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Flows in Health Care Research Paper

… Patients departing their home country in search of remedial treatment abroad, is indeed not a new happening, though, the swift growth and the extent of medical travel are new. It is anticipated that medical travel will grow up further in the near future providing new horizons for growth.

The costs are high due to the following factors:

So much paperwork from so many insurance companies (paperwork costs money, insurance companies also charge money for their services). Hospitals keep old people for too long in hospitals. Senior health care professionals are not willing to refer their patients to junior health care professionals whereas; senior health care professionals are expensive. Increasing cases of obesity is also increasing the health care costs. As doctors and hospital managers know…. [read more]

Swedish Health Care System Essay

… If an individual is ill for more than 14 days, he or she will receive a slightly lower compensation from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. After an individual has been sick for longer periods of time, their illness is assessed at various intervals for any change in their status and their payment is then adjusted according to their illness.

Most of the health care in Sweden is provided in health care centers staffed by doctors, nurses and other allied health staff. The fee chargeable in most centers ranges from SEK 100 to 200 depending on the county where the care is provided. There is however a maximum of SEK 300 in the case of specialist visit. The hospital stay fee per day is given as…. [read more]

Information Technology (IT) Integration and Improving Nursing Care Essay

… Due to the immense complexity and interconnected nature of a major nursing care facility like Pleasant Manor, "data is constantly changing based on information from doctors, nurses, patients and others" (Freudenheim, 2012). The electronic medical records provided by Epic Systems seek to streamline the operations of each of these users, by enabling them immediate access to diagnostic data, patient histories, and concurrent cases. It has been clearly established throughout decades of electronic medical recordkeeping implementation that "computerized record systems can actively search for and analyze information in ways that paper files never can, thereby improving patients' health" (Freudenheim, 2012). Under the new system, nurses, specialists and other health care professionals working at Pleasant Manor will be responsible for recording accurate charts on all patients, and…. [read more]

Health Care Changes Essay

… From a public health perspective, there are now thousands of new diagnostic tools available to the medical profession allowing one to access more information in a timely manner. Data may be collected to help society; data analysis helps determine areas of high concern for specific pandemics or other healthcare needs, and how reform might impact costs and incent providers to build clinics or hosptials. Advanced analysis of disease vectors, trends in pandemics and certain illnesses endemic to modern life (diabetes, obesity, cornonary and renal issues) as well as healthcare concerns surrounding nutrition, lifestyle, lack of exercise and alchohol and now impacting even the most basic GP office. Epidemologically, medial data can help scientiests understand and hopefully prevent massive disease outbreaks globally; certainly this data can…. [read more]

Medical Care Services Application Essay

… I believe that as an orthopedic surgical physician assistant, I would ensure a better care and treatment for the patients. The role of the assistant is precisely that to connect with the patient at the moment when he or she arrives in the hospital. Given that more and more medical doctors are stretched over a larger number of patients as a result of the reformation of the system, the role of the assistant is all the more important. He represents the first contact with the patient and can provide the necessary psychological comfort to allow the patient to relax and have the necessary confidence in the medical care unit provider. Therefore, one of the most important roles the assistant plays in this case is that…. [read more]

RFP in Healthcare Industry Request Business Proposal

… In addition, the bidder's proposal should comply with the following format requirements. Bidders should follow them strictly, because the center may deem proposals that fail to meet the format requirements as non-responsive.

1. All the soft copy files should either be in MS Word (Word, excel, project, PowerPoint), version 2003-2007 or PDF. The proposal text should have at least 12 points and 8 points for presentation of information in figures and tables.

2. Vendors should provide printable information on pages on standard 8.5" x 14" format. However, the center prefers single sided pages.

3. The pages should follow a sequence in numbering excluding the project schedule. The page numbers must appear in the same page in the bidder's proposal. The vendor should assign index numbers…. [read more]

Healthcare Management Australia's Health Care Essay

… Just as has been enumerated initially, state government funding for healthcare mainly comes from general taxation; block grants and specific purpose payments from the Australian government; funding from state fiscal resources; and funding from non-governmental sources. A state Health Departments budget must be within its budgetary process. Health grants to the states from the Commonwealth are disbursed based on population formula and performance measurements. States that secure large health grants are more likely to suffer reduced revenue from the Commonwealth. Some of the grants given to individual states are subject to fiscal equalization (Healy, Sharman & Lokuge, 2006). This equalization done by the Commonwealth Grants Commission is meant to ensure that all states are capable of providing adequate health services without levying higher taxes on…. [read more]

Affordable Care Act Impact Political Essay

… As such proper disclosure was lapse within the scandal. In many instances, such grievances should immediately be reported to the proper athourities. However, the IRS is the primary authority and therefore the scandal erupted unbeknownst to many of the top political leaders. In order to prevent this problem in the future, proper oversight and disclosure must be tightened (Fang, 2006).

This is very important as it relates to health care overall. Lawmakers often crafted financial subsidies available under the health law as tax credits. These tax credits, as referenced by the recent scandal must have proper oversight in order to be effective. The agency already administers another major social program, the earned income tax credit, which long ago surpassed welfare as the main source of…. [read more]

Health Care System Essay

… Health Care System

There are many factors that have affected the development of the health care system in the U.S. These include a larger number of baby boomers needing services, a significant number of individuals who do not have health insurance, and a political system that is struggling with ways to accommodate those needing insurance without raising debt levels beyond where they already are. All three of those issues are major concerns for the country at the current time, and they do not show signs of going away anytime soon. The large number of baby boomers cannot be helped, but because there is such a significant number of Americans reaching Medicare age all at once the system is going to be burdened with their cost…. [read more]

Healthcare Delivery of Quality Essay

… Since provision of healthcare facilities is the prime responsibility of government in welfare state, it should ensure that people are aware of the necessity of sunlight for production of vitamin D in human body. There must be special arrangements for public awareness that sunlight is beneficial to health and easily accessible programs should be arranged for it.


The biggest source of Vitamin D is direct exposure to sunlight for considerably long period of time. The modern life style has compelled the human beings to stay in-door to protect themselves from sun and heat. High industrialization has deprived them from the natural minerals and most of the food items are frozen. Hence, Vitamin D deficiency is on rise.

In order to control this situation, it…. [read more]

Obamacare: Healthcare Coverage and Pre-Existing Conditions Creative Writing

… The law also purports to play a role in simplifying the CHIP enrollment process.

Having shed some light on the provisions of the PPACA Act, let's now revisit the issue of "pre-existing conditions" bearing in mind that it was an emotive subject of debate in health care debate in the United States in 2009 and 2010 with majority of people opposing its exclusion by insurance industries and preferring its subsequent ban. Pre-existing condition is a medical condition that occurred before a program of health benefit comes into effect. Based on this definition, it is evident that "pre-existing condition" clause serves no purpose than rationing health care. Regardless of the definition which insurance companies give, "objective standard" or "prudent person," rationing of healthcare is still evident.…. [read more]

Canada Healthcare Essay

… In spite of the available risk, a research on the costs and quality of contracted-out elective services, in part due to the fact monitoring systems tend to be seldom in place. It becomes of significance to keep in mind that contracting with private providers will not always be synonymous with bringing the free market into health care.

The Canada government can find it possible to introduce market forces, especially competition among providers, while not having any form of private ownership. The government can also intervene in turning the private capacity into reduced wait times. Private companies will not likely to brave high the markets of healthcare entry and exit costs not until they are offered a guaranteed revenue stream, which always is supposed to come…. [read more]

Health Care Professionals Healthcare Essay

… Public health professionals have various roles within the health care systems: They should be in a position to understand and apply new advances in science. This will help them in their attempt to make their work successful as well as dealing with the daily emerging health challenges. They as well need to apply new approaches to research, these approaches may involve researchers, practitioners plus the community to make a joint efforts in improving health and in understanding global health issues that tend to transcend national boundaries increasingly, (Gebbie, K.,, 2003). Public health professionals should be proficient in terms of communication for them to effectively interact with multiple audiences in understanding and incorporating their needs as well as perspectives of culturally diverse communities within the…. [read more]

History Evolution Health Care Economics Essay

… In this order of ideas, the demand for medical services is generically accepted as inelastic, which basically means that the demand suffers little or no change upon a change in the price of the medical act. As a consequence, the providers of medical services and equipments (including pharmaceutical companies) have been continually able to raise costs without suffering a decrease in demands.

This trait is the result of more economic principles being integrated in the process of medical care provision. Throughout the past recent decades then, the medical sector has also come to pay attention to economic features, such as the financing of the medical act, the reimbursement of the services, the profitability of the sector, the operational efficiency, return on the investments in new…. [read more]

Employees Healthcare System Obesity, Ageing Essay

… As a following substance, in case any arranged program can stay alive monetary anxiety hinges on its comparative esteem. On this substance, there is undoubtedly: Social Security and health care are unequivocally the mainly in vogue residential social programs;

Healthcare Delivery in the U.S.

The World Health Organization (WHO), in 2000, "marked the U.S.A. social insurance framework as the most elevated in expense, foremost in receptiveness, 37th in generally speaking display, and 72nd by generally speaking level of state of being (around 191 part countries combined in the study). Right around those whose business pays for state protection, the representative could be needed to give part of the expense of this protection, while the management for the most part picks the protection team and, for…. [read more]

Health Care Organizations Are Facing Is Rising Article Review

… ¶ … health care organizations are facing is rising costs. This is because of different factors that are working in conjunction with one another (to make the problem worse). In the article titled Health Care Cost Trends, the author (Brian Hassan), is showing a host of reasons as to why the problem is occurring. The most notable include: medical related factors, lifestyle choices, cost shifting and inefficiencies. This is when Hassan highlights how these issues are made worse by the stagnant economy and increasing uninsured. The combination of these factors is creating a situation where this segment of the population will be effectively priced out of the health care system. Until these issues are addressed, Hassan predicts that the costs of health care will continue…. [read more]

Healthcare Administration in a Perfectly Essay

… As medical services become increasingly complex, and consumers demand a greater variety of procedures, including cosmetic, the number of physicians has not grown in proportion to this demand. While the numbers are growing, it is insufficient to meet the increase in demand. Physicians graduating today receive two or three offers, and this drives up the price of physicians (Cauchon, 2005).

3. a. An increase in the incomes of buyers is going to bring more buyers into the market. In the short run this will cause an increase in the price of kidneys. The price increase will bring new suppliers into the market, restoring equilibrium at a higher price.

b. A decrease in the price of dialysis will increase demand for this substitute. A consequence of…. [read more]

Triple Constraints Health Care Informatics Essay

… In short, if there is a benefit to undergoing a healthcare informatics project, it should benefit all patients and practitioners equally. If there is a disparity in outcomes from a project, it has to be ensured that it's because of societal or other factors that are not controllable by the project members. Disparate outcomes do not mean disparate treatment for what is controllable but it has to be verified in each and every case that the hospital is doing all their due diligence. For example, an initiative that involves customer access and participation online must be regulated by the fact that economically disadvantaged people do not have the best track record of being able to afford to consistently access online resources and many of these…. [read more]

Health Care Industry Essay

… Hospitals often have difficulty making a profit now, and doctors are leaving the profession because of the high cost of malpractice insurance and other bills (St. Sauver, et al., 2013; Christensen & Gronvall, 2011). Because of that, the health care industry may have to make big changes in how it does things in the next 10 years. If that is the case, there may be a return to simpler medicine in some ways, with more common and less expensive treatments for some ailments. There may also be an influx of people heading to alternative medicine doctors who will treat them with herbs and natural options, in order to keep their costs down. Until Obamacare begins in full force and has been operational for a while,…. [read more]

Competitive Advantage in Healthcare Research Paper

… Same is the case with the price of treatment that encourages paying visits to doctors. The clients feel power and control over their decisions when there is competitive pricing in the industry. The patients feel that they are benefitted by paying for the insurance or the medical services. The free market mechanism and consumer choices make the client capable to decide which organization to select for purchasing the good or service.

validating competitive advantages

Competitive advantage plays a vital role in determining the success of organizations. The sales person in a medical organization needs to communicate pricing as well as quality message in order to increase sales and thus revenues of organization. Like the movie Love and Other Drugs, it is the case in actual…. [read more]

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Research Paper

… Among individuals getting subsidies, the subsidies are anticipated to be valued at an estimated cost of $6,000 for every family unit, which would viably discount the anticipated cost of protection by two-thirds (Pinger & Kotecki, 2012). Insurance cover will not just be cheaper for purchasers, but will likewise save the federal government cash by reducing the cost associated with subsidies.

For the impact on health protection premiums, the CBO alluded to its November 2009 investigation and expressed that the impacts will "likely be truly comparative" to that prior dissection. The examination figures project that premiums for all individuals will expand by close to thirteen percent by 2016. However, more than half of the insured might gain subsidies that will reduce premiums to below premiums charged…. [read more]

Innovative Nursing Care Delivery Models Essay

… An initial orientation in the model is required, specifically designed to prepare staff to convey medical knowledge to laypersons.

Change is always difficult for any organization, but for a healthcare organization it can be particularly entrenched. Often, the focus is simply upon dispensing care rather than teaching others how to give care. Unfortunately, the result of this gap between the ability to convey understanding and knowledge can leave caregivers under-informed. The organizational model of change integration is one in which participants must be convinced of the need for and the value of the change (the unfreezing process); the change process itself; followed by the refreezing process whereby the change become a standard operating procedure of the organization (Kurt Lewin Change Model, 2013, Change Management Coach).…. [read more]

Facility Planning Long-Term Care Essay

… Once they acquire the skill, the staff and the patients will be asked for feedback to know I the renovation brought any positive changes. On the basis of the feedback and evaluation, the hospital will offer maintenance services.

11. Conclusion

The health care facilities are in need of updated equipment and skills so that they can offer better healthcare services to more people than they are serving already. This is also the case with PP hospital. The hospital can easily acquire goods and the training services but the costs are a big concern. The costs will be backed by equity and loan financing. The cost analysis has shown that the training, investment and operational costs will be higher and thus the company needs to carefully…. [read more]

Economic Issue in Health Care Essay

… (PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, 2013).


This paper evaluated inflationary pressures as a current economic issue as it relates to healthcare in the light of two important economic tools, demand and supply and cost analysis. Using the first tool, 'demand and supply', it is been found that shifting trends in healthcare have resulted in a big mismatch between supply and demand options. The costs of healthcare services have been increasing day by day which are putting direct negative pressures on individual patients, hospitals, and the governments. There exists a large gap between the demand and supply of reliable and cost effective medical treatments in rural and urban areas which directly affects the costs of these treatments and general healthcare services for all individuals. The most recent financial…. [read more]

U.S. Health Care Reforms Objectives Term Paper

… While an immensely deductible HSA plan may not elicit the best for every American because of income constraints, this will decrease over-utilization and over-insurance. It will further aid in restoring actuarial and economic principles. Augmented cost sharing coupled with price transparency will aid in providing proper incentives to the providers and those Americans that have insurance. Benefit designs with remittances varying by perceived provider price or quality are necessary. To encourage and foster decreased utilization, it is advisable to utilize payments for bundled services.

Price Controls

For health care reform to be appealing and successful, it is further necessary for the health care systems and the government to work together towards eliminating price controls. Safety nets and programs by the government ought to remit provider…. [read more]

Insurance Healthcare Research Paper

… Health Care System

United States Health Care System

An increase in the concentration of the health care costs and quality assurances within the context of the health reforms continue to shift the attention of the federal and state governments towards the potential health information technology. This project seeks to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the health care programs as well as reduction of the health care costs (Lucas Jr. et al., 2013). The states and federal governments also focus on the improvement of quality and safety of the medical provision programs. This research exercise focuses on the examination of the concept of health information technology. This is through evaluation of the major issues or problems related to the program within the health care sector.…. [read more]

Healthcare Information Technology (IT) Research Paper

… Telemedicine

Healthcare it

Telemedicine is the exchange of medical information via electronic communication in order to improve a patient's health status. Telemedicine use various applications like email, video, wireless tools, smart phones, and other telecommunication technologies. This has been a rapidly growing application technology, which is aimed at providing remote medical examinations and procedures. When two medical professionals share a case via telephone, it can also be referred to as telemedicine. This is quite simple, but telemedicine also incorporates the use of satellite technology or video conferencing for conducting real-time patient consultation. In short telemedicine can be defined as the use of information technology and communications in the delivery of clinical care. Telemedicine started over forty years ago when hospitals used to extend care to…. [read more]

Access to Health Care Research Paper

… The reason behind this phenomenon is that children's health insurances are less expensive than the insurances of adults. In order to provide the children with a better access to the health care system Kids health insurance reform was passed by Obama in the year 2009. The research's result concluded that in 2010 almost every fifth American was facing an unmet health need, 20% of the Americans did not visit the doctor in a year. The major reason for not visiting the doctor and not going for a treatment was unaffordable cost that went from 8.8% in 2000 to 13.7% in 2010. (Alex, 2012)

The research also mentioned that from 1980 to 2011 the expenses on the Health care system have increased. As per year around…. [read more]

Continuum of Long-Term Care Essay

… ¶ … Long-Term Care

To what degree does our nation have a continuum of long-term care? Focus on how federal and federal state policy has been shaped.

Long-term care refers to a wide range of health and health-linked support service offered on a formal or informal basis to persons with functional disabilities over a prolonged period. Long-term care aims at maximizing the independence of such persons. On the other hand, a continuum of care is a client-centered system that entails both services and integration of mechanism that tracks and directs over time via a detailed array of mental health, social services and health, spanning all levels of care intensity. The concept of continuum care goes beyond the conventional descriptions of long-term care. Continuum care involves…. [read more]

Health Care Services for Myocardial Essay

… Rationale for the Proposals:

The chronic aspirin and statin therapy and REACT theory-based intervention are health care services based on drug benefits and healthy behaviors. Chronic aspirin and statin therapy is based on the concept of drug benefits in enhancing patient outcomes while REACT theory-based intervention seeks to promote healthy and timely behaviors in response to the disease. Notably, these intervention measures are based on the behavioral theories of primary health care (Wei, Fahey & MacDonald, 2008, p.113). In addition to promoting quick response to hospital-seeking AMI patients, the interventions demonstrate that proper health behaviors can help patients in improving their clinical outcomes ("Improving Care," 2006).


Myocardial infarction is one of the major cardiovascular diseases that account for a huge portion of annual deaths…. [read more]

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