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Canadian Senate Politics Essay

… This unaccountability also extends to cronyism within the Senate. According to Wherry (2013), even the most idealistic of new appointees fall into the seduction of providing rewards to friends and family. Senator Harper, for example, has provided senatorships to major party donors, his former communications advisors, and others who appear unqualified for heir positions, including former newsman Mike Duffy. Indeed, it appears that Harper's seven years on the Senate has eroded his idealism to the point that little remains except corruption and a maintenance of the status quo.

As for the proposal to reform rather than altogether dissolving the Senate, this side of the debate share prominence with the proposal to abolish it. There are several pertinent questions around the reform proposal. First, one must…. [read more]

Canadian Foreign Policy a Brave Reaction Paper

… The issue, however, is that Canadians are seldom asked to make difficult decisions in trade in regards to spending: if more money is to be provided to these outwardly focused strategy parts, what are they actually willing to spend less on is the question that I discovered?

An additional issue that I discovered what the fact that the degree of support established for internationalism is way out of percentage with the evidences on the ground. "Even though Canada slept" to copy the title of Andrew Cohen's new manuscript Canada's military competence has really gone down fast (it positions near the lowest of the NATO list in footings of The Gazette, Montreal "Canadians are doing bizarre stuff in the globe," narrates Jennifer Welsh, noting Stephen Lewis's…. [read more]

Canadian Canada Capstone Project

… They do this through by coming up with projects whose aim is to conserve the environment. Some of the investments made to promote biodiversity include the conservation of sensitive land. This is for the purpose of the protection of rare species that living in these areas. The other investment is the creation of areas for national wildlife and bird sanctuaries. The government also has come up with an action plan that would be able to maintain and protect the three coasts in Canada (De, la, p. 20). The investments for protecting the waters also make the Canadian authorities responsible for maintaining its heritage. These are only a few of the actions that the government has tried to implement in order to maintain the national heritage…. [read more]

Canadian Social Policy Essay

… Canadian Social Policy

The title of the article by Gerard Boismenu and Peter Graefe provides a strong hint as to the intended message and impact of this piece. "Tool Belt" reads like something is being forced into position rather than by legislative cooperation, or that something needs mechanical manipulation; and "Attempts to Rebuild Social Policy Leadership," suggest that there is no current leadership (Boismenu, et al., 2004, p. 71). In addition, a phrase in the first sentence offers the reader the sense that this paper is going to take the Canadian government to task: "unilateral action" in reference to any government policy reads as arbitrary, undemocratic, and is not what parliamentary leadership is supposed to be about.

And as the reader continues through this scholarly…. [read more]

Canadian Prime Minister Too Powerful? Research Paper

… As an example, "the prime minister has flexed his proverbial political muscle once again with the introduction of a draconian terror law which will allow for police detention of suspects without charges for up to 72 hours and for judges to compel witnesses to testify at trial" (Radia, 2011). This is important to take into account because of the pressures that are being made on the society in following these pieces of legislation. The police detention can be seen as an abuse especially taking into account the example of the neighboring country the United States where such piece of legislation would cause serious concern related to the way in which the applicability would infringe the civil rights of individuals.

Finally, another aspect that is relevant…. [read more]

Canadian Politics Term Paper

… Canadian Politics

Canada is a nation that is comprised of ten provinces and three territories. Those provinces and territories span five regions: the Atlantic (Maritime region), Central Canada, the prairies, the West Coast and North (DeRocco 2009, 61). Every province in Canada works with Canada's federal government to make sure that Canada is progressing nicely; however, each of these provinces, it must be noted, has its own government. There is one question that plagues Canadian society and politics: Should Canada become a republic or retain its constitutional monarchy? While there are many arguments out there for keeping the status quo, there are just as many arguments that can debunk pro-monarchy assertions -- for example, most developed nations have moved past the archaic concepts of nobles…. [read more]

Canadian Federal Elections Term Paper

… Canadian Federal Elections

Low voter turnout in the Canadian Federal Elections has long been an issue in Canada for quite some time. As Knox noted back in 1984, "participation in Canadian federal elections since 1960 has ranged from a high of 79% in 1962 and 1963, to a low (at that time) of 69% in 1980."

This, as Knox continues, is dramatically low when compared to other European national elections, such as France who had an 85.8% voter turnout in 1981 or Sweden with a 91.5% turnout in 1982, or West Germany with an 89.1% turnout of voters in 1982. By the 2000 national elections, the percentage of voter turnout in Canada was a disturbingly low 64.1% of registered voters (Heard). This paper explores the…. [read more]

Canadian Labour in "The Honest Workingman Term Paper

… Canadian Labour

In "The Honest Workingman and Workers' Control: The experience of Toronto Skilled Workers, 1860-1892," G.S. Kealey explores the role of skilled workers and craftsmen in the late nineteenth century labour movement. According to Kealey, historians have often underestimated the contributions of skilled labourers to labour politics and also to workplace culture. Kealey also points out the similarities between craftsmen practicing different trades. Specifically, the author treats craftsmen as a specific class of worker who was by the turn of the century caught between the time-honored artisan past and the inevitable pull toward full industrialization. To illustrate his thesis, Kealey focuses on three nineteenth century labour organizations: Coopers International Union, Ontario Number 3; International Typographical Union Number 91; and the Iron Molders International Union…. [read more]

Canadian National Identity Essay

… Until this there was no other identity Canada had, except being called as a British colony. As stated by Grant, the intention of many Canadians was to have a different identity from United States, in terms of religion, education, politics, and socialism (Grant, 1965).

As Canadians were searching for a different cultural identity, Hockey provided a platform for it. It was begun when the Canadian team competed in the Vancouver Winter Olympics. It unified the whole nation, and the Canadian team grabbed recognition from throughout the world. Ice hockey is a traditional game, played by men, and since it has masculine roles, it simultaneously attracts other men as well. This role played by Ice hockey is crucial, as it contributed a lot in creating a…. [read more]

Canadian Constitution Freedoms Seminar Paper

… II. Part II. Rights of the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada

a. Includes:

i. Inuit

ii. Indian iii. Metis b. Aboriginal Peoples have the right to representation in the legislature.

III. Part III: Equalization and Regional Disputes:

a. All Canadians will have the same rights no matter what province they reside in This is very important, especially since later on in the Constitution, it is clear that a province has the right to make Amendments which are only applicable to that province. Consequently a person who enters a province has the same rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution, certain laws will be differentiated based upon the province of occupation.

IV. Part IV: Constitutional Conferences:

a. Conferences will be held to include in their agenda matters…. [read more]

Canadian Policy Brief Report Term Paper

… Canadian Policy at the Crossroads: Protecting Canada's Independence In The Age Of Globalization

The foreign relations of Canada are by nature, very much centered upon its southern neighbor, the United States. This is true for both trade and foreign policy considerations. In addition, Canadian governments have also had active relations with many other nations. These relationships have been mostly but not exclusively via multilateral organizations such as the Commonwealth of Nations, the United Nations, NATO and La Francophonie.

While Canada has very often sided with Great Britain and the United States in its foreign policy, it has attempted to guard a degree of autonomy in foreign affairs as exhibited in the Chanak Crisis of 1922-23 and in the Canadian failure to support the United States…. [read more]

Canadian History an Analysis Term Paper

… Canadian Conscription in World War II. In sharp contrast to the perception of World War I by many Canadian citizens, the implications of a German victory in World War II were profound, even for those once believed to be seemingly located safely far away in North America. In his May 23, 1941 address to the American people, President Franklin D. Roosevelt emphasized that the entire Western Hemisphere and indeed, the entire world order, would be adversely affected by a German victory in Europe. "Your Government knows what terms Hitler, if victorious, would impose," the president said. "They are, indeed, the only terms on which he would accept a so-called 'negotiated' peace. And, under those terms, Germany would literally parcel out the world -- hoisting the…. [read more]

Canadian Politics Labour Thesis

… Canadian Politics and Labor


The questions this research seeks to answer are the questions of: (1) What has happened to industrialism, and where is it heading; (2) How has organized labor responded; (3) What strategies and goal should labor adopt and why?

Industrial legalism" represents the highest point for Canadian organized labor during postwar Keynesianism, but it's not clear that this model can survive globalization and neoliberalism. Industrial legalism means "the compulsory recognition of unions and enforceability of negotiated contracts." (Howlett). Deindustrialization is defined in the work of Cairncross (1982) and Lever (1981) as follows:

Deindustrialization means an outright decline in the output of manufactured goods or in employment in the manufacturing sector;

Deindustrialization can mean a change from manufacturing to…. [read more]

Canadian Politics Labour Term Paper

… Canadian Politics/Labour

The postwar period represented an important challenge for the theorists as well the practitioners in the economic field. There have been wide debates on the actual structure that should be formed in order to cater for the needs of the economies throughout the world. Certain theories emerged that tried to take into account the necessities of each country as well as the necessities of a growing world economy. However, not all states were successful enough to consider all the aspects of their national economies. In this sense, some failed, while others gained increasing control over their own industrial potential and the regional one as well.

The postwar development of Canada tried to take a different approach. This is not necessarily due to the…. [read more]

Canadian Feminism Expression, Action, Rebellion Research Proposal

… Others argue that Canadian feminist media is effective and there is a lot more evidence of it now than in previous decades. The research would seek questions to this answers, further elucidated the validity of the sides of the debate regarding the presence, efficacy, and use of Canadian feminist media regarding representation and expression of political intentions.

Tuer's methodology of analysis and research of video, and in the 21st century we expand this concept to apply to visual media in general, proves that tapping into media to communicate politics is effectively tapping into a sort of group consciousness and/or unconsciousness. She states

…video not only functions as a register of consciousness, but of conscencia, a term first used by Brazilian literacy theorist Paulo Friere to…. [read more]

Being Canadian Is Being British Essay

… That allowed them some of the freedoms they wanted. They also had to make some concessions. While that harmed the spirit of nationalism a bit, politicians still pushed forward with the idea that Canada did not need to be involved with the British any longer. Over time, more people began to agree with that.

From the Indian point-of-view, the 1885 uprising was very different from the way it was portrayed by most Canadians.

However, most of the Metis and others who associated with them only told parts of the story. It made many of them sad, but they also did not want to get others in their group into trouble for their part in the conflict.

Rather than speak out, they told bits and pieces…. [read more]

Canadian vs. American Policing Research Proposal

… Canadian vs. American Policing

This work intends to compare and contrast policing in America and Canada. Toward this end, an extensive review of relevant literature will be conducted. The literature in this review will show that policing in the United States are similar and yet are very different as well. The work of Hodgson, et al. (2005) entitled: "Public Policing in the 21st Century: Issues and Dilemmas in the U.S. And Canada" states that public police institutions are "now being challenged to develop policies and practices that meet the consumer needs and expectations of the increasingly diverse 21st century U.S. And Canadian publics. These challenges include population changes, the 'homeland security' agenda, police militarization, the public's fear of crime, new types of crime, revitalizing police…. [read more]

Canadian History Term Paper

… Canadian History

Interpreting the Slant of History

The three articles: Ramsay Cook, "1942 and All That: Making a Garden out of Wilderness"; Alan Gordon, "Heroes, History, and Two Nationalisms: Jacques Cartier" and Ken Coates and William Morrison, "Winter and the Shaping of Northern History: Reflections from the Canadian North" have several commonalities, including the theme that history is slanted by the bias of the historian. Historians cannot help but be influenced by their own biases and it shows in their writing. Sometimes it is purposely slanted to suit the needs of the time: public, political or personal. While history is always filtered through the biases of the writer, it is sometimes even written to accomplish a particular purpose. Our modern culture places a high value…. [read more]

Women in Politics the Relationship Term Paper

… Women in Politics

The relationship of the citizen of a given country to political action depends on the social and political history of that country and the traditions that shape the political system. This is true for both men and women, though historically women have had less direct involvement with the political system because women have been socially marginalized in most countries for at least some period in history. The three countries involved in the North American Free Trade Agreement, have different political histories. The United States and Canada each derive from a British tradition, though Canada has remained more closely tied to that system, while the U.S. has diverged from it considerably. The Mexican tradition harks back to Spain and then to decades of…. [read more]

Politics Affect the Outcome Essay

… ¶ … politics affect the outcome of the Vietnam War?

Political wrangling between lawmakers in the United States initially prolonged the war in Vietnam, making it the longest war in American history, second now only to the Persian Gulf War, before bringing it to a bloody close in 1975. Certainly, all wars are political but Vietnam was special for a number of reasons, including the fact that some authorities suggest that U.S. armed forces placed their own "bureaucratic survival ahead of U.S. national interest" in ways that also prolonged the conflict and added thousands of additional names to the Wall in Washington.

Indeed, Brisson, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, emphasizes that, "The military bureaucracy's relationship to the political administrations demonstrates that concerns for domestic…. [read more]

Canadian Approach to Municipal Consolidation in Major Article Critique

… ¶ … Canadian Approach to Municipal Consolidation in Major City-Regions," Jim Lightbody (2009) discusses the general model of municipal restructuring for several Canadian provinces. In particular, the article discusses the resistance to any type of municipal mergers or restructuring within the Canadian, namely Toronto and Montreal. Lightbody's argument is that restructuring makes sense, but only happens after other attempts to solutions regarding municipal government have failed. The main argument that he is presenting in this paper is that "a more conventional policy source in the respective communities provided the decisive element in setting the stage for significant change." (p. 10).

To validate his argument, Lightbody there were first conditions that we necessary for the change. He says that the citizens of urban cities as well…. [read more]

Canadian Politics Research Paper

… The exhibition was to be held in mid-September to October in the year 1995. It overlapped the date of the October crisis itself and was to serve as the 25th anniversary of the event. In addition, a play was also scheduled with the art exhibition in order to reenact the event. (Gessell, 2012)

When the national gallery of Canada expressed the desire of collaboration with the art community, Tourbin talked to its representative in order to ensure the collaboration between OAG and NGC. It was decided that the National Gallery of Canada will collaborate with the Ottawa Art Gallery and exhibit the La crise d'octobre along with four new paintings. This was the deal between the National Gallery of Canada. (Mclennan, 2014)

Meanwhile, the Ottawa…. [read more]

How Is the Politics of Difference in Nursing Socially Constructed and Maintained? Essay

… ¶ … Politics of Difference in Nursing Socially Constructed and Maintained

The politics of difference and nursing

The significance of the politics of difference

The issue of diversity and the 'politics of difference' have assumed an important and compelling part of modern discourse in many fields and disciplines. This interrogation of difference extends along the axis of culture, ethnicity, gender, race and many other trajectories of diversity in modern society. As Colleen Varcoe (2004) states;

Diversity is a broad yet powerful idea that encompasses the ideas of difference and complexity. Multiple forms of diversity are important in nursing and health care, yet it is often only "cultural" diversity that comes to mind and commands attention. (Varcoe, 2004)

Vaecoe makes the important point germane to any…. [read more]

Canadian Perspective on Capitalism as an Evolutionary Process Term Paper

… Canadian Perspectives of Capitalism as an Evolutionary Process believe it is possible for us to live wisely, agreeably and well in a society of abundance. The "free-market" capitalist system we live under is suffering growing pains, but overall is relatively nascent. Evolution is a series of processes by which an organism learns and adapts. This adaptation never ceases, instead it goes through stages of growth and turmoil, interspersed with stages of stability. The current economic system has yet to reach a stage of stability, in large part because it is so new, being roughly a century and a half in the making. The evolutionary process is one of experimentation - when faced with a problem, numerous solutions are tried with only the successful ones failing.…. [read more]

Defining and Describing Culture Term Paper

… Culture

Dismantling Identity Politics: The Canadian Context

Identity politics has long been perceived as supremely important to the continued success of political and social institutions. Constructing and maintaining a strong national identity that includes the entire scope of the state has been considered a prerequisite for this kind of success. However, there are indications that this approach to understanding national identity is incorrect, or at least exaggerated. An examination of the role that identity politics plays in the Canadian context (Kymlicka, 2003) suggests that identity politics may no longer be a driving consideration in the success of political and social institutions. Since Canadian "uniqueness" among Western democracies is largely mythical, we can conclude that the decreasing importance of identity politics in Canada points to a…. [read more]

Comparative Politics and Government Term Paper

… Political Science

Government in Canada and the United States

The purpose of this paper is to introduce and analyze the topic of political science in America. Specifically, it will compare and contrast three major branches of government and politics in the United States with Canada's government and politics. Both democracies, Canada and the United States have many governmental branches and policies in common. However, there are key differences, including Canada's legislative branch, their prime minister, and their social services. The United States government could learn some important lessons from Canadian practices, including their health insurance and role in world politics. Government has grown from the three main branches, executive, judicial, and legislative in this country, to become a complex and convoluted morass of agencies, public…. [read more]

Canada Globalization Politics Essay

… Canadians in these areas have a greater awareness of international issues and therefore have a higher level of concern not just with the opportunities presented by globalization but with how best to leverage the country's demographic changes to make Canada a better place.


Canada is also a country of tremendous natural beauty. Vast expanses of nature are embedded in the national character, and this has created some clashes with respect to the economic aspects of globalization. Development of Canada's oil and natural gas fields is thus becoming an important element of globalization's clash with traditional Canadian values. In a microcosm, this is one of the effects of globalization around the world- an ethical dilemma pitting short-term economic benefit against more long-term values such as…. [read more]

Compare Women Politics Term Paper

… ¶ … history of women in politics is filled with both struggle and victory. Women have had to overcome a general social view of them by both men and those of their own gender as weak and belonging in the kitchen rather than in the political arena. As such, women, and especially those belonging to ethnic minority groups, have struggled to become involved in politics and change in their worlds. By examining the political situations in Canada, the United States and Mexico, this struggle is examined below.

The historical entry of women into politics in the past was mainly via non-institutional means. Institutional politics, especially during the late 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, was mainly controlled by men. Women therefore had…. [read more]

Canada's Relationship to the United States in Margaret Atwood's Surfacing Term Paper

… Canadian Nationalism & Margaret Atwood

Canada's Relationship to the U.S. Vis-a-Vis Margaret Atwood's Surfacing

For Americans or Europeans who are oblivious to the justifiably pessimistic feelings many Canadians have toward the U.S. In particular and Western attitudes in general, reading Margaret Atwood's book Surfacing should serve as enlightenment. And if readers rationalize that Atwood's work is fictional so it probably isn't representative of how Canadians truly feel about their neighbors to the south - those readers would be, at some level wrong. Indeed, Atwood's is a critically acclaimed and brilliant novel which weaves Canadian nationalism themes, universal feministic themes - and strong ecological consciousness - into an appealing dramatic tapestry of drama and conflict. Meantime, this paper's task is to flush out metaphors deep in…. [read more]

Environmental Politics in Canada Term Paper

… ¶ … Canada



The objective of this research is to answer the question of: "What kind of impact does globalization have on Canadian policies concerning air pollution, specifically concerning motor vehicle air pollution?


The argument presented in this work is that Canada's tendency to follow the policy of the United States is likely to result in Canada having the same critical problem of vehicle emissions that the United States has witnessed due to U.S. policy and further that the AirCare emissions program mandated in Canada have fallen short of the objective.

Stated in the work entitled: "Planning for Sustainability" is that: "The transportation sector component of the Government of Canada's Action…. [read more]

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