their Database system to load, transform, analyze, and present data. Technology is finding wide application in organizations, creating opportunities for strategy formulation, implementation, assessment, and evaluation. This research finds it necessary to identify key technological advances that are affecting business strategies…. [read more]

Leadership and Strategy Case Study

… ¶ … Leadership & Strategy

Strategic leadership provides the vision and direction for the growth and success of an organization. To successfully deal with change, all executives need the skills and tools for both strategy formulation and implementation.[1] Managing change and ambiguity requires strategic leaders who not only provide a sense of direction, but who can also build ownership and alignment within their workgroups to implement change.[2] With that said, this essay will discuss GE system of leadership development and also the Leadership, Innovation and Growth (LIG) programme has helped GE manage change.

With evaluating the GE system of leadership development "Talent Machine: The Making of a CEO)," a lot can be said. It is clear that it is an organization has a lot of…. [read more]

Change Management -- a Case Term Paper

… For instance, lack of a communication between each person in the customer relationship chain can cause a system to paint an incomplete picture of the customer.

Poor communication can result in technology being implemented without proper support or buy-in from users (Deck, 2001). For example, if a sales team does not believe in the system's benefits, they may fail to input the type of demographic data that necessary for the program's success.

One Fortune 500 company failed to successfully implement a CRM system because its sale force resisted its efforts to share customer data.

Theoretical Perspectives, Concepts and Practices Involved in Implementing a CRM

In today's global economy, it has become increasingly difficult to manage customer relationships in any type of business. For telecommunications companies,…. [read more]

Brand Loyalties in Alcoholic Beverage Markets Thesis

… Brand Loyalties in Alcoholic Beverage Markets

Brand Loyalty Analysis

The perception of alcoholic beverages depends, to a great degree, on the personal experiences with alcohol consumption. Had the observer witnessed a family tragedy created around alcohol consumption, then his perception would be a strongly negative one. If on the other hand, the individual consumer has not had a negative experience with liquors, then he might consume the beverages as a means of recreation. But there is also the third category -- the alcohol addicts, whose numbers are increasing at a global level and who lose their lives, and those of the others, for a drink or because of a drink.

In a context of the recognized disastrous impacts of excessive alcohol consumption over the life…. [read more]

Strategy in Action and Contemporary Issues in Strategic Management Essay

… Strategy in Action and Contemporary Issues in Strategic Management

Overview of LG Corporation

LG Corporation's strategic planning process

Change management

The concept of strategy-in-action

The implications of strategy-in-action

Enhancement of LG's strategic capability by influencing the strategy in action

First Phase. Common understanding

Second Phase: LG's strategic intent

Third Phase .Success indicators

Fourth Phase: Supporting the strategic objective

Fifth Phase. Strong leadership

Sixth Phase. The Catalytic actions

Seventh Phase: Sustenance of momentum

Why the traditional approach will always reign over the strategy-in-action approach at LG

The Myths that surround the traditional approach

Bias of reification (reification fallacy)

Bias due to control

Bias due to linearity

Business related bias

Role of leadership and employees in strategic planning process



In this paper, we develop a…. [read more]

Strategy From the Viewpoint of Management Consultants Chapter

… Strategy From the Viewpoint of Management Consultants

The role of management consulting firms continues to go through a transformation as clients to these firms face an entirely new series of challenges and complexities in keeping their businesses viable. The intent of this analysis is to evaluate the key consultancies and their four major areas they are actively selling to potential clients. Five of the leading management consultancies are included in this analysis including Accenture, Bain & Company, Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey & Company, and Monitor. Unifying the value propositions and services all of these services are offering is a common thread of growing businesses in stagnant and slow-growth markets, penetrating new global markets with China being mentioned most often, and aligning information technologies strategies to…. [read more]

Strategy From Viewpoint of Management Scholars Chapter

… Strategy From the Viewpoint of Management Scholars

In this paper, we are focusing on how managers can be able to improve issues that will have an impact on the success of their business. This is accomplished through studying the most effective management techniques in various scholarly journals. Once this occurs, is when everyone will be able to see how these ideas can be used to improve the competitive position of firms.

Over the last several decades, there has been a focus on various management techniques that are used in effectively reaching out to staff and improving productivity. To discuss these different ideas on this subject, scholars will often report their findings in various journals. To fully understand what is happening, requires carefully examining the different…. [read more]

Facilitating Organizational Change in Organizations Essay

… People learn from direct experience, through taking action and seeing the consequences of that action. However, the consequences of many of the important decisions made by organizations are not readily apparent. They are either too distant in the future, or in a distant part of the system from which they are generated. In these cases it is impossible to learn from direct experience, the results are beyond the learning horizon. The most critical decisions made in organizations have system wide consequences that stretch over years (Senge 1990, p.23).

Organizations are traditionally broken up into compartments in order to deal with the difficulty of coping with the breath and impact of the consequences of these long-term decisions. They institute functional hierarchies that are easier for people…. [read more]

Ewom Communication and Brand Trust Term Paper

… EWOM Communication and Brand Trust

Brand Trust and Customer Equity

EWOM Communication and Customer Equity

Brand Equity Drivers and Customer Equity

Relationship of Equity Drivers on Customer Equity

Value Equity Drivers

Brand-Related, Relationship-Related and Value-Related Drivers

Developing eWOM Campaigns

Things Not to Do with eWOM

Considerations for Consumer Online Reviews

Comparison of WOM Campaigns

Customer Equity (Villanueva, Yoo & Hanssens 2006, Introduction Section, ¶ 1).

CLV: Consumers' lifetime value (Villanueva, Yoo & Hanssens 2006, Introduction, ¶ 1).

UGC: User-Generated Content (Cheong & Morrison 2008, ¶ 1).





"…[C]onsumer reviews and ratings are the most accessible and prevalent form of eWOM"

(Hopken, Gretzel, & Law 2009, p. 38).


In the literal world,…. [read more]

Brand Manager Spend the Bulk of Promotional Research Proposal

… ¶ … brand manager spend the bulk of promotional dollars either on traditional, direct benefit-based advertising claims or on "experience-based promotions to develop the market for a new offering?

Promotional Strategies - Traditional vs. Non-Traditional Approaches

Contemporaneous managers are faced with severe challenges on daily basis. One of the most difficult decisions they have to make refers to the marketing approach to take when developing the market for a new product or service offering. This paper aims to look at traditional and non-traditional marketing approaches and conclude on the most adequate stand to be taken. To achieve this desiderate, it is necessary to review the literature and assess the benefits and limitations of each approach.

Literature Review

The members of the academia reveal conflicting opinions…. [read more]

Proctor and Gamble Strategic Case Essay

… The implications were threefold:1) a significant costs reduction; 2) the increased time to market and therefore profitability, and; 3) the increased use of human resources for more analytical and advanced skills (Huckman & Cotterleer 2006).


In 1998, A.G. Lafley became P&G's new CEO. Initially, the market dropped and investors had little confidence in the company's growth. Instead, Lafley committed to using innovation and overall message of global CSR as his method into transforming the company. In fact, Lafley was so committed to innovation, that he defined it as everyone's job and provided all the tools necessary for turning rhetoric into reality. The new CEO, Robert McDonald, understands that the financial crisis of the new century, globalism, and changing demands requires that P&G remain innovative,…. [read more]

Emotional Drivers of Consumer Toward Swarovskis Brand Literature Review

… Emotional Drivers Towards Swarovski's Brand

Emotional Drivers of Consumer toward Swarovski's Brand

Emotional Drivers of Consumer toward Swarovski's Brand

Emotional Drivers of Consumer toward Swarovski's Brand

The standard of living and the lifestyle of the general population in today's time has changed and enlarged because of various economic factors for instance mounting disposable income, growth of high income groups in emerging nations and many more. In a very similar manner, the social influence in the modern epoch towards the purchasing of luxurious items has also come to sight that one can reflect their image as an affluent person. As an outcome of it, demand for the luxury goods and services has escalated and intensified largely (Wright, East & Vanhuele 2008).

The fact that the brand…. [read more]

Enterprise Systems Development Strategy British Essay

… The continuous pressure on tobacco industry to produce non-toxic products has made BAT to integrate the sustainable supply chain across overall operation of the company. For example, the BAT has integrated the ERP to facilitate the extensive research and development (R&D) to produce low toxicant smokeless tobacco products as well modifying the production of cigarettes. As being pointed out by BAT top executive "sustainability for us is about creating shared value, which means creating economic value for shareholders while ensuring our business is run responsibly in the interests of all our stakeholders." (Annual Report, 2011 P. 6).

Eshlaghi et al. (2011) reveal that the complexity that modern business face in the dynamic and changing environment has forced organization to adopt innovative systems to make profits…. [read more]

Business Marketing Brand Manager Term Paper

… Beckman, Kurtz and Boone (1997) further note that market research provides information that identifies marketing problems and opportunities, allows marketing actions to be created, revised and assessed, monitors market performance and improves the overall effectiveness of marketing initiatives. Despite the numerous benefits of collecting, analyzing and applying data to the marketing process, marketers must realize that some data is unattainable due to the expense of collecting, analyzing, storing or retrieving it. Marketers must further realize that difficult decisions often need to be made when determining what data to collect, archive and analyze.

A plethora of information exists in the area of market data. Demographic information alone can yield significant useful data, including details on consumers' age, income, race, education level, interests, occupation, residence and other…. [read more]

Business Transformation Strategy GE Capital Term Paper

… They could potentially attract a significant proportion of market volume and hence reduce the potential sales volume for existing players.

Competitive Rivalry between Existing Players

This force describes the intensity of competition between existing players

Companies) in an industry. High competitive pressure results in pressure on prices, margins, and hence, on profitability for every single company in the industry. The two factors exerting the largest pressure on GECW and enlivening their competitors are:

Players are building business on similar strategies

There is not much differentiation between players and their products; hence, there is much price competition.

Low market growth rates (growth of a particular company is possible only at the expense of a competitor).

Because of the limits Irish auto market, these players are going…. [read more]

Strategic Change and Marketing Strategy Reformulation Term Paper

… Strategic Change and Marketing Strategy Reformulation clear strategic approach is vital for the overall success of each organization. But in today's world, however good a strategic move is, it must be constantly changed and adapted to the new and emerging requirements of the market and environment. Foremost, a change in a corporate strategic approach must then be incorporated at all organizational levels, including the marketing department.

Take for instance the case of American vehicle producer Ford Motor Company. For decades now their strategy has been based on manufacturing, promoting and selling large luxurious vehicles. But the contemporary society - due to several factors such as increasing concern over environmental protection, increasing price of oil or fierce competition from the Japanese car manufacturers - now demands…. [read more]

Country of Origin Effect on the Brand Loyalty of Moller's Cod Liver Oil Literature Review

… Country of Origin Effect on the Brand Loyalty of Moller's Cod Liver Oil

An understanding of the contextual elements that impact upon individual purchase decision making and the overall process through which individuals behave and ultimately make decisions is an important first stage in the development of any marketing communications plan (Shirin & Kambiz, 2011). The increasing demand for Italian food has contributed to the growth of restaurant chains such as Olive Garden, owned by General Mills, which has more than 100 units, and Sbarro, which has more than 500 outlets in forty-eight states. The acceptance of Italian food is not a fad. This ethnic food preference has staying power. Italian restaurant distribution is strongest in the mid-Atlantic, Pacific Coast, south Atlantic, and eastern and…. [read more]

Business Level Corporate Level Strategies Essay

… Similarly Kellogg's is also encountered with various challenges posed by its rivals. Kellogg's major competition to some extent is from most companies within the similar subsector of food industry.

Three major competitors of Kellogg's are General Mills Inc., Nestle, and Ralcorp Holding. Processing's Top 100 list ranks companies in the food industry with processing plants in the U.S. And Canada based "their sales of value-added, consumer-ready" goods and places Kellogg Co. It is also important to observe that Nestle and General Mills have dropped one position compared to previous year's list; Ralcorp Holdings has gained three positions while Kellogg has maintained its position on the list.Regarded as one of the largest food companies in the world, General Mills, Inc. is one the Kellogg's top competitors…. [read more]

External Factors Penny's Proposed New Essay

… The products in the stores have been inserted with new tags. Initially, price tags were placed on products. With the new merchandising and promotion strategy, a new tag is placed on a product as soon as it acquires a new price. There is simpler pricing in JC Penny stores. The new products are using whole figures while marketing its products. For instance, there is no price as $19.99. Instead of this pricing strategy, there is a new price of $20. There are new advertising techniques which have been brought by the merchandising and promotion strategies, and which complement with the JC Penney's new pricing strategy (D'Innocenzio, 2012).


The JC Penney's new pricing strategy has taken the American market by a swift. This is due…. [read more]

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