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Fact Pattern Case Study

… ¶ … Pattern

Case Study (Fact Pattern)

Criminal activities have been on the rise in many states of the United States. To control such criminals from going unpunished in the society, the criminal system uses the aid of prison and correctional facilities. The United States of America is one of the top countries who have a very large number of criminals locked up behind bars (LENNARD, 2012). With so many prisoners in the country, it has been important for the government to categorize prisoners with minor offences with those prisoners who have committed major crimes. Therefore, the Department of Justice in the United States transfers this prison categorization task to the Federal Bureau of Prisons (Redding, 2004).

The Federal Bureau of Prisons is responsible to…. [read more]

Blue Ridge Coffee Case Study

… The organization set up decentralized structures on regional basis (Wallace 2004). Sales representatives execute their duties effectively and are accountable to specific managers across the U.S. In effect, the marketing and promotion sections of the organization would operate such that their personnel report to managers at regional levels. Proper organization of the sales force is critical to overall success of the wholesale division and the company in general (Wallace 2004).

Since BRC is a formal organization with clearly defined tasks for salespersons, the promotion and marketing strategies would also tend to be formal (Wallace 2004). If the company had adopted an informal structure to its sale force, the marketing and promotional strategies would also be less formal and less rigid. Overall, the customer service, promotion…. [read more]

Pneumonia Case Study

… Biggest concern? Getting another infection

Lots of anger/anxiety, depression or fear? Depressed a lot and concerned about health.

Role/relationship: I life with my husband

Roles in the family? My role is limited due to my health

Health Perception/Health Management

The 53-year-old patient presented a chief compliant of a consistent and purulent yet productive cough. She also showed a failure to thrive and leukocytosis. The patient discussed her health history over the last few months. She said she was in a constant state of pain and she has been on methadone for years as a way to counteract and perhaps prevent the aforementioned narcotic use from reoccurring. She had also had asthma and fibromyalgia for years in addition to prior being a heavy smoker. She was…. [read more]

Acu San Case Study

… Acu San Case Study

The Situation a) Kelly Thomson

Kelly believes that the company and namely his software department is incapable of properly processing the amount of work with which they are being tasked. He bases his assumption on the sound arguments of insufficient personnel, large amount of work and tight deadlines.

While being pressured to design several prototypes for the new product and in the same time maintain the good quality of the old ones, Kelly believes that he would only be capable of designing a single feature for the product.

Kelly believes that the former success of the retinal scan was only due to sufficient time and resources to develop it. Behind this assumption lays the sound argument of previous experience and professional…. [read more]

Humanistic Theory in, Julie Case Study

… ¶ … Humanistic Theory

In case study, Julie is being affected by a host of different social problems that are helping contribute to her overall levels of anxiety. According to the humanistic theory, the basic challenges that are facing Julie have not been addressed. This means, that certain elements must be taken into consideration, in order for her to have a complete understanding of herself (as a person). The most notable include: her issues of intimacy, trouble getting along with others and a sense of frustration she will constantly feel. This is important, because it shows how some of her basic needs have been met such as: physiological and safety. Yet, when you move beyond these issues, the requirements of having complete self-awareness have not…. [read more]

2-Year-Old Two-Year-Old Child Development Case Study

… 2-year-Old Case Study

Two-Year-old Child Development Case Study

Healthy early childhood development is highly dependent on some rather simple, yet profound variables. The first few feelings that an infant has are very basic instinctual attachments or bonding to his or her immediate environmental surroundings, including caregivers. Security is the primal most comforting feeling an infant has and if it is interrupted in these early often the result is an attachment disorder if not addressed properly. This particular case study is an exploration of child development during these early formative years.

Jason is a playful, bright and healthy two-year-old male, although a little shy. His parents are John, a thirty-two-year-old computer technician and Michelle, a twenty-eight-year-old graphic designer. Both have very serious career goals and Michelle…. [read more]

Zappos Case Study

… Zappos Case Study

This case study analysis is based on the 2009 case study from Stanford Graduate School of Business titled Developing a supply chain to deliver WOW! It begins with the general overview of the background, philosophies and current problems faced by Zappos. This is followed by a hierarchal ranking of the four major presenting problems for the company, which are: maintaining the "wow" image without overspending, inventory management/distribution problems, transportation efficiency problems and customer behavior problems.

Each of these problems is addressed in more detail in the discussion section and the recommendations section at the end of the analysis. Prior to the conclusion and recommendations section, a list of possible strategic alternatives is provided with a brief explanation, and potential scenarios that…. [read more]

Bullying: Legal and Ethical Application Case Study

… In any case, Johnny is just a reflection of other troubled children with autism whose cases have not been reported. The challenge arises when innocent students, Tommy, and his mother are to be convinced that Johnny should not be reprimanded negatively. The use of apology letters as suggested in this study is the first step towards reconciliation. In order to ensure Tommy and innocent students are satisfied, the report advocates that Johnny should read the letter loud in class or the assembly grounds. The administration should also take the initiative of duplicate the letter copies to be disbursed to various classes. This will communicate the message that bullying is discouraged whilst ensuring that problems facing the troubled Johnny are also addressed. The goal is to…. [read more]

Bank America Case Study

… A first example in this sense is represented by the very nature of the program, in the meaning that it addresses executives within the firm. The roles and tasks of these particular staff members differ from one position to the other, meaning as such that it is difficult for the firm to plan ahead a process by which to assess the performances of a particular executive, or to create objective expectations regarding their future performances and results. In other words, difficulties are observed at the level of metric performance (Chingos, 2002).

In order to address this shortage, it is useful to create analyses and benchmarks of similar positions within the industry and assess executive performances against these pre-existent patterns, but also against the performances attained…. [read more]

Office Depot Inc. Situational Analysis Case Study

… ¶ … Office Depot Inc. Case Study

Situational analysis


Sales Plan

Distribution channels




In this report, we present a comprehensive analysis, insights and recommendations on various issues that affect the operations of the Office Depot. We begin with a situational analysis which kicks off with the analysis of the environmental factors that affect the company. This begins with a review of the economic conditions and trends, cultural and social values and trends, political and legal issues, summary of environmental opportunities and threats as well as the implication of these environmental factors for strategy development. We then proceed to the analysis of the industry.Under this we present…. [read more]

Tesco PLC Case Study

… The innate value of a customer-driven supply chain to increase inventory turns, alleviate stock-outs and be a key contributor to long-term customer satisfaction is a core requirement of any retailing operation (Jones, Clarke, 2002). The pivotal nature of supply chains to the Tesco business model emerges when the internal and external factors are analyzed and put into the context of global expansion. Further, using the Porter Determinants of Competitive Advantage Model to rank order the Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) of various locations would have given the company executives valuable insight into which regions to invest in first (Porter, 2008).

Finally, the internal and external factors also underscore just how critical the sustainability of a high margin, high inventory model is to Tesco's continued growth.…. [read more]

College What Are the Institutions Case Study

… ¶ … College Case Study

What are the institutions values, mission, and vision statements, and are they easily accessible for external communities?

Like any other academic institution, Readers State College is faced with a difficult task when it is asked to identify its goals. Baldridge et al. (2000) point out that while most organizations have specific, stated goals that help them form their decision making process, universities have a much more difficult task, as they must deal with "vague, ambiguous goals" (p. 128). Thus, specific goals are difficult to pinpoint when considering Readers State College, so values cannot be derived from goals in a linear fashion. Instead, the values of Readers State College are derived from its many characteristics, including client services, problem technology, professionalism,…. [read more]

Besagi List Case Study

… Besagi Case Study

List and describe the issues or problems impacting on Besagi.

Because the company competes in the international marketplace, it is affected by a number of forces that are common to all organizations as well as some that are specific to its industry, and these are discussed further below.

Drought and unpredictable climate conditions in Australia and for overseas suppliers of generic seeds. According to U.S. government analysts, "Drought, robust import demand, and a strong currency have pushed the trade deficit up in recent years, while infrastructure bottlenecks and a tight labor market are constraining growth in export volumes and stoking inflation" (Australia, 2008, p. 3).

Paucity of casual harvesters for seasonal work for Besagi's seed production business unit. This problem appears to…. [read more]

Critical Thinking Faith Case Study

… If the government does declare it to be legal only then should people be allowed to opt for it if they think it is their religious, humanitarian or moral right to do so.

Further the staff members should be put under a short awareness program where they are made aware of the other person's moral feelings and the right to "do not resuscitate" directives. They are to be made to realize that it is the patient that needs to decide about the advance directive rather than his or her family and regardless of what the family says it is important for the staff to act upon the directives given by the patient in writing. Tolerance and the will to act according to the religious beliefs…. [read more]

Mr. Khan Sprained Ankle Case Study

… Mr. Khan-Sprained Ankle

This case study presents the scenario of a middle aged man suffering from a sprained ankle. The ankle is one of the more intricately designed structures within the human body-from a skeletal perspective. There are a variety of bones, ligaments and tendons that coalesce into a working framework that provides the anatomical architecture to support balance and make the basic task of walking possible. This case study will focus on the anatomical structures that are at the heart of an ankle sprain. In order to establish this working framework, this case study will explain the three grades of Ankle sprains and indicate which grade Mr. Kahn, the patient, is experiencing. Furthermore, this case study will identify the key social and psychological that…. [read more]

Epidemiology Descriptive Case Study

… Hypertension is a major problem because it can lead directly to heart failure. Diabetes mellitus can also lead to kidney failure and has been the main reason for new hospital admissions for kidney related problems in the past decade. However, the main problem people with diabetes complain of is the way that there blood vessels react to a diagnosis of diabetes. People have issues healing because there is a restriction of blood flow related to the disease. Many will also have problems feeling there extremities (called neuropathy) which can lead to further injuries that cannot heal. These two problems are why individuals with diabetes often have amputations later in life. This is a disease which has some short-term detriments, but the long-term consequences of uncontrolled…. [read more]

Crisis at Footwear International Case Case Study

… Certainly, the political realm is beyond the realm of influence of the managing director of Footwear International, but this does not preclude making efforts to align the company with the more democratic entities in Bangladesh, some of whom will, in fact, be Muslim.

An informed Prime Minister could be a "friend to the company" if the official position could be reversed to favor Footwear International. The managing director could seize the opportunity to capitalize on networks developed in Bangladesh over the years, asking for protocol to support communication with those who lead the country. It is a time to reach out to those who have a clear understanding of the importance of encouraging foreign investment in the country -- particularly after the departure of the…. [read more]

Stickley Furniture Page | Case Case Study

… This manual process increases the cost of production and time required for production also chances of error is increased.

2. The inefficiency linked to the production process is when equipment is stopped, re-configured and out-put is tested before it started off with the next level of activity. In the simultaneous operation of the activity there is lot of wastage during the process and to overcome this wastage company has to maintain high level of inventory during the off season time period so that production efficiency is maintained during peak periods. This methodology can reduce the profit margin of the company throughout the year and doesn't let it enjoy the peak season sales revenue at its fullest.

Suggestions for efficient production process

For Automation of tracking…. [read more]

L'oreal Case Study

… L'Oreal Case Study



The problem addressed in this case study is the question of whether two new mid-priced family brand line Garnier products be offered to Dutch consumers and as well to answer the question of: "Whether or not this problem should be carefully approached due the complexity of the issue due to the fact that L'Oreal already has a prescience in the hair color and skincare market however, there is evidence of a growing trend of increased competition. This work examines the use patterns of consumers; the demographics of consumers; product distribution and competition in the market. This work will research each brand individually and on a basis of comparison as well. The first initiative of this case study…. [read more]

Margarita Adlerian the Margarita Case Case Study

… In addition, Margarita's life is still very much in an evolutionary and transitional phase, with her upcoming attendance at law school and the rapid growth of her children through their toddlerhood and into childhood; the Adlerian method of psychotherapy can help her to address issues in these areas as they arise, but it is not exactly equipped to deal with them in a preemptive or predictive mode (NASAP 2011). Though healthier and generally more beneficial life choices will assist Margarita with every situation and relationship she encounters, not all facets can be predicted.


Margarita's situation might seem very bleak and desperate form the inside, but the Adlerian perspective shows that there are very workable solutions to her problems. These solutions will take some time…. [read more]

Comprehensive Original Ethical Situation Case Study

… Business Ethics Case

The Examination of a Business Ethics Dilemma: A Case History of a Medical Supply Company

Introduction of Dilemma:

The functionality and long-term viability of an organization may be as much contingent upon the strength of its ethical resolve as on the quality of its physical output. This is a reality which I became distinctly aware of during my two-year tenure as the head manager for Allied Medical Products. A company which specialized in the production and sale of products specifically geared toward wound-care, Allied Medical was only three years old at the time that I joined its staff. It was fraught with operational problems that I soon learned stemmed primarily from the ineffectiveness of my boss. Mr. Caldwell, as we will fictionally…. [read more]

Oregon School District Provides Higher Bandwidth Learning Case Study

… Oregon School District

This is an analysis of the case study of the Klamath County School District's (KCSD) project to facilitate high-bandwidth learning (Clark, 2001). Headquartered in Klamath Falls, KCSD includes twenty geographically dispersed schools. The KCSD WAN covered approximately 6,000 square miles, supporting about 7,000 K-12 students, and roughly 2,300 computers, many located a long way from KCSD's district office headquarters. There was also an uneven distribution of bandwidth consumption because of the disparity in the number of some students at some of the district schools that ranged in size from 100 to 1,500 students. The KSCD's network consisted of older 56 Kbit/sec frame relay circuits and the company lacked network visibility to monitor network traffic.

Business Challenge

The challenge KCSD faced was to…. [read more]

CRM Case Study

… Canyon Ranch CRM additional two pages included

Should Canyon Ranch implement a CRM strategy?

It has to in order to stay competitive with other high-end spas that sell to rich Baby Boomers. The fact that people are spending $2,000 or more for a stay there says how important these relationships are. The case study shows how lucky Canyon Ranch has been to stay in business when they don't have this insight into how best serve their customers. Like any business, the customer and their trust is the lifeblood of this one too. The case shows how difficult it is for the Canyon Ranch managers and employees to deliver a really good experience for their customers because their IT systems aren't talking to each other. If…. [read more]

Thorn Legal Memo Under Current Case Study

… Thorn. Mr. Thorn's efforts will most likely result in the court finding this requirement met.

Factor B

The second consideration of the court is, "The capacity and disposition of the parties involved to give the child love, affection, and guidance and to continue the education and raising of the child in his or her religion or creed, if any." Mr. Thorn's son is almost one-year-old and there is not information mentioning particular religious affiliations of the couple, so this factor will not be used by the court.

Factor C

The third factor states, "The capacity and disposition of the parties involved to provide the child with food, clothing medical care or any remedial care recognized and permitted under the laws of this state in reference…. [read more]

Australian Cladding Company Case Study

… These approaches place the human resource management policy formulation at the strategic level. In these approaches to Strategic Human Resource Management it is claimed that: (1) human resource problems are problems solved by linking HRM and strategy formulation at an early stage; and (2) problems with strategy implementation are solved by early adjustment of the HRM to these strategies." (p.299)

Human resources must be included in the planning from the very earliest of stages and this enables human resources to understand what is needed and enables HR to adjust which means that the decisions made about company employees are geared toward the company's overall strategies. Mueller (1996) states that strategic use of human resources requires the following:

(1) Management is not reactive but instead is…. [read more]

Psychotherapeutic Case Formulation Salomon Case Study

… ii. Metacognitive Strategy

Salomon should receive evidence-based intervention (Center for Mental Health in Schools at UCLA, 2010, p. 2). That would include solo therapy sessions with Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy with the ABCDE method, in which the therapist teaches the client that external events are not causing his emotional/psychological disturbances; rather, " 'A' actual external events automatically/habitually elicit 'B' beliefs and irrational thoughts (perceptions and interpretations of the external events) that entail 'C' consequent emotions that may be irrational (maladaptive, inappropriate, unrealistic), and that must be 'D' disputed, attacked, challenged so that 'E' effective rational thoughts (perceptions and interpretations of the external events) may take their place (Rosner, 2011, p. 83). As part of his treatment, Salomon should also: "Keep a daily log of problematic emotional…. [read more]

Athlete Concerning Intimidation, Eligibility Case Study

… He had to heighten his draft prospect for he had no intentions of going a head in his education which was even known by the coaches. The staffs arranged for Rudy his classes which evident violation of ethical values and he is never been held responsible for his action even after obtaining (DUI) falsely. These were not enough he went and advertise himself in college without considering the other team mates. At the games in the field he gain superstars type calls from referees which was malicious and he was physical in his type of play which was not being permitted to do so.

It is very important that our children are given teaching while they are still in elementary leagues to cub out chances…. [read more]

American Express Case Study

… American Express Case Study


Analysis of the Firm

American Express (NYSE:AXP) is one of the world's leading providers of premium travel-related services and payment processing system support services globally. American Express (Amex) has grown steadily through a series of mergers, acquisitions and later divestures to focus entirely on their premium card and payment processes services (Taube, Gargeya, 2007). AMEX concentrates today on a series of financial products and services to individuals, small businesses, and large corporations including the Fortune 500, and higher education institutions globally. The company operates on a global scale, yet the majority of its revenue is generated in the U.S. For an analysis of American Express Revenues and Earnings before Interest and Taxes, see Table 1: American Express Geographic Analysis.…. [read more]

Deploying a Pilot Case Study

… ¶ … Deploying a Pilot Case Study Within a Research Project

Theoretical Approach to Research Study and its methodologies

The Purpose of implementing a Case Study Approach

Yin's Approach to Case Study Research

Creswell's Approach to Research Design

George and Bennett Theory Development in Social Science

Breadth References



The work of Robert K. Yin (2004) entitled: "Case Study Methods" states that the case study method has attained routine status as a viable method for doing education research. Other methods include but are not limited to surveys, ethnographies, experiments, quasi-experiments, economic and statistical modeling, hostires, research sytheses and developmental methods." According to Yin, case study research enables…. [read more]

Jeremy Christian Counseling Case Study



What is the client's most prominent presenting issues (that is, what seems to take priority as being wrong)?

As a child under the age of 18 exhibiting a persistent pattern of antisocial behavior, Jeremy would likely be diagnosed with a conduct disorder. According to the DSM, this is a "repetitive and persistent pattern of behavior in which the basic rights of others or major age-appropriate societal norms or rules are violated" (Summary of DSM-IV diagnostic criteria, 2013, Intermountain Healthcare). Fighting, aggression, minor criminal behavior, theft, substance abuse, and truancy are all common signs of this disorder. Although a certain amount of 'acting out' is normal in adolescence, conduct disorder may be diagnosed if the behaviors are deemed to significantly interfere with normal…. [read more]

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