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Business Ethics and Ethical Purchasing Research Paper

… Business Ethics and Ethical Purchasing

Business ethics can be defined as systems of principles and values that direct choices and dealings within a company. In the business world, a company's culture often sets the values for determining the distinction between good and bad decision making and actions. In the most fundamental terms, business ethics comes down to knowing the difference between right and wrong and deciding to do what is right. "The phrase business ethics can be used to describe the actions of individuals within an organization, as well as the organization as a whole" (White, 2012). Core ethical values and responsibilities are typically expressed through an ethics policy. This is followed by a code of ethics, setting down the way the institution aims to…. [read more]

Business Ethics the Code of Business Conduct Essay

… Business Ethics

The Code of Business Conduct covers a wide range of business practices and procedures of a medium sized company producing medical supply. The company's name is "Best Medical Supply Company Inc."(BMSC). The Code of Ethics suggest does not cover every issue that may arise, but it sets out basic principles to guide all employees and officers of the Company (Company includes BMSC and all its subsidiaries). All of BMSC's employees, officers and directors must conduct themselves accordingly and seek to avoid even the appearance of improper behavior. The Code should also be provided to and followed by the BMSC's agents and representatives. In addition, Company policies apply to various Company operations. If a law conflicts with a policy in this code, all employees,…. [read more]

Ethics and Judges Federal Essay

… It is very difficult not to make the case that different judges allow personal, or some other outside force, to influence their sentences when there was such a disparity among sentences for similar crimes. Next, Canon three of the Code of Conduct for United States Judges requires that "a judge should perform the duties of the office fairly, impartially, and diligently." ("Code of Conduct for United States Judges") Not only does this require a judge to remain courteous and respectful to everyone in their courtroom, but is requires a judge to act in a fair and impartial manner. In respect to sentencing guidelines, this means that a judge should not be swayed by public opinion, political interests, or the words of critics. In the past,…. [read more]

Business and Ethics Essay

… I thereby have the obligation to convert this alternative into a plan or a series of activities, and execute the plans in accordance with the concerned departments.

The most recommendable alternative is the formation of working groups, which include management representatives, communications professionals, as well as internal and external counselors. In this alternative, the coordination amongst the regulatory teams, public statements, quality assurance team, advertisement teams, and the team involved in protocols for addressing the consumer inquiries are quite essential to the company's management. This strategy helps in keeping the company on toes through the development of an ethical communication plan (Cockburn, 2005), which consequently helps in building a constructive relationship between the company and its target market hence good customer relationships. It would be…. [read more]

Code of Ethics. Handr Block Essay

… The reaction to the code from the employees and even the associates would be a receptive one and supportive to the code bearing that this is a highly professional company that employs professionals in most of their postings.

The effect that the code has on the organization is that it gives the organization a very professional standpoint and shapes the employees to the responsibilities, duties and the expectations that will be bestowed upon them. In return, this makes the H&R Block a highly respected and recognized tax Preparation Company and in the process attracting more clients and more professional bodies.

The code, in a nutshell helps chart out the professional expectations of each individual in the organization. It helps shape the limits of the employees,…. [read more]

Code of Ethics in the Department of Justice Term Paper

… Code of Ethics as Applicable to the Department of Justice

The topic of ethics from the aspect of a professional and scientific viewpoint has emerged as a topic of significant concern in recent years, both for the Department of Justice and for other organizations as well. Ethics is generally a term used to describe a set of values that describe what is right or wrong, good or bad. As a result, guidelines and discussions surrounding ethics should be applicable to a broad range of cases, as conflicts are likely to arise between ethical principles. Any system of ethical principles is derived from philosophical reasoning, and research in this area indicates that if we have a system of a few principles that apply in all cases…. [read more]

Ethics: Code Essay

… For this reason, employees are encouraged to seek guidance whenever the Code cannot provide the answers that they seek.

It is also important to note that employees are encouraged to report any violations to the Company's Code or policy that they witness. This is important so that all concerns can be addressed early enough.

Pursuant to this, employees have a number of channels to make use of as they seek to either make a report or seek guidance. These include, but they are not limited to:

The Compliance and Ethics Committee

Any issue that involves the deliberate violation of the Company's Code of Ethics should be reported to this committee. Issues that could be reported to the said committee are potential (or actual) conflicts of…. [read more]

Business Ethics Focus on Merrill Essay

… Ford's senior management calculated the cost per life lost on the basis of the National Traffic Safety Administration's data and stated that recall for correcting the problem with the Pinto would cost $121 million as compared to only $50 million for injuries and deaths caused by the problem.

The decision-making process in this case was flawed in that the Ford Motor Company attempted to place value on the life of a human being. How could it possibly be that lives lost totaled less than the cost of a recall and modification to the company's vehicles? This happened because of the failure of the Ford Motor Company and its employee to assign intrinsic value to the life of human beings which would mean that the company…. [read more]

Code of Ethics Core Values Case Study

… A good example of this is volunteering. I began volunteering out of a sense of obligation for school. However, I gradually came to see that volunteering boosted my self-esteem. It made me feel as if I could make a difference, and I loved seeing the smiling faces of the people I helped. I gained practical and social skills through my efforts. By acting ethically, I increased my happiness and the happiness of others.

Application of my code of ethics

Case study

One of the most common ethical dilemmas that occur in the workplace is the issue of harassment. In almost every office, one or two people do not seem to 'fit in,' because of personality conflicts with others, because they do not come from the…. [read more]

Business Plan Concept History Marketing Plan Legal Business Plan

… Business Plan

Concept History

Marketing Plan

Legal Requirements

Form of Ownership

Organization, Management & Staffing

Special Considerations

Industry Analysis

Cornerstone Books and Gifts is a retail store selling music, books and gifts. The idea came about because I noticed a need for this type of store in town that was not being met. The store not only will be profitable but will provide employment and education opportunities for the community's youth and contribute to the revitalization of downtown.

The marketing plan will be based on having a diverse product line that brings in a wide range of clientele. Prices will be fair. The store will be located in a high-traffic, high-visibility location. The location, product selection and service offering will be the key promotional components,…. [read more]

Business Ethics Company Case Study

… With that in mind, the follow principles have been developed:

Our Ideology;

Conducting our business in a way contributing to Turkey's cause to hold a respectable position in the world.

Our Objectives;

Establishing prestigious and everlasting companies in a global and multi-cultural world.

Our Core Values that shape us;

Conducting business in compliance with the laws and the commercial code of ethics.

Openness to improvement.

Being competitive.


MLS Holdings has a unique challenge in setting its code of conduct for all of its operations. The company owns a variety of subsidiary operations and thus their code of conduct for these organizations must be somewhat vague. However, the code of conduct can concentrate on values at a high level that would be relevant to all…. [read more]

Code of Conduct Term Paper

… Code of Conduct

In the past few years, several well-publicized scandals involving the improper management of ethics and values within large business organizations have emerged, bolstering the importance of business ethics in modern day society. The most notable scandals involving ethics and values have included global corporations such as Tyco. These three significant scandals that occurred in the past decade have led to the enactment of many laws, regulations, and suggestions for companies to implement to protect their business as well as their employees. One such suggestion for employers is to implement a code of conduct for all staff members to follow. A code of conduct within a regulated profession has shown to have a significant impact on the influence of ethics and values of…. [read more]

Information Technology (IT) Professionals: Code of Conduct and Ethics Essay

… (ICCP, 2011, p. 1)

Components of the ethical code of the ICCP include the following stated components:

Disclosure: This relates to the confidential relationship that exist between the individual and their client or employer and the expectation that they will keep confidential information acquired that might result in a serious effect on a third party. (ICCP, 2011, p. 1)

Social Responsibility: This relates to the individual's acceptance of a responsibility to clear any confusion or wrong perceptions related to the information processing industry and the cognition to act in accordance with procedures and regulations in improving public safety. (ICCP, 2011, p. 1)

Conclusions and Opinions: The professional should only state a conclusion that is founded on knowledge that is adequate. (ICCP, 2011, p. 1)

Identification:…. [read more]

Codes of Conduct Essay

… Also, given that the staff understands it will be in session two full working days each year to go over all issues that relate to values, ethics, morals, and responsible journalistic behaviors based not just on this paper's guidelines, but on the code of ethics for other newspapers. The code should be flexible; it should be a work in progress. The Sacramento Bee has taken several months to create its code of ethics, and that gives staff a chance to delve into what other newspapers are using for their ethical codes and gives the newspaper a chance to continually upgrade its values and goals as times change and as technologies advance.

In conclusion, in an age of blogs (which anyone can write without considerations of…. [read more]

Ethics Policies on 3 Companies Term Paper

… Ethics Policies on 3 companies.

Ethics Policies

Memo of transmittal

Ethics policies within companies

Microsoft Corporation


Intel Corporation

Memo of transmittal

The current ethics policies are the outcome of years of debates as to what should define morality and fair and appropriate behavior. Nowadays, most institutions in the fields of economy, politics, medicine and law guide their activities by a set of morals rules concentrated in their internal code of ethics. To better understand the concept of ethic policies, one needs to analyze the code of ethics of at least three major organizations, preferably all three belonging to the same industrial sector, for instance electronic engineering.

Executive summary

The term ethics generally refers to the conduct and behavior of individuals and groups within our…. [read more]

Business Impact of Exxon and Ethical Considerations Term Paper

… Business Impact of Exxon and Ethical Considerations

When discussing business ethics, one corporation, in particular, often comes to mind Exxon.

Since the late 1980s, Exxon has been the poster child for unethical corporate conduct.

The ecological disaster that occurred in Prince William Sound following the Exxon Valdez's running into Bligh Reef and spilling millions of gallons of oil is infamous. The scandal at Grand Bois, Louisiana further exacerbated the organization's poor ethical reputation.

Good people, acting as corporate agents, can make harmful decisions. By understanding the ethical implications of their decisions, senior executives may be able to avoid making these harmful decisions in the future. In addition, presenting the ethical and business implications of the experiences of Exxon can reiterate the importance of raising ethical…. [read more]

Ethics Starbucks Case Study

… So, don't violate the FCPA and get the company in trouble is the extent of their ethics (McDonalds, 2014).

There are other steps that need to be undertaken. First, find the right people. You have to have people who are generally ethical as a starting point. A gang of crooks isn't going to be swayed by any code or training. So you have to be able to identify and recruit people who have high ethical standards in the first place. Then, you need to provide some training or guidance with respect to what ethics are expected of them. This may not be extensive, but it is important that there is some framing of ethics within the context of the organization, and that is much easier…. [read more]

Personal Development Ethics Essay

… I was envious of my cousins who had very nice stationery. When my cousins' came to visit I showed off the box to them. My older cousins asked me where I took it from and I told them my father had bought it for me. They did not believe me and checked the underside where a name was written so one whispered to the other that it was stolen. Their whispers and words embarrassed me so much that I vowed never to steal again or lie again. In my work place I am one of the most hardworking and helpful employee. My head acknowledges and praises my thoroughness and my endless hard work. I help out everyone and offer my ideas which have made me…. [read more]

Ethics Program Essay

… Ethics Program

Developing an ethics program

Increased scrutiny on the actions of businesses and organizations has directly necessitated the importance of ethical programs. However, there has been an increase in attention regarding the way businesses undertake their ethical practices. In turn, organizations have come up with meaningful ethical practices encrypted in detailed ethical programs to stipulate whether the actions of members' of an organization are appropriate or not. It is important that businesses develop prudent ethical programs to manage their operations. Most organizations in the U.S. such as Enron and Tyco have witnessed detrimental consequences as a result of management ignoring ethical practices. This study will seek to develop a prudent ethics program model for a non-profit organization.

Having an ethical program is good for…. [read more]

Ethics Plays an Important Role Term Paper

… Church members invested large amounts of money into Purchase Plus membership cards, but the cards did not work as promised. There was no long distance telephone savings, for instance. According to an article in the Columbus Dispatch, "Purchase Plus Open Again Amid Criticism," (29 Sept. 2000), the Ohio attorney general's office received more than 4,300 complaints about this program. There were no promised $20 vacations to Puerto Vallarta, no herbal supplements, no Internet access, no discounted long distance. Church members who had invested $400 and more each for Purchase Plus cards to resell and had been promised $11,000 each in return did not see profit from their investments. The venture turned out to be a pyramid scheme. Consequences? Church members lost a lot of money…. [read more]

Business Ethics Business Proposal Walt Essay

… The reason behind tis equal employment opportunity policy is not that these are forbidden by the law but because this is what the company stands Walt Disney there is Human Resource Department which is in place to enforce all policies in the company and the monitoring of all discrimination policies and preventing any form of is the best interest of the company to ensure that it enforces all codes of conduct so that they can maintain a successful and fair work environment. The company's values and culture reinforce the responsibility and commitment to everyone within the organization.

Procedures that Disney has in place to ensure ethical behavior

Walt Disney is an exception among companies that do not give priority to ethical standards in…. [read more]

Code of Ethics: Malpractice Creative Writing

… 2. Public disclosures enjoy no such immunity. It is unclear how confidentiality is applied to disclosures made to clergy during home visits if there is more than one person present (p. 85).

How the standards and guidelines on confidentiality conflict or reinforce one another.

1. Across the board, professional codes of conduct or ethics reinforce one another by emphasizing the need for confidentiality; however, there are some different views concerning what steps must or should be taken by professionals in cases where certain types of criminal or other legal issues are involved (Allen, 2011).

2. In addition, there is an initiative underway to standardize the wording in various professional codes of ethics or conduct because of current inconsistencies between them (Allen, 2011).

How to avoid…. [read more]

Ethics Must Be Global Essay

… The countries including East Asian, Asian, and Middle Eastern states are notable for unethical business polices in terms of government and corporations not following the code of conduct. The argument that the local business ethics are different from the ones upheld in most of the developed world is not valid in global business context. It requires a uniform approach for business to work towards the ethical business practices. The argument of supporting localized ethical policies is not in line with the concepts of globalization. It is required to maintain a highly effective global policy for business operations. The businesses operating in developing countries start their operations in pursuit of low cost labor, low operating expenses, and batter transport facilities. The business cannot be allowed to…. [read more]

Code of Ethics - Assessment Essay

… Similarly, in the former heading (E.1.a), I feel there should have been a focus on examples of how one aspect was assessed differently by various counselors in the past based on different situations. This particular aspect was a common missing thread in the entire document and thus there appeared to be very little distinction made across different headings, while in real life, the application of those headings were technically very different.

One of the strengths however of the document was that it covered a wide variety of ethical areas that should be covered and that the counselors should be aware of at all times. While, my argument before was that there was not enough detail provided, it is important to note here that there seemed…. [read more]

Business Ethics and Its Importance Annotated Bibliography

… The paper believes that the ethical practice is lacking within business organizations. The paper reveals that integration of business ethics could enhance organizational competitive advantages, and short and long terms sustainable competitive advantages are tangible and intangible assets to the organizations. The paper also discusses the application of business ethics towards employee skills and development, which are the prerequisite to the organizational effectiveness. Organizations that are building the employee skills and development are bound to increase the competitive market values.

Finally, the paper reveals that business ethics cannot be separated from the corporate social responsibility. A corporate organization that implements corporate values towards society stands to enjoy the market advantages.


Azmi, R.A. (2006). Business Ethics. Method to enhance Companies Competitive Advantage In the Globalization…. [read more]

Code of Ethics Response Personal Essay

… Code of Ethics Response

Personal Code of Ethics:

Independence -- I will always value my independence. I will accept love and friendship from others, but I will always value my independence as a woman.

Integrity -- I believe that a person's own set of moral is important and I will always strive to live up to mine.

Kindness -- I will always try to help people without expecting something in return from them.

Caring -- I will never harm any person or animal. I will always promote the ethical treatment of animals.

Attitude -- I will keep a positive attitude and encourage goodness in myself -- which includes never lying or gossiping -- and I will encourage this in others (especially my children)

Professional Code…. [read more]

Ethics Research the Role Creative Writing

… Ethics Research

The role of research and science is very important in today's society. In many ways, this social class dictates much of what is accepted as truth. With this burden, comes a great responsibility that requires those who do research, on a professional academic level, to exceed normal expectations of ethical behavior. There is simply too much to risk in avoiding ethical mistakes, as this type of exposure rips down foundations of credibility that have taken decades of struggle to construct.

The purpose of this essay is to describe the ethical guidelines that will formulate my research behavior and practices throughout my continued academic pursuits. This report will discuss all aspects of doctoral research and the ethical principles that lie beneath them. Also, this…. [read more]

Business Ethics Palmeri, Candrupp Essay

… The research of Trudell and Cotti (2012) investigates the relationships of ethical business practices as corporate social responsibility in terms of its impacts on business performance. The business performance of the organization is determined with respect to the number of items sold or revenues generated over a period of time in comparison with the pervious sales. The business targeting the consumers of high ethical standards tend to gain advantages for their corporations. The business deploying ethical business processes should take into account multiple factors influencing their consumers.

It is also required that the business takes a route of thorough investigation prior to take any investment decisions. The businesses seeking support of the ethical business practices such as usage of organic raw materials and adopting manufacturing…. [read more]

Ethics in For-Profit Annotated Bibliography

… This article takes the form of a case study of the Starbucks organization, which the articles' authors praise as enhancing the spiritual lives of employees by connecting every level of the organization to a larger sense of mission. Rather than viewing ethics as antithetical to profitability as often was the case in the classical conception of the firm, this suggests that ethics can enhance organizational functionality.

Montoya, I.D., & Richard, A.J. (1994). A comparative study of codes of ethics in health care facilities and energy companies. Journal of Business Ethics, 13(9), 713.

This article takes the form of an ethnographic study comparing codes of ethics and compliance outcomes at not-for-profit health care facilities and for-profit energy companies. Despite the touting of the importance of ethics…. [read more]

Business Ethics in the Fire Service Research Paper

… Business Ethics in the Fire Service

The fire service in most countries is held in high esteem and widely regarded as a paragon of ethical business practices. Because the fire service is funded with scarce taxpayer resources, though, it is vitally important that the lofty perceptions of ethical practices in the fire service are supported by consistent applications of ethical principles in their day-to-day operations. Although every public service organization is unique in some fashion, fire service managers and firefighters alike encounter a number of ethical dilemmas in the course of their work that require an informed, professional response. To gain some fresh insights regarding these issues, this paper provides a review of the relevant peer-reviewed and scholarly literature concerning business ethics in the fire…. [read more]

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