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Business Plan for a Concrete Business Plan

… Financial factors

The company will consider various ways of raising capital. Among the ways available, the company will consider the ease of obtaining this capital and cost. For the company at its start up level, the method of obtaining capital should not be a burden. There are many factors to consider before raising capital. Amount of capital required determines the source. Not all financiers will be able to offer a large capital to the company. The size of the company and the number of operations in the plan will also determine the amount of capital required. The decision to raise capital from a particular source will is influenced by the cost in returning and the duration. The company will consider taking a considerable size of…. [read more]

Business Plan Business Financial Essay

… This means securing prices for raw materials from suppliers before the first cookie is even produced. To implement this internal control, suppliers will need to enter into a concrete contract, securing the prices for various raw materials on an annual basis. Finally, it will be another major need to ensure the future of the online presence of the company. This will mean constant marketing work on behalf of the company. For the first few moths, this will have to be done by the office manager. Yet, as the company grows it will need to open up a position dealing strictly with marketing and online applications in order to keep the level of marketing relevant within the market environment.

VI. Regulatory Environment

FDA regulations are the…. [read more]

Business Law Contract Analysis U-Haul: A Subsidiary Term Paper

… Business Law

Contract Analysis

U-haul: A subsidiary of AMERCO Holdings

U-haul is a brand under the parentage of AMERCO Holdings Company. AMERCO has five operating segments including Moving and Storage, Property and Casualty Insurance, Life Insurance and SAC Holdings ( The U-Haul division consists of several product offerings. They offer self-storage rentals, self-storage related products and moving services. This research will limit itself to Moving and Storage operations. This division comprised 89% of net revenue in fiscal year, 2005 (

Every contract must contain certain elements to be considered valid. They are mutual assent, lawful objective, capacity of the parties to perform, consideration and appropriate form. The omission of any of these elements can render the contract invalid. AMERCO engages in numerous types of contracts…. [read more]

Strategic Business Growth Plan Business Plan

… He is used to bidding on jobs and working next to his employees to complete a contract. His time is now being needed for bidding jobs and materials pricing. There is no "chain of command" or intermediate supervisor to supervise the crews. Mr. Horton's time is not being used efficiently and he needs to be able to spend more time managing the financial aspects of the business. As the size and volume of the business increase this will continue this problem will only increase.

Horton Contracting currently has one work crew. As the volume of contracts increases additional work crews will have to be added. In addition they will have to add additional supervisors to supervise the new crews.

Currently Mrs. Horton, who is currently…. [read more]

Strategic Business Plan Business Plan

… Inglot Cosmetics plans in the next five years to have broadened its product offerings with male cosmetics, perfumes, and white cosmetics. These are products currently being offered by its competitors, but they offer a great opportunity for growth. The cosmetic industry changes very fast, and a product does not remain fashionable for long, this puts more emphasis on innovation. Developing a new factory in South America will allow the company to meet its Brazil potential without disrupting supply for other markets. The major competitors have huge financial backings, which make it easy for them to expand and enter various markets. This might be a slight problem because they do not have the innovation currently being employed by Inglot.


The five-year goals for the company…. [read more]

Dendro Is a Start-Up Arborist Essay

… Dendro must therefore focus on customer service factors as critical to success, with marketing and job performance as secondary KSFs. The company needs to ensure that it benchmarks the competition, because it needs to offer substantially superior service in order to justify higher costs for its service. Dendro must also pay attention to financial management, in order that the company executes this strategy will maintain strict budget control. Access to capital is always a problem for service industry startups, so Bill and Sue will always need to be mindful of their cash flow.

Risk Management

Dendro will utilize insurance as its most significant form of risk management. There are physical hazards involved in working with trees, and these must be guarded against. Training is also…. [read more]

Marketing Plan of Hairdressing Industry Essay

… While developing this business plan, several criteria determine and define the segmentation, the main one through selective qualitative segmentation. An efficient segmentation has led to the development of the silver market segment. This is an internal homogenous segment offering all customers the same quality of service despite the age difference (Kohlbacher, 2010).

Market Mix

As compared to other industries and their progress in their respective markets, hairdressing is at a more advantageous position to conduct its business operations, especially from the Stratford Shopping Complex. According to lamb, elements of the marketing mix in hairdressing services need to be attuned in meeting the needs of the clients. These elements are characteristics derived from intangibility and inseparability of services and their provision (Lamb, 2011). Through systematic integration…. [read more]

Relocating and Existing Business Relocation Term Paper

… (Everly, 1998, p.OKRB983560D4) The Environmental Protection Agency established a set of guidelines for the reduction or elimination of fuel leakage in underground fuel storage facilities. The requirements included a testing requirement which was followed by replacement of any existing leaking tanks and an EPA approved ground treatment to contain any fuel that had already saturated the earth surrounding underground tanks.

Financially, spillage of fuel from one underground tank could cost $250,000 or more in the product and cleanup costs if leakage was restricted to the tank owner's property. What is feared most are liability costs that could skyrocket into the millions of dollars if there was contamination of ground water and surrounding soil." (Transportation & Distribution, 1988, p.45)

Many smaller retailers, without the capital to…. [read more]

Business Ethics vs. Personal Essay

… This can be discussed at a macro level as well, when referring to companies and other organizations. Respect for others means following your objectives (maximizing profits, among others) in a way that is considerate to the other players on the market.

Respect for others on the market could even consider things such as price dumping. Selling at a price that is significantly lower than the market price is not considerate for the other participants on the market. It is understandable that an economic entity would want to maximize its competitive advantages, one of these being potentially the production costs, but being considerate is the key idea in this analysis: there is enough profit to be made on the market without lacking ethics.

My third core…. [read more]

Business Communication According to Daniel Levi Thesis

… Business Communication

According to Daniel Levi, a leading expert on group communication and success there are three basic tenets for evaluating the success of a work group or team. These three criteria are: completion of tasks and goals, maintenance of good social relations and the promotion of its members' personal and professional development. Additionally, Levi also stresses five key factors that are needed for the success of the group or team which are: "clear goals, appropriate leadership, organizational support, suitable tasks, and accountability" (May, 2003, 241) Utilizing these three criteria for evaluation of success and these five key needs of a group for success this work will develop a thesis supporting that all of these nine factors require effective bilateral communication skills to create the…. [read more]

Inglot's Strategic Plan Business Plan

… Strategically, INGLOT has also created a source of agility (Sull, 2009). That allows it to seize growth opportunities by scaling up their business as need arises and implementing innovative changes in products to grow their market share. INGLOT's strategy has used creative mechanisms to mitigate risk and wait for the right time to embrace opportunity.

Sources of absorption

INGLOT has several sources of absorption that allow the company to withstand competitive forces and other threats to the company's operations (Sull, 2009). The first is the company's low fixed costs. The company has low costs of production of their products. This allows the company to price their products at medium price levels and also gives the company ability to survive price wars with competitors. The company…. [read more]

Performance Management Plan - 1600 Essay

… And the feedback provided by employees regarding the overall performance of the organization can better enable the service to meet its stated growth and profitability goals.

When implementing any new performance management system, there initially may be a 'rocky start.' It is important to get all organizational members 'on board' to ensure overall compliance with its objectives. "Starting at the top and getting the commitment of upper management to make performance management a priority is a prerequisite for success" (Pulakos 2004:22). Once again, this statement is even more valid for small organizations, given that if everyone is not 'on board,' the dissent and discontent can be palpable on a daily basis. The rather disparate nature of the employee base (employees work in the field, rather…. [read more]

Marketing Plan for a Company Marketing Plan

… Marketing Plan

This marketing plan is for Starbucks, to guide the company to its revenue and growth objectives. The plan focuses on the cash cow market on the United States and the high growth market of China as twin means by which the company's overall strategic objectives will be achieved. These two work in concert because the cash generated in the United States is basically used to finance the rapid expansion of the company into the Chinese market. Starbucks is positioned as a premium coffee seller in all of its markets, with a very strong brand, and those are the fundamentals around which the marketing program must be developed.

The marketing strategy in the United States is incremental in nature, focusing on finding growth in…. [read more]

Business - Case Studies -- Exxon Strategic Term Paper

… Business - Case Studies -- Exxon

Strategic Analysis of Exxon Mobil Corporation

Everyone seems to talk about it, but few companies actually engage in strategic planning sufficiently well enough to brag about it. One major company that enjoys some serious bragging rights in this regard is Exxon Mobil Corporation, one of the major leaders in the global oil and gas industry today. While the experts continue to debate the fine points, it is reasonable to suggest that any type of strategy requires a careful assessment of the environment in which a company competes, as well as informed forecasts about what can be expected to occur in the marketplace in the future. Beyond these commonalties, though, a wide range of alternatives are available to help corporate…. [read more]

Unicorn Concrete Case Report Unicon Essay

… "This will reduce our costs as the engagement of a RSE incurs expenses in the form of professional fees. Another big advantage is that I won't have to wait for an order to support production. There are no significant disadvantages that I can see." (Ivey Management Services, 1998)

The lingering issues in the mind of Mr. Li is in regard to the implications to the manufacturing operations. In fact, the manufacturing process would undergo positive changes that actually reflect well on the current process improvement performance initiative at the firm. Minor changes can now be submitted as a comprehensive array of mould sizes rather than a single submission each time a mould size is submitted for approval. The time and savings to manufacturing is a…. [read more]

Small Business the Owner Essay

… Bibliography:

Attonili, Giancarlo. "Good Practice Checklist for Small Business." SMP Committee, 2012.

Gerald, D'Amboise&Muldowney, Marie. The Academy of Management ReviewVol. 13, No. 2 (Apr., 1988).

Johnson, Chris. "The Thesis Statement." DIY Themes, 2013.

Kuah, Adrian T.H. "Cluster Theory and Practice: Advantages for the Small Business Locating in a Vibrant Cluster." Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship: Volume Four, Issue 3, 2002.

Zahorsky, Darrell. "Small Business Best Practice Benchmarking." Small Business Information, 2013.


What motivated her/him to run a business? I started this small business because I had an in built talent of designing clothes and I had done a diploma course in dress designing that further refined my talent. I was compelled to start the business because my family was going through financial…. [read more]

IT Project Business Strategy Alignment A2 Coursework

… Communication is key to the successful alignment of an IT project and business strategy, and it is foundational to IT project development and management. Evidence in support of this assertion can easily be found in project documentation that addresses the gathering of requirements for the project from stakeholders and decision-makers. A proactive step in project planning is to ensure adequate time for collecting information from stakeholders and requirements from subject matter experts (SMEs) (Gube, 2008). Taking the initial stand that un-scoped changes are not permitted, and arguing against changes by conducting a point-by-point comparison between scoped and un-scoped features, can at least reduce the incidence of un-scoped changes (Gube, 2008). An extension of this position on un-scoped changes is to clearly and concisely outline exactly…. [read more]

Barnes and Noble Strategic Term Paper

… The study will also identify the generic strategy, grand strategy, and best value discipline for the organization. This paper will also provide various alternatives, and recommendation of a strategy. It is noteworthy that a growing trend among many businesses is enhanced through mergers and acquisitions. External environment factors play a significant role on how an industry operates. Such factors include remote, industry, and operating environments that affects the level of competitiveness (Pearce & Robinson, 2011). Barnes & Noble monitors and evaluates the causative factors in which the paper will evaluate to determine alternatives for the company's future growth.


Action items

Barnes and Noble's best discipline are found in customer intimacy for sustaining and establishing new relationships with their targeted audience. In choosing the customer…. [read more]

Business Model Innovation: Finfrock Industries. Tags: Change Article Review

… ¶ … business model innovation: Finfrock Industries.

Tags: change; risk; innovation; perseverance; control; resilience; observabiltiy'

Finfrock Company makes custom-engineered precast-prestressed concrete components - something like the Lego blocks for commercial construction.

Diffusing their innovative idea has, however, been an uphill drive, with their plans plagiarized at one stage in the beginning. To ensure that they retained complete control over their idea, Finfrock changed their business model and streamlined a new way of doing things that would help them control the project's design and schedule. Most other businesses would get disheartened by having their innovations plagiarized. Some would outsource, create a new product, disrupt the industry; push sales consequently aggravate their sales force, or relinquish some control of their industry. Instead, Finfrock decided to redesign his…. [read more]

Internet Way: A Unifying Theory Term Paper

… Then there is the extra personnel needed to run the thing. There is a huge outlay of equipment and no guarantee of success.

A decision such as this would make any manager lose sleep. The Internet offers many new possibilities and opportunities for increased income and advertising. Most managers do not want to pass up these opportunities, but they would like to pass up the cost and risk. "The Internet Way" is a viable solution to this problem. The Internet is not being used to its potential by many businesses and redesigning their existing business to an Internet based one could solve many problems. The Internet Way is the solutions to many managerial dilemmas and will allow more to transition into the world of e-business…. [read more]

Nursing Fiscal Plan Case Study

… This incentivizing will give a reason to offer strong customer service and this will be a win/win for all involved. Only those that put in the effort will be rewarded and the patietns and family of patients will see the benefit. Nurses that cannot or will not offer quality customer service and/or medical care should be monitored, mentored and, if need be, disciplined and/or removed from the situation. Any way that can be reasonably used to decrease burnout and dissatisfaction can be dealt with but the nurses need to do their job if they wish to remain with the hospital.

The staff can be solicited for feedback and they should be absolutely involved in the process to improve customer service and quality of care. They…. [read more]

Learning to Play Business Golf Research Proposal

… Learning to Play Business Golf

What is my goal for this project?

The project I have chosen is to analyze the concept of business golf. Further to that, I wish to develop a plan for me to learn to play golf, and then engage in business golf to attract and retain key clients. I hope that in the course of this project I am able to determine the steps I need to take to learn how to play the game of golf, and figure out what I can expect in terms of outcomes from playing business golf.

Business golf is a formalized version of an age-old concept. For as long as there has been business, that business has been based on relationships. Sometimes those relationships…. [read more]

Cultural Differences in Marketing Term Paper

… Business/Marketing

Hong Kong Telecom:

Learning the Secrets of the American Market

What could be simpler? Produce a product that people need and people will buy it... right? Not so fast. Not every product is so easily appreciated by every people. Culture and society are powerful factors in determining which products sell, and which don't. National tastes create markets for some goods but not for others. Personal likes and dislikes vary from individual to individual, and also from country to country. Each ethnic group has its own way of doing things; its own version of what is acceptable behavior and what is not. Television commercials featuring Super Bowl winners drinking Coca Cola might boost coke sales... In America, but what about in Hong Kong? And what…. [read more]

Cango Final Report Business Proposal

… CanGo Final Report- Rev2

In 2006, Liz Bennet realized the lucrative and efficient scope of Ecommerce. Liz established an online entertainment company, CanGo Inc. that provided online video, audio, book and gaming-based entertainment. This business had a scope of capturing mass market of various market segments as it provided cheap entertainment opportunities in the current era of economic crisis and increasing inflation.

Despite of having a skilled team, CanGo Inc. lacks a concrete business plan. The long-term goals are vague and there are is a lack of clear strategic plan as to how those goals will be achieved. While a clear organization structure is present and hierarchal positions are well defined, too much centralized decision making prevails. Lack of proper communication channels results in uninformed…. [read more]

Strategic Plan With Any Shift Term Paper

… Measurement creates accountability for those managers who have roles to fulfill. Measures for the implementation of HIPAA could be the percent of medical records that have been transferred to electronic, measures on security compliance, measures of staff training levels and measures of customer satisfaction with respect to the transfer to electronic health records and other parts of HIPAA implementation.

The measures need to be concrete and achievable. This means that the actual results will like fall within a tolerance range, and that the organization would be happy with any result that falls at the minimum of this range or higher. The tolerance range will be different for each metric. At this point, the tolerance range should be set more by government guidelines contained within HIPAA…. [read more]

Corporate Budgeting Identifying a Research Problem Book Report

… Notably, one of the negative aspects of corporate budgeting is that the issue does not lie with the process of budgeting, but rather due to the use of budget targets to ascertain compensation. In particular, when managers are assured bonuses for a certain financial period, if they accomplish particular performance goals and objectives, two things without doubt take place. To begin with, they endeavor to place low targets that can be accomplished easily. Secondly, subsequent to this, they undertake all that it takes to ensure that they realize them, regardless of whether the corporation suffers in the end. Jensen (2011) gives the recommendation that solely by breaking the connection between budgets and bonuses or gratuities, will it be possible to remove the incentive to falsify…. [read more]

IT Business Plan Club Business Plan

… IT Business Plan

Club IT is a dance club that provides music, entertainment, food and drink to customers who are 21 and older. As such, the club is focused on creating a space that is entertaining for customers at any time of the day. The Club's information needs focus on maintaining databases that contain personnel, financial, and customer information.

Club IT's mission is to provide live music, DJs, dance space, and refreshments for its clientele. Because the primary clientele are adults from 21 years of age, the focus of these various forms of entertainment is meeting the needs of the modern young person. Hence the mission to create a community in the club, where people can meet, make new friends and reconnect with old friends.…. [read more]

Dupont Business Strategy: Competitive Advantage Term Paper

… There is little price difference among suppliers and quality is a bigger factor than price in this market.

The Buyer does not have a lot of bargaining leverage as far as price and switching brands is concerned. This market is made up of hundreds of specialized niche markets and there is little cross over among suppliers. Buyers tend to stay with one brand if the quality is satisfactory. Product differentiation is difficult to determine in this industry due to the diversity of products. The product differentiation differs among different segments. There may be many suppliers of lawn chemicals, but only one supplier of Analytical Grade Potassium Permanganate.

This market is like no other as far a product differentiation and the ability to substitute is concerned.…. [read more]

Concise Analysis of a Business Report Research Proposal

… More so, the investment adviser has to have registered with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). The provision of this sort of advice does not need to comprise of the principal business activity or any certain percentage of the business activities of an individual. The providing of accounting advice need only be done on that kind of basis that it comprises of a business activity with some consistency and uniformity. CPAs who are offering personal financial services, consisting of investment, taxation, or risk management, to their clients are in an ideal position to build up advisory services to the businesses. Investment advisors have to be CPAs because they are the most relied upon and trusted advisers. This is largely because they place the interests of the…. [read more]

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