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California Water Resources Essay

… California Water

Water Resources in California

The California state water system has a plethora of interesting features and dynamics that are complex and the hydrology continues to evolve. Although there have been massive projects to harness the water in the state and deliver to the areas that need it, such as urban or agricultural centers, there have been many consequences to these actions. The water is steadily degrading throughout the entire system and the construction of the system itself has caused many environmental problems as well as the loss of natural habitats; in fact, roughly ninety-five percent of the state's wetlands have already been lost -- forever. Furthermore, one of the most alarming factors is that the system of California's water distribution system has been…. [read more]

California's Natural Resources and Economic Development Essay

… California Natural Resources

California is now one of the largest regional economies in the world and its success is one of the pillars which made the United States an economic giant. Its success has been rapid starting between the 18th century and 19 century. The state is blessed with natural resources which have been fundamental in explaining the meteoric rise of the state into a regional economy.

California has a vast wealth of natural resources with minerals ranging from gold, silver and oil (Walker, 2001, p.1). It has extensive forests which is suitable for timber industry. it's well watered valley lands are suitable for farming; its gashing streams provide the water for producing hydroelectric power. Moreover, it has a long coastline which has rich upwelling,…. [read more]

Water in Your Area? Essay

… ..."secur[ing] the blessings of liberty"...and protecting "ourselves and our posterity" directly ties into looking after the environment. As noted above, the Clean Water Act of the 1970s made more of the nation's rivers and lake waters clean so that one can swim in them, drink form them, and fish in them. Not only was it protective for fish and plants as well as all aqua creatures, but the greatest achievements of the Act was the introducing of international, clean drinking water and treated wastewater. This led to a dramatic increase in longevity and quality of life. What greater proof do you need?

Protecting the environment -- water, air, earth, and so forth -- determines the way we live, determines our very existence. We need to…. [read more]

California Infrastructure Problems Research Paper

… California Infrastructure

Infrastructure Problems in California

California is currently facing considerable infrastructure challenges. The state for example appears to be suffering from funding problems as well as other shortages such as water. The drought has compounded problems relating to water, for example. Indeed, serious social and political issues have arisen as a result of water shortages in the state.

According to some critics, the problems have resulted from resource mismanagement, and also from underfunded services and plans such as pension schemes. According to Thad Kousser (1), for example, the City of San Diego has pursued an unsustainable fiscal policy; one in which more money is spent than raised. This has led to illegitimately disguised, underfunded pension plans in the city.

The second major shortage problem,…. [read more]

California Medflies Essay

… California Medflies

The Medfly Problem: General Overview

How to combat the problem posed by the medfly to agriculture and international trade? While the California agricultural industry looks eagerly towards the expanding Asian market as a potential and continuing source of revenue, it must also combat the spread of the medfly, a pest that has dogged the industry since the 1960s and feared by the Japanese government. Japan fears that the medfly could enter its borders through imported California produce. To contain the medfly California growers first imposed quarantines on medfly-infested areas, and when the medfly threat reasserted itself in the 1990s, the agricultural industry then resorted spraying affected areas with pesticides. Given the threats the pest poses to agricultural revenue to the state because of…. [read more]

Water and Sustainability Essay

… Water and Sustainability

Economic Approaches

Introduction / Generalizations: The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) of the Global Water Partnership has issued an urgent yet coherent series of proposals. For starters, the need for sensible, workable programs to deal with the exploding world population is acute, according to TAC. The list of challenges is long but without the "will to act" by the political players and the affected communities, the crisis can only get progressively worse. For starters, the Dublin Principles should be on the opening page of the bible of world water resources (if there was one): a) fresh water as a resource is finite and vulnerable, and sustains life, economics and the environment; b) a participatory process should be in place to manage water development…. [read more]

Water an Overlooked Essential Nutrient Term Paper

… Water: An Overlooked Essential Nutrient.

A new battle is raging in Congress concerning Gatorade and enhanced water products in school vending machines. Should they be considered junk food and not allowed? or, are they truly of value to the students? According to an article in the September 26, 2007, Washington Post, public health advocates to ban the sale of Gatorade and Powerade, which normally contain up to two-thirds the sugar of sodas and more sodium, in addition to waters such as Vitamin Water and SoBe Life Water. Too much sodium intake by young people could surge high blood pressure. Nutritionists stipulate that sports drinks are not as healthful as claimed. A 12-ounce bottle of Gatorade Rain contains 75 calories, 21 grams of sugar and 165…. [read more]

Mono Lake California Case Study

… Mono Lake California

Mono Lake, California

Summary of the crisis

Mono Lake is located near the city of Los Angeles and has been in the spot light for the extensive damage done to it in the past few decades. As the population of Los Angeles soared, there was a shortage of water for its residents. This semi-arid area did not have a lot of options to cater to the growing water needs of its residents. So, Mono Basin became a prospective source of water and by 1941, water was diverted from four of the five feeders from the Mono Lake to the LA Aqueduct (Kahrl, 1983).

This water diversion helped the LADWP as well as the LA water consumers because water was available at a…. [read more]

Development and Destruction of Native California Essay

… ¶ … Destruction of Native California

(1) How did indigenous people adapt to California's environment? What explains the diversity of Native Californian societies?

Although the environmental conditions are quite different than what can be found elsewhere on the continent, there are many advantages, especially in resources, that can be found in California. The Native Californians adapted to environmental conditions that included high resource productivity and diversity, as well as to regular perturbations in local environments that included droughts, El Nino events, and other cyclical changes operating on a variety of scales (Daritt-Newton & Erlandson, 2006, p. 416). Therefore, while many adaptations were needed, many Native Californians were able to take advantage of the bountiful resources that the various regions that California offered.

Though there have…. [read more]

Future Wars of the Middle East Will Result Over Water Shortages Term Paper

… Water in the Middle East

Governments around the world have a primary concern over water availability and the Middle East and North Africa are no exception. The thesis evaluates the possibility of future wars throughout the Middle East and North Africa due to water scarcity and limited water resources presently being experienced in that region.

The paper starts by revealing the gravity of the situation by showing the present statistics surrounding the problem of water scarcity throughout the world. Thereafter, the paper highlights the importance of water in the national economy. From then on, the paper briefly discusses the present situation of water scarcity in the Middle East by noting down the present available resources of water in the Middle East. Lastly, the paper briefly…. [read more]

California Water System Term Paper

… Southern California Water System

Turn on the tap and fill a glass with water. It's a simple act that most people in developed areas of the world take for granted. But ensuring that the water is pure and getting it to the tap is not simple.

In 1876, Los Angeles' isolation made it unattractive to San Francisco's robber barons, but a spur line finally reached LA just in time to service the upstart southern Californian orange-growing industry. The first commercial grove proved so successful that a second crop was established in what is now Orange County.

By 1889, more than 13,000 acres (5200 hectares) were planted in citrus. LA's population jumped from 2300 in 1860 to more than 100,000 in 1900, despite the fact that…. [read more]

Water Shortage With All the Concern Term Paper

… Water Shortage

With all the concern over global warming and the rise of the water levels, one of the other main issues is being "watered down" (pun intended). According to a number of studies, with less than three percent of the world's water now acceptable for human use, the impact of a water shortage from the climate change could be catastrophic. The question is if enough preparations are being made for such an occurrence.

Between 1900 and 1995, the consumption of water climbed sixfold, or over two times the rate of population growth (Anderson, 2005). The United Nation estimates that by 2025, five billion of the world's expected 8 billion people will lack access to safe water (Funk, 2007). In fact, at current usage rates,…. [read more]

Water Crisis in "Crossroads Essay

… Water Crisis

In "Crossroads of a Water Crisis" Tara Lohan discusses the politics of water in California by framing the issue as part of a global water crisis. According to Lohan, California is one of the world's battlegrounds for water. California's water policy is emblematic of the larger problems facing access to clean drinking water throughout the world. In California, Lohan points out, major sources of clean water are diverted to big agriculture including ranching. The diversion of water to agro-business is problematic because there "simply is not enough water to go around," to sustain the population (p. 1). Lohan predicts that within the next fifty years or so, many Americans will not have access to clean drinking water. This is the case not only…. [read more]

Water Legislation Origins of Environmental Law Dissertation

… Water Legislation

Origins of Environmental Law in Canada and the United Kingdom

Humans have been stewards of the earth since at least the era in which they settled down into semi-permanent and then permanent farms. This does not, of course, mean that our species has been always provided good stewardship of the earth; rather it is the case that when humans ceased to be nomadic and connected themselves to a specific place, they began to make the connection between their own activities and the condition of the land around them. It was also at this point in human history that humans began to be aware of the issues surrounding their collective use of water. As soon as humans became settled and began to cultivate crops,…. [read more]

California History US Essay

… Spanish Influence on California From 1542 Through the Early 1800s

In 1542, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, a Portuguese navigator sailing for the Spanish Crown, sailed from western Mexico north to San Diego Bay, claiming the "Island of California" (he was mistaken) for Spain.

Though many more expeditions by several other European countries followed over the next 100 years or so, none resulted in any permanent settlements. The truth is that, until the late 1700s, there was precious little that the Spanish could influence in California.

The Spanish King, Carlos III, decided that Spain would have to physically occupy California or risk losing it. In 1697, the Jesuit missionary Juan Maria de Salvatierra established the first permanent mission in Baja California Sur, which was part of New…. [read more]

Saving the Tuolumne Essay

… California Water Pricing

The proposed hydroelectric Clavey-Wards Ferry water project development should not be allowed. The river resource has already been developed to over capacity. Further development may ruin the precious natural resource beyond repair, including the drying up of the remaining down stream water supply to the California population in that area.

The following arguments support my recommendation:

By 1983 existing water projects captured 90% of the Tuolomne River's water. There simply is not much more to be taken (Kincaid, 1). Even a former California State Department of Fish and Game biologist's estimate that the new reservoir would contain less than 10 pounds of fish per acre as compared to the Tuolumne's present 1000 pounds per acre (Ibid, 6).

Every source of power has…. [read more]

Keeping California's Oceans Healthy for Future Generations of Scuba Divers Term Paper

… Scuba Diving in California's Oceans

Scuba diving is a recreational activity that is rapidly gaining popularity, as equipment has become more professional, easier to work with, and widely available to the public. People may choose to scuba dive for a number of different reasons. Some do so on a professional level, to investigated oceanographic matters, to investigate elements such as shipwrecks, or merely for recreational purposes, such as observing fish and plant species under water. Because an increasing number of people are scuba diving, the danger to the underwater environment is increasing. Some scuba divers may for example cause unintentional harm to the environment. Currently, environmentalism is gaining importance in the public mind. In society, we are much more aware of preserving our resources for…. [read more]

Arizona Over Use of Natural Resources and the Shortage of Waters Research Proposal

… Arizona Water Shortage

Arizona's Water Resources

Arizona citizens may face a crisis the size of the Sonoma Desert if water supplies into the Colorado River do not increase in the near future. Parched Arizona may be declared a drought area by 2011 if the situation is not remedied quickly (Blake). The following will explore water usage and culture, as it relates to the looming water crisis. It will support the thesis that American consumerism and reckless conservation practices are the key factors that will ultimately lead to the demise of Arizona's water table.

Understanding the Arizona water supply

Arizona receives its water from the Colorado River. The supply is replenished every year as snowmelt in the spring runs down the steep banks and begins its…. [read more]

Should the Government Ban Bottled Water? Research Paper

… ¶ … Bottled Water Be Banned?

Why are Americans, Europeans, and other citizens around the globe buying bottled water in such enormous quantities? What is wrong with the water their communities provide? These questions are the essence of the issues addressed in this paper and these are the salient questions that need to be answered in order to understand why billions of plastic bottles are filled with water and sold in supermarkets and elsewhere every year. If a family cannot be certain that the water they drink from the tap in their kitchens is truly safe, what is their alternative?

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), among the most respected and visible conservation and environmental organizations, "pollution and deteriorating, out-of-date plumbing" are delivering…. [read more]

Oceans and Waters Surface Runoff Essay

… It should also be recognized that this type of intervention can have numerous other impacts on sea and water life. Bulkheads can shut of nature's supply of sand and sentiment to the area. Installing them can destroy beach and water plant growths, removing shade and shelter for shallow water fish, insects, etc. Noted a Pugent Sound guide on this issue:

Bulkheads and other armoring devices can degrade the nearshore habitats that provide food for many benthic feeding fish, including salmon. In addition, spawning areas for surf smelt, sand lance, and herring may be lost due to removal of fine sediments from the intertidal zone (Puget Sound).


Bulkheads and Seawalls. Unattributed web posting. No date. .

California EPA. Urban runoff and water pollution. California Environmental…. [read more]

Vietnamese Immigration to California Thesis

… Vietnamese Immigration to California: 1975 to 1995

The United States is a country of immigrants, and except for the Native Americans who were already here, everyone in the nation can trace their roots to another country. Indeed, wave after wave of European and Asian immigrants arrived on the shores of America during the 19th and 20th centuries, and millions of people from other countries continue to seek a better life in the United States today. While most people who emigrate to the United States share a common goal of seeking a better life for themselves and their families, there are also other and vastly different reasons that compelled them to make this life-changing decision and this was certainly the case with the large numbers of…. [read more]

Natural Energy Resources Term Paper

… Managing Natural Resources - Natural Gas

Natural gas is a non-renewable energy source. It is often found with oil. Natural gas makes up a significant proportion of the energy used by the United States. Effective management of this energy source is vital. Though the United States is a major producer of natural gas, it also must import to meet its needs. Management must cover not only extraction, processing and distribution within the United States, but it must also constructively interact with the demands of the rest of the world to secure natural gas imports. Economics, politics and environmental concerns must all be properly addressed to create an effective management system that everyone can live with.

Today, natural gas has become an important energy resource in…. [read more]

Conflict of Resources Term Paper

… War for Resources

Chris Hedges (2001), a war correspondent, argues that war has continued through the ages because many human beings the world over live in a state of spiritual emptiness. Their lives lack meaning and purpose. And because of this emptiness, which they long to fill, they accept the myth that war is something grand and noble. There is a cause to uphold that is worth dying for. Without belief in this myth, nobody would join the military to do "the important work of defending our great country."

Without the myth that if threatened by an enemy, we have every right to kill, and if we are injured or die, our sacrifice is an honor and a privilege because it was for a just…. [read more]

Cte California Career and Technical Research Paper

… Accidents can happen with even the best health care providers if they are not mindful of what they are doing or if they try to take too many shortcuts. The health and safety of both practitioners and patients is of utmost importance.

California Career and Technical Education Standards (2564)

Industry Sector Health Science and Medical Technology

Strand D2.0 Students understand the protocols and practices necessary to maintain a clean and healthy work environment. (30)

Standard D2.2 Use various manual and mechanical techniques and procedures for decontamination and sterilization.

Standard Performance Objective: Given tasks in the dental office, student will demonstrate competency in performing their duties properly and safely within prescribed guidelines, referring to appropriate text in manuals as necessary.

Lesson Objective: At the…. [read more]

Deforestation and Water Pollutions Issues in Mexico Term Paper

… ¶ … deforestation and water pollutions issues in Mexico. The writer explore the various problems that they cause and things that the government implements for the purpose of correcting or reversing the problems. There were four sources used to complete this paper.

For many years in history mankind used the earth's natural resources without any thought to what may happen in the future. Recently however, that changed as scientists began to provide warnings to the world that the earth's natural resources are not an unlimited supply and that the insults mankind visits upon them are creating a crisis in today's world as well as setting up serious problems for future generations. The region of Mexico has been dealing with serious natural resource threats for some…. [read more]

Natural Resource and Energy Essay

… As per estimation, I the year 2008 about 20% of the global final energy consumptions come from renewable energy resource. Renewable energy resources accounts for 18% of electricity generation in the entire world.

Big Bear Lake produces renewable energy ecosystem classified as Biomes. Biome is a sub-ecosystem made from plants, animals and soil organism. The biggest sources of getting this renewable energy source are leaf, trees, plant spacing, forest and timber & woodland. All these renewable energy resources have become particularly important politically and have a definite advantage as well. The availability of freshwater, terrestrial land and marine biome becomes easy through the utilization of renewable energy resources, but excessive usage of these things not only makes the environment polluted but also increased the global…. [read more]

Federal, State, County Public Health Essay

… Without considering setting or location, nurses in community health offer comprehensive health programs for patients, communities, groups, and families. While operating in different settings, these nurses focus on the provision of services that emphasize dignity, respect, compassion and caring (Health, 2010).

Previously, nurses in public health acknowledged the importance of community-based programs such that individual patients who were suffering from health risks were linked to community health. Public health has fostered many reforms in public health policy. Public health continues to make significant contributions to the health of community members. The practice of public health entails provision of protection and provision of healthcare to patients. Unlike community health, which focuses on individuals within a specified area, the practice focuses on the general population. This focus…. [read more]

Leadership and Human Resources Sunflower Term Paper

… According to Maxwell (2003), leadership by example is the key to successful leadership because it is the number one motivational, training, mentoring, and value principle.

The executive team developed a core value that would guide the way Sunflower conducted its business. This core value, "people are to be treated with dignity and respect" was simple, but powerful. The consulting team trained Sunflower's executive management team using this value and recommended changes for a manager who had a personality inconsistent with the new management style. In addition, the consultants trained Sunflower's operations management in participatory management and conflict resolutions. The training was later extended to Sunflower's line staff and first-line supervisors. Although improvement was evident after the training program, more work was needed. There was still…. [read more]

Immigrants' Access to Resources Immigration Research Paper

… Stakeholders

All Americans have some 'stake' in addressing the problem of illegal immigration and creating a compassionate solution. Immigrant workers play a vital role in the nation's economy at every level. While it is necessary to have a 'secure' border on one hand, without the labor of immigrant workers, many jobs in a variety of economic sectors would be unfulfilled, and regarding the education of immigrants, an educated populace is essential for America to move forward economically (Kurtzleben 2013)

Overview of the history of federal social welfare policy in this area

At present, immigration reform remains an unpopular issue to debate in Congress, as evidenced in the fact that the DREAM Act has yet to be signed into law. However, the considerable demographic influence of…. [read more]

SF Water Pollution by Homeless People Research Paper

… The other stakeholders are the Environmental Protection Agency tasked with environmental protection across all states and cities in the United States.

Problem Identification

The problem is water pollution that is caused by the homeless population in San Francisco, California. Governmental intervention through establishing a public policy would help address the issue of pollution brought by homeless people in San Francisco, CA (Almendrala, 2020). As shown in the background section, San Francisco has one of the highest number of homeless people in California. The size of this population continues to generate concerns as they place new demands for better housing or shelters. As the city grapples with an increase in this population, additional issues relating to their welfare and health also emerge. One of…. [read more]

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