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Broken Spears: The Aztec Account Term Paper

… Moreover, Broken Spears as a text does not stand alone as mere pieces of paper isolated from historical context. History has changed and affected the context of the book. For example, while the indigenous Indian people respected Dona Marina, she became a maligned national figure after the Mexican Revolution and after the Mexican people found a new national identity. As such, Marina came to symbolize those who betray their own people for a foreign enemy.

In her case, the situation was viewed by such observers as even worse, because she also bed the enemy, bore his child, and quite directly led to the destruction of her own clan and its replacement with a new nation.

Yet this is to ignore and devalue the Aztec's own…. [read more]

Broken Spears and Requerimiento Term Paper

… The Aztecs believed the Universe was in equilibrium, and the tonalpohualli showed the Aztecs how the gods were dividing the time between them.

The Spaniards followed a pretty similar cosmological system to the one we currently use in the West, with navigation being ruled by the charts they had, and by their knowledge of the stars. It could be argued that this was less imaginative than that of the Aztecs, and that perhaps we would still be using the Aztecs xiuhpohualli now, had it not been for the Spaniards conquest (as is argued in The Broken Spear).

In terms of the Requerimiento, this shows us that the Spaniards were very authoritarian in their approach, and in their rule, with excerpts like this " But, if…. [read more]

Aztec Influence Over Pre-Colonial Mexico Research Proposal

… Aztec Conquest

The Conquest of the Aztecs

The traditional perspective on the peoples who populated the land today known as Mexico and anthropologically described as Mesoamerica is that they were the members of a warlike society that, on account of its primitive view of the world, was bound for extinction at the hands of European conquerors. This is a version of the explanation for the total annihilation of the Aztec people and culture as it occurred in the 16th century. However, this is a story whose primary sources are those produced by the Europeans to witness, commit and prosper from the genocide of a once mighty culture. Therefore, it is with a certain concession to uncertainty that the collection of historians evaluated for this discussion…. [read more]

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