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Health Care Delivery Systems Research Paper

… The best practices principles identified by the World Health Organization are: (1) The partnership or collaborative arrangement demonstrates a clear added value; (2) The partnership or collaborative arrangement has a clear goal that concerns a priority area for WHO; (3) The partnership or collaborative arrangement supports national development objectives; (4) The partnership or collaborative arrangement ensures adequate participation of stakeholders; (5) The roles of partners are clear; (6) Pursuit of the public health goal takes precedence over the special interests of participants; (7) The structure of the partnership or collaborative arrangement corresponds to the proposed functions; and (8) The partnership or collaborative arrangement has an evaluation or self-monitoring mechanism.

8. Key Strategic Planning Elements in Healthcare Systems Management

The strategic planning elements most frequently utilized…. [read more]

Healthcare Issues, Systems, and Policies Essay

… By inundating members of both houses of Congress with lobbyists, that sector (just like the investment and banking sectors) employs approximately six lobbyists per legislator (Kennedy, 2006).

The relationships and tacit mutual understandings that are generated through this political lobbying process routinely produce legislation that is economically beneficial to the industries represented by lobbyists and (in effect) also stifles any legislative changes that would limit or threaten the profitability of the healthcare and health insurance industry. In addition to the direct effect of premium increases on healthcare costs, the complete dominance of private healthcare by the health insurance companies (and certain inefficiencies in Medicare and Medicaid) contributes indirectly (but substantially) to the cost of healthcare by encouraging providers to increase their fees for services, since…. [read more]

Systems Theory Discuss Relationship Essay

… By seeking to alter these systems (for example, urging the client to seek more support from friends and altering his or her routine as well as eating different foods), the nurse can help enact more proactive changes. Systems theory can be helpful to nurses in highlighting what different patient 'systems' must be changed to improve health in a holistic fashion, rather than focusing on individual systems or singular components of the illness.

Diffusion of innovation theory and the nursing process

According to Rogers' diffusion of innovation theory, there are "five categories of adopters of an innovation: innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority, and laggards. Sometimes, a sixth group is added: non-adopters" (Kaminski 2011). I have seen this in my workplace on many occasions. When…. [read more]

Healthcare Delivery of Quality Essay

… Since provision of healthcare facilities is the prime responsibility of government in welfare state, it should ensure that people are aware of the necessity of sunlight for production of vitamin D in human body. There must be special arrangements for public awareness that sunlight is beneficial to health and easily accessible programs should be arranged for it.


The biggest source of Vitamin D is direct exposure to sunlight for considerably long period of time. The modern life style has compelled the human beings to stay in-door to protect themselves from sun and heat. High industrialization has deprived them from the natural minerals and most of the food items are frozen. Hence, Vitamin D deficiency is on rise.

In order to control this situation, it…. [read more]

Health Care Industry in America Essay

… American physicians feel that American health care does not work well and needs rebuilding (Blendon, 2001).

From the consumers' point-of-view, there is a great deal of dissatisfaction in the quality of health care (Davis, 2006). A variety of studies have revealed that U.S. consumers are not satisfied with the quality of communication between themselves and their physician especially in regard to making health care decisions but the one area where American consumers express satisfaction in is the area of the timeliness of their treatment. Here Americans were satisfied in their ability to see a specialist or obtain elective surgery but they still complained about being able to readily obtain care on nights and weekends.

The overall level of dissatisfaction and the empirical evidence that seemingly…. [read more]

Canadian Health Care System Research Proposal

… Canadian Health Care System

There are hundreds maybe even thousands of different opinions and studies that have been done over the years, on the advantages and disadvantages of Canada's health care system. The disadvantages tend to focus on the significant problems throughout the system. The one that tops most lists, as one of the biggest problems, is the waiting time for medical care. To focus on this problem and to explain some of the measures that have been and still need to be completed, we first need to understand the basics of the Canadian Health Care System.

Canada's health care system has been a work in progress since its inception. Reforms have been made over the past four decades and will continue in response to…. [read more]

Health Care Systems in Today Term Paper

… By considering the above mentioned details, it can be stated clearly that the health care system of Canada is the best of all since it is quite transparent as government itself is the regulatory authority for all funding and expenses and there is no confusion within the system itself. By spending less GDP in comparison with other developed countries like U.S., UK and Germany, Canada has achieved high rates of life expectancy and good health care system which is undoubtedly the best amongst all. The Canadians are enjoying good facilities of health care and the system is progressing more and more. U.S., UK and Germany lacks behind Canada in their health care systems as they rather established an organization for funding purposes or have a…. [read more]

Healthcare for Pregnant Women Comparison Term Paper

… Annual Review of Sociology, 21, 349.

Crook, M. (1995). My body: Women speak out about their health care. New York: Insight


Darmstadt, G.L., Lawn, J.E. & Costello, A. (2003). Advancing the state of the world's newborns. Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 81(3), 224-5.

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Westview Press.

McDowell, C. (1996). A Tamil Asylum Diaspora: Sri Lankan Migration, Settlement and Politics in Switzerland. Providence, RI: Berghahn Books.

McGarry, K. (December 2002). Public Policy and the U.S. Health Insurance Market: Direct

and Indirect Provision of Insurance. National Tax Journal, 55(4), 789.

Mhatre, S. & Derber, R. (1992). From equal…. [read more]

Healthcare - The Truth About Fraud Term Paper

… Healthcare - the Truth About Fraud

In a quest to deeply understand the various management theories in healthcare today, this report uses an approach of first trying to understand some of the healthcare industry's concerns which in turn affect their options when applying their management theories. The article chosen was authored by Chris Farnsworth and is entitled 'The Truth About Fraud' which was in the May 1, 1997, Washington Monthly. The media today consistently puts out a message that the healthcare industry is currently trying to tackle concerns around the likes of fraud, abuse and waste. No management team in any industry will ever be able to produce an outstanding product or service if that team' management theories must first contend with these types of…. [read more]

Health Care Reform to Place Our Nation Thesis

… Health Care Reform

To place our nation's health care under the very government that is now at the center of our fiscal problems, and which is piling up debt by the trillions even without health care, while the jobless rate continues to skyrocket, is not only fruitless, it is scandalous if not immoral. It is also implanting too much authority in the federal government vs. The individual states. In short, it is a gamble this country cannot afford to take with a federal government that has not proven it can run itself in an effective manner.

Fannie May, a federal government-sponsored and subsidized mortgage-lending institution, failed. The U.S. Post Office was $2.8 billion in debt in 2008 (CBS news, para. 3). It continues to be…. [read more]

Healthcare Reform: Recommendations and Analysis Essay

… gov). This compromise solution allows Americans who are satisfied with their health insurance to keep their coverage, while addressing the critical need for all Americans to be insured. The administration also aspires to create affordable insurance exchanges, in which people looking for affordable care could look for and compare private health plans (Key features of the law, 2009,

Recommendation 3: The Houston Chronicle

The Chronicle also points out that obesity rates are climbing, contributing to a rise in chronic health conditions that tap the resources of the healthcare system (Universal care: The United States' system of health care delivery is inadequate, broken and needs to be replaced, 2007, The Houston Chronicle). Even if universal coverage is achieved, there is still a need for greater…. [read more]

Healthcare Spending the United States Essay

… The Medicare and Medicaid programs are also reformed and designing Insurance-like setups that would help people getting direct access; thus, cutting down the expenses on healthcare programs.

Moreover, insurers and healthcare providers are directly dealing with each other and making new payment models thus sharing the risk of healthcare coverage. This has also increased the level of employers' interest in workers' healthcare. These shifts are improving the healthcare system but the economic downturn has increased. However, these changes will make significant improvements in healthcare till 2014. (Matthews, 2011)


Currently, the condition of U.S. Health Care System is worse than any other industrial countries. Expenditures are high and health outcomes are quite poor. But since the Healthcare Reform Law 2010, the future of healthcare in…. [read more]

Healthcare Policy Reform Literature Review

… Healthcare Reform

Review of Literature: Healthcare Reform Debate

Review of Literature; Health Care Reform Debate

The debate regarding the reformation of health care in the U.S. has been heated for decades, with real change plans being proposed by several sitting presidential administrations beginning near the close of WWII. All of these administrations' proposals were the source of near endless debate and ranged in nature from full universal state sponsored health coverage to massive overhauls of the current fee for service private pay option, usually including a sizable public funding option. (Helms, 2006, pp. 5-6) According to Helms and many other experts on the subject of health care reform this dichotomy is the basic outline of the debate regarding health care reform, as some believe that…. [read more]

Governmental Healthcare Centers Concentrate Introduction Chapter

… A concomitant consequence of this law was to "entrenched the hospital and physician-centered model of Medicare by limiting insured health services covered by the five governing principles of the Act -- public administration, universality, accessibility, portability, and comprehensiveness -to medically necessary hospital and physician services" (Romanow & Marchildon, 2003, p. 284). With respect to accessibility in particular, Romanow and Marchildon emphasize that the vagaries of the CHA with respect to the delivery of health care services has created a privileged system in some territories and provinces. In this regard, these researchers report that, "Although the CHA has never blocked the provinces from providing a broader range of services under their respective health plans, it has meant that both hospital services and primary care physician services…. [read more]

America's Medical System Is Broken Research Paper

… This would made American companies free enough to give attention to the development and competitiveness with no worries regarding the mounting health care costs. It would make health. We need an insurance system that is obligatory for all the citizens of the United States and one which would be offering munificent financial assistance and large risk pools to lend a hand to the poor. A medical system with an approach to health care delivery and emphasis on prevention, early diagnosis, and evidence-based treatments is the need of the time. We must free ourselves from a system that is too costly and guided by "known-to-be ineffective diagnostic and treatment techniques" (Nichols 1).

To cut a long story short, America is in need of a medical care…. [read more]

System Design Considerations and Workarounds Essay

… References

Australian National Health Informatics Conference, Maeder, A., & Martin-Sanchez, F.J.

(2012). Health Informatics: Building a healthcare future through trusted information;

selected papers from the 20th Australian National Health Informatics Conference (HIC

2012). Amsterdam: IOS Press Inc.

Azad, B., & King, N. (2008). Enacting computer workaround practices within a medication dispensing system. European Journal of Information Systems, 17(3), 264-278.


Buerhaus, P.I. (2013). Human factors engineering, bar coding medication administration, and nursing: An interview with drs. richard holden and laurie L. novak. Nursing Economics, 31(4), 190-193,197. Retrieved from

Ball, M.J., & Hannah, K.J. (2011). Nursing informatics: Where technology and caring meet.

London: Springer.

McGonigle, D., & Mastrian, K.G. (2012). Nursing informatics and the foundation of knowledge.

Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

Debono, D.S.,…. [read more]

Poor Leadership in Healthcare Solutions Capstone Project

… Are They Working?

As has been reported, 70% of attempted solutions to poor leadership and its major failures have not been implemented (Walshe & Shortell, 2004). Research shows that this is because of barriers to the disclosure and investigation of these major failures. These barriers are the endemic culture of secrecy and protectionism in healthcare facilities, common in every country; fragmented knowledge about these major failures among different individuals; individual self-deception and the tendency to rationalize; simply leaving the facility without the proper disclosure; settled civil actions bound by non-disclosure agreements; and duplication of effort and the costs and the time required to disclose and investigate (Walshe & Shortell).

A Recommended Plan or Approach

A rational plan or approach to solve these major failures and…. [read more]

Exploring and Critiquing the Relevance and Applicability of Health Essay

… Healthcare Promotion, Prevention, And the Role of Nurses

According to the World Health Organization (2005), "health promotion is the process of enabling people to increase control over their health and its determinants, and thereby improve their health." In order to successfully implement healthcare promotion, it is also necessary to take a deeper look at the variables and factors that affect people's health on a daily basis. These factors often include aspects of a person's life including their income, background, work environment, and diet. Once it is understood that healthcare promotion is different for everyone, and that the many different factors that play varying roles in this field can change the dynamics from person to person and case to case, the act of healthcare promotion is…. [read more]

Health Information Privacy Legislation Essay

… (Kirch, 2008). In the words of Gostin (2008), "disclosure of some conditions…can be stigmatizing and may cause embarrassment, social isolation, and loss of self-esteem." In that regard, the province should have the necessary health information privacy in place in an attempt to protect the well-being of the general public as well as that of those to whom such disclosure would cause the greatest harm.

It is also important to note that in this age of electronic health records (EHRs), threats of unauthorized network intrusion have significantly increased. In basic terms, an EHR according to Shortliffe and Cimino (2006) "is a repository of electronically maintained information about an individual's lifetime health status and health care…" Although it remains highly relevant in the enhancement of efficiency when…. [read more]

Global Health Care Term Paper

… Martens, Pim. (200). "Health Transitions in a Globalising World: Towards More Disease or Sustained Health?" Futures, Vol. 34, Issue 7, p. 635+

In this journal study, Pim Martens argues that the concept of 'transitions' is useful for addressing and defining the current and future health status of the world as directly related to the process of globalization. Martens begins by a discussion of the current factors that affect human health and then discusses the health transitions evident throughout history. Next the focus is on trends and developments in health and disease among various populations of the world. He measures these trends according to the following three suppositions of future ages:

the age of emerging infectious diseases the age of medical technology the age of sustained…. [read more]

Canadian Economy Essay

… Canadian Economy

Evaluating the Canadian economy: Equality in healthcare, taxation, and education

"The Canadian economy is organized in a way that brings the maximum benefit to all Canadians." Compared with its neighbor 'south of the border,' Canada has often been characterized as more of a social welfare state in the European model, in contrast to its more laissez-faire American counterpart. Its system of universal health care, progressive taxation and less expensive educational system strive to maximize the value of the system for all citizens, not merely the wealthiest. Although not every aspect of its policies can be characterized as progressive, and its 'safety net' of benefits is not as extensive as those extended to citizens in many EU nations such as Sweden, Canada does not…. [read more]

Healthcare Health Care Research Thesis

… Healthcare

Health Care Research

Health care in the United States is provided to the people by many separate sources. There is no nationwide system of government owned facilities from which the citizens can partake. Ownership of the health care system is done through private entities, although there are some federal, states, county, and city owned facilities (David, 2005). The majority of citizens have private insurance to cover the cost of medical services. Public insurance is provided for the poor in the form of Medicaid and for those over the age of 65 in the form of Medicare. Basically healthcare in the U.S. is run by the medical providers and the insurance companies.

Federal spending in America on health care is staggering. In the year 2007,…. [read more]

Canadian Healthcare System Pros and Cons Term Paper

… Canadian Healthcare System

Pros and Cons of the Canadian Healthcare System

The Canadian Healthcare System is considered as among the best in the world. This is because it is controlled and paid by the government, thus equal access to health care is given to every citizen of Canada. Moreover, because Canada devotes budgets to health care, the spiraling of health care costs is monitored and controlled. However, despite of these benefits, there are also some difficulties in Canada's health care system that require attention.

A ping the issues in Canada's health care system is the quality of care. For instance, there are complains regarding delays in the public healthcare system of Canada. As indicated by a high court, from Walter Williams' article Why Canadians Purchase…. [read more]

1970s, Streamlining American Healthcare Term Paper

… " Even though we have developed statistical replicas that seem to authorize the delivery of homogeneous treatments on a collective basis to all patients, the principles differ extremely for the diverse groups of customers who buy diverse, personalized health care and insurance products (Marquis and group, 2004).

The antagonism to describe health care reality that has taken place as different interest groups have used their authority in the health care arena has not been equivalent. Corporate America has had far superior access than regular citizens to the social institutions, as well as, means through which corporate thinkers can mirror their philosophies, concurrently executing incredibly tangible social guidelines and legitimating them with the new "information," this use of power constructs. This is correct for corporate managers…. [read more]

Health Care Privatization Term Paper

… Health Care Privatization

Unlike a government-operated, tax-funded system -- the type of system, generally referred to as national health care, currently operated in Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere, the majority of healthcare funding in the U.S. comes from the private sector. With respect to these private funds, health insurance has replaced out-of-pocket consumer spending as the major source of payment. Many critics of the American system point out that there are too may uninsured Americans, that there is too much money being spent and that many employees receive restricted coverage. They claim that national health care would eliminate these problems while providing better service at a lower cost. However, existing evidence shows that taxes would skyrocket and health care services would dramatically deteriorate…. [read more]

How the Effect of Age Gender and Income on Support of Health Research Paper

… ¶ … Health

Factors Influencing Support of Health




Today, health support system has become a significant aspect in our society. With the growth and advancement in technology, nations have evolved their heath support system and it has become a significant aspect of the life of every individual. The welfares of a perfect health care system are plentiful. Numerous aspects can affect the health of individuals like the area where one resides, the condition of the government, income of the person and the level of education that one has acquired, genetics, the condition of the surrounding environment, while the more normally measured effects such as access and use of health care services often have less of an influence. Apart from all these measures…. [read more]

Healthcare Government Regulations the Role Essay

… Though some estimates say that there is an error in 1 out of 10 electronic prescriptions (By the Numbers, 2011) the experience I have had working with electronic prescriptions is that many more errors are made in transmission of electronic prescriptions and many more errors are also made transmitting those prescriptions from the electronic format to a physical prescription due to the format of the e-prescribing system as well as core errors in the prescriptions themselves. Errors like capsules vs. tablets, quantity of medication, days supply, extended release vs. immediate release, wrong drug pick and the sig of the prescription (that eventually tells the patient how to take the drug) occur in more like 1 in 6 prescriptions and require follow up to doctors or…. [read more]

Healthcare Legislative Bill the Expanded Essay

… If enacted, the bill guarantees that in the next few years, every person in the United States of America will have adequate health insurance protection funded by the state. This will then reduce the number of America's uninsured people from the current twenty percent. This will be achieved through the numerous subsidies meant to encourage relatively small employers to buy insurance covers for their employees and make it easier for them to qualify for state sponsored Medicaid (McCormick, 2009).

Impact of the Bill on Administrative Resources

The government is yet to analyze the cost of the bill but it is largely anticipated that by paying up to fifty-five per cent of all medical costs not already not covered by the national health care program will…. [read more]

Health Care Debate Essay

… Health Care Debate

Over the last several years, the issue of universal health care has been continuously brought to the forefront. This is because the overall costs have been consistently rising, which has been having ripple effects across the entire industry. A good example of this can be seen by doing a comparison of costs going back to 1970. In a study conducted by the Kaiser Foundation, they found that health costs have risen dramatically between 1970 and 2006. Where, costs were $356 per person in 1970 and accounted for 7.2% of the total GDP spending. In 2006, this number accounted for 15.3% of the total GDP spending; and it is expected to increase dramatically by 2018, where spending will account for $13,100 per person…. [read more]

Health Care Healthcare Questions Compare the Dutch Term Paper

… Health Care

Healthcare Questions

Compare the Dutch, German and British healthcare systems in terms of financing and delivery structures and incentives.

Dutch health care is financed with a mix of public and private funding. It has been described as a "hybrid of the German social insurance model and the American private insurance model" (Schippers 2002). Public funding, including social insurance, mandatory private insurance and tax subsidies, contributes over 85% of healthcare funding for the Dutch but their supply is predominantly private in character. Also, "one guiding principle" of the Dutch system is "that if people become able to pay for themselves they should...unlike their German neighbors who may, having reached an annually determined income threshold, choose whether or not to leave the statutory scheme, the…. [read more]

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