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Career Counseling: The Value of Attachment Theory Term Paper

… Career Counseling: The Value of Attachment Theory

To be an effective career counselor, a counselor must address the psychological needs and desires of a prospective client, not simply prescribe a career based upon the individual's education as it fits into the needs current job market. Books such as What Color is Your Parachute (2002) often stress such personal qualities as introversion or extroversion in determining an individual's desired career choice. However, theories of matching personalities to career paths, or using an individual's hobby to suggest what he or she really ought to be doing, is only helpful in answering the question of 'what do I like to do?' While answering this question is undeniably an important part of a career counselor's task, an equally frequent…. [read more]

Personal Theory of Career Guidance Counseling Term Paper

… ¶ … personal theory of career and guidance counseling. In order to effectively accomplish this task, it is important to consider a review of pertinent career/vocational and career guidance counseling theories that have shaped the development of this field in recent years. Through a comprehensive review of these theories, it will then be possible to integrate theory to provide a more integral understanding of my personal orientation toward practice. Further, a critical review of theories that can be employed in this field will elucidate the wide scope of methods that are available for professional development. Thus, if changes in practice are needed, a clear understanding of theory will provide a solid basis for decision making in this area.

Literature Review critical review of the current…. [read more]

Children, Grief, and Attachment Theory Term Paper

… Children, Grief, And Attachment Theory

When a child, age 7 to 11, experiences the death of a nuclear or extended family member, the experi-ence generates subsequent grief reaction/s. During the mixed methods study, the researcher investigates ways attachment theory may positively compliment grief reaction/s and concerns challenging the grieving child that may include feelings which include, but not limited to anger, confusion, fear, and self-blame. When not addressed, these reactions may link to the child experiencing ensuing health and/or mental health problems in his/her later life. The study also relates a number of ways to help to confront bereavement issues that children experience.

Relating to Death

Addressing "Something Else"

Statement of the Problem

Purpose of Study

Significance of Study

Scope of Study

Rationale of Study…. [read more]

Adjustment for Iraqi and Cuban Research Paper

… Surface traits are useful in situational adjustment, thereby required in their adjustment to work environment. The career counseling in this theory focuses on identifying, assessing, and developing surface and source traits and matching them with work skill requirements.

Lastly, in the theory of work adjustment, career counseling for Iraqi and Cuban immigrants will identify and label process variables. This implies the definition of work behavior, to describe the quickness of the immigrant worker's initiative in interacting with the work environment. The goal of the process is to denote the level of an immigrant's effort in expanding their interaction with the work environment and workplace culture. This also involves the identification of the pace, or the pattern of interaction between immigrant and the work environment (McMahon…. [read more]

Counseling Is Described by Kobeisy Essay

… Listening is the key skill required. Counseling training is the best way to get people to appreciate the value of listening and want to listen well. Organizational performance depends on the quality of the thinking of staff at all levels.

Counseling enhances the ability of the client to think and his/her willingness to act powerfully. Advice and opinion giving, sympathizing and offering to assist are all ways of helping people, but they are not counseling. The first responsibility for any counselor wishing to use counseling skills is to create a climate of warm acceptance where the client feels safe enough to explore and understand their feelings and thoughts before considering action. We can not often solve human problems, but we can learn to manage them…. [read more]

Bpd Is Related to Secure Attachment Term Paper

… ¶ … Bpd Is Related to Secure Attachment


Overview of Borderline Personality Disorder

Diagnostic Criteria of BPD

Overview of Attachment Theory

Summary of Literature Reviewed


The objective of this work is to write a critical review of the literature about borderline personality disorder (BPD) from an attachment theories perspective. This work will contain references from Bowbly, Ainsworth, and Main in the discussion of secure vs. insecure attachment. Insecure attachment will then be researched regarding insecure attachment as a contributor to BPD. It should also discuss the potential benefits of viewing BPD from an attachment perspective in terms of prevention and treatment of the BPD.

Introduction…. [read more]

Using Christian Counseling to Resolve 21St Century Problems Research Paper

… We help people most when we talk to them individually" (emphasis author's) (p. 12). Likewise, Meadors (2012) emphasizes that:

The Holy Spirit is described by several names that help us see His role in counseling. Jesus calls the Holy Spirit 'the Counselor' in John 14:16 and then tells us that the Holy Spirit is always available (He abides forever), that He will help us remember Christ's teachings, that He will testify about Christ, that He will convict mankind of sin, and that He will guide us into all truth. The Holy Spirit is the one who actually applies the truths of God's Word to the believer's life. He makes theology come alive. (p. 10)

Because resources are by definition scarce and time is of the…. [read more]

What Could Make Employee Satisfaction Surveys Worth While? Dissertation

… ¶ … Employee Satisfaction

Hygiene Factors and Dissatisfaction at Work

Productivity and Employee Satisfaction

Employee Satisfaction

Work Environment

The key thing that obstructs workers from attaining results for the customers

Employee Compensation and reward

Business Knowledge

Client Relations

The Power of Satisfaction

How employee satisfaction is achieved

Advantages of Employee Satisfaction Survey

Conducting an effective employee engagement and satisfaction survey

The organizational climate


Theoretical Framework

Benefits of job satisfaction

Different Types of Employee Satisfaction Survey Programs

Deciding on appropriate employee satisfaction method



Training of staff

Availability of information and Communication:

The process of establishing an employee satisfaction model

Importance of employees to an organization

Effects of employee satisfaction

The link between employee turnover and employee satisfaction

Human resource and job satisfaction

Employee…. [read more]

Ecological System's Theory Research Paper

… Ecological Systems Theory


Urie Bronfenbrenner was a Russian who migrated to America with his parents when he was only 6 years old (Yorganop, 2013). He studied music and psychology and achieved prominence for his work in child development. His most important contribution to the field was the Ecological Systems Theory, which many consider revolutionary. He helped found the Head Start Program, which is among the longest-running and most successful programs devoted to improving educational outcomes especially for poor children. Sesame Street was one of the strategies of this Program (Yorganop).

Comparison with Jean Piaget

Jean Piaget was a Swiss developmental psychologist who won prominence for his social theories on child development (Yingst, 2011; Warren, 2010). His theory had distinct differences from that…. [read more]

Employment Law Compliance Plan Atwood Essay

… Whenever the federal rate increases, an automatic increase in included by the law of Texas. With every payment or paycheck, a wage statement is required to be given to the employees by employers in accordance to the Minimum Wage Law of Texas. The earning per hour of the employee and the employee working hours must be accurately depicted by it.

The Minimum Wage Act of Texas for non-exempt employees establishes a minimum wage, to provide a written earnings statement to the employee requires covered employers, concerning agricultural piece rate workers contains provisions, from its coverage exempts a variety of employers and for its violation provides civil remedies. Toward minimum wage, the value and tips of lodging and meals must be counted by employers with specific…. [read more]

Counselling Leaning Theories and Integration Chapter

… ¶ … Interpersonal Systems Constructivist Theories

Interpersonal Theory

The theory's core argument is that members learn from interaction with others through feedback and exchange. The learning process is through distortions to the perceptual interpersonal, corrections of emotional experiences and cognition. The learning model view the interaction of members as a learning process with the objective of creating awareness, change in relations and insights (Reid, Dalton, Laderoute, Doell, & Nguyen, 2006). What is obtained as a lesson through the intergroup relations is reflected in contexts outside the group and this is the objective of interpersonal theory. To allow the intended impact on individuals, the facilitator should direct interrelation towards the desired outcome.

Interpersonal learning is ideal where there is a need to validate some behaviors and…. [read more]

Disordered Eating in College Students: The Roles Term Paper

… Disordered Eating in College Students: The Roles of Attachment to Fathers, Depression and Self-Esteem

The objective of this work is to write a research proposal investigating the attachment process in eating disorders, particularly among college women. This work intends to examine the number of college women with subclinical eating disorders in contrast to those with full-blown eating disorders. This work will include background information on attachment theory and processes in general and in eating disorders. This work will focus on the father-daughter attachment processes and the roles of depression and self-esteem.

Eating disorders among college students have been noted to be more prevalent than ever in today's colleges. Eating disorders include those of anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and other various eating disorders. The research of…. [read more]

Marriage and Family Therapy Supervision Models Term Paper

… ¶ … 21st century, the term marriage and family therapy (MFT) seems as if it was long available as a principle means of treatment. In the timeline of psychotherapy, however, it is relatively young. During its brief tenure, the field has undergone a number of changes that continue to this day. In fact, several experiential family therapy modalities are resulting in significant results in outcome studies. One of these newer couples therapies, developed by Susan Johnson and Leslie Greenberg, is called emotionally focused therapy (EFT). It is based on an attachment model of adult intimacy and addresses essential emotional responses and interactions to enhance relationships. In contrast to the traditional "emotion contrast therapy," EFT regards many unpleasant emotions as sources of useful information. Furthermore, EFT…. [read more]

Choosing Social Work Over Other Careers Term Paper

… ¶ … Social Work over other careers

Interesting Reason Why Students Choose a Career in Social Work

Do modern-day social work students have different career objectives and goals than the early 20th century social workers?

There are those who measure social work idealism and other factors that influence BSW and MSW students. The study's instrument covered a broad range of ideals to determine levels of idealism as well as influential factors like altruism, professional concerns, and influence of others. Csikai et al. (1997) Other studies produced unclear findings but their focus was different as well. Varley (1963, 1968) measured student's attitudes on specific social work issues. The Wagner (1989) study measured social workers commitment to social idealism and social change. The Abell and Mcdonell (1990)…. [read more]

Social Advocacy in Counseling PhD Model Answer

… " Indeed many of the tenets and precepts of current social justice advocates are aligned with the postmodernist philosophy, which has been associated with Marxist principles by many scholars (e.g., see Johnson, 2009; Nicholson & Seidman, 1995). This is not to suggest that social advocacy is a "communist plot" but instead is an attempt to understand how social justice advocates may instead attempt to promote certain political agendas in the name of science. There is no denying that upbringing, environment, and experience shape who we are (this has always been the fundamental psychological principle of human behavior), but social advocates may attempt to exploit this principle in terms of certain agendas. The issues of social change are tackled by political scientists, social researchers, and sociologists…. [read more]

Leaders Handling Anger and Conflict Term Paper

… Leaders Handling Anger and Conflict

Anger Management and Conflict in the Workplace

Anger and conflict in the workplace have always been problematic, as even the best of companies sometimes find that they have strong disagreements between employees, or between employees and management. These anger management issues can lead to incivility and personal insults, which are a losing situation for all parties involved. Because of this, managers must find a way to recognize these problems before they cause too much difficulty, find ways of correcting them if they have already begun, and look for ways that they can use to prevent them from recurring. This is much easier said than done, however, because of the different and complex personalities that are brought to many workplaces.

The…. [read more]

Integrate Evaluation Techniques Thesis

… Once these aims have been identified, the next step would be divide the primary aims across the questionnaire in a way that not only interlinks the aims but also maintains a flow in the questionnaire structure. The next critical step would be the facilities as the facilities chosen will also set a standard and an image for the staff and the participants about the overall program. Also, it will be the first impression made, even before the questionnaires are distributed and first impressions are always important in instigating a fruitful questionnaire feedback.

The next important aspect would be to make sure that the questionnaires don't come across as biased or imposing. This simply means that any and all questions asked should not have an underlying…. [read more]

coaching and counseling differences Research Proposal

… Counseling represents an ethical and competent application of relationships for facilitating emotional development and acceptance, self- knowledge, and optimum improvement of individual resources. The general goal is offering a chance to endeavor towards leading a more resourceful and satisfying life. Counselor-client relationships differ in accordance with need; however, they might deal with developmental problems, tackling and solving particular issues, decision-making, crisis management, dealing with internal conflict, knowledge and personal insight enhancement, and relationship skill improvement (Gladding 2004). Although some of these objectives are also shared with coaching techniques, the counseling approach works to address these items from its own internal perspective.

The task of counseling addresses wellness, professional development, personal development, and pathological issues. That is, a counselor addresses relationship-related areas (Casey 1996), including inter-…. [read more]

Counseling Psychology: Past, Present Term Paper

… , pp. 3-22). London, United Kingdom: Sage.

Vereen, L. G., Hill, N. R., Sosa, G. A., & Kress, V. (2014). The synonymic nature of professional counseling and humanism: Presuppositions that guide our identities. Journal of Humanistic Counseling, 53. Retrieved from [read more]

Theories of Personality A2 Coursework

… ¶ … Personality

Each question only requires a 1 page answer and you can add the references right to that page. You don't have to do an additional page. All attachments are provided. Thank you These are all desperate pages not one big assignment.

Explain how you will cope with stress as a counselor. Be clear about what you feel will cause you the most stress as a counselor. Discuss how coping with stress is related to ethics. (Use 2 references only a page long)

As a counselor I would use the same techniques to cope with stress as the ones I would recommend to my clients, such as; relaxation exercises, cognitive restructuring, and seeking the advice of a professional. It is important for counselors…. [read more]

Comparison: Counseling vs. Life Coaching Research Proposal

… This could be in form of getting new jobs or switching career paths. Continuous learning and personal renewal could be essential in adjusting to the changes, and each person is responsible for devising their curriculum. These challenges face individuals, teams, and organizations.

This is where the life coach comes in. The coach is a teacher, and whether it is an individual, a client or a company, the relationship is usually deeper than that. Their function is to relate particular goals to the whole plan created in close consideration with the client's core values. The coach helps the client see more options and resources that might be at their disposal, while guiding them through a learning process of managing change rather than fearing…. [read more]

Social Work Narrative Henry Schein Term Paper

… Social Work


Henry Schein celebrated his 80th birthday last April, surrounded by his family. However, Schein's family is scattered across the United States, and none of his three children are on speaking terms with the other. The following facts about Henry Schein are useful to know:

Holocaust survivor; was interred in a camp until liberation, when he was 5 years old.

He was the only one in his family that he knows of to survive

Schein was reunited with an uncle who had already moved to the U.S.A.

Lived in New York until he was 35, then moved to Miami

Became a schoolteacher, then quit to follow a dream of starting his own business

Wife of 25 years died of breast cancer.

Believes in…. [read more]

Ethics in School Psychology Counseling and Consultation Term Paper

… Ethics of School Psychology

The development of systems and subsystems that ensure the health and well being of children in and out of the school setting goes back hundreds of years. Children are members of the worlds most vulnerable of populations, and in this population there is a subgroup of people who fall into a category that leaves them even more vulnerable, that of the mentally ill. (Fagan & Warden, 1996, p. 58) (Lowen, 1993, p. 22) Many mental illnesses stem from childhood and begin to show symptoms in children giving light to what might be lifelong problems, and many situations of childhood create the need to seek out those who might possess abnormalities or are simply in need of early intervention to stave off…. [read more]

Formality: Is Inclusion the Answer in Preparing Thesis


Students with disabilities are all too often graduating high school completely unprepared to function effectively in the real world. The reality is that inclusion many times is characterized merely by the student with disabilities being present in the same general classroom as other students and not equally represented in the receipt of proper educational provisions for learning.

Inclusion however, involves more than a mere representation of students with disabilities in the regular classroom and specifically involves training and education of teachers so that they are effectively enabled to provide inclusion in its' true form in the regular classroom which may include the use of special tools or props and specialized…. [read more]

Parenting Educational Initiative by Mbrace Research Paper

… Maximizing Parenting Potential, Taylor & Wolfe

Maximizing Parenting Potential by Mbrace Agency

Candace Taylor & Lisa Wolfe

Funding Proposal for Counseling

Agency Description and Qualifications

The agency detailed in this assignment is called Mbrace Counseling and Behavioral Health Services. It provides a multitude of clinical services to a fairly wide client population, including family members, parents, children, and adults. Its mission is to work primarily with populations in urban and suburban settings to provide quality service for a diverse range of needs. Specifically, those needs are readily stratified into those pertaining to behavioral health services and mental health services. The organization specializes in issuing mental health services for multiple needs that include ailments related to a variety of family members including marital stress, family conflict;…. [read more]

Grief and Loss Term Paper

… Grief and Loss

Although often very painful, grief is a normal and natural response to loss (What pp). Generally, when most people think of loss and grief, they think of the death of a loved one, however, there are many other significant changes in an individual's life that can involve loss and therefore grief (What pp). Everyone experiences loss and grief at some time during their lifetime, and the more significant the loss, the more intense the grief is likely to be (What pp). Each person experiences and expresses grief differently, for example, one person may withdraw into feelings of helplessness, while another might be angry and desire to take some form of action (What pp). Yet no matter the reaction, the individual who is…. [read more]

Students With Disabilities Who Did Not Complete Dissertation

… ¶ … Students With Disabilities Who Did Not Complete High School

Richard Wieringo

This case study explores the experiences of students with disabilities who have dropped out of high school, so as to identify related factors that led to their decisions. Participants will include both males and females who were designated as students with disabilities at Ridgeville High School (pseudonym for a Virginia high school) and who dropped out between their third and fourth years of high school, during the 2009 to 2012 academic school years. All participants will be between the ages of 18 and 21. The proposed research design is a phenomenological study to be conducted through the use of semi-structured interviews, journaling, and observation of the sample population, with the aim of…. [read more]

Teen Pregnancy and Parenting on the Educational Research Proposal

… ¶ … teen pregnancy and parenting on the educational advancement of a girl child in Buea-Cameroon

In the past 3 decades, there has been an ever increasing interest in the link between lower educational advancements of teenage mothers and adolescents who get pregnant. Numerous studies have confirmed that higher levels of teenage pregnancy are directly linked to higher levels of educational abandonment (Albert, B., Sarah and Christine, 2003; Singh and Darroch, 2000; Federal/Provincial/Territorial Advisory Committee on Population Health, 1999; Galambos and Tilton-Weaver, 1998). This level of consistency has led many researchers to believe that there is a definite and interdependent relation between the two amongst the youth (The Alan Guttmacher Institute, 2000; 1999a, 1999b, 1999c; The Real Costs of Teen Pregnancy, 2006; Social Exclusion Unit,…. [read more]

Attitude and Behavior Developmental Task Term Paper


There is an acknowledged identity crisis present in the African-American race due to the high rates of incarceration and low education achievements. The college environment serves to influence the development required in the self-identity transition toward the self-actualization of the individual in gaining a view of identity characterized by achievement. There is a delay in achievement associated with the failure to accept self or group identity. This work will illustrate that attitude is linked to talk development and behavioral adjustment which is part of the requirement for making the commitment for achievement in educational attainment. Principles of military discipline and leadership will also be reviewed…. [read more]

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