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Brazil Early History and Discover Term Paper

… Coffee and rubber reached peaking heights towards the end of the 19th century. The bustling rubber in the Amazon region somehow suffered some wound and a halt with the establishment of rubber plantations in Southeast Asia after 1912.

Brazil joined the Allies in World War I and in the peace settlement but withdrew from the League of Nations in 1926. A coup in 1930 put Getalio Vargas into power who took the country's disadvantageous economic dependence on the coffee industry seriously. He changed the constitution into a corporative type of government, which forced the development of other basic industries towards a diversified kind of agriculture. Although this centralized government was viewed as somewhat dictatorial and invited opposition, it also hinted at a new nationalistic consciousness.…. [read more]

Slave Rebellion Comparison: The Nat Turner Revolt Term Paper

… ¶ … Slave Rebellion Comparison: The Nat Turner Revolt of 1831 and the Muslim Uprising of 1835 in Bahia

World History mandates that as the human race, we are apt to repeat our actions over a period of time. One issue that appears throughout history and does not discriminate to any race, religion or creed is slavery. Starting in Biblical times with Egypt's enslavement of the Jews to the more recent time of African-American slavery in the southern states of the United States, slavery has played a key role in inhumanity. In fact, it is the severest form of man's inhumanity to man and woman. Call it a human issue, social or political but slavery was born out of commerce. The act of doing business…. [read more]

Southeast Asian Bamboo Flutes Dissertation

Traditional Southeast Asian Bamboo Flutes: Studies on Origins and History

The study investigates the bamboo flutes found in Southeast Asia, as well as their history and origin. The earliest known extant bamboo flute, a chi, or ancient Chinese flute, from the Zhou Dynasty, discovered in the tomb of Marquis Yi of Zeng, dates from 433 BC. Southeast Asian bamboo flutes, diverse in shape and size, vary in the way musicians play them. During the ethnography, a qualitative study, the researcher utilizes an extensive literature review to explore the development of bamboo flutes in SEA and examines the link between these instruments and music, as well as traditions from and beyond Asia.

As the study focuses on the flutes from three main areas: Mainland…. [read more]

Atlantic Trade History and Its Geography Book Review

… ¶ … History of the Atlantic Slave Trade

"[Beginning in the 16th Century]…America became the great market for some 9 to 10 million African slaves…and it was in the New World that African slavery most flourished under European rule…" (Klein, 2010, p 17).

Background into the Slave Trade

Roger Anstey writes in his book the Atlantic Slave Trade and British Abolition 1760-1810 that there was a thriving slave trade in the Middle Ages. In fact, Antsey explains, there was a "lively trade in slaves around the shores of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea," and the victims turned into slaves were Christians and Moslems (Anstey, 1975, p. 3). Centuries later, by the middle of the Seventeenth century, when Brazil was discovered (and subsequently seized as…. [read more]

Dutch Invasion of Brazil Term Paper

… .. far surpasses everything the Portuguese managed to produce in the hundred years preceding."

The success of the Dutch colonization was, as has been suggested, largely the result of the good governance of Maurice of Nassau. He was thirty-three years old when arrived at Pernambuco and was an experienced and capable military man who had served as a colonel in the Thirty Years' War. He was also instrumental in obtaining slaves from attacks on the Portuguese. Beside this ability to put the Portuguese on the defensive militarily, he was responsible for the development and construction of "New Holland."

This incursion into Brazil was also one of the most extensive and long lasting in that counties colonial history. It was to have a profound impact on…. [read more]

Latin American History as in Other Nations Term Paper

… Latin American History

As in other nations around the world, economic development and social justice tend to go hand in Latin America, as is evidenced by recent events in three countries.

With the recent transference of power in Cuba from Fidel Castro to his brother Raul, there are signs that restrictions that previously limited the freedom of Cubans under Fidel's autocratic regime will be lifted. Cubans are now able to purchase such items as mobile phones, DVD players, and computers. It remains to be seen whether Raul will manage to open up new economic possibilities for his country, which continues to struggle with poverty on a massive scale.

In recent years, Brazil's Growth Acceleration Program has led to positive growth in the country's economy. Whereas…. [read more]

6th Grade Report - Argentina Term Paper

… 6th Grade Report - Argentina


Location, Early History, Flag, Government and Official Language:

Argentina is the second largest South American country second in size only to Brazil. It is located in-between the countries of Bolivia and Paraguay (on its northern border) and Uruguay and Brazil (on the east). Argentina contains some of the highest mountains in the world outside of Asia. The national flag of Argentina is a horizontal white stripe across the middle with a light blue stripe above and below. Each stripe is one-third as high as the height of the flag. In the center, there is a yellow sun with a smiling face in the middle.

Anthropologists believe that Argentina has been inhabited by people for thousands of years,…. [read more]

Egyptian Culture. The Writer Explores the Food Term Paper

… ¶ … Egyptian culture. The writer explores the food, family life, and music, spiritual and other elements of Egyptian culture.

The Culture of Modern Egypt

While the western culture is relatively new when compared to the history and age of mankind, the Egyptian culture dates back more than 5,000 years and is filled with traditions that have been handed down through many hundreds of generations. The culture, though quickly become more western in its imported products and foods has held fast to its core values and traditions.

Before one can begin to understand modern Egyptian culture it is important to understand the roots that it was built on. Modern Egypt was founded in the long ago traditions of Egyptian pharaohs and a polytheistic system of…. [read more]

Mountain Mining Term Paper

… This was, as a matter of fact, one of the most important mining devices used during the middle of the nineteenth century, from the years 1850 to 1884, after which there was a federal injunction that banned it. On a general estimate, it is stated that the method of hydraulic mining yielded about $100 million in gold during those thirty years, which would be about a one third of the total amount of gold produced in California during that time. (Hydraulic Gold mining in California's Sierra Nevada Mountains)

The hydraulic mining method was a definite improvement over the other traditional methods of mining, some of which are 'placer mining', wherein miners would use shallow metal pans, and lift soil form the riverbed. They would then…. [read more]

Slave Trade: Europe and Africa Before/After 1550 Essay

… ¶ … Slave Trade in and Between Europe and Africa Before and After 1550

The objective of this work is to answer the questions of: (1) 'How was the slave trade practiced in Europe and Africa before 1550, in comparison to the slave trade in and between the two regions after 1550?' And (2) 'What were the main differences between the two periods in terms of their origins, motivations and effects on African society?' Toward this end, this work will conduct a review of literature in this area of study which is to follow.

Slave Trade Prior to 1550

Economic relations existed between Europe and Africa from the time of the landing of the Portuguese and in 1441 it is reported that ten Africans were…. [read more]

Peruvian Literature History Term Paper

… Peruvian Literature/History

Peru, one of the biggest countries of Latin America, still remains to be one of the poorest in the region. Prolonged poverty, inability of government to solve urgent problems in economics, land owning and determine with the status of international monopolies that control mining, brought to social, political and public crisis in 1980's. But the premises for such social disaster seem to originate long before the time of civil war and mutual resistance of different political sects, terrorist organization of "Sendero Luminoso" and simple public unrest against the chaos that reigned in the country.

If to look on the history of Latin America, we will find out that Latin American countries gained independence some 40 years later than the U.S.A. did, but the…. [read more]

Slave Religion Term Paper

… ¶ … slavery in American history. Specifically it will discuss the books "Slave Religion: The invisible institution in the Antebellum South" by Albert J. Raboteau, and "Slavery: A problem in American institutional and intellectual life" by Stanley M. Elkins. It will include an analysis of the two books, and the agreements and disagreements between the two authors concerning the institution of slavery. Both of these books look at the institution of slavery in American history, but from very different perspectives. Each author uses research and historical knowledge to back their theses, and each uses convincing arguments to prove their points. Both books are good historical documents and are helpful to any student of U.S. history of the time.

The authors cover the same time period,…. [read more]

Civilization Historical Analysis the Daring Essay

… While Portuguese made huge profits by trading precious metals and other condiments such as Chocolates, Tobacco and others to various countries around the world. This accumulated wealth later on financed the luxurious lives of Monarchs and the holy war. Such infuse of sudden wealth and precious metals could not last forever hence later on resulting in inflation, poverty and public liabilities.

In my view the intentions of Columbus were fair and ideological, aimed towards the betterment of the Christian religion and to decrease the dependence on the then Muslim enemy. Although such a motivation could not translate in to results later on as Columbus found the "New World" though it was never his intention. After his death the prime motivation by all the countries making…. [read more]

Leprosy the World Health Organization Reports Term Paper

… Leprosy

The World Health Organization reports that at the beginning of 2005, the number of leprosy patients under treatment throughout the world was approximately 300,000 (Leprosy pp). During 2004, roughly 400,000 new cases were detected, among them, 47% were multibacillary cases, 12% were children, and 4% were diagnosed with severe disabilities (Leprosy pp). During the past three years, the global number of new cases detected has continued to decrease at a reduction rate of about 20% a year (Leprosy pp). Although leprosy control efforts have intensified, full control of the disease has eluded many parts of Angola, Brazil, India, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nepal, and the United Republic of Tanzania (Leprosy pp).

Until AIDS came into existence, leprosy was the most feared of infectious diseases (Storrs pp).…. [read more]

Several Readings to Discuss 1 General Opinion Issue or Similarity Article Review

… ¶ … universality of the Western interpretation of human rights.

In Human Rights in Cross-Cultural Perspectives: A Quest for Consensus edited by Abdullahi Ahmed an-Naim (1992), the articles are mostly concerned with reworking the notion of human rights in an effort to achieve consensus on a 'new,' 'more universal' (or cosmopolitan) view of human rights, as "the lack or insufficiency of cultural legitimacy of human rights standards is one of the main underlying causes of violations of those standards" (1992, p. 19). Subsequently recognizing the fact that the prominent view of human rights is a Western one, an-Naim points out that, over the course of history, groups in power (or dominant classes within a society) typically uphold views and perspectives of cultural values and norms…. [read more]

Starbucks Corporation Competing in a Global Market Term Paper

… Starbuck's Case Study

Briefly describe the history and evolution of Starbucks.

Seattle entrepreneurs Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, Gordon Bowker founded Starbucks in 1971, locating their coffee importing business in Seattle's Pike Place market. The founders were content to grow the coffee importer to five stores in the metro Seattle area, and were gradually becoming known in the coffee industry, and as a result of these associations met Howard Schultz, who would eventually buy the chain and transform its business model. Mr. Schultz was passionate about introducing retailing concepts he had originally discovered during a trip to Milan, Italy and immediately after coming back from Italy, launched what would become the prototypical Starbucks stores, combining meetings places with good ambience for friends catching up with each…. [read more]

Nheengatu: A Not-So Dead Language Thesis

… Nheengatu: A Not-So dead language

There has been a recent drive to preserve so-called dead languages. A dead language "is a language which is no longer learned as a native language," which means that it is a language that has usually become static and fixed, and incorporates no new vocabulary from the modern world (What is, 2009, Wise Geek). There is no word for 'computer' or 'digital' in Latin or Ancient Greek, for example, despite the fact tht these words have their roots in these respective dead languages. Other examples of dead languages include Coptic and Sanskrit, and though many words from these languages might live on in English and many other native tongues, as linguistic systems and sets of vocabulary they are entirely fixed…. [read more]

Volleyball Is an Olympic Sport Term Paper

… Volleyball is an Olympic sport in which two teams separated by a high net use their hands, arms, or (rarely) other parts of their bodies to hit a ball back and forth over the net. Each team is allowed three hits to get the ball over the net to the other team. A point is scored if the ball hits the ground in the opponents' court, if the opponents commit a fault, or if the opponents fail to return the ball properly (NCAA).

Volleyball can be very active. Vertical Jumping is an athletic skill emphasized in volleyball, because many offensive plays involve contacting the ball above the top of the net.

The history of volleyball stretches from February 9, 1895 to today, with the game…. [read more]

Negotiating National Identity Research Paper

… Some, he notes, go so far as the disturbing trend of changing their names to more Brazilian sounding names, or, even more disturbing, engaging in plastic surgery to become more "Brazilian."

Lesser's book is well written and scholarly, but not so much that the average reader could not understand and appreciate the book. It should be a must for any Brazilian studies or history course, as it paints a picture of a nation in flux through immigration, something that just about any of the larger nations on earth can understand and learn from. In fact, the book paints a picture of a society that is so unforgiving; immigrants feel the need to compromise their own culture and even appearance to fit in. Interestingly, Lesser does…. [read more]

Feminine Pedagogy and Critical Theory Research Paper

… No apparent gap is evident when feminist pedagogy is aligned with a pedagogy of the oppressed. Rather, two parallel pedagogical tracks are evident, with little discernable reason for the separation.


Feminism and "post-discourses" have moved the dialogue to a space of heightened consciousness, moving society and its institutions toward greater consciousness and a greater understanding of how power relations are enabled and constructed. The historical critical tradition is well served through this melding of feminist pedagogy and Freire's pedagogy of the oppressed. Through it, we are enabled to "formulate a critical (post-) epistemology for a radical pedagogy, that we ethically ground a post-modern education" (Kincheloe, 2003, p. 217). A reinvention of the revolutionary praxis seems timely, for as Kincheloe asserted, "Even when the Pedagogy…. [read more]

Earth Science Info Age and Technology Essay

… Earth Science, Information Age, And Technology

General Earth Science WA-2

General Earth Science WA-3

General Earth Science WA-4

General Earth Science WA-5

Living in the Information Age WA-2

Living in the Information Age WA-3

Living in the Information Age WA-4

Living in the Information Age WA-5

Living in the Information Age WA-6

Living in the Information Age WA-7

American History 2 WA-5

Earth Science, Information Age

General Earth Science WA-2

The recent earthquake and tsunami that beset Japan last March 11, 2011 made people around the world aware of the effects faults in bringing about these disasters. Faults are fractures or cracks in the earth's crust that causes movement. There are several types of faults such as normal, reverse, thrust, dip-slip and strike-slip faults. "Faults…. [read more]

Sugar and Salt Term Paper

… ¶ … cultural views on sugar and salt. It will examine the historical roots for those views and discuss how they have changed over time. Sugar and salt are two of the basic foods in most of the world's diets, and in modern times, these two very different foods cause fear and many people limit them for health reasons. Sugar and salt are building blocks of diet and nutrition, but too much of them can go a long way in ruining a healthy diet. They helped create and maintain entire cultures, but today, they are simply taken for granted as items we find easily on the grocery shelves.

Salt is one of the most basic minerals in the world, and yet it is one of…. [read more]

Religion in Human Transformation Term Paper

… The presence of prophesying, healing, visions, trances, and ecstatic, experiences in the Baptist tradition made it much more familiar to Africans for whom little distinction was made between the holy and the profane

Other experts and historians have suggested that the conversion by African-Americans to Christianity was for the purpose of providing superiority over the whites. Historically, Black Christians stress the Christian belief of forgiveness. Some experts believe this gave the slaves power over their enslavers by making the superior in faith and forgiveness.

During the journey from African faith to African-American Christianity the Methodists came to play an important role in that transformation. Methodists played a vital part when it came to bringing Christianity to the Gullahs.

"Methodist missionaries brought low country slaves "their…. [read more]

Politics Term Paper

… From 1979 through 1988, Ecuador staggered through a succession of executive-legislative confrontations that created a near permanent crisis atmosphere in the polity. In 1984, President Leon Febres-Cordero tried to physically bar new Congressionally-appointed Supreme Court appointees from taking their seats. "Parliamentary government avoids the problems associated with presidentialism since it mandates a degree of cooperation between the executive and legislature if either are to remain in office, and it also allows for a change in leadership without precipitating a crisis of state."

Presidential systems are said by critics not to offer voters the kind of accountability seen in parliamentary systems. It is easy for either the president or Congress to escape blame by blaming the other. Describing the United States, former Treasury Secretary C. Douglas…. [read more]

Security Issues of Online Communities Term Paper

… Security Issues of Online Communities

Online communities have emerged in recent years as a result of the rapid growth of the Internet, arousing intrigue in citizens, policy-makers and government officials. An online community is a group of people who interact in a virtual environment. They have a purpose, are supported by technology, and are guided by norms and policies. The problem with the term "online community" is that it often refers to a wide range of online activities, and has as a result, been subject to different definitions. Although online communities exist predominantly online, they vary depending on the software environment supporting them, purpose, size and duration of existence, culture of their members, and governance structure (Preece,, 2003). The characteristics of an online community…. [read more]

Diseases West Nile Virus, Malaria Term Paper

… During these outbreaks, hungry infected fleas that have lost their normal hosts seek other sources of blood..." ("Plague," 2004). The first sign of plague is a hot, swollen, and painful lymph node called a "bubo." The swollen node is often accompanied by fever, headache, and exhaustion. These symptoms usually begin about two to six days after the person is exposed ("Plague," 2004). The impact on the health of the individual can be fatal if the disease is not treated in time. In addition, the patient must be isolated because the disease is so contagious, and this adds to the impact on the patient and the family. Luckily, the plague is not nearly as common as it was in earlier centuries. However, plague still exists in…. [read more]

Nestle in 2008 Case Study

… Nestle Company

Nestle's long history began with founder Henri Nestle's infant saving formula. More than 140 years later, the company has grown into an international powerhouse centering on nutrition, health and wellness. However, the organization's recent financial success leads to a significant challenge. New CEO, Paul Bulcke, will need to ensure the company doesn't become complacent and continues to operate with a sense of urgency. This can be accomplished by taking advantage of developing and emerging markets, through the customization of recently acquired frozen pizza brands from Kraft Foods. If Nestle is ill-prepared for this, it could negatively affect their market position and profitability.

Table of Contents


Executive Summary:

Brief Problem Diagnosis:

Analysis of the Problem:


Strategic Posture:

Strategic Managers:

SWOT Analysis:

Strengths:…. [read more]

Automotive Industry and the Consumer Term Paper

… ¶ … Vehicle Recall on Consumer Perception

Product recall

The effect of vehicle effect on consumer behavior

Vehicle recall and marketing

Effects of recall motor Vehicle Industry

In this research, we evaluate the effects of motor vehicle recalls on consumers' perception of brand and safety. The perceptions of the consumer are evaluated as well as the brands that are susceptible to recalls. Our focus however, is on Ford Motors. The effects of vehicle recalls on consumer safety and brand loyalty are evaluated also investigated. A recommendation of the best vehicle recall framework is presented.

Every year, millions of vehicles costing billions of dollars get recalled to their manufacturers due to safety related defects. This presents a significant amount of concern to the companies that are…. [read more]

Africa's Petroleum and China's Economic Research Paper

… The world oil market has recorded important trends. The global demand for oil is projected to grow by more than five percent by 2030 with the Middle East, China, and India accounting for seventy percent of the increase. China's oil demand is anticipated to expand during this period, and oil imports will grow. This implies that China will overtake the United States thereby becoming the largest world net importer of oil by 2020 (Bhaumik, 2009). It will reach approximately twenty-four million barrels daily net oil consumption by 2030. This suggests that nearly eighty percent of China's oil consumption will rely on imported oil. However, United States oil demand will decline or remain unchanged; thus, its oil imports are subject to fall to the extent that…. [read more]

Women in Management and the Glass Ceiling Has it Been Shattered Models and Best Practices Research Paper

… Women in Management and the Glass Ceiling

In the last 20 years, women have shattered the glass ceiling that once kept them out of senior management positions in business, politics, and the military. In the current modern world, women have attained more career opportunities and legal rights than men have. Throughout the history of women, motherhood and wifehood was regarded as the most significant profession of women. However, in the 20th Century, women in the U.S. won the legal right of voting and increasing their job and educational opportunities. Women in the 20th century fought to a large degree accomplishing to re-evaluate perceptions towards the role of women in the society (Persons, 1915).


During the colonial period, women earned a living by working at…. [read more]

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