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Business Policy Analysis Case Study

… Business Policy Case Study Analysis

Key events Matsu*****a

The first key event for Matsu*****a was its breakthrough in the Japanese market in the early 1960s with a broad product line and 25,000 shopping points.

One other key event around the same period was the trade liberalization that translated into the company's first internationalization attempts. This process was particularly hard for Matsu*****a because the company didn't succeed in collaborating with local retailers to sell its products, which is why it had to open its own selling point. However, its brands were not known in the American and European markets.

The company's decision to shift part of its production to low wage countries in the mid 1960s was a major step that helped the company avoid the…. [read more]

Business Research Analysis Case Study

… ¶ … Business Research Case Study Analysis

No business is an island unto itself and any business that remains isolated will soon be no more. Consumers are becoming more and more fickle with higher expectations on customer service, convenience, and quality for where their money is spent. Applied business research is the professional field at the heart of determining what these consumers expect and how companies can effectively meet those expectations and stand apart from their competition. Through consumer interviews and study formulation, researchers are able to guide businesses to the next level of sales and customer service, and it all depends on their ability to effectively analyze consumer needs.

Modern consumer research is not what it used to be. Where once, simple studies and…. [read more]

Harvard Business School Case Study

… Working intimately with the partner will allow the company to expand its current product offerings to allow for more products that will be well received by the Chinese consumers, like expanding its noodle selection.

Still, the company clearly has a set of core competencies that will allow then to see some degree of success operating a joint venture within China. Quality product that is already quite well-known in the United States and abroad. The company had a series of products that were already popular in the international arena. In fact, Parker's Biscuits products were already sold worldwide and had a strong international consumer base that could provide them with the knowledge and experience they will need to begin a joint venture within the context of…. [read more]

Business Marketing Case Study

… Business Marketing Case Study

What type of training does House Handy provide new members of its sales force?

The organization provides almost no training for new hires. It relies completely on self-directed learning by providing new hires product manuals and brochures for substantive information on its products. While the company does also assign mentors to each new hire, there are apparently no procedures or protocols for any training or instruction from those mentors; the way the organization conceives of the mentor-protege relationship, it is also self-directed in that the mentor plays only a passive role in responding to questions from the new hires. New hires are simply instructed to walk around the stores and observe the way things are done.

This approach is not particularly…. [read more]

Comprehensive Original Ethical Situation Case Study

… Business Ethics Case

The Examination of a Business Ethics Dilemma: A Case History of a Medical Supply Company

Introduction of Dilemma:

The functionality and long-term viability of an organization may be as much contingent upon the strength of its ethical resolve as on the quality of its physical output. This is a reality which I became distinctly aware of during my two-year tenure as the head manager for Allied Medical Products. A company which specialized in the production and sale of products specifically geared toward wound-care, Allied Medical was only three years old at the time that I joined its staff. It was fraught with operational problems that I soon learned stemmed primarily from the ineffectiveness of my boss. Mr. Caldwell, as we will fictionally…. [read more]

Business Ethics Company Case Study

… With that in mind, the follow principles have been developed:

Our Ideology;

Conducting our business in a way contributing to Turkey's cause to hold a respectable position in the world.

Our Objectives;

Establishing prestigious and everlasting companies in a global and multi-cultural world.

Our Core Values that shape us;

Conducting business in compliance with the laws and the commercial code of ethics.

Openness to improvement.

Being competitive.


MLS Holdings has a unique challenge in setting its code of conduct for all of its operations. The company owns a variety of subsidiary operations and thus their code of conduct for these organizations must be somewhat vague. However, the code of conduct can concentrate on values at a high level that would be relevant to all…. [read more]

Business Has a Relatively Low Case Study

… Likewise, the company's competition plays by the same rules that it does. There is neither advantage nor disadvantage to the competition as the result of globalisation -- they have merely chosen a different path to profitability.

To this point, costs within the industry have been held low as the result of using overseas manufacturing. With modern equipment and cheap labour, firms in the industry have been able to contain cost increases for teddy bears. Quality may have suffered as the result, but the current cost structure within the industry is definitely the result of globalisation, which has opened low-cost manufacturing sites to the industry. To this point, cost has mostly impacted Merrythought negatively, as the industry has shifted from one focused on high quality, differentiated…. [read more]

Business Expansion Case Study

… Lot of coordination has to be made when the business is undergoing expansion in different regions. This calls for effective communication so that the functions of the business will be synchronized throughout these new regions. The financial system put in place should also be appropriate to meet the new expanded business. It should be effective and transparent so that no losses are attributed to poor financial management. The technology that is put in place should also be appropriate and up-to-date. This will ensure that the production process is quite reliable and the products are standard since the technology that is used is very effective (Bax, 2011). The general management of the business should be effective. A good management system ensures that the business will be…. [read more]

Business Cluster Case Study

… First, the support an international firm gets might differ significantly to other similar companies in other clusters receives. Consequently, such a firm might fail to compete favorably if the conditions in its cluster are not as favorable because those received by the rest of international companies (Fischer, 2007).

Firms operating at domestic levels have less complicated structures and bureaucracy in their clusters. Since such firms are in the same geographical location, decision making on matters of policy formulation and decision-making are simplified. As such, individual firms can carry out a given activity or influence a certain action by relying on single decision. On the other hand, firms operating at international level face slow and complex decision-making exercise. Such firms have to wait for the harmonization…. [read more]

Business Plan for Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner Business Plan

… Business Plan

This business plan pertains to a new Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinic, to be located in Koreatown, Los Angeles. The clinic will primarily target the area's sizeable Korean population, as well as draw from other areas of the city. The clinic will be set up in a small, three room office. Initially, there will be no staff, only practitioner Mr. Ahn. After six months, revenues will be sufficient to hire a part-time receptionist.

The financing of the venture will come from Mr. Ahn, who has $200,000 in personal savings. The initial startup costs are estimated to be around $10,000 but could range upwards of $15,000. There will be no need for bank financing given the cost structure and estimated time to breakeven for…. [read more]

Business Plan for a Concrete Business Plan

… Financial factors

The company will consider various ways of raising capital. Among the ways available, the company will consider the ease of obtaining this capital and cost. For the company at its start up level, the method of obtaining capital should not be a burden. There are many factors to consider before raising capital. Amount of capital required determines the source. Not all financiers will be able to offer a large capital to the company. The size of the company and the number of operations in the plan will also determine the amount of capital required. The decision to raise capital from a particular source will is influenced by the cost in returning and the duration. The company will consider taking a considerable size of…. [read more]

Business Systems Analysis Case Study

… Therefore, this entity will see quality products and an additional service from the workers to continue visiting the governor.

Coupon is useful for persons who do not wish to solve the matters of the transaction with cash. A business that has coupon services helps people to achieve more within a limited time as much as possible. Lastly is the entity of service. The services entity has the attribute of the recording and reporting reports. Therefore, the entity of the services that the system offers is costly. However, with well-developed systems, in which the entity development is well, the attributes of services will thus help in the determination of the products that customers wish to purchase.

The identifier attribute

The identifier attribute helps to categorize the…. [read more]

Business Ethics Introduction (Summarize Case Study

… It is at this point that his behavior and past transactions were brought into question. ("Tyco I'm Sure that's a really Nice Shower Curtain," n.d.)

Explain the concept of commingling assets with respect to the Tyco case.

The commingling of company assets is when executives will seek out loans and will have other programs in place that will benefit them personally. This is above and beyond traditional compensation plans, as these initiatives allowed everyone to steal company funds for their own use. Kozlowski and Schwartz used these programs to offer themselves lucrative rewards, bonuses, reimbursements and loans. ("Tyco I'm Sure that's a really Nice Shower Curtain," n.d.)

They utilized the money that was received to purchase real estate, throw elaborate parties, buy professional sports teams…. [read more]

Harvard Business School Case Study

… Along with this the firm should identify its strength & weaknesses as well as the opportunities and threats. This will help the organization to choose a specific strategy for its operations. The process of identification of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats should be related to the human capital of the firm. The major role of Human Resource Management in this regard is of strategy implementation. The strategy defined by the firm will then define the desired skills and behaviors as perceived by the HR managers who are implementing the strategy. this perception of the required skills and behaviors is then going to define the HRM practices. Once these HRM practices are defined they are actually practiced by the organization. These actual HRM practices in…. [read more]

Business Proposal Report Business Proposal

… Business Description

Green Delight is a wholesale food manufacturer specialized in organic food. The development of the organic food sector and consumers' increased interest in organic products have determined the start-up's owners to start a business that serves the healthy interests of people, while being able to provide significant incomes to its owners.

Green Delight's mission is the following: our company intends to provide high quality organic food at available prices, in order to encourage consumers' orientation towards a healthy lifestyle.

The vision that the company's owners are trying to transform into reality consists in building a business that would provide people healthy food, in order to encourage and to support a healthy lifestyle for more and more people. The business owners' idea is supported…. [read more]

Business Studies Marketing Case Study

… Business Studies: Case Study - Marketing


Business REPORT

REF: This report is written for Business Basic Phone Company to provide them with a description of the external environment in which they operate, to describe and analyze any internal or external problems they may be facing and to address them with recommended solutions.

As an important retailer on the market, Business Basic Phone Company has been challenged lately with increased competition in the mobile phone market, as several new competitors entered the game. Additionally, the global economy, the new requirements from the targeted customers and a certain need to adapt its former retailing methodologies have resulted in decreasing sales in the past period of time, complemented by a decreasing market share.

This…. [read more]

Jollibee Fast Food Case Study

… (For comparison, in the Philippines, approximately 1,200 fast food outlets competed for the business of 75 million people. GNP per capita in both countries was almost at U.S.$2,500)" (Bartlett & O'Connell 2001: 51). However, ignoring the developing world might be a perilous proposition: "In 2010, emerging markets represented 36% of global GDP; these markets already account for the majority of the world's oil and steel consumption, 46% of world retail sales, 52% of all purchases of motor vehicles and 82% of mobile phone subscriptions. With two-thirds of global growth coming from these markets, in a decade they will account for the majority of the world's economic value" (Fernholtz 2013).

Describe your preferred action plan: Why the U.S.

Fast food vendors in the United States have…. [read more]

Business Summaries This Chapter Essay

… The central part of sharing a common set of goals is having a joint understanding of what the goals of the organization are and the best ways to achieve these goals. This does not mean that there has to be absolute agreement on every detail of every aspect of the organization, because a well-run organization will allow for open discussions when they are designed to improve the way an organization works.

One of the key ways in which organizations can be organized is along the lines of how specialized they are: Does each employee do only one job or does each one wear a number of different hats? The same question must be asked of each department, and even of the company as a whole.…. [read more]

Business Process Analysis and Technology Solution Proposal Case Study

… Business Process Analysis and Technology Solution Proposal

XXXXX Haircuts

The haircut and hairstyling industry is flooded with small and fragmented competitors. There are many opportunities to use it to create a competitive advantage in this market. One idea might be to use it to focus on a narrow target market and create a customer relationship management (CRM) platform to make sure the customers' needs are being met at all times and provide a platform for customer feedback and satisfaction ratings. Another idea might be to automate the scheduling system so that clients are reminded when they are due for service and send them automated messages through phone, email, or text. However, one creative idea of how technology could be used to improve quality was identified…. [read more]

Capitalism and the Corporation Case Study

… Under the narrow definition, stakeholders are individuals and groups who are significant to the corporation's survival and success. On the contrary, in the wide definition, stakeholders are regarded as any individual or group with the ability of affecting or being affected by the corporation.

Effects of Social Democracy:

Based on the second or wide definition of the term stakeholder, every citizen of the country has a stake in the vitality and success of the United States' corporations. Social democracy is the concept with which this second definition of the term stakeholder is derived from. Therefore, social democracy has significant varying consequences to corporations and other sectors. Social democracy originates from the intrinsic desire of power entrenched in the state or monarch for several centuries. This…. [read more]

Innovation in Business Process Management Case Study

… Therefore, many players are trying to develop products such as UNIX. This has made the market be saturated. Nevertheless, no single company has the capability of creating programming software that is close to Cordys' UNIX (Cruz-Cunha, & Varajao, 2011).

Low threat of Substitution

Many people are employing software as the major source of business process management solutions. This is based on developed software, which proved the required results. Cordys exhibit a commanding market presence that has positioned them for prolonged success in the industry. Close to this, users would opt to use traditional methods of upgrading their business systems such as manual upgrading of systems, which are time consuming, risky and painful (Fleischmann, 2011).

Moderate threat of New Entry

Cordys have recorded reduced risks of…. [read more]

Access "Audio File Case Study

… The virtual prototypes allow the company to specify the attributes of a specific product for a select group. These groups allow the company to see how the product will be taken up in the actual market, and help the company to make its financial assessments.

Since the company intends to enter international markets like Japan, it would have to keep innovating its products as the consumers there always expect more innovation. With the current range of product development, the company is able to innovate itself and prepare for the new markets. Scott's CTO clearly defined the company's approach and provides more insight as to why the company has launched these new product developments. The CTO stated that the company is targeting high volume products for…. [read more]

Business Models Evolution Article

… Business Models

Evolution of Business Models:

From Early 20th Century to Today - a Critical Analysis

Business models continue to grow in complexity and the level of integrative processes that are knowledge and intelligence-based. From the relatively simple production-based business models of the 1900s and early 20th century to the highly orchestrated, knowledge-based business models of Toyota to support their global production and supply chain system (Dyer, Nobeoka, 2000) or Google with its world-class advertising business model (Pynnonen, Hallikas, Ritala, 2012), information and intelligence have replaced manufacturing power. The intent of this analysis is to evaluate the evolution of business models from the 1990s to today, with specific attention paid to their progression from time-and-motion-based production to highly integrated knowedlge networks that seek economics of…. [read more]

Business Management Business Operations Essay

… 1)

The 'what is reported as "the immediate aim of the system" (Karve, 2012, p.1). The 'how' is the "means of achieving that aim" (Karve, 2012 p.1) and the 'why is the "longer terms aim of the purposeful activity (Karve, 2012, p.1).

The benefits of the CATWOE analysis are the assists provided in properly formulating a Root Definition. CATWOE is reported as a "mnemonic which helps identify and categorize all stakeholders [people, processes, environment, entities] of the System being analyzed for formulating the Root Definition." (Karve, 2012, p.1)

The letters C-A-T-W-O-E stand for the following:






E = ENVIRONMENT (Karve, 2012, p.1)

The system…. [read more]

Business Ecosystem Case Study

… By developing stores that especially caters to a specific demographic through information generated from its procurement system, Wal-Mart can best provide products and services that are needed in the trade area or location of the store. In the same manner, Wal-Mart expands its ecosystem by engaging small- and medium-businesses who could supply the required products and services for its specialized stores.

3. Within a business ecosystem, the opportunity to develop new innovations and creative products and services is increased, with the synergy of all entities/organizations within the ecosystem working together to ensure that these innovative and creative efforts are developed and made into a reality. Big companies benefit from the business ecosystem because it is through the novel ideas of its partners that these ideas…. [read more]

Strategic Value of Business Intelligence Essay

… Change management is key to making any analytics and BI strategy succeed. Second, the ability to selectively define which technologies are used in an analytics and BI strategy are key. Keeping technology balanced to the needs of the business is key. As both case studies have shown, there is the critical balance, the optimal mix, of technologies to ensure a high level of performance corporate-wide. With the development of an effective change management strategy and a realistic assessment of analytics and BI technologies based on a company's goals, these best practices can be attained in other enterprises as well.


Kent Bauer. (2006). Predictive Analytics: Addressing the Business Vicissitudes. DM Review, 16(1), 46.

Ghosh, B., & Scott, J.. (2011). Antecedents and Catalysts for Developing a…. [read more]

Business the Company's Objective Case Study

… Germans seem to understand the Global Paradox and work well within its constraints. The company would benefit from that understanding and would likely pick up valuable information and technology that could assist the company in reaching its objectives. Weidenbaum states "the country's industrial base is among the world's largest and most technologically advanced" (p. 26) and a country report showed that "Germany has one of the world's highest levels of educations, technological development and economic productivity" (Federal Republic, 2003, p. 2). The company would surely benefit from a working relationship with a carefully selected German firm. Another similar report showed that Germany touts an "outstanding research landscape with a high level of integration and networking" (Technological Landscape, 2008, p. 68).

According to the study, The…. [read more]

Business Plan to an Organization Business Plan

… Business Plan to an Organization

Looking before you leap: The value of an effective business plan for an organization

Writing an effective business plan is not simply beneficial in terms of generating start-up capital. Ideally, it should focus the mind of the organizer of the enterprise and enable him or her to envision where the business is 'going' in the near and far future. First and foremost, it is essential to clarify the purpose of a business, as well as to stimulate the interest and confidence of angel investors or banks offering loans. "Without it, you are likely to come unstuck and lost along the way, as you will forget what you have learnt from people through research, training and networking -- all essential activities…. [read more]

Business Plan for a Liquor Store Business Plan

… Business Plan for Liquor Store

One of the more popular businesses to open is a liquor store. This is because the various products that are being sold are always in demand, as a wide range of customers will seek them out (regardless of the economic conditions). Evidence of this can be seen with a study, which found that 63% of Americans drink some form of alcohol on a regular basis. Out of this number 39% of respondents said they preferred to drink wine, while 36% said that beer was their drink of choice.

In either case, these statistics highlights how the underlying demand for alcohol related products remain steady, regardless of changes in tastes or the underlying economic cycle. However, there are a number of…. [read more]

Business Proposal in Ghana Business Proposal

… Business Proposal in Ghana

Giam's Clothing:

Business Proposal in Ghana

Company Description

Giam's Clothing is an apparel manufacturer which produces clothing articles for the American middle class. The company was founded in 1990 by current chief executive officer John Whitehouse. The middle size company has little over one hundred employees and an annual turnover of 1.5 billion dollars. The firm operates through a single location within the United States. This location is composed of two facilities: one for production purposes and one for administrative purposes, containing the offices of the CEO, the CFO and other business departments, including the Finance and Accounting or the Human Resource Department. Twenty people work in the administrative facility and one hundred in the production facility.

The product line includes…. [read more]

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