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Cam Therapy Herbal or Botanical Medicines Term Paper

… Herbal or Botanical Medicine

Herbal Medicines Pose Health Risk to Millions in Asia. By Sifferlin, A.

Herbal or botanical medicines are increasingly being used today. There are various articles as well as scholarly journals that have been written on herbal medicine. This paper will analyze two magazine articles and two scholarly journals on herbal medicines.

Herbal Medicines Pose Health Risk to Millions in Asia

The article talks of a particular herbal remedy that was banned in U.S.A and European countries but still being used in Asia. There was a connection made by researchers on an epidemic of kidney on women in Belgium that had been using herbal medicine to lose their weight. The kidney problems were attributed to Aristolochic acid belonging to birthwort plants. This…. [read more]

Cam Regulatory Overview Natural Products: Herbs (Botanicals) Term Paper

… CAM Regulatory Overview

Natural products: Herbs (botanicals)

Herbal supplements are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the same organization that regulates prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Herbs are subject to less stringent regulatory standards. Once it is on the market the FDA can 'pull' a product that has been demonstrated to be unsafe, as in the case of the weight loss herb ephedra. Although supplements are marketed with warning labels that the products are "not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease" it would seem to be in the public's interest to test new products to ensure that they are not actively harmful (Using dietary supplements wisely, 2009, NCCAM).

Mind-body: Acupuncture

Acupuncture is one of the best-regulated forms of CAM in…. [read more]

Cam Therapeutic Modalities Term Paper

… Alternative medicine is any medicine that is contrary to evidence-based medicine usually initiating from a historical or cultural, rather than evidence-based or scientific, background. Examples include Reiki, yoga, meditation, naturopathy, chiropractice, Ayurveda, acupuncture, biofeedback, hypnosis, homeopathy, nutritional-based practices and many other healing methods, some more controversial than others. Complementary medicine (CAM) refers to the integration of one or more approaches of alternative therapy with conventional medicine. Integrative medicine (IM), the goal being to treat mind, body, and person concurrently, focuses on treating the person not the disease and uses alternative medicine to do so. It is synonymous to CAM, but, perhaps, exceeds that by referring to the healthcare system as a whole and ensures that the approaches used are safe and effective.

Whilst CAM and…. [read more]

Patients Turn to Complementary Essay

… In line with this, they will analyze and document progress data of fellow nurses. During the implementation, the coordinator of the study will need to keenly monitor the process and be readily accessible to staff on the study units to give the needed direction. It is essential that follow-up as a reinforcement of the practice change be properly coordinated

Step 6: Integrate and Maintain the Change in Practice

In integrating combining traditional or western medicine with alternative or complimentary therapy, the research team will seek other nurses' feedback about feasibility and benefits related to the interventions highlighted above. In addition, in-service sessions concerning the new protocol will be presented to nurses caring for patients within the hospice centers. Moreover, periodic monitoring of the changes will…. [read more]

Transcultural Nursing Essay

… CAM Therapy:

According to the findings of the National Health Interview Survey in 2007, many Americans i.e. 38% of adults tend to use Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in their efforts to be healthy and promote their well-being ("What is Complementary and Alternative Medicine?" 2012). One of the major types of complementary and alternative medicine is natural products that incorporate the use of various herbal medicines or botanicals, minerals, vitamins, and other natural items. While this CAM therapy also includes probiotics, most of the natural products are sold over the counter as dietary supplements. Probiotics are live microorganisms or bacteria that are akin to microbes usually found in the human digestive tract that have beneficial impacts. The origin of this CAM therapy can be traced…. [read more]

Medical Anthropology Term Paper

… Alternative Medicine

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Altshuler, Larry

2004 Balanced Healing: Combining Modern Medicine & Safe & Effective Alternative Therapies. Gig Harbor, WA: Harbor Press.

A reference guide for anyone who wants to benefit from alternative healing methods, without replacing the advanced benefits of contemporary medicine. Dr. Altshuler, with 25 years of experience in alternative medicine, divides the book into two sections, and gives readers a holistic approach to health care. The first section addresses the types of experiences one might encounter from both conventional and alternative medicine. This is done via a comparison of advantages, issues, benefits and risks of both approaches. The second section within the book serves as a desk reference for most common ailments, with corresponding treatment protocols for each. This…. [read more]

Business Plan for Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner Business Plan

… Business Plan

This business plan pertains to a new Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinic, to be located in Koreatown, Los Angeles. The clinic will primarily target the area's sizeable Korean population, as well as draw from other areas of the city. The clinic will be set up in a small, three room office. Initially, there will be no staff, only practitioner Mr. Ahn. After six months, revenues will be sufficient to hire a part-time receptionist.

The financing of the venture will come from Mr. Ahn, who has $200,000 in personal savings. The initial startup costs are estimated to be around $10,000 but could range upwards of $15,000. There will be no need for bank financing given the cost structure and estimated time to breakeven for…. [read more]

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