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Cesar Chavez: Impact on Society Research Paper

… As his biography proves, Chavez was not someone who stood on the side lines and looked for an opportunity to form a union for his own gain. He was a farm worker himself, and he had to start working in the fields at 13. He knew the deprivation that they faced; he understood the forced poverty and the disdain they received as pay for their efforts. Chavez worked to end all of this and give these people the same life that all workers in America can receive if they work hard.

His legacy is simple to ascertain. He was, like most of the other farm workers, subjected to harsh treatment and exposure to potential deadly chemicals (Jarrett). His willingness to face the danger he knew…. [read more]

Caesar Cesar's Work "The Gallic Wars" Abounds Essay

… Caesar

Cesar's work "The Gallic Wars" abounds in characterizations of the two people that he encounters during his campaigns: the Gauls and the Germans. The descriptions for these two people are, however, antithetical: on one hand, Cesar has a positive characterization of the Gauls, while, on the other hand, his description of the Germans is more centered on their negative characteristics that include brigandage, their appetence for destruction and willingness to plunder. The focus of the books is on Gaul, so reference to Germany, both in terms of its geography and of its people is scarce and generally related, in some way or another, to the Gauls.

In this general antithetical approach, Cesar uses an antithesis of the landscape and geographic descriptions as well, both…. [read more]

Caesar Chavez Term Paper

… ¶ … life of Cesar Chavez. The writer explores the life and accomplishments of Chavez and illuminates what he did for the Hispanic workers in America. There were five sources used to complete this paper.

The Story of Cesar Chavez

Cesar Chavez was one of the most important people in American history when it came to the Hispanic migrant farm worker (United Farm Workers). He spent his adult life organizing and teaching the masses how to force farm employers to provide the workers with fair pay and benefits (United Farm Workers). He began his life in 1927 when he was born just outside of Yuma, Arizona (United Farm Workers). His parents named him after his grandfather (United Farm Workers). When he was still a small…. [read more]

Julius Caesar as an Ethical Leader Essay

… Julius Caesar as an Ethical Leader

Ethical leadership can be observed in some of history's most notable individuals, taking into account that their strategies made it possible for them to assist their subordinates in achieving success as a whole. People in ancient times were generally determined to take on authoritarian attitudes as leaders, as they were accustomed to simply giving orders while expressing little to no interest in the well-being of their followers. In contrast, Julius Caesar acknowledged that it was best for him to actually care for his subordinates and focused on making them feel that they played an important role within the community. Rome was prospering during Caesar's leadership and people felt happy with their leader as he practically presented them with a…. [read more]

Julius Caesar Was a Historical Research Paper

… As the senate wanted to deprive Caesar of all the opportunities of positive political growth, it designated him with the areas, the conquest of which had brought him no prestige and glory as a military man. Caesar, on the other hand, wanted more glory and prestige; therefore, he realized that he needed his associates and allies to overcome his adversaries in the Senate. (Julius Caesar biography, 1-2)

Caesar was able to find out an alliance that could overcome his enemies and opponents in the Senate. He, therefore, aligned himself with military general Pompey and a noble and powerful Roman politician Crassus and this alliance came to be known as 'the First Triumvirate'. This alliance brought both military power and strong political connections to Julius Caesar.…. [read more]

Juluis Caesar-Shakespheare -- a Parallel Essay

… "What means this shouting? I do fear the people choose Caesar for their king" (1.2.78-79). As a consequence of such thinking, he comes to think of violence as being less absurd than it might have seemed before. Brutus' attitude appears to be motivated by political interests, given that he seems to be a just person and that it would be logical for someone to look at him this way. However, this is actually a power-hungry man who seizes the opportunity to overthrow a person whom he considers to represent a serious rival. Brutus' self-evaluation and his opinion regarding how he is unable to equal Caesar's thinking makes it possible for him to consider violence as an intriguing solution. It is very probable that the other…. [read more]

Ethics of Julius Caesar Thesis

… ¶ … Ethics of Julius Caesar

One of the greatest lessons we learn from William Shakespeare's play, Julius Caesar, is that things rarely work out the ways we intend. With Julius Caesar, we learn that people and things are not always how they appear to be.

The conspirators in the play feel justified with their fears and in their decision on how to deal with those fears. The mistake is theirs to bear as they face a triumvirate more tyrannical than Caesar. The result of the play also indicates that what they did was wrong, regardless of how justified they felt. Their reasons might have appealed to their ethical nature but the means to achieving that goal was more immoral than the worst of their…. [read more]

Cesar Chavez Term Paper

… Cesar Chavez is one of the most historically significant figures associated with the civil rights movement. His name incurs pride among the people he helped and the institutions he helped build and defend. (Rosales xv) Some even go as far as to compare him to Martin Luther King Jr., in his level of influence and demand for change in the way the Chicano Farm Worker was treated. Chavez was a contemporary of King and considered him to be one of his greatest influences." (Rosales xvi)

In the early spring of 1962, Cesar Chavez moved from San Jose to Delano, California, to begin organizing farmworkers into an effective union, a task that most other labor leaders considered impossible. California farmworkers typically had been illiterate, indigent,…. [read more]

Julius Caesar and George Bush Term Paper

… Support of this racist campaign over a half of a century ago quickly led journalists to uncover other questionable statements made by Lott concerning race. Initially, George W. Bush and other Republicans supported Lott, but as his popularity continued to erode, so too did his supporters. After two weeks of controversy and a closed door meeting with the President, Lott stepped down, thus dying a political death by the hands of his friends.

There is no reason not to believe that a similar fate would await Bush were he to make such a mistake. The stakes in the political game are too high to alienate voters and thus regardless of what a person believes behind closed doors, when statements or mistakes like this appear on…. [read more]

Plutarch's "Caesar Essay

… This was true to some extent although Caesar had won this popular support in part by what we might consider bribery or to use a kinder term patronage. According to Caesar, "he was resolved to invade Italy if force were used against the tribunes of the people who had vetoed the Senate's decree disbanding his army by a given date" (Plutarch 30). When force indeed was used, Caesar made his move.

Later accounts accused Caesar of tyranny. Cicero attributed Caesar's military victory to a love of power, not a desire to enforce the will of the tribunes of the people or to secure what was just and right. Caesar clearly seemed willing to leverage his military abilities and use it to protect his own interests.…. [read more]

Julius Caesar and His Rise to Power Term Paper

… Julius Caesar and His Rise to Power

Caesar served his first military campaign under Minucius Thermus in 81 BC, assisting in "stamping out the embers of resistance to Roman rule in the province of Asia." During this campaign Caesar was awarded the civic crown for saving the life of a fellow soldier the battle of Mytilene; this would be the first of a huge number of decorations Caesar would earn over his legendary career. After continuing campaigns in Asia and Cilicia, he returned to Rome in 78 BC once news of Sulla's death reached him, but his failure to preserve the Sullan constitution drove him back to the East a year later. Here he planned on avoiding the realm of politics by studying at Rhodes,…. [read more]

Caesar After the Death Essay

… " (Everitt 209) But the first Augustan settlement in 27 B.C. made between Octavian and the Senate elected him consul for a number of years, and gave him the title of proconsul for a number of provinces. He did not use the term "imperium" to describe his authority, but instead used "auctoritas," which implied a less threatening meaning to the Romans and set up even more confusion to the limits of his actual power. Later the second Augustan settlement of 23 B.C. again created more confusion over his exact role as he was granted "tribunes potestas," giving him the power and authority of the Tribune to veto any action of the Senate, Assemblies, or Magistrates. And in exchange for giving up the annual office of…. [read more]

Twelve Caesars Research Proposal

… ¶ … Twelve Caesars work written in 121 AD by Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus, the Twelve Caesars, stands as one of the best early accounts of the rulers of Rome during the height of the Republic. In this work, Suetonius chronicles the lives of twelve Roman leaders, highlighting the politics and society of the time. As a historical reference, it could be considered biased, as Suetonius interjects his own opinion from time to time. Although it may be questionable as a historical source, it is an excellent glimpse into Roman politics and society during each of the reigns discussed.

Suetonius opens with the Life of Julius Caesar and the Civil War against Pompey the Great. Suetonius showed the human side of Caesar, particularly his mercy on…. [read more]

Julius Caesar Term Paper

… Cassius and other main characters in the play utter only kind words about Brutus; he is well-respected in the eyes of others and is viewed as an honorable man. For example, Antony's words also illustrate Brutus' key personality traits: "He only, in a general-honest thought / And common good to all, made one of them / His life was gentle; and the elements / So mix'd in him that Nature might stand up / And say to all the world, 'This was a man!'" (V.v 2nd to last para.). Even Cassius, who emerges as a more selfish individual than Brutus, says "Well, Brutus, thou art noble; yet, I see, / Thy honorable metal may be wrought ... For who so firm that cannot be seduced?"…. [read more]

Julius Caesar Term Paper

… By contrast, Elizabeth adopted more laissez-faire attitudes and in this respect was only outranked by the fledgling Republic of the Free Dutch. After England's victory over the Spanish in 1588 guaranteed the freedom of the British Isles, Elizabeth made a speech that did much to ennoble her the hearts of her subjects. It was in this speech that she said:

Let tyrants fear; I have always so behaved myself that, under God, I have placed my chiefest strength and safeguard in the loyal hearts and good will of my subjects. And therefore I am come amongst you at this time, not as for my recreation or sport, but being resolved, in the midst and heat of the battle, to live or die amongst you all;…. [read more]

Norman Cousins Gentleman Involve Internet Thesis

… After having his bill overruled by Octavius the first time, Tiberius confidently introduced it again and once again the former voted against it. This led to Octavius being deposed from office at Tiberius' request, an unprecedented fact in the constitution. The bill was passed and inoculated with Tiberius' influence growing stronger and demanding, something not exactly at ease with the senate that felt its authority undermined. Because Tiberius knew his own life would be at stake, he sought to gain political immunity by once again being elected as Tribune. However, such matters contravened with the constitution and when he actually got re-elected, some furious senators reacted and killed Tiberius.

Following the Social war, the senate granted full citizenship rights to Italian allies, something it did…. [read more]

Christian Missionary Work in Iraq Today Research Paper

… Family. Pursuant to mixture of shari'a law and civil law, men are the heads of the household and of Iraqi society.

Some indication of the composition of contemporary Iraqi families can be discerned from the breakdown of the current Iraqi population provided in Table 2 and depicted graphically in a population pyramid in Figure 2 below.

Table 2

Demographic Breakdown of Iraqi Society Today

Age Group

Percentage of Population



0-14 years




15-24 years




25-54 years




55-64 years




65 years and over




Source: CIA World Factbook at

Figure 2. Population Pyramid for Iraq: 2014

Source: CIA World Factbook at

A Survey of Mission Work

History of Mission…. [read more]

America "Great Americans Worked Essay

… America is a warning to those who would falsify the ideals of freemen (35).

Here he defines what constitutes the United States as he perceives it. Each man has the chance to become something greater than himself, to achieve that American Dream. However no one is guaranteed that they will achieve it. This is what confuses so many about America. There is the United States which is a location on the globe and then there is an America as Carlos Bulosan defines it; a mental state and a dream that protects the freedoms of individuals and the rights of every person to live freely.

At the end of the book, despite all the problems that Bulosan has found with America, he still decides that it…. [read more]

Cesar Chavez v. Ted Cruz Essay

… Bush Administration as a domestic policy advisor (Gale Biography in Context). He was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2012 by aligning himself with the ultra-conservative Tea Party.

Cruz has voted against legislation to protect the National Endowment for Oceans, a bill that had no funding connected to it (Water Resources Development Act) but was opposed by the Tea Party. Cruz has voted against gun safety legislation, including the bill that would require buyer checks at gun shows (95% of the American public supported it). Cruz, a Latino, opposes the legislation that would give undocumented immigrants a chance (over five years) to earn their way to U.S. citizenship. Cruz wants to raise the retirement age so senior citizens can't receive social security benefits at age…. [read more]

Gaul Classical and Historical Book Term Paper

… This affected his determination to always push through with his campaign, although he does not state this to be the case. He was willing to risk all in Gaul, all his men as well as his own life and reputation to achieve victory and conquest over Gaul. (Seindal, 2003)

Regardless, this text is an important narrative to read from an historical and literary perspective. Caesar's military campaign in Gaul is the only such chronicle from the ancient military world, from which readers have an authenticated chronicle, written by the general who was conducting the campaign at the time. Unlike Thucydides, for example, unlike an observing historian alien or detached or openly hostile to the proceedings, Caesar was a critical and involved participant in the events…. [read more]

Cultural Awareness Cesar Case Study

… Services providers, including doctors, nurses, and psychologists have the complicated task of offering high quality, human-centered services despite the fact that these individuals are viewed as criminals in the eyes of the United States government.

In Cesar's case there is an added challenge that he was a gang member in Mexico prior to living in the United States. While he has been living a quiet, law-abiding life, it may be difficult for many members of his treatment team to elicit any empathy of concern for his welfare. As Sullivan and Rhem (2005) note it may be difficult for caretakers in a mental health facility to offer empathy and high quality care when their personal sense may be that this individual has broken the law and…. [read more]

Julius and Octavian Caesar Thesis

… The people were ready for a single ruler.[footnoteRef:4] Indeed, he is considered the Roman Empire's first emperor. After his great-uncle's assassination, there was a great civil war to determine who would become the next ruler of Rome.[footnoteRef:5] At first, the conspirators attempted to bring Octavian to their side with promises of wealth but none of power. Instead of accepting there was a long and drawn out war for control of the empire. Once the last of the bodies fell, Octavian emerged victorious. Unlike his predecessor whose appointment to dictator led to such bloodshed, Octavian was accepted by the populous in this role. He was renamed Augustus, or revered one. It was partly due to the nature of his ascension and partly due to his character,…. [read more]

Biography on Julius Caesar Roman Emperor Research Paper

… Greek and Roman

Biography on Julius Caesar Roman Emperor

Caesar was an official and general of the late Roman republic. He very much advanced the Roman Empire prior to taking authority and making himself dictator of Rome. This led the method for the majestic system. Julius Caesar was born in Rome on the 12th or 13th of July 100 BC into the esteemed Julian clan. His relatives were intimately linked with the Marian faction in Roman politics. Caesar himself developed within the Roman political organization, becoming in succession quaestor, aedile and praetor. In 61-60 BC he was governor of the Roman area of Spain. Back in Rome in 60, Caesar made a deal with Pompey and Crassus, who aided him to get selected as consul…. [read more]

William Shakespeare's Tragic Play Julius Term Paper

… The two students carry out the plan, kill several people and then kill themselves. The nation is shocked, the community horrified. How did two teens carry out this "military like" attack? How could no one have known? They deceived everyone, including their own parents, who lived with them, fed them, worried about them and loved them. Deception is a powerful trait. Shakespeare's portrayal of the deception of Caesar and the Roman people is no exception. Much like the community of Columbine, those who were around Caesar might have seen trouble coming, but never would have imagined it would have been one of their own. Because such loyal friends surround Caesar, he never suspects harm can come his way. Similarly, the neighbors of the Klebold's and…. [read more]

Reaction to the Life of Augustus Reaction Paper

… ¶ … Second Caesar:

Suetonius and Augustus

What's immediately interesting about Suetonius' rehearsal of the life of Augustus is the speed with which this otherwise expansive writer treats the protracted period of civil turmoil that followed the assassination of Julius Caesar and ended the Roman Republic. While the imperial birth crisis dragged on for 14 years -- nearly a third of Augustus' life -- and spanned the Roman world, Suetonius spends less than 11 relatively terse paragraphs lingering on the details. As it is, a reader who takes The Twelve Caesars as an encyclopedic source on the era may come away thinking of the "five civil wars" that Augustus fought in order to secure the imperium as something of a running battle that broke out…. [read more]

Dante's Inferno and Manzoni Essay

… Manzoni even thought that Dante's native Tuscan dialect should become the national language of Italy when it was reunified, as if finally was three years before his death in 1873. The setting of The Betrothed was Milan in 1628-31, during the Thirty Years War when Lombardy was ruled by the Spanish and their Austrian Hapsburg allies. Even in the 1820s when Manzoni was writing his novel the Austrians still ruled Northern Italy, and his work was rightfully seen as a nationalist tract against foreign domination, with German mercenaries blamed for bringing the plague to the city as described in Chapters 29 and 30 (Hamnett 159). Don Rodrigo symbolizes the Spanish overlords, and a "central theme of the novel is the abuse of private power backed…. [read more]

Interior Design and Theories "Architects Term Paper

… Another design style had erupted during the era as a reaction to the Neo-Classical Style known as Picturesque, and it emphasized on formality, proportion, order and Exactitude.

Neo-Classic architecture and design identified with Western Heritage, Luxury, Eliteness and Sophistication that seeks not to replicate. An example of Neo-Classic architecture and design would be the Schermerhorn Symphony Centre. Other examples are the Newton Memorial, Bibliotheque Nationale, Metropol Church, Hotel Alexandre, all located in Paris and built by Etienne-Loius Boullee. The interior of the White House is has Neo-Classic setting. (Kulahcioglu)

Neoclassical architecture has a few characteristics in common despite the emphasis placed upon the uniqueness of each structure. It involves decisive detailing, careful proportions, skillful use of light sources, and balanced ornamentation amongst many others. Notable…. [read more]

Julio Claudian or Flavian Periods Term Paper

… ¶ … Caesar

In the early days of January, 27 B.C.E., Octavian made an appearance before the Roman Senate and made it known to all those in attendance that his power in Rome was supreme and undeniable. It was at this meeting that Octavian honored himself by assuming the name of Augustus Caesar, an action that was well-accepted by most members of the Senate, due to the fact that Octavius had chosen a good number of them himself. In addition, the entire Senate took a pledge of allegiance to Augustus Caesar and made him emperor of Rome. In essence, this act not only made Augustus the most powerful man in the known world but also set the stage for fundamental changes in Roman culture which…. [read more]

Didacticism in English Literature Research Paper

… Didacticism in English Literature

From whichever, standpoint writers formulate and present their literary works thereemerges a myriad of lessons for the audience to learn from (Stock36). This occurs, not only from the character's perspective but alsofrom the viewpoint of the readers. Creative writers who worked with the likes of Julius Caesar, Canterbury Tales, Gulliver Travels and The Vanity of Human Wishes, clearly represent this truth. Drawing from the experience and traits of different characters from the plays, the authors present readers' with opportunities to learn from either the positive occurrences or the tragic mistake that the characters make and experience in their lives' portrayal in the literatures. It is imperative that audiences should not only read these pieces for the sake of it but also…. [read more]

Disassociation, Personality Disorders, and Global Research Paper

… Though there are many more ways to communicate, social & communication intelligences are declining at staggering rates. It is completely possible to function with minimal or no face-to-face contact with people; it is completely possible to live one's life and never leave one's home as demonstrated by the Furni scene in Fight Club and the fact that Cesar lives his life behind prison walls (but really within the confines of a cryogenic pod) in Abre Los Ojos. Thus, what is at stake with this research and discussion are the re-articulation of and improvement upon the human condition.

The climax of Fight Club and the related film reveal threads connecting capitalism, consumer culture, deviant or criminal behavior, and mental instability. At the climax of Fight Club,…. [read more]

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