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Business Case Kalinsky Was Correct in Firing Research Proposal

… Business Case

Kalinsky was correct in firing his former brother-in-law. There are two main reasons why this move was necessary. The first is that the younger Kenworthy was unwilling to be a contributor to the team. His leadership skills were poor. His public criticism of Kalinsky illustrated his lack of suitability for such an important role. More importantly, he had not only become a liability to the business but clearly was unwilling to admit his failings. He lost the Capital One account, and it was only through good fortune that Empyrean was given a chance to salvage the account. As this account is worth 40% of Empyrean's business, not only could the company not survive without the account, but that account needs to be the…. [read more]

Was Firing Him Too Drastic? Case Study

… ¶ … Firing Him Too Drastic?

In the case study, Michael Kalinsky fires an executive in his company to regain control of the company and begin reaffirming its business direction, however in the process he very nearly loses everything. Michael's mishap is due not to bad business sense as all of his instincts in this situation were correct, but instead lies in miscommunication and misunderstanding between him and his stakeholders. Throughout the case Kalinsky made decisions that were less than optimum for his company and were not far sighted. Had Kalinsky utilized more appropriate communication and negotiating skills he perhaps would have had an easier time of building his business.

The Firing

The firing of Kalinsky's former brother in law was indeed warranted. Kenworthy had…. [read more]

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