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Brazil Hospitality and the 2014 Thesis

… Accor intends to build 85 new hotels in Brazil in the period up to 2015 (Embassy of Denmark, 2010). This will increase the number of hotel rooms it has by 5000. This will be achieved through expansion of their 20 Formule 1 and Ibis hotels. The hotel chain is also remodeling 31 of its 65 Mecure hotels and 8 of its 51 Ibis hotels. These will cater for economy class tourists. Atlantica currently operates 72 hotels in Brazil (Embassy of Denmark, 2010). It is planning to build 28 more hotels. Sol Melia is a Spanish hotel chain that currently owns 24 hotels in Brazil; nine are in Sao Paolo, three in Brasilia, and two in Reis. They have not announced their expansion plans. Grand Hyatt…. [read more]

Influx of Money Impact Hospitality Thesis

… These South American countries expect an influx of visitors from all corners of the world, which is likely to revitalize and rejuvenate the diminishing fortunes of their hospitality sectors and economic development in general (Jones 2012). In particular, Brazil expects an overwhelming number of visitors from participating and non-participating nations across the globe, which inherently means an influx of money. Apparently, footballers, sports personalities, world leaders, football fans and fanatics, and tourists shall converge at various football stadia to watch the game (Jones 2012). The month-long event would attract services of hospitality sector as hotels and restaurants across the country and beyond. The host is expecting around 600, 000 visitors for the June 12 to 13 July 2014 event with many accommodation facilities already experiencing…. [read more]

Cup 2014 Term Paper

… Additionally, there will be many small projects that will be seen. These include restaurants and hotels, since the people who come to the country to see the event will need food and a place to stay (Host, 2009). Many hotels and motels will start making changes so they are better able to accommodate the influx of people. Also, the restaurants that are able to expand or revamp their locations will do so in order to make sure people can get what they want (Host, 2009). Even if these locations are not actually in the host cities, if they are close to those cities they will get a great deal of "spillover" of people who are not staying in the host cities (Host, 2009). For some…. [read more]

Tourism Know Term Paper

… As Faith Popcorn points out, the role and status of women is set to improve exponentially worldwide. The World Cup 2014 will have a net positive impact on women in Brazil. This is true even for sex trade workers, who are taking advantage of the free language courses being offered to help locals be prepared to greet the world in 2014. Learning new languages not only helps to protect the sex trade workers, allowing them to bargain for better prices and get help when they need it, but it also allows the women to transition into other work (Locker, 2013).

Another lifestyle trend that will emerge as a result of the 2014 World Cup is a boost in sale of craft beer as well the…. [read more]

Octagon Sports Organizational Structure Research Paper

… This is where the Octagon falls, alongside IMG and others. Third, is the sports services, which involves organizations offering sports as their end products. This segment is again further divided into three facets including the Event that involves organizations generating their revenues, either indirectly or directly from spectators (Staffa, Lewis, Braham & Griffins 2011). Here, the athletes are professional, and examples of such entities encompass teams and leagues. Second, are participants involving entities that provide opportunities for individuals to engage or involve in sporting activities. Finally, Job, Woods and Howard (2008) affirms that the hybrid aspect ensures the provision of a mixed organization of events and participants including government agencies. Here is a schematic showing the structure of the football industry. (See Figure 2)

An…. [read more]

Management in Very Day Life Essay

… It is the moment where the hosts convey their gratitude and heart-warming thanks to the people in attendance. The emotional connection moment determines the success of the event in achieving its mission. Therefore, in the course of planning the event, it is necessary to establish where the emotional moment will occur and how it will proceed.

Lastly, in the process of event management, it is useless to plan and have all other elements in place without the element of event infrastructure. Event infrastructure constitutes several essential sub-elements without which the event cannot take place (Morgan, Pritchard & Pride, 2010). The event needs the following sub-elements that constitute the infrastructure of the event. These essential factors include the core concept, core people, core talent, core structure,…. [read more]

Bass Pro Shops International Business Research Paper

McDermott pointed out that:

“The main advantage that our company will experience in partnering with a local firm is that the latter probably comprehend the local culture, marketplace, and means of conducting business in a better as compared to a foreign firm. I also believe that partners are particularly valuable if they have an acknowledged, reputable brand name in the nation and also have existent relations with consumers or target audience we might want to access”.

As the CEO of the corporation, Morris indicated that a strategic alliances was deemed to be the most ideal strategy for entering into these international markets and attaining a competitive advantage and market share as effective as possible. He pointed out the following:

“A…. [read more]

Severe Impact of 1997 Asian Crisis on Indonesia, Thailand, and South Korea Research Paper

… Indonesia and the 1997 Asian Crisis:

A Comparison with South Korea and Thailand

Why and how was Indonesia greatly impacted by the 1997 Asian Crisis in comparison to South Korea and Thailand?

The global economic slowdown of 1998 originated in South East Asia; the Asian crisis, as it was known, began in the summer of 1997 and resulted in severe economic instability in the South East Asian economies. It occurred in two phases: the first phase began in July 1997 and lasted through to December, 1997; international assistance was given to the affected economies. The second phase began mid-1998; this time the economic turmoil spread further beyond the region to countries like Russia, Brazil, and China -- each showing signs of economic stagnation. The crisis…. [read more]

Mattel Corporation Specializes in Creating Essay

… Although a medium level is what is being used here, a greater level of equity financing would make for better sense for future, should the forecast include a global economic rebound.

This is to be interpreted as a lack of faith in a global economic turnaround to the point of stock prices returning to the levels above $50.00 per share, certainly not for the reasons that had the stock there to begin with. The game has changed, and MGM is betting against a large increase in stock price and is playing the dividend and attraction to the value investor.


Abonyi, G., & Slyke, D.M.V. (2010). Governing on the edges: Globalization of production and the challenge to public administration in the twenty-first century. Public Administration…. [read more]

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