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Wind Power, Farms, and Turbines Thesis

… Wind Power

Wind Farms and Wind Turbines: An Examination of Their Role as a Sustainable Alternative Energy Source

Wind Farm in Boulder County, Wyoming

Wind Turbines at Burbo Bank in the Mouth of the River Mersey

Respective Percentage of U.S. Renewable Energy Consumption, 2004

Identifying sustainable and alternative energy sources has become a national priority in recent years, but the drive to make the paradigm shift from fossil fuels has not been easy or inexpensive. To date, there have been a number of initiatives intended to provide such alternative fuel sources, with some appearing to offer more advantages than others, but some of which, such as nuclear energy, carry some form of a trade-off in terms of introducing one potential environmental catastrophe for another. Fortunately,…. [read more]

Cape Wind Project Proposed Term Paper

… However, their views are not the biggest issue here. Many of these property owners have owned property on the Cape for decades, and their property values could plummet, leading to a loss in local taxes to the entire area.

In addition, tourism is a major part of the area's economy, especially in the summertime, and if tourism dollars plummet, as predicted by the Beacon Hill Institute, sales tax and room tax revenues could plummet, as well. This would lead to a reduction in tourist-related jobs, and an overall downturn in the area's economy. This of course, would be in addition to the effects of the recession that are already hitting the area, and it could be catastrophic to the economy of the area for decades…. [read more]

Wind Farms in Nantucket Cape Cod Term Paper

… Wind Farms in Nantucket (cape Code)

The attitude of the energy industry internationally has changed, and there are two important factors that are the prime reasons for this - the environmental impact due to the different international protocols that have been agreed on, and the cost of the energy at present along with the likely movement of the base source of the energy in future years. The main problems with pricing are with carbon-based fuels as there is now a consciousness that there is an impending shortage of these fuels in the not so distant future and the impacts are already coming through in the form of increasing prices. The other main source of energy developed earlier, nuclear energy is also not being encouraged due…. [read more]

Energy Usage Electricity Coffeemaker, Microwave Essay

… I rarely shut down my computer because I do not like to wait for it to start up again, but the energy saved would be worth the very minimal amount of time lost for start up.

I do not generally do a lot of driving because I am mindful of the cost of fuel. I currently drive a Jeep Liberty, which is not the most fuel-efficient vehicle to drive. When I am able to afford another car, I will select a smaller one that gets better gas mileage.

If coal or heating oil came from Russia, I expect that prices would increase substantially. I am generally frugal with respect to heat in the winter, but I would probably keep the thermostat even a little lower…. [read more]

Performance Assessment of Flood Protection System Thesis

… Flood Assessment in the Nerang River Catchment

Performance Assessment of Flood Protection System (Floodplain Catchments)

One of the first signs of global warming will be a rise in water levels around the world. Flooding will increase in many areas already prone to flooding, in addition, new floodplains will be created, placing humans and property at risk. The escalating impact of climate change makes it necessary to reassess existing flood protection systems and to assess the need for new ones in areas that were not previously at risk for flooding. The purpose of this research is to assess the performance of the Nerang Floodplain Catchment system in the Gold Coast area of Australia.

This assessment will develop a 2D Hydraulic simulation model for the Nerang Floodplain…. [read more]

Discourse Analysis of Call Center Conversation Research Proposal

… ¶ … Conversation

Along the past recent decades, economic entities have suffered numerous mutations in the way they approach business partners, satisfy the customer, increase corporate profits or treat the employees. In the same time, their expectations have significantly increased. Most of the employers strive to offer an increased employee on the job satisfaction, but in return, they demand that the staff members increase their performances in sustaining the organization reach its overall objectives. Managements have developed and implemented numerous strategies to monitor and control the human resource, one of the most relevant such methodologies being the discourse analysis.

Discourse Analysis

In terms of historical terminology, the word discourse derives from the Latin discursus, which means conversation or speech. Along the decades however, the understanding…. [read more]

International Regulation of Tourism Term Paper

… "

Lake Vostok has since become one of the few causes of disagreement between the international college of nations with interests in Antarctica; the Lake Vostok problems will be outlined later in this report. It is notable, however, even before the controversy and scientific quandaries that have vexed scientists and nations the past few years. Not since 1858, when Africa explore John Speke first stood on the banks of Lake Victoria, the headwaters of the Nile, has a formerly undiscovered body of water of such magnitude been added to the map of the globe. (In the case of Lake Victoria, however, it was only a 'discovery' to Europeans and Americans and those of other continents; Africans had known of it all along. The same cannot…. [read more]

Concept of Time in the Sound and the Fury Research Proposal

… Faulkner and Time

Fragmented Time and the Modern Era

The plot of the Sound and the Fury is simple, if one considers the actions that take place in the present time. However, it can be difficult to follow, as Faulkner continually interjects memories into the present timeline. Flashbacks can be a powerful tool that can add depth to characterization, but they can be confusing and difficult to keep up with as well. Faulkner uses the concept of time to suggest that time is not a constant that continually moves forward. His revolutionary use of Benjy to explore human perceptions of time is one of the key elements that mark the novel as a modern work. This research will explore the hypothesis that Faulkner's use of…. [read more]

Termed the Forgotten Battle Thesis

… Chapter Two: Literature Review

Background and Overview

In reality, it is not surprising that it required some time for the United States to recognize the strategic significance of the Aleutians. At the time, Alaska was not even a state and its geographic distance from the contiguous United States further distanced the region from the minds of American policymakers. For instance, according to Hodas-Walsh (1997, pp. 3-4), "Not only was Alaska and the Aleutians a secondary theater of war during World War II, the United States had always considered it of secondary importance." By the fin de siecle, though, the United States had in fact begun to take some interest in the archipelago but the interest was only modest and fleeting. In this regard, Hodas-Walsh (1997,…. [read more]

Space Race at the End of World Term Paper

… Space Race

At the end of World War II, the Soviet Union and the United States were locked into a bitter battle of military positioning and propaganda known as the Cold War. Stemming from this, as technology advancements showed the world the military capabilities of space exploration, the two nations became engaged in a "Space Race," as both attempted to conquer the space beyond the Earth. From the first satellite launched into space by the Soviet Union, to the first animals in space, to space probes, lunar landings, and humans in space, the Soviet Union appeared to rule the race. However, in 1969, the United States launched Apollo 11, which allowed the first human being to walk on the moon, essentially ending much of the…. [read more]

Continued Legacy of the Renaissance and Baroque Thought in the New World Research Paper

… NYSE Revised

There is one place that epitomizes the spirit of American Capitalism and it is in New York City. That is the original New York Stock Exchange Building located at 18 Broad Street on the corner of Wall Street and Exchange. The building is now a museum, a monument to neo-classical architecture, a tribute to 19th century American wealth and prosperity (NYSE Euronet, 2011). The architect was George B. Post who drafted the plans over intense examination of the required specifications. George B. Post, a prominent 19th century American architect won the competition for the commission to build the new York Stock Exchange building. He was one of the three pioneers in the industry whose specialty was building skyscrapers. Post' use of the classical…. [read more]

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