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Educational Crisis Essay

… Educational Crisis

"Do you feel like you live in a nation of idiots?" (Moore 128). This country is in a serious educational crisis, one which gets worse each year. The very foundation of our educational system stifles individual creativity and independence, yet even that little promise is being threatened by massive budget cuts in this volatile economy. Overall, it is clear that this country is in the midst of a major educational crisis, one that will need the cooperation and action of everyone in our society to help structure things in a more progressive manner to help provide a better future for our children.

There are major problems with educational institutions in this country that are hindering millions of students from receiving the best education…. [read more]

California's Natural Resources and Economic Development Essay

… California Natural Resources

California is now one of the largest regional economies in the world and its success is one of the pillars which made the United States an economic giant. Its success has been rapid starting between the 18th century and 19 century. The state is blessed with natural resources which have been fundamental in explaining the meteoric rise of the state into a regional economy.

California has a vast wealth of natural resources with minerals ranging from gold, silver and oil (Walker, 2001, p.1). It has extensive forests which is suitable for timber industry. it's well watered valley lands are suitable for farming; its gashing streams provide the water for producing hydroelectric power. Moreover, it has a long coastline which has rich upwelling,…. [read more]

California Water Resources Essay

… California Water

Water Resources in California

The California state water system has a plethora of interesting features and dynamics that are complex and the hydrology continues to evolve. Although there have been massive projects to harness the water in the state and deliver to the areas that need it, such as urban or agricultural centers, there have been many consequences to these actions. The water is steadily degrading throughout the entire system and the construction of the system itself has caused many environmental problems as well as the loss of natural habitats; in fact, roughly ninety-five percent of the state's wetlands have already been lost -- forever. Furthermore, one of the most alarming factors is that the system of California's water distribution system has been…. [read more]

California Lottery Case State Lotteries Essay

… Therefore, there was no control measure that validated the data which was collected through self initiated surveys of individuals. This places the general conclusions from the data set in question because of the fact that it is not entirely reliable. Ingram uses this as a measure to set up his argument showing that there is a strategy targeting poor working class that has dominated Lottery processes for years since its inception in California in the late 1980s.

However, this basic premise is weak. There are a number of logical fallacies present within the basic argument of Ingram's article. The most obvious is the fact that the premise that there is a disproportionate amount of working class lottery players is not directly proven with enough evidence…. [read more]

Educational Leadership in Latino Students Term Paper

… Limitations

Barriers to this study include the willingness of people to participate in qualitative or quantitative research related to the importance of teacher expectation. Some teachers and educational facilities within the U.S. are likely to be reluctant to participate in the study as they are not willing to divulge extraneous information related to teaching practices. Undoubtedly a minority will be short of time. The study is also limited in scope to primarily schools within the LA county school district. It is possible that students in other regions may be affected in a slightly different manner.


Tracking - The practice of sorting students into different programs of study based on their perceived academic ability. Often used synonymously with 'ability grouping' or 'homogenous grouping' (Datnow, 1998)…. [read more]

California Medflies Essay

… California Medflies

The Medfly Problem: General Overview

How to combat the problem posed by the medfly to agriculture and international trade? While the California agricultural industry looks eagerly towards the expanding Asian market as a potential and continuing source of revenue, it must also combat the spread of the medfly, a pest that has dogged the industry since the 1960s and feared by the Japanese government. Japan fears that the medfly could enter its borders through imported California produce. To contain the medfly California growers first imposed quarantines on medfly-infested areas, and when the medfly threat reasserted itself in the 1990s, the agricultural industry then resorted spraying affected areas with pesticides. Given the threats the pest poses to agricultural revenue to the state because of…. [read more]

Funding or Defunding in the Arts Term Paper

… Funding or Defunding the Arts

Recommendations on a Proposal to Defund the Arts

This report considers the recent proposal in the House of Representatives to eradicate federal funding for the arts. This proposal cannot be taken lightly, considering that such a move would drastically alter the face of art as we know it in America today. With this in mind, I have presented in this report a thorough consideration of all sides of the issue, including academic theory about the nature and consequences of public art, its functions in the capitalist marketplace and its role in the lives of its creators and its consumers. I also examine recent public opinion about the arts, the role of government in national culture, and the value of public…. [read more]

Funding Stem Cell Research Embryonic Term Paper

… Funding Stem Cell Research

Embryonic stem cell research is a very promising field of research when it comes to possibly finding a cure for more than 70 diseases once deemed incurable (Honolulu Advertiser, 2004). From spinal cord injuries, to Parkinson's, to certain types of cancers, to multiple sclerosis, stem cell research has the potential to emerge as a revolutionary way to combat these diseases. The key behind embryonic stem cells is its ability to develop into just about any type of tissue. Adult stem cells can only renew themselves into the type of tissue from which it originates, making adult stem cells much less effective than embryonic ones.

There are many legal and ethical questions that surround stem cell research. Whether or not it should…. [read more]

California Infrastructure Problems Research Paper

… California Infrastructure

Infrastructure Problems in California

California is currently facing considerable infrastructure challenges. The state for example appears to be suffering from funding problems as well as other shortages such as water. The drought has compounded problems relating to water, for example. Indeed, serious social and political issues have arisen as a result of water shortages in the state.

According to some critics, the problems have resulted from resource mismanagement, and also from underfunded services and plans such as pension schemes. According to Thad Kousser (1), for example, the City of San Diego has pursued an unsustainable fiscal policy; one in which more money is spent than raised. This has led to illegitimately disguised, underfunded pension plans in the city.

The second major shortage problem,…. [read more]

California Public Employees' Retirement System Essay

… The difficulty is mainly within the fund, with the placement agents being peripheral. But placement agents need firm oversight in order to prevent bribes and kickbacks from happening.

Bonuses should be attached to multi-year performance, not just the preceding year, and on a sliding scale so that those with the fund for several years make more. Those in their first few years should make no bonuses.

Rational travel and gift rules. It seems outrageous that such rules were not already in effect and being enforced.

People should be allowed to leave. They can work for firms that had business with the fund so long as they were not accountable for that business (Morris, 2011).

The declines are taking a toll on CalPERS funding position, which…. [read more]

California State Framework Standards Term Paper

… California State Framework Standards

The nature of education is changing continuously due to changes in the state of human knowledge and developments in the art or science of teaching humans. These changes are also reflected in the methods of teaching that have to be carried out by concerned teachers. There are many changes that come in to the system due to these changes, but we are concerned with only two aspects and the first of these is the technology skills required by the teachers to be effective in such a condition, and the second is the influence of California State Framework or technology standards on online curriculum and distance learning.

Taking the second point first as it defines the area that we will have to…. [read more]

Educational Psychology the Value of Diversity Term Paper

… Educational Psychology

The value of diversity is frequently intoned by the public and the educational system, and yet this intonation rarely goes very deep into the challenges that diversity creates. This is not to say that successes are not evident on many levels but the individual development that takes place is often a monumental struggle to developing a sense of self that is congruent enough to demonstrate success but not so streamlined that it creates a sense of selling out of ones race.

The case study of Johnnie Betts is a perfect example of the development of self that is created by diversity and the conflicts it can create. Betts is now a successful high school student living in California with his maternal Uncle and…. [read more]

California Gold Rush Term Paper

… California Gold Rush

The Californian Gold Rush

The discovery of gold in Caliornia was an event that changed the region and which had a profound impact on the country as a whole. This historical event is even described as "epoch-making. (Color in the River) The effects of this event had a far-reaching impact on the social structure of the region and also on economic, political, judicial aspects, as well as the cultural development of California. The influx of thousands of people into California in search of gold "...transformed not only the economic history of California, but much of its social, cultural, and political history as well." (Color in the River) This paper will present an overview of the California gold rush and the various ways…. [read more]

Educational Philosophy Comparison: John Dewey Term Paper

… "

Introduction to William Bagley's philosophy of Essentialism in education

Surely, if Bagley were alive today (he died in 1946), he would dislike Dewey's characterizing of the conservative approach to teacher as "static aims and materials." For Bagley believed that educators using the essentialist approach were merely giving students the "essentials" of academic and character development, which is what many educators believed students needed. According to research conducted by California State University in Bakersfield (CSUBAK), American essentialism - made popular in the 1930s by Bagley - has its roots "in a conservative philosophy that upholds the social, political, and economic structure of American society."

In order to help mold model citizens, Bagley preached, teachers and school administrators should not try to change society, but rather,…. [read more]

California Pizza Kitchen (Cpk) Essay

… Immediately following the grand opening of each new restaurant, a day is designated as "Pizza Day" where 100% of pizza sales are donated to the local charity. In addition to the charitable activities of the CPK Foundation, thousands of dollars' worth of product are contributed annually to help children and the organizations that serve them (

Further, they state that their company represents four principles that guide the entire corporation, from sales and marketing to individual stores -- this is represented by the acronym, R.O.C.K.

Respect - People in our company treat each other with respect at every level. Each of us plays an integral part in the success of CPK and we are very proud of the respect displayed between all employees.

Opportunity -…. [read more]

Louisiana Educational Excellence Review Essay

… This directly contradicts the Educational Excellence for All Children Act goal of making the United States a leader in science and math education. However, all students in the U.S. have been shown to be lacking in terms of science and math performance. "Fifteen-year-olds in the U.S. ranked 25th among peers from 34 countries on a math test and scored in the middle in science and reading, while China's Shanghai topped the charts, raising concern that the U.S. isn't prepared to succeed in the global economy"(Hechinger 2010).

Louisiana students also rank low in terms of their overall performance on national standardized tests. To remedy this, Louisiana switched to the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS), a norm-referenced test to replace the less-difficult California Achievement Test, which…. [read more]

Educational Psychology Essay

… 210)

One of the problems that Wolf cites in both the theory and praxis of applied behavioral analysis (and its close cousin cognitive behavioral therapy) that has remained an issue in the intervening decades is that because this technique is focused on the observable, there is no way for either a clinician or a researcher to make an accurate assessment of the internal state of a subject.

Behavioral researchers have reported many examples of a lack of correspondence between client-reported data and observer-obtained data. Patterson (personal communication, 1974) for example, described discrepancies between parental reports of improvements in the child's behavior, while objective data obtained by observers did not support these claims. Conrad and Wincze (1976) reported that clients undergoing orgasmic reconditioning verbally reported favorable…. [read more]

Educational Standards Term Paper

… Educational Standards

Physical Education Standard: Students demonstrate the motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities.

Lesson: To fulfill this standard, we will perform a series of fun drills. First, to teach diagonal or zigzag movements we will use traffic cones. Students will run, weaving their way around the cones. Next, we will perform the same zigzag running exercise only this time we will introduce the element of coordination to show students how to avoid bumping into each other. One student will start at one end of the course, and another at the other end. They will both run the course but will not be able to bump into each other. Finally, we will have the students divide into two…. [read more]

California's Educational Funding: Tragedy Term Paper

… " Of course, this means that the leader most in touch with the needs of the individual schools students is the one who will determine just where the state allocated funds are best spent. Additionally, the system also allows for such non-internal (school) factors that directly affect the student -- even outside of the school environment. For example, In Strembitsky's model, factors that impact the student also impact the level of funding each student brings (or attracts) to the school. These factors may include ESL needs, low income levels, and even special education needs.

Thus, as in the Seattle system, each child is "weighted" by number according to their requirements concerning identified "risk factors" or "funding factors." For example, students who come from characteristically affluent…. [read more]

How and Why to Fix California School Finance Term Paper

… California School Funding

L. Jones

Equity in California's Public School System

In any issue, particularly when politics are involved, there tends to be two views of a situation. The ex-ante analysis of the California State school finance system is no different. According to the "official" (and rosy) view of the current situation, the state's school finance system has achieved adequate levels of equity. Not only is this view based on the fact that the system guarantees each school district the revenue limit to which it is entitled (at a property tax rate of one percent of assessed value), but the State also is committed to paying each district the remainder between its actual "entitlement" and the funds raised through the tax income. Additionally, the State…. [read more]

Production of Smog Pollutants Especially in California's Central Valley Essay

… Production of Smog in California

The Production of Smog Pollutants in California

Garrett Hardin and the Tragedy of the Commons

In Hardin's (1968) article the Tragedy of the Commons, the author discusses the problem of overpopulation and how there are no real solutions to it. Morality and an extension of such is the only way to solve the problem, and that does not generally appeal to the masses. In other words, while it is the only way to solve the problem, it cannot be used because people will refuse to change in order to conform to it. In Hardin's (1968) article, there are several main points. Two of these relate to interests - both individual and collection. The other relates to "mutual coercion," which is…. [read more]

Prison Funding Finding Funds Essay

… The effects of taxation on a population to provide more prison funding are clear, however, at least in California: taxation leads to new governments with lower taxes, generally speaking (Skelton, 2011). One of the primary reasons that the California Prison System is experiencing funding problems is that for the past several decades the prison system and the laws that lead to incarceration have been expanding at a much faster rate than taxation, and measures are continually passed to spend more while explicitly refusing to raise taxes (Skelton, 2011). This has led to a growth not only in the absolute costs of running the prison system, but also in the proportion of the state's budget that must be devoted to the system, while the system's ability…. [read more]

Educational Activities Lead to Wellness in Older Term Paper

… ¶ … Educational Activities Lead to Wellness in Older Adults in Care Facilities Such as Retirement Homes/Nursing Homes

Do Educational Activities Lead to Wellness in Older Adults in Alternative Care Facilities

The United States is experiencing a fundamental shift in demographics as the percentage of elderly citizens continues to increase. More and more people will become residents of nursing homes, retirement communities, skilled nursing facilities and other alternative residential arrangements in the future, and much remains unclear about what the impact of this transition from a gainfully employed lifestyle to one without such outside activities might be on this segment of the population. To this end, this study seeks to determine the extent to which educational activities contribute to wellness in older adults in alternative…. [read more]

Tragedy of the Commons Essay

… ¶ … Tragedy of the Commons' is one of the most influential articles of our times. It has been reprinted hundreds of times, each time with a conclusion that appeared different from the previous ones. Hence, the article has both been embroiled in contention and gaining popularity.

The article is contentious because many experts have made comments on the actual precis of the article and many have seemed confused about its main argument. The article in all its simplicity discusses the no-solution problem of human growth and living standards. It is as simple as that.

According to the author, the world is finite and hence the food supply and other resources. In this case, if the population continues to grow, there is likelihood of resources…. [read more]

California Economy Essay

… ¶ … economy of California: Discussion

The five major industries of California encompass the fields of agriculture; oil and mining (natural resources), electronics and IT; movie making/entertainment, and tourism (California, 2010, Enchanted Learning). However, despite the legendary prosperity of companies such as Google and the need for staple products such as oil and food around the world, the economy of California has been described as being in a dire state. The state government's budgetary woes have required furloughs, layoffs, and even late paychecks for state employees. The economy was hard-hit by the housing boom and bust, much like neighboring Western states such as Arizona (Hay 2010). Commercial and public construction is lagging in terms of generating job growth in California.

According to Andrew Hay (2010)…. [read more]

Organizational Health Educational Institutions Essay

… The refrain is often heard that not enough students graduate with degrees in STEM majors, and that students in America are not able to compete with students in Canada, Finland, and South Korea who score higher on their mathematics tests than do students in the U.S. ("Business Coalition," 1998; Hacker, 2012).

Section IV: A Learning Solution Proposal

The expectation that people should have a solid grounding in arithmetic and basic numerical skills, such as ratios, decimals, and estimating, is both fair and prudent (Association of Manufacturers," 1998; Teachers of Mathematics," 1989). Yet the changing workforce is likely to alter the skillsets needed by employees in manufacturing-relevant positions. In fact, the Georgetown center on Education and the Workforce has provided a definitive analysis that indicates only…. [read more]

California's Current Adapted Physical Education Chapter

… Besides, LEA ensures that private schools provide all services within the individual services agreement and SELPA and county office are the main service providers. When this has occurred, the Adapted Physical Education specialist should assist the local education agency in establishing a method of service delivery.

Chapter Eleven Review

This chapter outlines that it is the general education program's responsibility for failure among school students. Thus, timely identification and provision of the necessary support services by educators is in the best interest of the student. In addition, constant communication between general educators, APE specialists, and school administrators is vital to the acceptance and proper accommodation of the student with special needs. Moreover, the rule states that however the cause leading to students' underachievement in schools,…. [read more]

Tragedy and Comedy Term Paper

… Comedy and Drama

Tragedy and Comedy

Fiction," says Jean Anouilh, gives life its form." Shakespeare derived his Comedy of Errors from Plautus' Menaechmi and many of Shakespeare's dramas are retellings of the ancient fictions of Greek myths, both tragedies and comedies. The basic form of the Elizabethan play (indeed, most plays written in successive periods, up until contemporary theater and film) is modeled after the Greek structure. One may recognize the structure still being used in theater and much narrative literature today. Utilization of this basic structure allows the story to flow naturally, allows the audience to recognize the reality and truth of life in the story, and to anticipate and yearn to find the moral or the message that resides in its heart.

In…. [read more]

Population of California Underwent Dramatic Term Paper

… Most of those affected were Latinos, but included African-Americans and other minorities who faced discrimination in schools and high-quality jobs (Socialism Today). School registration for Latinos dropped at more than 60%. The deemed motive behind was to assert white vote supremacy in order to slow down or eliminate Latino empowerment through the electoral and educational systems. They are not only the fastest-growing immigrants in California: statisticians also say that it would take six to eight years for any demographic change to catch up politically (Socialism Today).

Millions of Latinos have been unable to vote. The INS is swarmed with 1.5 million applications for citizenship and the legal time to obtain citizenship in California has been extended to two years from only seven months. Moreover, a…. [read more]

California Three-Strike Law Term Paper

… Racial Minority communities have been adversely affected by this law due to the uneven application of the law by the police in the high crime areas, with 75% of 'Three-Strike' affecting them Apart from affecting the minorities the law has led not only to increase taxes making a burden on the tax payer, it has also led to fund cuts for educational purposes, thereby increasing the number of crimes among teenagers as a result of lessening of opportunities available. We could also witness that the cost of appeals to the federal courts is going up, as there is no available remedy under the state laws. Since the law emphasizes mandatory imprisonment it has limited amount of plea-bargaining between the prosecutor and the defense. Thus we…. [read more]

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