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Health Care in the U.S Research Paper

… Some people may think that its against their freedom. Moreover, people have to pay the disapproved categories from out of pocket cash. Thus it stings people to get an insurance and yet pay for the healthcare expenses. (Singapore Healthcare System, 2013)

The insurance needs the people to be earning. The person must be employed to avail the facilities offered. This creates a problem for the self-employed and the unemployed people. As they cannot get themselves insured, they face difficulties in paying for their healthcare expenses. This makes the system a little biased. It also leads to an increase in the number of uninsured people. A total of 830,000 people are uninsured in Singapore. (Singapore Healthcare System, 2013)

The Singapore health system does not have proper…. [read more]

Hisory of Palliatve Care Palliative Ghost Writing

… Development of instrument that can be used in improvement of palliative care

There are legal standards that are being used in the United States to help sustain the lives of young children. Creation of machines to help in the program to sustain lives especially of those children suffering from long life diseases like cancer is the current project. This is an initiative taken by the pediatric palliative care department. The program will play a significant role in prolonging lives especially to those children with serious illness. Two instruments in the suggestion for use and reviews made to see the effectiveness. Parents and palliative care employees from various institutions gave opinions to act as a guideline on the effectiveness and progress. The instruments are essential in…. [read more]

Greening of the Health Care Research Paper

… (2) To comply with applicable environmental and worker safety laws and regulations.

(3) To practice wise resource management by conserving limited resources, and reuse and recycle materials when possible.

(4) To consider the life cycle cost of materials and procure less hazardous or environmentally preferable and recycled content products.

(5) To look for opportunities to reduce pollution and risks by managing the types and quantities of materials we procure, store, handle, and ultimately dispose of. (Reno VA, nd, p.1)

III. Deloitte Reports on 'Going Green'

Deloitte reports that going green in a formal manner involves: (1) the supply chain; (2) education of staff; and (3) support of the effort. (2009, p.1) It is necessary, according to Deloitte to do the following when beginning a green…. [read more]

Healthcare System Essay

… The average life expectancy in Norway is high (Burger et al. 2012). This is a significant factor in increasing pressure on the healthcare system of Norway. The old age citizens require healthcare facilities more frequently than the young aged public. The intensity and severity of the old age healthcare requirements play an important role in exerting pressure on the system. The policies of healthcare provision are also observed as facilitating at the first place in case a patient is qualified for benefits. The policy enables the patient to gain healthcare treatment on the basis of severity of the diseases (Haveman et al. 2011).

Increased Diseases:

There are multiple causes for increased healthcare diseases. The increase is due to declining nutrition in food, environmental, and socio-economic…. [read more]

Community's Access Health Care Technology Essay

… In other words, the health care provision in the community -- and even more so the technologically supported health care provision -- are underserved in the community and there is an increased need for additional capital investments in the field.

The demand for the health capital is generated by a wide array of forces, some of the more notable of these being mentioned below:

The demographic characteristics of the population in the community, referring primarily to the young adults, with busy careers and young children who reveal special health care needs

The economics of health care provision, which force the population to seek assistance outside the community, generating the loss of money to the local health care sector

The socio-economic status of the people in…. [read more]

Health Care in the U.S Term Paper

… The Spanish System

The health care system in Spain is still reeling from the recent global recession. High unemployment rates are expected to continue, which places a strain on the ability to support the national health care system (OECD, 2011b). The ability of the national health care system in Spain to provide services depends on an inflow of taxes from the people. Anything that harms the economy also harms the national health care system. The same is true in the United States, only the impact is not as great, because the system is not entirely dependent upon government funds.

The national health care system and Spain is known as the SNS. It is operated by the National Ministry of Health and Social Policy. It is…. [read more]

Technology and Healthcare Demographics Essay

… " For instance, almost all research points to the positive nature of a relationship between the caregiver and patient to aid in trust and healing. Telemedicine is meant to enhance care, not to diminish a relationship. Additionally, guidelines for privacy, ethics, and legal aspects must remain the same, only taking in to account a remote system and use of telemonitoring as a tool.

Part 4- Key resources in the adapting of telemonitoring would include the healthcare organization (a fiscal hard goods asset), physicians and nurses who would regularly use the system, patient buy-in, community buy in, and insurance reimbursement or coverage acceptance. This would be particularly necessary for overcoming the view that telemonitoring equals impersonal care. TM can also be associated with a personal and…. [read more]

Forces of Healthcare Essay

… It also introduces programs for the disadvantaged population to obtain healthcare coverage that will help pay for their care. Even though the legislation is not yet completely understood, it affects consumers, businesses who provide health benefits to employees, insurance companies, and health institutions.

Technology has become a major force in the development of the healthcare system. Technology delivers cure, medications, diagnostic procedures, and health information to professionals and consumers (Singh, 2013). Technology helps to provide early treatment, intensifies accuracy percentile in surgery and operations process, stores detail of data for more accurate patient care, medicinal administration, and provides higher competency. Technology has shaped the way that healthcare gets delivered to millions of patients. It has helped in delivering medications to patients through intravenous injections where…. [read more]

Foreign Health Care Policy Research Paper

… While at the same time, the individual must pay a certain percentage of these fees out of their pocket. The system is following a retrospective payment philosophy. As a result, it is utilizing DRG solutions. (Greenwald, 2010)


Cost of Care

In Germany, the cost of care is covered directly through a pay roll tax. This is used to provide everyone with access to physicians, hospitals and pharmaceuticals. The below table is highlighting the total amounts that were spent for these services in 2009. (Johnson, 2010)

Germany's Spending on Health Care Services in 2009



Percentage of GDP Spent on Health Care


Health Care Spending per Capita


Out of Pocket Health Care Spending


Per Capita Spending on Health Insurance


Per…. [read more]

Case Management Managed Care Research Paper

… Healthcare

The Impacts of Case Management and Managed Care on Health Care Cost Reduction

The United States has the priciest health care system in the world, with per capita health expenditures far above those of any other country. For a lot of years, U.S. health care expenditures have been rising faster than the overall rate of inflation in the economy. A few experts have disputed that high and rising costs are not such a grave problem. "Most observers disagree with this view, pointing to the negative impact of employee health care costs on employers, the government budgetary problems caused by rising health care expenditures, and an association between high health care costs and reduced access for individuals needing health services" (Bodenheimer, 2005).

Managing health care…. [read more]

Health Care Industry in America Essay

… American physicians feel that American health care does not work well and needs rebuilding (Blendon, 2001).

From the consumers' point-of-view, there is a great deal of dissatisfaction in the quality of health care (Davis, 2006). A variety of studies have revealed that U.S. consumers are not satisfied with the quality of communication between themselves and their physician especially in regard to making health care decisions but the one area where American consumers express satisfaction in is the area of the timeliness of their treatment. Here Americans were satisfied in their ability to see a specialist or obtain elective surgery but they still complained about being able to readily obtain care on nights and weekends.

The overall level of dissatisfaction and the empirical evidence that seemingly…. [read more]

Healthcare Nursing Policy Essay

… Healthcare Bill

The Economic, Resource Allocation and Administrative Impacts

of the Affordable Care Act

The number of Americans who are uninsured or uninsured continues to rise by frightening margins. Today, the demand for policy intervention that can improve the costs of healthcare and made critical medical treatment coverage accessible to ordinary Americans is as high as it has ever been. The Obama Administration would respond to this imperative by authoring sweeping Healthcare industry reforms aimed at improving the efficiency of the system and improving the permeation of its coverage on a nationwide scale. The massive body of legislation would be comprised of a wide variance of bills intended to address the myriad dimensions and complexities of the currently tangled and dysfunctional healthcare system. Specifically due…. [read more]

Health Care Essay

… Address the proposition that health care quality is currently a national priority. Include one or more examples from health policy and/or current events to support your response.

Health care quality is indeed a national priority. In many instances, quality healthcare is a societal priority as lives are significantly impacted by it. To begin, due to the Affordable Care Act of 2010, the healthcare profession is undergoing a fundamental shift in regards to the patient experience. The U.S. health care system is now shifting the focus from acute and specialty care to that of primary care. This shift will alter the skills and qualifications needed to be successful on the job. Also, due primarily to that aging of the baby boomer generation, the need for primary…. [read more]

Healthcare Economics Evaluation Essay

… ) use (CDC, 2011)(SAPRP, 2013).

Another main dimension of healthcare costs being inflated artificially by bad choices and behaviors is mostly through chronic and/or catastrophic events like heart disease, Type II Diabetes (but not Type I) and other maladies that are sometimes engendered through heredity and other genetic factors but are often the result of protracted and wide-spread bad habits such as lack of exercise, bad diet or a combination of the two.

If the body is abused enough over time, it will eventually start buckling from the abuse and the health care costs skyrocket for that person. People that are poorer and less educated often tend to fall into this group and they often do not have the resources to combat their health problem…. [read more]

Cooper Green Delivering Health Care Term Paper

… It was reported that Cooper Green had taken a total of ten million dollars every year from the country's budget. This is a major obstacle in the country's economic performance especially after the bankruptcies that have occurred in the past. (Wright, 2012) The hospital is not funded from any source except the government, and the officials cannot stand to go through more laws. Even though, this hospital provides health care at a relatively cheaper cost, it doesn't provide the best quality. However, many people believe that by closing the inpatient care, the hospital can better use those funds to provide other services to the visiting people. It has been proposed that the hospital be turned into an outpatient clinic and thus other facilities should be…. [read more]

Caring for the Old Essay

… an elderly's caregiving need will change in the course of their disease. There are several caregiver tasks which are done on as needed basis; while others need to be done on a daily basis. Because an individual with an acute illness has varying needs in the course of their illness the responsibilities of a caregiver also change. Depending on the different needs an elderly person who is under care, the responsibilities of a caregiver range from; administering medication, monitoring the symptoms of the illness, advocating for appropriate medical acre, providing them with transport to and from their appointments, treatments and tests, handling issues pertaining with insurance, participation in end-of-life addition to reaching out to family members and the friends of the elderly person, the…. [read more]

Palliative Care Queensland Professional Writing

… The aforementioned components should be there as part of any action plan that is devised to provide palliative care as part of the policy.

It should be noted here that in order for PCQ to provide healthcare services to the local population all over Queensland, there are certain recommendations that need to be made a part of the policy. It is recommended that the Minister for Health provides resources at the earliest for 24-hour palliative care information that would be available over the telephone and all over the state along with support and referral service (Palliative Care Queensland, 2012). Apart from this, skilled nurses along with other allied health and all the required support should also be made available over the internet. Special alterations need…. [read more]

Job Opportunities for Health Care Research Paper

… Within the field of healthcare, not only are there increasingly sophisticated machines and tools to detect and treat potential maladies which assists today's aging population, but also there advancements for simple tools for the average laymen to use to monitor and reinforce healthy living. There are several applications for smart phones, for instance, which can monitor factor's related to people's hearts and exercise, count calories, and otherwise assist in salutary living. Increasing sophistication in biotechnology applications also contribute to the fact that people are living longer than they have before, which is why there will be excellent job opportunities in geriatrics.

There are also substantial trends affecting policy at the federal and state level that are responsible for the fact that "employment of medical and…. [read more]

Health Care Industry Has Undergone Essay


The Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality is a federal agency under Health & Human Services working to improve the quality, effectiveness and safety of health care. AHRQ gathers information in surveys; funds research projects and provide evidence-based practice guidelines for health care practitioners. The AHRQ's Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) program provides a national benchmarking database (Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development, 2002). The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's mission is to improve the quality, safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of health care for all Americans. AHRQ supports research that helps people make more informed decisions and improves the quality of health care services.

AHRQ does this by improving care safety and quality by developing successful partnerships and generating the…. [read more]

Poor Healthcare Leadership the Study Research Proposal

… Here, the author seems to suggest that in some instances, poor leadership is not to blame for low morale. Instead, workers could be facing various challenges in their other facets of life which makes them erratic. Any attempt by the top leadership to correct this should not, according to this point-of-view, be seen as a contributing factor to low morale and hence an indication of poor leadership.

Significance of the Study

A topic of this nature is worth exploring. This is more so the case given that the jury is still out on the exact interrelationship between poor leadership and employee morale. How these two variables tie together to influence the quality of care patients receive is also a grey area. It should also be…. [read more]

AACN Synergy Model for Nursing Patient Care Research Paper

… of money, stating that she had 3 potatoes left to eat until the end of the month. On the first of the month, which was 3 days away, she would receive her Social Security check and be able to get her medications.

Patient Characteristics

The Synergy Model describes the patient's characteristics (Table 1) that span the continuum of health and ill- ness. Each characteristic exists on its own continuum. These characteristics assist the nurse to recognize how each patient is vulnerable. Recognizing and understanding these characteris- tics and how they can change with a patient's condition or situation helps in recognizing the essential nurse competencies that synergize to result in optimal patient outcomes.

Sophie's complexity as a patient was increasing because she lacked the financial…. [read more]

Economics of Healthcare Essay

… " (2010, p.10 In addition, "Not only are consumers less likely to discriminate on cost, but providers of healthcare services have greater incentive to provide medical treatments that are only marginally more effective at much higher cost. This is the opposite of how the price mechanism works in a free market, where consumers (who are paying out of their own pocket) search for the cheapest prices and providers work hard to provide services that are equally efficacious but less costly." (Boyapeti, 2010, p.1) Secondly, Licensure, which is the "practice of restricting entry into a market by forcing practitioners and providers to seek permission before doing so." (Boyapeti, 2010, p.1) A common misconception is that medical licensure provides consumers with protection however, holding a license provides…. [read more]

Obamacare When Campaigning Essay

… The health reform which has been introduced has several ups and downs. There is a great difference in the people who will actually gain something from this reform and those who will be at loss. There shall be a high number of new people who will be able to purchase coverage through the introduction of insurance exchanges. Alongside that, people will be able to enroll themselves into either Medicare or Children's Health Insurance Program. Those under 26 will also be free of the burden of acquiring an individual health insurance and will be able to use that of their parents. Tax payers may also benefit as they will not have to pay as much tax due to the lower burden of the expenses. This means…. [read more]

Technology on Health Care Services Essay

… This development has had positive impacts on health care delivery because of its huge benefits.

Some of the major benefits of health information technology on delivery of care services include reduction of paperwork and workload of caregivers, enhancing administrative efficiencies, and expanding the affordability and access of health care services (Jamal, McKenzie & Clark, 2009). In addition, these technologies are effective in preventing clinical errors through the enforcement of care protocols and clinical guidelines.

Factors that Influence the Growth of Technology in the Health Care Field:

As technological advances have become common in the health care field, there are various factors that affect or influence in medical care. Some of these factors include:

Consumer Demand:

Innovation in the health care sector is influenced by consumer…. [read more]

Healthcare the American Medical Association Essay

… Some pharmacists might specialize in certain areas of healthcare such as gerontology, psychiatry, or sports medicine ("Pharmacist Career," n.d.). Some careers in the pharmaceutical field such as pharmacology are industry-related, and involve working with research and development. Therefore, laboratory positions with the pharmaceutical industry are also possible. Pharmacy also entails a number of ancillary or helping positions such as pharmacy technicians.

The veterinary field encompasses all of the healthcare needs of non-human animal species. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (2011), about 80% of all careers in the veterinary healthcare field are in private practices, and address the needs of pets. A smaller proportion works with wildlife, zoo animals, farm animals, or laboratory animals. Some veterinarians work with animals in a research…. [read more]

Barriers in Primary Care Annotated Bibliography

… References

Beard, C., Weisberg, R.B., & Primack, J. (2012). Socially anxious primary care patients' attitudes toward cognitive bias modification (CBM): a qualitative study. Behavioural and cognitive psychotherapy, 40(05), 618-633.

Beckman, H.B., Wendland, M., Mooney, C., Krasner, M.S., Quill, T.E., Suchman, A.L., & Epstein, R.M. (2012). The impact of a program in mindful communication on primary care physicians. Academic Medicine, 87(6), 815-819.

Cheung, P.T., Wiler, J.L., Lowe, R.A., & Ginde, A.A. (2012). National study of barriers to timely primary care and emergency department utilization among Medicaid beneficiaries. Annals of emergency medicine, 60(1), 4-10.

Crabtree, B.F., Nutting, P.A., Miller, W.L., McDaniel, R.R., Stange, K.C., Jaen, C.R., & Stewart, E. (2011). Primary care practice transformation is hard work: insights from a 15-year developmental program of research. Medical care,…. [read more]

Obamacare Good for the Economy? Research Paper

… (Farazmand, 2001)

However social policies have been reflected in a number of areas including education, poverty and Medicare. There has been great progress post globalization where there was a revision of this trend where government moves the welfare services to the private sector to help it continue the services is unique to the United States, while in other countries the duality exists with the states bearing the burden of not only providing but also maintaining and innovating such services. (Farazmand, 2001)

There have been success previously in the medical policies and there is no reason why in the case of the Obamacare also it would not be a success. For example the medical policy like accountable care organizations -- ACO has solved the issues like…. [read more]

Obama Care Plan Health Term Paper

… According to Congressional Budget Office the plan will help reduce deficit by a startling $138 million over ten years (Health Care Reform, 2012). Although the statistics are subject to debate but the new plan ensures that costs are not distributed evenly but the plan actually helps in curbing the overspending crisis currently present in this particular industry. By cutting on the deficit our modern citizens can use money from bank at lower prices and bridging the deficit will help in improving the economic and employment status in the country.

Another extension of this argument is that Obama's plan helps curtail overpayment to insurers. In Bush's administration overpayment was of such nature that insurers were being subsidized for which the economy got nil benefits in return.…. [read more]

Health Care Systems in Today Term Paper

… By considering the above mentioned details, it can be stated clearly that the health care system of Canada is the best of all since it is quite transparent as government itself is the regulatory authority for all funding and expenses and there is no confusion within the system itself. By spending less GDP in comparison with other developed countries like U.S., UK and Germany, Canada has achieved high rates of life expectancy and good health care system which is undoubtedly the best amongst all. The Canadians are enjoying good facilities of health care and the system is progressing more and more. U.S., UK and Germany lacks behind Canada in their health care systems as they rather established an organization for funding purposes or have a…. [read more]

Health Care Reform Has Been a Hot Research Paper

… ¶ … health care reform has been a hot button issue across the United States in the form of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) but in the State of Minnesota it has been a hotly contested since the passage of the 2008 Minnesota Health Care Reform Act (Gray) and, most recently, with the extension of the General Assistance Medical Care program (Minnesota Department of Human Services). The fate of the ACA will soon be determined when the U.S. Supreme Court announces its ruling on said Act's constitutionality. The Court's ruling will have a profound effect on the delivery of health care throughout the nation but regardless of how the Court decides health care in the State of Minnesota will be altered.

On the national level,…. [read more]

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