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Care for Populations Term Paper

… While it can be understood in many cases, there are times when it seems to be exactly the wrong thing to do, yet it occurs anyway. Because public health is also underfunded, those who want to push the bureaucracy aside and help the community members who are most in need are not able to do so (Turnock, 2009). It becomes a struggle to get the funds needed to provide the services that the population requires, and so many people in the community give up on getting help. They know they will not get it quickly, and they often suspect they will be denied, even though they really do need the help and, in many cases, deserve that help. There is also limited funding, so some…. [read more]

Caring for Populations - Assessment Essay

… There are residential communities of all kinds, from trailer parks and rural farming areas to gates communities and "McMansions" located on the water or on golf courses. Overall, there are all types of housing choices, but many of the options within the actual cities and towns are lower income in nature. The economy there is depressed, just like it is in many other areas of the country today. There are a large number of churches in Okaloosa County, because it is considered to be in the "Bible Belt" region of the United States. Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, and others are all common, but "new age" religious centers are not as prominent as they might be in more progressive areas of the country. High schools, middle schools,…. [read more]

Population Health to Prepare: & Essay

… The lack of available doctors in a given area may also be an issue. "The Association of American Medical Colleges estimates that in 2015 the country will have 62,900 fewer doctors than needed. And that number will more than double by 2025, as the expansion of insurance coverage and the aging of baby boomers drive up demand for care. Even without the health care law, the shortfall of doctors in 2025 would still exceed 100,000" (Lowrey & Pear 2912). It is recommended that an area have 60 to 80 primary care doctors per 100,000 residents, and 85 to 105 specialists while some areas have few as 40 primary care doctors and 70 specialists per 100,000 residents (Lowrey & Pear 2012). Rural areas, in particular, are…. [read more]

Population the Accessibility and Affordability Essay

… Such employers can also obtain competitive advantages originating from increased employee loyalty as a result of the benefits programs. Employers can provide the health and life insurance packages through implementing three major strategies. These strategies are assessing existing levels of coverage, reviewing the current benefits offering to provide extra coverage options, and promoting the value of the insurance programs through education programs.


Despite of the national health care reform initiatives, the underinsured population has continued to grow in the recent past. This growth can be attributed to various factors such as increased health problems and medical expenses. While these people continue to face several challenges, they have several impacts on the various stakeholders in the health sector. The main impact of the population on…. [read more]

Health Care Delivery Systems Research Paper

… The best practices principles identified by the World Health Organization are: (1) The partnership or collaborative arrangement demonstrates a clear added value; (2) The partnership or collaborative arrangement has a clear goal that concerns a priority area for WHO; (3) The partnership or collaborative arrangement supports national development objectives; (4) The partnership or collaborative arrangement ensures adequate participation of stakeholders; (5) The roles of partners are clear; (6) Pursuit of the public health goal takes precedence over the special interests of participants; (7) The structure of the partnership or collaborative arrangement corresponds to the proposed functions; and (8) The partnership or collaborative arrangement has an evaluation or self-monitoring mechanism.

8. Key Strategic Planning Elements in Healthcare Systems Management

The strategic planning elements most frequently utilized…. [read more]

Uninsured Population Insurance Premiums Budget Research Paper

… The Census Bureau released a report in 2011, showed a 1.6% decline in the uninsured employees that age from 20-25. In term of number the 1.6% is a small figure but it accounts for 393,000 people insuring themselves in just over a year's time. Another report showed that out of the 4 million businesses that were offered the insurance program, almost 175,000 claimed it. (Blendon, 2010)

Insurance Premiums:

The second important impact of the PPACA Act was on the insurance premiums. Through the PPACA Act the insurance companies were ordered by the state to charge less premium amount on the policies in order to encourage people buying the insurance policies. In order to cover these insurance companies, the state had given subsidies. The insurance companies…. [read more]

Care Slide Case Study

… As technologies have become more and more advanced, the philosophies of technology-based living for elderly patients have begun to prefer such patients living outside of hospital facilities as long as their conditions permit. More caretakers are suggesting more comfortable living environments, either at home or at assisted living facilities with the assistance of innovative technology in their strategy for care as an alternative to living in more traditional hospital settings.

This has been a development that has increased over the past ten years and will only continue to increase in the future, as technology continues to advance even more. In the next ten years, more advancement in technology will make it much easier for caretakers to care for elderly patients at home with the help…. [read more]

Caring for Population Essay

… Caring for Population

Demographic and Epidemiological Data

California is currently dealing with a disastrous obesity epidemic, as the number of obese and overweight individuals has experienced a constant rise in the last years. Given the fact that the state Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is a bodybuilding icon, it is only natural for him to be actively involved in combating obesity (Grad).

A series of efforts were performed so as to diminish the rate of growth in obesity levels, such as some junk foods being removed from commerce and people being informed on the nutritional value of certain foods. Being a hallmark for the state of California, Los Angeles County is responsible for being an educator in nutrition, with it having been chosen by the governor to…. [read more]

Hispanic-American Population Assessment Pockets Term Paper

… It looks forward to adding more specialists and services to its list. It continues to work closely mostly with the Hispanic-American community to identify its other basic needs not yet attended to, unavailable or currently un-affordable (Serve the People).

Latino Health Access launched the Healthy Eating, Active Communities project in the 92701 zip-code where 92% is Latino (LHA, 2011). It contributes to fill the feeding and physical activity needs of its more than 61,000 residents who live below the federal poverty level at 68%. In addition to high population density, Santa Ana is also short of open space for physical activity at only 0.9 acres per 1,000 persons. The National Parks & Recreation recommends 10 acres (LHA).

Active Living in Santa Ana or ALISA is…. [read more]

Caring for the Population: Assessment Essay

… People here are habitual of eating lots of junk food; this is in sharp contrast to other states where people also enjoy tropical fruits fresh from the gardens.


After the analysis of the data and research done, I have concluded that the problem obesity in our society is due to unhealthy eating habits and heavy reliability on automation. Intense dependence on machines reflects that we as a race have also become less active physically which in turn has led us to become weak. We can be less obese and more active if and only if we do our regular work with mindful eating. We for the sake of saving time choose fast food that includes burgers, sandwiches, cakes, cokes and they do save our…. [read more]

Population Groups Served This Services Grant Proposal

… H. Personnel Manager -- This position cost $21,000 $, but only 16,000 will be paid for by this Grant plus $4,000 in fringe benefits, this will be paid by the Grant.

I. Housekeeping -- The Four housekeeping positions cost $10,000 each plus $2,500 in fringe benefits, this will be paid by the Grant.

J. Maintenance- The Two positions cost $10,000 each plus fringe benefits of $2,500, this will be paid by the Grant.

K. The Fringe benefits are estimated at 25% these include: FICA, ESC, workers compensation Insurance, Health Insurance and 401(K)


$1,900 will be paid from the Primary Grant award

A. The Director will attend the annual Regional Conference hosted by DHSS. Air travel will cost $350, meals will cost $120 and $180…. [read more]

Care Coordination Relating to Elderly Patients After Discharge From Emergency Room or Hospital Annotated Bibliography

… Care Coordination Relating to Elderly Patients With Congestive Heart Failure After Discharge From Emergency Room or Hospital Within 30 Days

A growing body of evidence supports the need for careful care coordination for elderly patients who suffer from congestive heart failure, diabetes, and/or hypertension for at least 30 days following their discharge from a hospital or emergency room. To determine the current best practices and guidance in this area, a summary of the relevant literature is provided below in an annotated bibliographic format, followed by a summary of the research and important findings in the conclusion.

Bisognano, M. & Boutwell, A. (2009). Improving transitions to reduce readmissions. Frontiers of Health Services Management, 25(3), 3-5.

Authors report that a growing body of research confirms the high…. [read more]

Caring for Aging Baby Boomers Essay

… Caring for Ageing Baby Boomers

There are a number of things that have surprised me about this report. The report avers that the economic burden associated with caring for the aging baby boomers by 2030 would not exceed the cost of raising them back in the 1960s (Knickman & Snell, 2002). I find this interesting because the cost of living has kept increasing over the years. The economy of the United States has also had to grapple with myriad gloom economic conditions over the years that finally culminated into the year 2008 economic slow down. The financial markets have severely been hit with attendant inflationary risks. I therefore find it over optimistic to say that economic burden of raising baby boomers back in the sixties…. [read more]

New Healthcare Challenges for a Divers and Growing Elderly Population Term Paper

… There were an estimated 3.3 million African-Americans over 65 in 2010, according to the Administration on Aging (AoA). By 2050, it is expected that the elderly population of African-Americans will account for about 11% of the 65-and-older population in the United States (AoA).

And although African-Americans are living longer, the majority of those over 65 years of age have had "at least one chronic health condition and many have multiple conditions" (AoA). The AoA provides a breakdown into the most frequent chronic conditions that afflicted older black people between the years 2005 and 2007.

Topping the list is hypertension, with 84% of elderly African-Americans reporting this medical problem. The following medical ailments are listed with percentages of black elderly people in parentheses: a) diagnosed arthritis…. [read more]

Future of Healthcare Essay

… The corridors should have windows for allowing daylight in and should be inclusive of clocks with the time of day displayed clearly. The light should be filtered so that the hallways are not shadowed so as to confuse someone with cataracts and other vision problems. As well the use of signs that are high in contrast and have a large font will also assist the elderly in finding their way around easily.

Emergency Department Design

The Emergency Department should also accommodate the elderly through having triage areas that are different from the usual triage areas. Instead of overhead lights that glare brightly and open waiting areas the smaller triage areas with walls that absorb sound and that are not as brightly lit are more comforting…. [read more]

Privatization of Healthcare Services Dissertation

… With this reality check and overall change in approach permissions were granted to individuals for setting up and running private hospitals with government regulations. This revived the private sector and many public institutions were privatized over night. Both types of institutions private and public still co-exist in China but number of private hospitals and clinics remain far greater. In most cities the private hospitals and clinics privatized at an incredible speed going from 40% of all institutions in 1998 to 56% private institutions in 2005, this rapid privatization led to establishment of un-registered private entities (Black Clinics). Earlier to 1980 there were four groups who were allowed to setup and run private practice; First group was individual practitioners with a license prior to the Cultural…. [read more]

Financial Impact Vulnerable Population Essay

… Surveys show that those with salaries of lower than $40,000 per year usually stay out of the option to have health insurance coverage. Though this is a risk to them, it is one they are willing to bear as a result of the tight economic conditions under which they survive. The one way to resolve these challenges for the vulnerable population is to ensure that the state health programs allows for their inclusion. This can be done by ensuring the program does not bring any kind of discrimination and that the vulnerable population is allowed to pay premiums based on their income levels.

Overall risk to the health care system if the rates of vulnerable populations continue to increase

Should the number of this population…. [read more]

Diversity in the Elderly Population Essay

… Of course, any demographic shift brings with it social and economic challenges, not least for healthcare systems. The notion of a greying population is usually framed in terms of the added demands and pressures they will bring. But although there will be challenges in adjusting, the overall picture is far from bleak if policymakers enact sensible change. (The Economist Intelligence Unit, 2009, 4)

In a fair vision of health care, there is an ethical, efficient, and dynamic system in place to monitor and moderate the health needs of the elderly. In this vision, the health care system promotes different, more ethical attitudes regarding aging in that it is a natural process that people can enjoy and prepare for with greater consideration of ethnic, cultural, and…. [read more]

Standards of Care/Mental Health/Cultural Competence Essay

… Patients who utilize family interpreters or non-professional interpreters, for instance nurses, clerks, and technicians are the ones that would be less satisfied with their visitation (Furler, 2012).

Potential Solutions

Culturally competent assessment skills are vital to assist communication, to show reverence for cultural diversity, and to inquire culturally sensitive queries about practices and beliefs that need to be measured in the transport of health care. The more information a nurse has about a particular culture, the more precise and complete the cultural valuation will be. For instance, if nurses are not aware that a lot of Hispanics use traditional healers for example curandros, masjistas, sobodoes, y (j)erberos, and esperititas, they will not recognize how to ask exact and suitable questions about the person's use of…. [read more]

Health Care to an Indigent Essay

… The plan will also provide a means for lower income families to afford and take advantage of health care offerings that they might not have otherwise received. The plan also significantly reduces wait times and customer service which often contribute to the low overall enrollments.

Discuss five (5) factors that point to the need of change by Cooper Green Hospital.

First, the rapid change in the U.S. health care system was a factor that required the Cooper Green Hospital to change its approach to costs. Another factor was massive lay-offs that ultimately harmed the firm's image in the public arena. Cutting programs, lack of resources to invest in capital projects, poor customer service and long waiting times were are factors that pointing to the need…. [read more]

Health Care Disparities Race Related Research Paper

… Their health conditions as compared to that of white women are quite adverse. One of the examples of their unfavorable health conditions is the high maternal mortality rate. The maternal mortality rate is highest among western nations. African women die four times more during child birth as compared to white women. This is because the colored, especially those belonging to low income families, do not have an access to the facilities that are necessary to get positive birth outcomes.

Medical Errors:

The medical errors in United States health care system cause about 44 to 98 thousand deaths. In addition to that, these errors also incur a loss of dollar 25 billion each year. Unfortunately due to high racial discrepancies most of such disadvantages are tolerated…. [read more]

Healthcare Issues, Systems, and Policies Essay

… By inundating members of both houses of Congress with lobbyists, that sector (just like the investment and banking sectors) employs approximately six lobbyists per legislator (Kennedy, 2006).

The relationships and tacit mutual understandings that are generated through this political lobbying process routinely produce legislation that is economically beneficial to the industries represented by lobbyists and (in effect) also stifles any legislative changes that would limit or threaten the profitability of the healthcare and health insurance industry. In addition to the direct effect of premium increases on healthcare costs, the complete dominance of private healthcare by the health insurance companies (and certain inefficiencies in Medicare and Medicaid) contributes indirectly (but substantially) to the cost of healthcare by encouraging providers to increase their fees for services, since…. [read more]

Healthcare Issues Country. How Solve Essay

… Creating partnerships between the private and the public healthcare institutions

2. Making the insurance more flexible and allowing the employees to select their own packages

3. The creation of individualized offers for medical insurance

4. Focus on the quality of the medical services offered

5. Reduction of fraud and abuse of medical coverage packages

6. Reshaping the role of the government.

1. Public-private partnerships

One major problem of the healthcare system is that it is being provided by either state or private institution, due to the nature of the insurance possessed by the individuals. At this stage however, it is proposed that the private and the public institutions join forces and combine the services they offer in order to improve their quality and the population's…. [read more]

Healthcare Reform Essay

… As a nurse administrator, one has to be vigilant so as to make sure that the nursing and other paramedic staff is working with honesty and competence to help the people who are sick. It is also the role of the nurse administrator to make sure that all the equipment required for primary or preventive care is available at the hospital or the health care center. The nurse administrator has to see whether or not the attendance of the nursing staff is up to the mark or not. The aim of the nurses should not just be to provide treatment or services, but also to counsel the patients. The patients need to be told that if they develop the same symptoms again they should come…. [read more]

Consultant of Healthcare Industry Research Paper

… Consultant Evaluation/Healthcare Industry

You are in the role of a consultant with ten years experience in the health care insurance industry. A group of 20 doctors are considering forming a new medical group and have asked you to prepare a report on whether they should build a facility in an area within 30 miles of the downtown center of your 500,000 population city for $100 million dollars. Prepare a report for the management team of the doctor's group on your proposed $100 million expenditure plan reflecting on the key course objectives including the financial, legal, alternative health care models, reinforced by your knowledge of strategic planning and capital budgeting.

The benefits of this proposal are truly overwhelming. One of the most major benefits of the…. [read more]

Healthcare System in South Africa Essay

… Moreover the constitution entitles the citizens of the country to gain access to the emergency medical treatment through government operated facilities. The constitution of the country defines that no citizen of the country will be refused from gaining access to the medical facilities of emergency nature. It is important to note that the government is focused to provide its citizen adequate healthcare facilities. The first step towards that is the provision of emergency medical treatment from the state. The white paper on the development of a national healthcare system was implemented in 1997. The core policy of the country is defined in the white paper outlining key steps for the country's healthcare services. The policy is primarily based on Primary Health Care (PHC). The strategy…. [read more]

Illegal Immigrants in the Healthcare USA Research Paper

… Illegal Immigrant and the Healthcare

Illegal immigration has been at the center of on going debate for a long duration now and still is in existence. The argument is on whether these illegal immigrants are entitled to some form of health cover in the United States especially on the part of health reform and immigration reform. This is a dilemma particularly taking into account that the healthcare system, in the spirit of upholding the sanctity of the constitution, is formatted to take care of all those within the American border. Some arguments have it that the United States has a moral obligation to provide healthcare to everyone within its borders that is in need of such assistance. Others hold the argument that those who are…. [read more]

Developing Partnerships Setting Priorities to Address Population Health Issues Term Paper

… Population Health

The goal of a population health approach is "to maintain and improve the health status of the entire population and to reduce inequalities in health status between groups and/or subgroups," (Health Canada 1999). A macro approach to health care requires both a clear establishment of priorities and the development of effective partnerships. Collaborative partnerships, defined as "people and organizations from multiple sectors working together in common purpose" transcend the boundaries that prevent access to care (Roussos & Fawsett 2000, p. 369). In addition to developing collaborative partnerships with the goal of teambuilding, population health specialists also need to clearly formulate goals and priorities for their target populations. For example, identifying disease etiology and prevalence may be a first step towards determining allocation of…. [read more]

Georgia Website Analysis: Term Paper

… ¶ … Georgia (

What does the website reveal about health insurance in the state?

According to the website, the state of Georgia has one of the percentages of insured persons in the United States, even after the passage of the ACA (Affordable Care Act). "About 18% of Georgia's residents lack health insurance coverage, which is a very high number, above the national average" (Georgia health insurance, 2014). Part of this may be due to the fact that such a low percentage of employers offer insurance: most Americans do not purchase their insurance on the open market but rather acquire it as a condition of their employment. "Approximately half of Georgia's employers offer health benefits to its employees, and most of the employees take…. [read more]

Business of Health Care Term Paper

… Coverage -- In a move to give health insurance coverage, additional people will generate a new trend of challenges. Failure to improve access means there would be still a problem in care delivery. Medicaid and Medicaid patients have demonstrated it challenging to find a physician or doctor. Having adequate health care providers to take care of new patients will be in short supply (Kolker, 2011). Besides the downside of the new provision, there is much opportunity.

Opinion of the ideal health care system

It must be noted that the GDP of the United States is higher than that of other nations; consequently, the United States' higher rate of healthcare expenditure is immense. Other numerous elements influencing health including social and cultural conditions, economic and social…. [read more]

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