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Diabetes Management Early Detection Term Paper

… Small but significant reduction in blood glucose levels. Patients in the intervention group reported more confidence in their medications as prescribed but they expressed more doubt about their ability to manage their diabetes in general

172 diabetes patients 18 to 64 years of age - 87 Standard Disease Management

remote monitoring by cell phone, Symcare Glucometer and Bluetooth Cradle

85 Standard Disease Management with Remote Monitoring

DM plus group reported greater satisfaction with their disease management experience in terms of believing program staff were helpful, articulate, better educated, and accessible. The results also showed the DM-Plus group improved self-care and had more stable glycemic control.

Referred through various sources, including a review of new hospital admissions that identifies patients with specific diagnoses monitoring services system…. [read more]

Oxygen Use in Hospital Setting Literature Review

… Master in Quality & Safety in Healthcare Management

Year Two, 2010-2011

Oxygen Use Monitoring in Hospitals: Literature Review

Oxygen Use Monitoring in Hospitals: Literature Review

search strategy methods and methodologies application of findings to the writer's organization

Oxygen is vital element in people life.. It is a fact that, in a normal room, the percentage of oxygen is only 21% and this amount is sufficient for healthy people. However, most patients need higher levels of oxygen to circulate blood and allow body tissues to function normally (Thannickal, 2009). Oxygen is frequently used as a form of medication in community and hospital settings by the nurses and doctors employed. Use of oxygen as a medicine is not chosen for specified situations nor it is normally prescribed…. [read more]

Education Outcomes for Youth in Foster Care Article Review

… Foster Care and Education

Educational Outcomes for Youth in Foster Care

The importance of this issue for social workers -- vis-a-vis the educational achievements of at-risk individuals and the overall, ongoing need for an educated, productive society -- is reflected in the fact that an estimated 800,00 youth are living in foster care environments annually in the U.S. -- and of those, 16,000 leave their foster care homes "as young adults" (Williams, et al., p. 500). Moreover, children in foster care are "one of the most educationally vulnerable populations" in U.S. schools (Zetlin, et al., 2006, p. 268). Without a good education, foster care youth are too often destined for a life of poverty and pain.

Zetlin, Andrea G., Weinberg, Lois a., and Shea, Nancy…. [read more]

Cultural Issues and Clinical Teaching Essay

… Therapy

Cultural Issues and Clinical Teaching

Most people become very nervous when they are in need of health care, but for those who are not familiar with the way things happen in hospitals, or do not speak the same language as those trying to care for them; it can be a bewildering and frightening time. A person may feel very isolated and misunderstood (Information on Cultural differences of patients, n.d.). Some of the obvious differences that can occur between a health care provider and a patient include: religion, ethnicity or race, national origin or language and gender. Some of the not so obvious differences include: age, education, educational status and mobility including handicaps (Cultural Diversity and Health Care, n.d.).

A good example of a cultural…. [read more]

Psychological Testing Thesis

… ¶ … Attitude Survey on Healthcare Reform

Healthcare reform is a heated debate in America right now. People have demonstrated not just interest in President Obama's proposed legislation, and the versions offered by the House and Senate, but have shown heightened levels of anxiety, anger, and concern for both for and against it. This attitude survey is designed to gain insight into the survey population's attitude on healthcare reform. The survey is focused on their understanding of healthcare insurance and the delivery of healthcare services as it exists today, and what they believe reform would mean to them. The understanding that they demonstrate on this attitude survey will reveal whether or not their attitudes, thusly, their emotional responses to it, are being led by their…. [read more]

Rights for US Citizens to Have Health Care Thesis

… rights for U.S. citizens to have health care

The Rights of U.S. Citizens to Health Care

The right to health care

The concept -- the right to health care as a notion was developed within the United States in the context of the current health care situation. It is primarily focused on "attempts to resolve the crisis of escalating health care costs and the increasing racial disparities and generally failing accessibility of health care" (The Right to Health Care Forum).

The right debate -- while some parties argue that health care is a basic human right, others argue that it is not a right in fact. The first set of arguments is based on the understanding of human rights as the necessity to provide every…. [read more]

Legislative Letter Term Paper

… Legislative Letter

Dear Representative Boucher

I would like to thank you for your concern for our nation's health and the care that is being provided. I am writing today to urge you to support Affordable Health Care for America Act, H.R. 3962. This legislation will extend health insurance coverage to millions of uninsured persons, thereby helping to ensure that most Americans have quality, affordable coverage.

It will require most employers to share in the responsibility for financing health care coverage, either by providing coverage directly to their workers or by contributing a meaningful amount to pay for most of the costs of their coverage. It will provide substantial subsidies to help make coverage more affordable for middle income families, and expand Medicaid to guarantee that…. [read more]

Cardiac Arrests Research Proposal

… Cardiac Arrests: A Comparison Sutdy of Hospital With and Hospital Without Critical Care Team

It has been reported in recent studies that medical emergency teams and specifically critical care teams bring about a reduction in the incidence of mortality due to cardiac arrest. (Smith & Nolan, 2002; Buist, Harrison, Abaloz, & Dyke, 2007; Chrysochoou and Gunn, 2006)

The research proposed herein has as its aim the auditing of two hospitals and specifically one hospital that has a critical care outreach team and another hospital that does not have a critical care outreach team and to compare the reason why and number of cardiac arrests occurring in each hospital over the period of one months time.

The significance of the study proposed herein is the knowledge…. [read more]

Encourage Patients Active Involvement in Their Own Care as a Patient Safety Strategy Thesis

… Encourage Patients Active Involvement in Their Own Care as a Patient Safety Strategy

The objective of this work is to examine the importance of encouraging patients to be actively involved in their own health care as a method of ensuring a safety strategy for the patient. Health-care associated infections (HAIs) have created a growing concern in the healthcare community worldwide. Toward this end "infection preventionists are on the front line in the battle against HAIs. As such, they are charged with understanding and interpreting the goals pertaining to HAIs and leading efforts to achieve those requirements within the mandated timeframe." (Stoessel, 2009)



The objective of this work is to examine the…. [read more]

Community Health Strategies Thesis

… ¶ … Disease Control and Prevention ( reports that about 50 million people (that is one in five Americans) are living with "at least one disability." Moreover, the CDC claims that "most Americans" at some time in their lives will suffer a disability. As to how the CDC reached the average of one in five, the United States Healthy People 2010 Plan ("Objective 6-1") used two standardized questions to identify those who are disabled. Those who answered "yes" to the question, "Are you limited in any way in any activities because of physical, mental, or emotional problems?" And the question, "Do you now have any health problem that requires you to use special equipment…a cane, a wheelchair, a special bed or a special telephone?" were…. [read more]

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