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Psychotherapeutic Case Formulation Salomon Case Study

… ii. Metacognitive Strategy

Salomon should receive evidence-based intervention (Center for Mental Health in Schools at UCLA, 2010, p. 2). That would include solo therapy sessions with Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy with the ABCDE method, in which the therapist teaches the client that external events are not causing his emotional/psychological disturbances; rather, " 'A' actual external events automatically/habitually elicit 'B' beliefs and irrational thoughts (perceptions and interpretations of the external events) that entail 'C' consequent emotions that may be irrational (maladaptive, inappropriate, unrealistic), and that must be 'D' disputed, attacked, challenged so that 'E' effective rational thoughts (perceptions and interpretations of the external events) may take their place (Rosner, 2011, p. 83). As part of his treatment, Salomon should also: "Keep a daily log of problematic emotional…. [read more]

Analysis About Fairfax Media Limited Case Study

… ¶ … Media Analysis

The following pages focus on analyzing the situation of Fairfax media, one of the most important companies in the media industry. The paper presents the most important factors in the external environment of the company that are able to influence the evolution of the media industry, but also the internal environment factors that characterize Fairfax Media. In addition to this, the paper identifies some of the most important problems that affect the situation of Fairfax Media. The factors that determine these problems are also presented. The Recommendations section presents certain strategies that the company can develop in order to improve its situation.

Situation Analysis

External Environment

Industry Situation

Competitor Analysis

Market Analysis

Internal Environment

Evaluation of the Company's Internal Capabilities and…. [read more]

Quiksilver Case Study

… Quiksilver, Inc. Case Study

Brief Company Description

Founded in 1976, Quiksilver, Inc. (hereinafter alternatively "the company") is headquartered Huntington Beach, California and competes in the global surf- and sports-apparel and accessories industries. The company initially catered to an exclusive market of surfing enthusiasts by providing innovative utilitarian product designs. For example, the company's promotional literature states that, "When Quiksilver boardshorts arrived on the market in 1970, they were the first to use two snaps and a Velcro closure to ensure they stayed on in the heaviest conditions; the first to utilize a yoked waist and scallop legs to maximize comfort and ease of movement; the first to use durable, quick-drying cotton" (About Us 2012, p. 1). Drawing on the success of its initial offerings, the…. [read more]

Waterford Wedgwood Case Study

… Waterford Wedgwood Case Study

Waterford Wedgwood plc is a designer, manufacturer and marketer of branded luxury home products including: high-end crystal, fine bone china, fine porcelain, earthenware, and premium cookware. Employing nearly 10,000 people, Waterford Wedgwood is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Their primary operations, other than Ireland, include the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Germany, and Asia.

The company's primary brands include: Waterford Crystal, Wedgwood China, and Royal Doulton.

The three brands have come together to form one of the premier lifestyle product manufacturers in the world. This paper gives an analysis of Waterford Wedgwood, its internal and external environment and their strategies.

Waterford Wedgwood Case Study

Executive Summary:

Waterford Wedgwood plc is a designer, manufacturer and marketer of branded luxury home products including: high-end crystal, fine…. [read more]

Tina's Story Case Study

… In Tina's case we see that she thinks of suicide but she does not feel that she is at a point where she must decide for suicide. Yet, as she is hopeless because of her broken relationship with her husband Joe and she does think that she will not find a good relationship so there is a possibility of her deciding suicide if not provided with proper treatment.

The Importance of Accurate Diagnosis

Because depression causes such a tremendous degree of pain and suffering, a prompt and accurate diagnosis is essential for the patient to receive optimal clinical care. Researchers have indicated that under or over-diagnosis of depression is often a detriment to the type and timing of treatment received, as well as the utilization…. [read more]

Acu San Case Study

… Acu San Case Study

The Situation a) Kelly Thomson

Kelly believes that the company and namely his software department is incapable of properly processing the amount of work with which they are being tasked. He bases his assumption on the sound arguments of insufficient personnel, large amount of work and tight deadlines.

While being pressured to design several prototypes for the new product and in the same time maintain the good quality of the old ones, Kelly believes that he would only be capable of designing a single feature for the product.

Kelly believes that the former success of the retinal scan was only due to sufficient time and resources to develop it. Behind this assumption lays the sound argument of previous experience and professional…. [read more]

Education in Today's Education Environment Case Study

… Education Case Study

In today's education environment, the child is under extreme pressure to perform well even before the Grade 1 level. As a result of this pressure, many children may be at risk of developing emotional or even psychological problems because of the lack of coping skills. Particularly problematic is when children have specific educational problems that can be identified and addressed before stress becomes a problem. For this, several assessment tests are available in order to help identify problems that children may experience in areas such as reading. If a child experiences reading problems, these transfer not only to the language aspect of their education, but to all other subject areas as well. It is therefore vitally important to address such problems as…. [read more]

Nhs Toolkit Analysis of Hospital Case Study

… NHS Toolkit

Case Study analysis of hospital assessment

The case study of King Edward Hospitals, National Health Systems (NHS) Trust reviews a 2002 change management strategy to reduce tenure of admissions-to-release patient journeys by way of Nurse-Led administration. A critical priority to the UK NHS in its effort to control fiscal waste and hospital acquired infections (HAI) incurred during unnecessarily extended patient stays in Britain's healthcare institutions, the Trust merger was a large systemic transformation in response to retraction of earmarked legislative allocations, and new internal programs followed this mandate. Barsoux and Gilmartin's (2007) review of this history in Leading Hospital Change: Improving Hospital Performance, retraces the steps to organizational change through the leadership efforts of Executive Director of Nursing, Tracey Burns. Appointed to the…. [read more]

Fictional Case of Ms. Jean Harlow Term Paper

… ¶ … fictional case of Ms. Jean Harlow and her need for a treatment plan. The beginning of the paper describes the case in detail of Ms. Harlow and her mental disorder. It describes the events that took place in her life that would lead her to seek the attention of a psychiatrist as well as a more in depth look in how someone with a mental disorder might behave in order to be able to observe and evaluate.

The treatment plan for her mental disorder involves antipsychotic medications as well as antidepressants. She demonstrated symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder with Mood-Incongruent Psychotic Features. This was evidenced by her hearing voices and feeling lethargy and disinterest in her daily life and social interactions.

In the…. [read more]

Fictional Current Situation Case Study

… The employees and management should coordinate closely to facilitate the change management process throughout various phases. The organization can benefit to a large extant through implementing change management plan. The current organizational performance and employee satisfaction level is evident that it has the potential to perform and bring higher results. The expectations in betterment of organizational results provide motivation for employees and leadership to implement the plan (Von Krogh, Nonaka, & Rechsteiner, 2012).


Anderson, L.A., & Anderson, D. (2010). The change leader's roadmap: How to navigate your organization's transformation. USA: John Wiley & Sons.

Avolio, B.J., & Yammarino, F.J. (Eds.). (2013). Transformational and Charismatic Leadership:: the Road Ahead. USA: Emerald Group Publishing.

Bestelmeyer, B., Brown, J., Densambuu, B., Havstad, K., Herrick, J., & Peinetti,…. [read more]

Pour Case Study

… ¶ … Pour

In the case study for "Let it Pour," there are several problems that must be addressed. To simply say that the hospital needs to make some adjustments to its budget and staffing is true, but it does not go far enough. Instead, one must look at what can be done to bring about these changes, and what is realistic or not realistic when it comes to what people can do and what they are willing to do. As was seen in the case, the hospital has religious principles that it works on, but many of those that work for the hospital have different interpretations of those religious attitudes and beliefs, which can conflict with the mission statement. The purpose here, therefore, is…. [read more]

Performance Evaluation Methods for Instructors Essay

… As compared to the traditional evaluation method, this evaluation technique requires more subjective judgment because they usually incorporate fewer questions. In this case, instructors need to decide how to grade students since there are no clear right and wrong answers ("Performance Based Assessment," 2010). Actually, this method has been criticized that it could be harmful and will not improve schooling.

The third alternative to the traditional performance evaluation method in the classroom is 360 degree feedback. This appraisal method that has mainly been used in the workplace can be used by instructors since the process of learning needs to be collaborative between instructors and their students. The 360 degree feedback could be helpful in evaluating student performance since it provides feedback that enables the learning…. [read more]

Interface Evaluation: Smart Watches Term Paper

… The design used by Pebble with four pushers on the sides of the dial are difficult to push and inconvenient for users.

Figure 3 -- Appearance and User Interface


Figure 4 -- Functionality Point Chart

Source: (Allion Engineering Services (2013)

II. Allion Labs Inc. Comparison of Smart Watch Integration

Smart Watches presently being sold are primarily an extension of the Smart Phone and need to interconnect and pair with either tablets or Smart Phones first before being able to be controlled by Apps. Because of this Allion Labs separated tests terms on the Satisfaction Survey on Apps and Smart Phone from the test on functionality. SONY is the only Smart Watch with the capability of pairing with Smart Phones using Bluetooth through NFC which…. [read more]

Training Program Evaluation Essay

… Here the following will be employed;

Structured interviews- these will include both closed and open ended questions that will be used to get information from the representatives who attended the training as well as the managers back at the branches. These will be done by the respective branch managers and the responses noted down then sent back to the headquarters.

Semi-structured interviews-these are not fully structured and are informally guided with some questions predetermined yet others develop as the discussion goes on. The advantage with such, according to Coastal Planning and Management Manual (2012:P4) is that the interviewer will get more information outside what they were targeting at and also gives the respondent the room to respond appropriately.

Questionnaires -- these will be used on…. [read more]

Case Reflection Struggling Reader Term Paper

… But the correct way of getting Jake to be a better reader is not to obsess over how he could improve specifically his approach to this artificial standard -- the way of getting Jake to be a better reader is close observation of Jake's own needs and abilities.

5. My course work at this college has indeed prepared me to conduct this case study in an objective and informed manner. I have deliberately chosen to emphasize Jake's personal qualities and the admirable things about his scholarship that do not necessarily appear on a test, but I am not doing this out of some sense of bias -- instead I want to make it clear that the learning process necessarily includes a human element, and sensitivity…. [read more]

Financial Institutions Case Study

… ¶ … Financial Institutions #1

The current reading discusses business practices within the company of Bed Bath and Beyond (BBBY) during the period of 2003 to 2004. The reading suggests that BBBY can serve as a template for an effective business; however, no successful plan is without its weaknesses. Statistics show that revenue has continued to increase and current and past methods of management, distributions etc. are effective; however very little is reported regarding the growing issue with rental rates, and prospective locations, and the various renewal dates that have no specific end.

Although BBBY has proven a continued success record in sales and profit margin, there does not appear to be any particular methods associated with cutting down on rental costs, and other overhead.…. [read more]

Antwone Fisher Story Term Paper

… According to the DSM-IV scale, Antwone would rate from 45-55. His difficulties do not prohibit him from experiencing live, but they do interfere with his ability to interact with others, and build a life that involved other healthy relationships.

Antwone clearly needed intervention on order to change the direction of his emotionally self-destructive life. To continue on the same heading would certainly lead to an early and likely violent termination of his life. The goal of intervention planning is not to create outside influences which force the patient to change direction, but the goal is to create internal motivations. The client must find and face the emotional undercurrents in his life which are driving his decisions much like the rudder on a ship guides the…. [read more]

Starbucks Evaluation a Business Code Essay

… "Even the appealing health insurance benefit has prompted complaints. Some workers who claim to have worked at Starbucks say they weren't able to maintain their health benefit because managers deliberately shortened their work hours. (To be eligible for health coverage, employees must work a minimum of 20 hours a week, or 240 hours during a quarter.)" (Starbucks is hiring buts its jobs are overrated, 2012 Business Insider). Starbucks must retrain its managers as to what constitutes ethical treatment of employees, just as it has re-trained its baristas in how to make coffee. It must also redefine its ethical standards regarding Fair Trade and how the coffee that has made it famous is produced and sold.

Reacting to the code

Although Starbucks is far from problem-free…. [read more]

Zongshen R+d Innovations in Strategic Case Study

… The Center is comprised of three divisional interests through the Design Center, Engineering Center and Test Center that contribute to the Company's tri-partite, PDB product development outline: design, trial manufacture and test. Each Center channels their respective product design, development and verification for trial manufacture through process tooling performance testing at the various decoupling points in the innovation chain (Zongshen, 2010).

Social responsibility through certification, technical cooperation, training and support at the Center(s) includes forty seven disciplinary fields of expertise, with 769 development personnel of whom 80% hold degrees of the undergraduate level, or above, and eighty advanced degree professional and foreign experts, in 342 positions of intermediate or senior title. In cooperation with Tianjin University and Chongqing University, Zongshen has established joint laboratories for…. [read more]

This Response Is to Find Case Study

… The Kraft website openly touts its people as it source of success. They also confirm the above about decentralization in that they have 17 different brands that range in revenue from $100 million to $1 billion USD each. Their depth and quality are confirmed by a lot of external agencies and organizations that tout its adeptness and attractiveness as a company to work out. These awards include 50 Best Employers for Latinas (ten years runningfrom Latina Style Magazine), top 50 companies for Diversity (Diversity Inc. Magazine), 100 Best places to work in IT (ComputerWorld), best place to work for multi-cultural women (Working Mother) and Canada's Top 100 Employers Award (Kraft, 2012).

There is also a lot of information about Kraft's culture as an employer. The…. [read more]

Capacity Planning and Performance Modeling Case Study

… Capacity Planning and Performance Monitoring

The need for computer capacity evaluation and continual monitoring is even more important when an enterprise is transferring its computing power to cloud-based systems. This transition from on-premise to cloud-based computing introduces exponentially greater levels of variables and performance issues that can have an immediate and significant effect on any enterprises' ability to perform even the most fundamental it tasks (Read, 2010). Computing power transitioned to the cloud must be done with a deliberate strategy of ensuring a high degree of scalability, security, and a clear strategy of single- versus multitenancy, or the allocation of specific dedicated memory and processor resources for specific tasks (Rasin, 2010). The intent of this analysis is to evaluate those areas of cloud-based systems' computing…. [read more]

Crime Scene Analysis Case Study

… Through this strategy, police were able to obtain leads, although some were not valuable, the police identified three leads from different places, which connected to the case.

After identification of the suspects, police used surveillance, which helped in the collection of Scott's cigarettes for DNA evaluation (Schroeder and Whiter, 2009). Police followed this strategy and applied it on the other potential suspect, Frederick Johnson. In another incidence of surveillance, police recognized the vehicle, which witnesses had seen speeding around the scene of the crime. On a traffic stop, police recognized Scott Jones as the driver, and the other occupant was Frederick James Johnson. Further checks suggest that the two had prior cases of delinquent behaviors, which the police used at their advantage.

Interviews with Witnesses…. [read more]

Biomedical Ethics: Euthanasia Mercy Killing Case Study

… The family sued her despite the knowledge that they gave authorization for him to undergo the process. They viewed the incidence as an act of deliberate killing, which indicates that the concerns against the process of euthanasia are genuine morally (Diaconescu 22). All these reasons lead to the conclusion that no person has the moral right to take the life of another; neither does any person have the moral right to take their own life. Thus, the case of Paul and Dr. Morrison was too lenient to grant her indictment. Euthanasia has no moral basis; thus, accepting the terms of euthanasia is equivalent of suicide and murder combined for all involved in making decisions and executing them.

Arguments for Euthanasia

Euthanasia continues to be a…. [read more]

Tyson Foods, Inc Case Study

… Tyson Foods Inc.

Tyson food inc

The first and most significant reason why people work is to sustain their lives. It is for this very reason that several investors have put their resources in the food world market today. There are many companies and business ventures that have been born from this entrepreneurial opportunity. The food companies can be considered as the earliest of all industries in the world. The foods market will never end as every person has to eat. There are hence different types of businesses and companies, depending on the food service they offer. There are some that deal exclusively with fruits, some with fast foods, some big companies with all services in one place and others that specialize in one service.…. [read more]

Enron Case Study

… Enron

Companies that do not behave in the ethical manner that society expects will eventually suffer in terms of profit. The temporary gain in profit that companies see because of their unethical behavior is erased one hundred fold if the deception is discovered. Yet, so many CEOs practice this type of behavior. They jockey the financial position of the company to influence share prices. One of the more elaborate situations in recent years involved Enron. The company's executives so badly wanted to leverage debt, that they dumped debt in tailor made limited liability partnerships (LLPs) and skirted all kinds of financial laws.

CEOs make moves everyday to try to affect the price of stock. In a way, these actions are a testament to the growth…. [read more]

Insanity Evaluations Represent Discussion Chapter

… As a result, it seems that the defendant would be found competent to stand trial, despite the fact that he was suffering from a psychotic episode at the time of the crime and has a schizophrenia diagnosis.

One instrument that may be used specifically to assess criminal competency is the Mosley Forensic Competency Scale. This scale was only developed about a decade ago and has not gained the widespread popularity of other means of assessing mental illness in criminal defendants. It gives the defendant a 21-question true/false test aimed at determining competency and has a very high predictive ability of a defendant's competency, with accuracy between 75% and 76% in small group samples (Mosley et al., 2001). Therefore, it would be a good test for…. [read more]

Business Information Systems Intuit Analysis Thesis

… Business Information Systems

Intuit Case Study Analysis

(i) Use this case study to explain how and why a given application, if left unchanged, invariably declines in usefulness.

Any software application that over time does not stay in step with the preferences, wants and needs of customers will becoming increasingly irrelevant and fall out of use. This is one of the factors that contributed to NetScape's browser being eventually overtaken by Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. In the case study the researchers are continually looking for how they can add value to the 20 million American citizens who prepare their taxes by hand, in addition to those using a competing tax application already, or those hiring tax preparers. For those completing their tax returns manually,…. [read more]

Sherman Alexie's Book, the Lone Essay

… "

"The Trial of Thomas Builds-the-Fire"

In this story, Thomas Builds-the-Fire is on trial. A man in a BIA suit explains Thomas's "history," which is described as "a storytelling fetish accompanied by an extreme need to tell the truth. Dangerous" (93). However, we soon learn, this storytelling fetish has been silenced for two decades. Apparently, the strength of these stories is so powerful their mere existence is enough to cause worry. Thomas Builds-the-Fire may have been silent, but the stories remained alive within him.

His recent rumblings have begun to cause alarm, however, for "recently Thomas had begun to make small noises, form syllables that contained more emotion and meaning than entire sentences constructed by the BIA" (94). A single syllable spoken by Thomas Builds-the-Fire…. [read more]

Project Management Term Paper

… According to its corporate profile, Keppel Offshore & Marine, integrating the experience and expertise of Keppel FELS, Keppel Shipyard, Keppel Singmarine and Keppel yards overseas, was established in 2002 (About Us 2004). Keppel Shipyard Benoi is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Keppel Corporation, one of the largest offshore and marine groups in the world. The company enjoys a strategic network of 16 yards serving regions including Asia Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, Caspian Sea, Middle East and the North Sea (About Us 2004). The Keppel Shipyard (Benoi) specifications are set forth in the table below.

Yard Size

350,000 sq m


1,163 m


No. 1 drydock

300,000 dwt

350m x 60m

No. 2 drydock

170,000 dwt

300m x 60m

Mooring Quay

No. 1 quay

Length…. [read more]

Harvey Milk: An Inspiring Story Essay

… Harvey Milk was also, as aforementioned, ahead of his time. He continually strived for a sense of equality never before seen in San Francisco and did not quit until he attained at least some sort of protection and respect for the gay community there. While some claimed Milk was a liberal, he really did quite a lot to improve the city.[footnoteRef:2] Milk could not have done all these great things, especially in a time when gay men were shunned, without his motivation and his ability to empathize. In fact, the paragraph above should be supplemented by d description of the remarkable achievement of this man: his election to office as the first openly gay politician. Instead of celebrating his victory, for after three failed attempts,…. [read more]

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