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Business Plan for a Unique Business Proposal

… This should then be followed by the formulation of organizational vision and strategy.

Business structures for the sleep lab

The sleep lap should follow one of the there business structures indicated below.


An independent diagnostic and testing facility (IDTF)

Extension of a given physician's practice'

Service objectives

To build a distinguished sleep lab that can provide all forms of services that are related to the discipline of sleep medicine.

Service aims

To work 24 hours a day,7 days a wek and 365 days a year

To conduct at least two studies a year

What is need before starting


Supplies (Diagnostic sleep systems, Pulse Oximeter, Capnograph, CPAP, BiPAP, and masks, EEG, EMG, as well as EOG equipment for the recording brain waves as well…. [read more]

Business Plan for Sleep Lab Business Plan

… Business Plan for a Sleep Lab

National Institutes of Health - National Center on Sleep

Disorders Research

Necessity of Sleep Reviewed

Sleep Industry

Types of Sleep Lab Business Structures

Mission Statement

Keys to Success

Market Analysis




Business Plan for a Sleep Lab

National Institutes of Health - National Center on Sleep Disorders Research

According to the National Institutes of Health 2007 Fact Book the National Center on Sleep Disorders Research (NCSDR) "...plans, directs, and supports basic, clinical, and applied research, health education, and training in sleep and sleep disorders. It oversees developments in its program areas; assesses the national needs for research on causes, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of sleep disorders and sleepiness; and coordinates sleep research activities across several Federal Government…. [read more]

Marketing Plan for Opening a Doggie Day Care Term Paper

… Marketing Plan for Opening a Doggie Day Care

City Paws: The Daycare with a Heart

Profile of Other Doggie Daycare Facilities in Boston Area.

In spite of, or perhaps because of, its highly urbanized setting, Boston is home to the nation's first doggie daycare facility (Pet Companions Bed & Biscuit, discussed further below) and the market currently supports a number of other players as well. There are some common features that distinguish the top runners in the industry, such as specialized services and an emphasis on making the animals "feel at home." Some of the services reviewed, though, may be overdoing it to some extent as these services clearly impact their pricing levels, but given the target market, this may not be a major factor…. [read more]

Care Plan for Patient Term Paper

… Care Plan

Patient Introduction:

The patient is a 85-95 years old Caucasian male who admitted to an acute rehab facility on April 11, 2016 after suffering a syncopal episode (loss of consciousness) and fell in the dining hall at Brighton Gardens nursing home. Patient has no memory of the events surrounding the fall and transporting to the hospital. He stated last thing he remembered was sitting in the dining hall with other residents and when he woke up he was already in the hospital.

Prior to his admission into the rehab facility, the patient was brought to Suburban hospital on April 4, 2016 after suffering a syncopal episode and stayed at the hospital for a week. While he was into the hospital, he had loop…. [read more]

Terminology Used in Film and Television Production Research Proposal

… FILM & TV Terminology


Film is more than the twentieth-century art.

Don Delillo (b. 1926).

Visual storytelling, whether in film or in television (TV), some argue, constitutes the hardest of all the art forms. "In the making of a movie, between the idea and the finished print so much can go wrong and often does."

Knowing the right techniques, however, as well as, the correct terminology, the researcher asserts, enhances the opportunities for a filmmaker or TV producer to more effectively produce a film/TV program. Consequently, this thesis purports:

As the terminology used in film and television production illustrates the specific lingo professionals utilize in the business, the use of this terminology may contribute to the success of the…. [read more]

Treatment of Women Diagnosed With Dysthymia Term Paper

… Treatment of Women Diagnosed With Dysthymia

This proposal for a clinical case study of the treatment of a woman diagnosed with dysthymia employs a cognitive behavioral approach to identifying effective treatment modalities for patients with depressive disorders. In cognitive behavioral sessions, psychotherapists seek to help a patient identify his or her harmful thinking patterns in order to develop better coping strategies and social skills. The focus of the research in this study is on how people in general think, behave, and communicate in the present rather than on their early childhood experiences.

Proposal for a Clinical Case Study Dissertation - Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology

Chapter One. Introduction

Statement of the Problem



Chapter Two: Review of the Relevant Literature

Background and Overview…. [read more]

Migraine Headache Term Paper

… ¶ … million Americans suffer from migraine headache, which is the most common neurological disorder in the modern world and modern times. This affliction reduces work performance by 50% and accrues to wasted resources and a generally low-quality of life. The more common type of migraine afflicts 80% of all sufferers, who mostly do not consult with physicians. At present, migraine attacks are managed with pain-killers, herbal medications, and alternative therapies. But research continues to discover more effective, safer and readily available modes to its control

An estimated 28 million Americans suffer from migraine headaches and this affliction accounts for much loss of time from work, school and daily activities (Khosh 2002). Many sufferers report severe disability at 80% and 23% have taken recourse in…. [read more]

Does Gluten Effect Children With Autism? Research Proposal

… ¶ … Gluten Affect Autism


Effect of Gluten and Casein-Free Diet on Autism

Statistics say that 3-6 out of 1,000 Americans or 1 in every 110 Americans will develop autism, which is more than 90% heritable. There are pharmacological therapies for ASD but up to 27% of parents are drawn to the promise and observed effects of the gluten-free, casein-free diet in reducing ASD symptoms in their children. Naturopathy doctors advocate its use as one of the complementary and alternative medicines or CAM. Autistic persons are gluten and casein-sensitive. These substances produce morphine-line effects, which translate into the symptoms of autism. The rising popularity of the diet motivated an increase in research. Recent studies say there is limited scientific evidence on its…. [read more]

Opium in China Essay

… ¶ … opium in China with that of the United States after the Civil War? Provide an analysis as to how the early problems with opiates influenced the drug problems of the 1970s worldwide.

Narcotics and drug abuse is common all over the world. The use of drugs dates back to 5000 BC (all the way up to the New Stone Age). Most drugs, at first were used for medicinal purposes. However, over time, they were introduced as being available for recreational use. It is the recreational use of the drugs, in large doses, that not only harms the user but also the community to which they belong. Most of the drugs have been derived from natural plants and herbs, and mixed with other ingredients…. [read more]

Mexico Illicit Aviation Research Proposal

… Mexico Drug Trafficking

Mexico, Political Corruption, and Drug Trafficking

In many levels of responsibility, Mexican government authorities are reported to be among the most corrupt in North America. When it comes to its ability to slow the trafficking of narcotics into and through its nation, the Mexican government has failed again and again. Ample evidence and drug-related violence backs up that assertion and yet the drug trafficking situation in Mexico grows worse. First of all as to reasons for the heavy amount of drug trade and drug-related violence, it is a generally accepted fact that Mexican politicians and Mexican local, regional, and national government officials are to some degree -- or fully -- involved in the movement of drugs in and out -- and within…. [read more]

Subsuming the Heterogeneity of the Internet Seminar Paper

… ¶ … Subsuming the heterogeneity of the Internet to a homogenous whole is a reductive move. Furthermore, it risks making the unsupportable conflation of the Internet user with their textual output." (Bassett, et al., 2002, p. 234)

The digital age -- the online era -- has been evolving for over twenty years now but keeping tabs on the technologies and cultures related to this brave new electronic world requires thorough and innovative research. The emphasis in this paper will be on the "cities" and the people who live and work with digital technologies in those "cities" -- albeit the technologies that bring the information age to the cities will also be a pivotal part of this research. The research covers a wide swath of theories…. [read more]

Dakar, Congo - Black Religious Studies Essay

… ’

No matter the circumstances, either during the Middle Passage or after we reached America, we did not let Christianity affect our African spirituality even in slavery experiences. Though the Christian charge wanted to impose their rationalization of Christianity over the slaves Africans at certain times, we were adamant inside about our spiritual learning as well. We did not show them that we negated their beliefs; however, we silently followed our religious teachings at night. Although it created a raging rebellion against the Christians who wanted to eliminate our African beliefs and infuse their teachings at some days, this made us resilient each day, and we held with our religion and culture.

When all of the slaves were out in one place, we…. [read more]

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