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Business Strategy Marks and Spencer Term Paper

… Business Strategy

Marks and Spencer - Business Strategy

Marks and Spencer was established in the 1880s in Leeds, Great Britain, in the form of a bazaar selling a diversified product palette, each item costing only one penny. The name was adopted only some years later, when initial founder Michael Spencer transformed his cashier Tom Spencer into his business partner. The strategic approach at the basis of the international success registered by the giant retailer was based on six sets of actions: first of all, clients would receive the highest quality products, under the corporate brand name and at competitive prices; suppliers were encouraged to use the most efficient production techniques; company officials would closely collaborate with suppliers as to ensure the best control; customers would…. [read more]

on Marks and Spencer Case Study

… Marks & Spencer External Analysis

The purpose of this paper is to examine the business environment of Marks & Spencer and perform an external analysis as well as examining the main issues faced by the company, the company's competitors, performance in the industry and offer any possible recommendations.

According to a "Financial Times" report:

The sun now sets on Marks and Spencer (M&S). The department stores sell mid-priced clothing, food, and household items under the company's famous label, the 'very British' St. Michael brand (found on items ranging from tweed jackets to marmalade).

From all appearances, Marks & Spencer, truly is that which it claims as its vision: "The standard against which all others are measured" in light of the rewards it has received just…. [read more]

New Strategy Is That the New Sales Research Proposal

… ¶ … new strategy is that the new sales team will be responsible not only for selling products, but also for selling services. While customer service is important in the product sales industry, it is even more important in the service industry. Whereas the cleaning product industry requires only minimal contact with the customer during a sales deal, the service industry requires more human contact, and hence skills in this area.

InterClean has just merged with EnviroTech and, as a result, has taken on a new strategic direction. The company no longer sell only cleaning products, but will also provide full-service cleaning solutions for organization in the health care industry. As a midlevel sales manager, select new members for your sales team and create a…. [read more]

Sociology History of Business Science Research Proposal

… Delimitations

Today, modern business systems help an increasingly globalized world function in seamless ways. In fact, English is rapidly becoming the lingua franca of the business world and transnational borders and cross-cultural factors no longer operate as major barriers to commerce. Further, a wide range of financial instruments exist such as letters of credit and bills of lading whose purpose and operation are readily understood by businesspeople from New York to New Delhi. Business correspondence too has a fairly standardized format that businesspeople all over the world both use and understand and all of these features have helped create a modern business system that is both efficient and effective in achieving the movement of goods and services around the world. All of these business systems,…. [read more]

Muldoon ) Notes That Business Term Paper

… Davies and Burbill found research validating their point, including a study that noted a difference between writing to tell or retell information or writing that transforms knowledge (Davies & Birbill, 2000). According to Davies and Burbill's work, then, Muldoon's comments miss the mark a bit. She describes one type of business writing, but it may be that while some writing does require the traits she mentions -- brevity, organization, accuracy and conclusiveness -- may serve some kinds of writing better than others. While these points would be valuable for a presentation to clients, perhaps the purpose of some internal writing would be to raise questions rather than to answer them. The tone in web site text might differ markedly than that from information for a…. [read more]

Company Treasurer Option Strategies Developed Essay

… However, in this instance, given the volatility of the marketplace, a spread which requires an assumption that Europe will remain relatively unchanged seems unsuitable.

The risks are difficult to predict regarding the future of Italy and the Eurozone as a whole. Regarding securities in a clothing firm, one leading investment analyst pointed out: "if the dollar strengthens against the euro and you're a U.S. clothing maker, say, it's cheaper to pay your Parisian designers or your Milanese textile mills. But there's a downside. If Marks & Spencer department stores around the Eurozone carry your dresses, those customers' buying power is weak. Your dresses' prices are less competitive. European sales may well fall" (Coplan 2011: 2). The same is true for technology: input costs go down…. [read more]

Strategic Logistics Management Essay

… Strategic Logistics Management at Walmart

Major clothing, home product and food retailers such as Walmart, Costco and Marks & Spencer are faced with some daunting challenges in their efforts to keep in touch with changing consumer tastes and preferences in ways that can promote more effective logistical management of their far-flung global resources. In order to gain some new insights into what is involved in this area, this paper provides a review of the relevant literature to develop (a) a listing and corresponding justification of the business strategy tools that could be used to identify the current strategic position of Marks & Spencer based on a case study by Canals (2000) from a logistics perspective; (b) an evaluation of the key strategic approaches to logistics…. [read more]

Competitive Advantage Mnes New Organizational Strategies Term Paper

… competitive advantage MNEs


The objective of this work is to "assume the position of a member of the strategic planning team in a large multinational enterprise (MNE). It has been acknowledged by the team that other MNEs appear to have set out changing the strategies and structures of the organizations in order to obtain competitive advantage in the changing global environment. A written report is required that: (1) examines the major determinants of the control strategies adopted by MNEs and the extent to which they parent companies are prepared to allow their subsidiaries decision making autonomy; and (2) describe the organizational structures used to implement such strategies, the types of control mechanisms…. [read more]

Perceptions of Foreign UK Retail Brands by Thai Consumers on Marks and Spencer Research Proposal

… Perceptions of foreign UK retail brand's by Thai consumers on marks&spencer

Perceptions of foreign UK retail brands by Thai consumers on Marks & Spencer

The modern day economic climate represents the final embodiment of the desires of classic economists such as David Ricardo or Adam Smith. While Smith's theory of the invisible hand has yet to be fully adopted, Ricardo's theory of the comparative advantage is more obvious now than it has ever been. And this is due to the incremental forces of globalization which allow economic agents to transcend boundaries and benefit from the comparative advantages of other states.

At a primary level, economic agents transcend boundaries to benefit from the cost efficient labor force available in the destination country. Aside from cheap workforce…. [read more]

Customer Service Ethical Marketing Essay

… Customer Service, Ethical Marketing

Customer service and ethical marketing

Customer service

The editors at Inside CRM (customer relationship management) have an undying attention towards the assessment of customer services across a wide array of sectors, industries and institutions. One notable article they wrote is about Apple Inc., a leading company of the it industry, and which provides an example of business success. The title of this article is rather edificatory for the contents of the works, namely "11 effective strategies Apple uses to create loyal customers. Complete solutions, familiar formats and "the cool factor" keep customers coming back."

The editors at Inside CRM start their article by presenting the immense power of Apple to gather customers who sleep outside the Apple stores in order to…. [read more]

Advancements in Retail Technology Research Paper

… Advancements in Retail Technology

Retail technology is one of the most important factors that influence companies' activity. This is because technological developments have revealed their importance in customers' shopping experience, in companies' success on the market, and on redefining marketing strategies. The issue in this case is represented by retailers trying to innovate in this field, or to embrace such technologies in their attempt to address their competition.

The globalization process that characterizes the current business environment and the changing and developing needs of individuals have determined the retail sector to invest in innovative strategies regarding the use of limited resources and the requirements of improved products and services. In such a competitive environment, companies need innovation in order to consolidate or improve their position…. [read more]

Strategic Management Action: Strategic Position Case Study

… (, nd)

The SPACE Matrix is a matching tool in stage 2 and is inclusive of a four-quadrant network indicating if aggressive, conservative, defensive of competitive strategies are the appropriate choice for the specific organization. Numerous variables may comprise each of the four dimensions depending on organization type.

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix provides a graphic representation in the differences among the organizational divisions relative to the market share position and growth rate of the industry. The Matrix four quadrants are represented as follows:

(1) Question marks: Explained is that the divisions in this quadrant have a relatively low market share position and compete in a high-growth industry. Cash needs are high and cash generation low.

(2) Stars; This quadrant represents the best long-run…. [read more]

Tesco Was Tesco's Decision Essay

… Within Tesco, the worldwide division was greatly a practice of the 'stepping stone' to some more senior position in the U.S. market. Thus, while Tesco invested considerable amounts of monetary capital within their U.S. expansion procedures, the management undervalued the advantages of human assets. The established worldwide retail literature doesn't stress the significance of a company's capital problem within the implementation of the worldwide retail strategy. The present findings create a significant contribution towards the established literature for the reason that they illustrate that the worldwide selling financial-human capital gap may exist throughout the retail internationalisation process. This means, for Tesco the entire process of reaching the required pace and scale of worldwide procedures, along with the need to outmanoeuvre U.S. rivals, led to a…. [read more]

Managing People and Organizations Essay

… Managing People and Organizations

Business is about profitability through the exploitation of natural resources and people around the world.u Can organizations adopt a more socially responsible behavior then towards people and the environment? Discuss.

Every business needs people and the environmental resource of the region in which it operates to be successful. The business has two kinds of relationship with the environment. In the first kind, it is the receiver while the environment is the provider. The business needs raw materials to manufacture the products that it sells and these raw materials come from nature. In the second kind of relationship, the business is the destroyer and the environment is the victim. The manufacturing process of the business harms the environment and causes large scale…. [read more]

Elements of Business Research Paper


Elements of Business

Analyses of Tesco's legal, social and economic environment

Tesco is the world's 3rd largest grocery retailer with operations in 14 countries. UK is the biggest market of Tesco. It also has non-food ranges which accounts for 21% of group turnover in 2008. Tesco has a well-established and consistent strategy for growth .The rationale for the strategy is to broaden the scope of the business to enable it to deliver strong sustainable long-term growth by following the customer into large expanding markets at home - such as financial services, non-food and telecoms - and new markets abroad, initially in Central Europe and Asia, and more recently in the United States (Palmer, 2010)

Legal Factors:

Various government legislations…. [read more]

Sales Assistant at Marks and Spencer Essay

… In addition, through this approach I will stand a better position to defeat my fear primarily those, which limit my success levels as a sales assistant.

Learning agreement structure (For Objective Two)

The Planning Stage and the Reflective Stage

The Objective

Communicate consistently with other organizational members. My skills will be engineered to improve my personality assisting me to understand myself and achieve unique and satisfactory objectives in the business world.

2. Activities Required

The central part of this objective is developing a close relationship with teammates and customers. As a result, this approach will ensure that I develop a communication plan that answers categorical challenges of the time. Secondly, I will identify my communication proficiencies and those which that I relate within various organizational…. [read more]

Strategic Positioning Essay

… DD has options before it. First, it should privatize, second it should remain purely public service broadcaster and third, a middle path. The challenge seems to be achievable as DD's immense potential and emerge as a key player in the mass media.

i. What is the best option, in your view, for DD?

ii. Analyze the SWOT factors the DD has.

iii. Why do you think that the proposed alternative is the best?


(i) For several years Doordarshan was the sole broadcaster of television programmes in India. After the opening of the sector to the private entrepreneur (cable and satellite channels), the market has seen major changes. The number of channels has come into the market and the quality of programmes has improved, backed…. [read more]

Cross-Cultural Communication in Business Cultural Differences Research Proposal

… Cross-Cultural Communication in Business

Cultural differences have always required a degree of awareness and sensitivity in the business environment; in the age of rapidly increasing globalization, the issue becomes even more important. In conducting business transactions with prospective foreign partners or presenting proposals to investors, awareness of cultural practices and expectations can make the difference between successful and unsuccessful negotiations.

Within modern business management in organizations, the increasing integration of individuals from many different national, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds necessitates a corresponding awareness of various perspectives, norms, and expectations on the part of management and human resources. Whereas the successful effort to accommodate culturally oriented idiosyncrasies as much as possible is conducive to effective operational business management, the failure to do so can undermine even…. [read more]

SWOT PESTEL and Porter's 5 Forces Analyses of Marks and Spencer SWOT

… ¶ … SWOT, PESTEL and Porter's 5 forces analyses of Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer situational analysis

Internal strengths

Long lasting presence within the British market place, ever since its founding in 1884. Additionally, within the national market place, Marks and Spencer holds a dominant leadership position, with a value market share by almost 11 per cent (Website of Marks and Spencer, 2012).

Powerful brand, reputation and trust from the customer base. Still at the level of trust, it has to be noted that this is not only increased among consumers, but also among investors, due to strong brand equity (Sullivan and Adcock, 2002).

Another internal strength is represented by the diversity of the products sold by Marks and Spencer, which retail not only…. [read more]

Finance an Investor Choosing Essay

… The degree to which these figures are a concern for the prospective investor depends on how much the investor believes the figures represent short-term difficulty based on the economic environment and how much of this difficulty is long-term and structural.

As a result of the recent downturn in the financial performance of Marks & Spencer, the company has seen its stock price drop. The current share price is 362.6p. In early 2007, the price was over 700p. While it hit its lows in early 2009, it remained well above 200p, so the gradual increase that the company has experienced since that point has left it well below its pre-recession highs. The decline in the share price is, however, consistent with a company that has cut…. [read more]

Doind a Research Project Pay Essay

… In order to do so, institutions focus on maintaining a balance between the amounts of carbon they emit and the amounts of carbon they filter. In particular cases companies need to purchase carbon credits in order to compensate for the difference, as only by doing so are they able to become carbon neutral.

While it is difficult to determine the exact number of companies that succeeded in becoming carbon neutral, it is nonetheless intriguing to consider how particular players have managed to achieve carbon neutrality, but refrain from publicizing their information. This makes it possible for the world to understand that there are numerous individuals who are concerned about the environment and who are determined to do everything in their power in order to prevent…. [read more]

Conceptual Framework for Leadership Competencies That Are Required for Future Term Paper

… ¶ … Leadership competencies

The accelerating pace of change in globalization, communications, disruptive technologies, capital flows and alliances have created fundamental shifts in business operations and in leading a group (Hughes, 2004).

Where many popular leadership models may provide formulae to help solve some business problems, these are insufficient to deal with the pace and polyvalent character of constant, rapid change. Managing change -- its impact on organizational structure, group culture, and personal management styles -- is one of the most fundamental and enduring aspects of leadership (Buhler, 2000).

Ironically while the relative value of the once-celebrated individual leader as superman or woman is being questioned, great leadership has never been more urgent or more difficult.

Since the late 1980s there has been a steady…. [read more]

Change Management Using Various Organizational Examples (Different Essay

… Change Management

Using various organizational examples (different companies), please evaluate the major concepts underlying effective major business transformation and dynamic change management which we discussed in class, including: the new rules for organization design & business-wide integration; the strategic direction for organizations, focusing on high performance, processes and knowledge; the alignment and integration of six key factors in an organization for dynamic change; and finally the basic principles of change management. Do you agree or disagree with these major concepts; why or why not? Please explain you position using various organizational examples to reinforce your arguments.

Applying the many concepts learned in class to the high technology industry illustrates their effectiveness and potential to increase organizations' performance and effectiveness in the midst of rapid, unpredictable…. [read more]

Organisational Culture of J. Sainsbury Term Paper

… Organisational Culture of J. Sainsbury

During the past two decades, the concept of organisational culture has gained broad acceptance as a way to understand human systems (Deal and Kennedy, 2000). From an "open-sytems" perspective, each aspect of organisational culture is perceived as an important environmental condition that affects the system and its subsystems. Nowadays, companies are defined by their organisational cultures, and for many, it is something that can make or break the company.

This perception of organisations is rooted in anthropology and sociology and uses many of these terms to define the building blocks of culture (Deal and Kennedy, 2000). Edgar Schein, a famous theorist of organisational culture, gave the following very general definition: "The culture of a group can now be defined as:…. [read more]

Social Responsibility Is an Ethical or Philosophical Term Paper

… Social responsibility is an ethical or philosophical hypothesis that a unit whether it is an administration, business, company or individual has a job for the people around them. This responsibility can be negative in that it is a duty to desist from an act or it can be helpful which means that there is a duty to act. Whereas mostly connected with organization and lawmaking performance, many liberal groups and local public can also be linked with social responsibility, not only organization or lawmaking individuals.

There is a huge dissimilarity in the methods and responsibilities of various individuals to perform their alleged responsibility. This would entail various entities that have different tasks such as many states should make sure the social rights of their people,…. [read more]

Valuable Learning Experience. The Structured Methodology Allowed SWOT

… ¶ … valuable learning experience. The structured methodology allowed us to gain a strong sense of the position the business was in. From this, our strategy came much more easily and was a better strategy overall. Incorporating strategic goals into our marketing strategy was one of the greatest strengths of the model. Another key strength was the use of teamwork. Working in teams can be difficult at times, but ultimately you must find ways to break down communication barriers and align all the team members to the common goal. This is a valuable managerial skill that came out of this module.

We found, however, that the module also had some weaknesses. It seems that there may be times when using such a rigid structure is…. [read more]

Corporate Governance Sustainability Essay

… At the same time, they can determine the effectiveness of them in real time. This helps them to quickly fix all issues and make adjustments that are necessary. Once this occurs, is when everyone is more responsive to the needs of stakeholders. (Corporate Responsibility Report 2011)

The problem is the Compliance department could become too aggressive in their tactics. This will cause various programs to face unnecessary amounts of scrutiny. When this takes place, many individuals will become frustrated by bureaucratic efforts to deal with these challenges. This is the point that the program will be ineffective at addressing the issues. (Corporate Responsibility Report 2011)


Fairness is when there is an emphasis on ensuring that all programs are taking a balanced approach when dealing…. [read more]

Marketing Report Per Una Brand at Marks Thesis

… Marketing Report

Per Una Brand at Marks & Spenser

Given the global economic condition of tightening credit and its immediate effect on retailing, Marks & Spencer (M&S) has taken a strategy of promoting its more popular brands more aggressively than ever. The strategy M&S is pursuing specifically focuses on the Per Una brand, a critical line that contributes £500m or 6% of total Marks & Spenser sales on a consistent yearly basis, and is a cornerstone of the women's wear segment that generated £2bn in 2007 for the entire chain (Cavazza, 2007). Despite the dominance of the Per Una brand there continues to be a slowdown in spending with regard to all of retailing, which is indicative of the broader global recession (Guthrie, 2008). Despite…. [read more]

Customers Attitudes Towards Own Labels Multiple Chapters

… Customers' Attitudes Towards Own Labels: An Analysis of the Customers' Brand Loyalty and Attitude towards the Own Labels and in UK's Retail Sector; Case of Tesco

Academic Year 2009-2010

Tesco is the largest employer in the United Kingdom and is a leading retailer of groceries and non-food items throughout the country, as well as Central Europe, Asia and North America. The company achieved this growth due in large part through the judicious use of private brands, as well as the use of the most appropriate store format for the areas it serves. Moreover, Tesco has managed to succeed where many other retailers have failed in its introduction of home-based delivery services of groceries and other non-food items by identifying an optimum branding strategy. These successes…. [read more]

Targeting and Segmentation Competitive Strategies Essay

… In store promotions are also a common feature of their promotional plans. There whole communication is based on the insight that their customers are price conscious yet they need quality products so they have based all their ads targeting that psychic of customers. (Finch J, 2005)

Store Location and Store Atmosphere:

Right location and the right atmosphere plays a critical role for a success of a company therefore the selection of the place should be made carefully and a thorough research should take place. Next Retail stores are located in Copenhagen in places which are not far away from the residential areas so that the shopping experience is convenient for the customers. The following table will help in understanding the atmosphere which is created in…. [read more]

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