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Catholic Church Public Policy in Spain and US Thesis

… As I previously mentioned, the Spanish population is religiously homogeneous. Roman Catholics compose of 99% of the population, while the remaining 1% of the population is composed of those belonging to Jewish, Protestant, Muslim, and Buddhist faiths. In relation to other countries in the European Union, Spain boasts one of the most "religious" populations. As data from a study of religiosity in the European shows, as late as 1982, only Ireland surpasses Spain in religious practice. Further, by the end of the decade, the percentage of individuals identifying themselves as "religious persons" ranged from a low of 48% in Denmark to 72% in the Irish Republic. The Spanish percentage of 68% exceeded all other countries except Ireland, Portugal and Greece. In stark contrast to the…. [read more]

Catholic Church in Spain Term Paper

… On the flip side however, rising attitudes of liberalism, republicanism, socialism, anarchism, and intellectual pluralism ensured a direct and stiff challenge to the once accepted view of the clergy that Spain was always a catholic nation and would be one always.

The author has divided the book into twenty-four chapters. There is an introduction that surveys the Church from 1808 to 1873, followed by which there is a critical examination of the Church and politics from the year 1874 which signals the restoration of the Bourbon monarchy until the year 1930 which brought about the fall of the Primo de Rivera dictatorship. There is also a brief description and analysis of a host of topics that comprise the religious organization, clerical demography, the size, positioning…. [read more]

Spain's Missionary Efforts in North American on Public Policy Towards Volatile Movements Term Paper

… Skills in weaving were needed to assist the Indians. They also were skilled in carpentry which was done under the direction of the craftsmen who was hired by the Spanish missionaries.

In the closing managing area of the mission, most of the time, Native Americans were expected to grow in their Christianity and also learn economics and political practices until they no longer need a special mission status. In Texas, the Catholic mission system was not that strong when it came to politics. It was not strong enough to protect the Native Americans against the growing power ranchers and other in the area. It also did not protect them against certain business interest that were seeking control over Spanish missions. Basically the Spanish missionaries system…. [read more]

Mexican Political System Mexico Research Paper

… Money has always been the oil which makes Mexican politics turn, and there does not exist as many opportunities for fair wages in the majority of Mexico. Unions also do not have the kind of power they do in the United States. This is a primary problem of the NAFTA agreement, which gives strong powers in favor of international business and labor relations that may pry on national sovereignty in exchange for the economic benefits of open trade with the United States. Without strong labor laws, monopolistic tendencies rule in Mexico, and some of the wealthiest people in the world are the heads of Mexican telecom and entertainment industries. Crony capitalism is simple corruption on a grand scale, and the federal government has been pursuing…. [read more]

Terrorism and Drug Trafficking Capstone Project

… In particular, heroin from Mexico poses a formidable threat throughout Pennsylvania and Delaware, as evidenced by the increasing availability of high purity, low priced heroin and the resulting escalation in abuse, drug treatment admissions, and overdose deaths. This threat is exacerbated by the widely-reported trend of prescription drugs abusers migrating to heroin, seeking a cheaper and more available high. The DEA Philadelphia Division routinely assesses and ranks the drug threats to Philadelphia and the Delaware area as determined by availability, threat to public health, community impact, attendant crime, enforcement activity, seizures, drug abuse and treatment statistics, as well as propensity for abuse. Analysis of these factors, supplemented by investigative reporting, human intelligence, liaison, and open source data, allows for a comprehensive overview of each drug…. [read more]

Management Style Term Paper

… Feminine styles of management have been called "social-expressive," meaning that personal attention is given to employees and a positive working environment is created. In contrast, the masculine management style is described as instrumental and instruction giving.

Management cultures have clearly changed over time. In the 1960s, great value was placed on narrow expertise, on mastering prescribed skills and on conforming to the corporate norm. There was no requirement for integrating an employee's workplace and private-sphere responsibilities (Claes, 1999).

In today's organizations, hierarchies have given way to less formal structures. The economy is more diverse, innovation and fast information exchange are the focus, and great value is placed on breadth of vision, as well as on the ability of managers and employees to think creatively. Top-down…. [read more]

Catholic Church in Mexico Underscored Term Paper

… Liberals opposed these fueros. Not only was the church the principal lender, it also was exempt from taxation on investments and land holdings. However, neither faction represented the true majority: most conservative land-owners and many liberal industrialists saw the state as an institution that existed to protect their interests by keeping rural peasants and the urban workers under control. In this respect at least, they were similar to their counterparts in Great Britain.

In the aftermath of Mexico's defeat at the hands of the United States that lost the country half of its territory many blamed the conservatives and Santa Anna. Strong criticisms were also leveled at the Church and the military, institutions that were viewed as incapable of responding to the changes needed to…. [read more]

Southwest History Susan Shelby Magoffin Term Paper

… Santa Fe was quiet at the time, with only the sound of marching heard at the time. The new Mexicans could have welcomed the American forces for promise of protection they offered against the Texans. But only few of them quietly received the arriving American troops and the suspicion was that resistance was silenced by Governor Manuel Armijo who was said to have been paid by an American agent to turn New Mexico over peacefully. In any case, a military government under General Kearny was set up in Santa Fe and promised to honor the civil and religious rights of the New Mexicans. He kept his word but peace did not last long. Susan Shelby Magoffin recorded her observation of the leadership and behavior of…. [read more]

Antigua Guatemala Coffee Business Plan

… Any well-funded and large company, where capital is not an issue might be potential entrants because they have a solid brand image in the business sector (Blackwell, 2011).

Rivalry: in this market segment, there are many big players. With the high number of small-scale coffee shops, big players must battle with small players across the market segments. With customers increasingly taking coffee home, it provides the convenience, which is the main factor for players. There is an intense competition in this industry, as companies must battle each other to increase their customer base.

Bargaining power of suppliers: there is a high bargaining power for suppliers. The developments in technological innovations like the automated coffee machines and espresso machines have made them bargain over the industry.…. [read more]

Ottoman Early American Relationships to Religious Hierarchy Caliph Church of England Term Paper

… America and the Ottoman Empire

Currently, the United States and the Islamic world are at odds over many issues, and while the policy of the U.S. is to find ways of finding areas of agreement with Islamic countries, there are still basic differences between the two areas and the religions they support. Islam is a hierarchical religion, and to a great extent, the political and social realm in Islamic countries is also hierarchical. The U.S. is a democracy. One area of agreement is found I the origin of each society, for both came into existence as part of an effort to achieve religious freedom and to escape from religious oppression. The two have not always recognized this area of agreement, and in part have been…. [read more]

Political Framework of EU Thesis

… As a result, European nations looked forward to developing nations such as Asia, Africa and South America for the purchase of these necessities. For developing nations this was an opportunity to become known as suppliers of grist, therefore, they were willing to enter into this trade agreement. However, what European Leaders wanted was more than a simple trade agreement; their aim was to enforce their rules on these nations, making them colonies of the infinite European empire. Therefore, they entered into the agreement after setting out a lot of rules for the dependent nations to follow. As time passed by, these rules made the European leaders indirectly administer the nation, thus the nations became a part of European empire. History reveals that the imperialism is…. [read more]

Future of Cuba Term Paper

… Cuba After Castro

Cuba is an island nation some 90 miles from Florida, and proximity alone gives this country great importance in the thinking of American leaders. More than this, however, Cuba represents a major loss in the Western Hemisphere, a country that is Communist-led and that has therefore been viewed as a major security threat to the United States. At times, that threat has been given even more weight, as it was during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. At other times, the threat has been less specific and often derives largely from antipathy to the leadership and to the very idea of Communism. In addition, Cuba holds a place of importance because of the many exiles from Cuba who have come to the…. [read more]

Santa Anna Dictatorship Term Paper

… "[footnoteRef:17] Mary Petite described him as a man of extravagant tastes and outlandish ego, vanity and corruption, who owned a silver chamber pot, a gold-covered saddle and a $7,000 sword -- and enormously expensive item for that time and place. About the only consistent political conviction he ever showed, as Henderson contended, was extreme hostility to democracy, whether in Mexico or Texas.[footnoteRef:18] [15: "Protagonist on a National Stage," p. 101.] [16: Henderson, p. 77.] [17: Wasserman, p. 18.] [18: Henderson, p. 78.]

Santa Anna was the real cause of the Texas War of Independence in 1836, since he abrogated the 1824 constitution when he named himself dictator. At first the Texans imagined that he would be a liberal and a federalist, unlike the previous regime,…. [read more]

Hispanic-American Diversity: An Overview Soy Latino Essay

… Hispanic-American Diversity: An Overview

"Soy Latino" seems like an uncontroversial statement for a Hispanic-American to make about his or her heritage. Yet even this simple identity claim is tainted by potential controversy. For many Hispanics, their identity is not defined by the words "soy Latino," but "soy Cubano." The label of 'Hispanic-American' is created by 'America' -- immigrants from Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Columbia, as well as Spain and other areas of the Hispanic world come from regions that may be just as culturally distinct as Germany is from France. However, while people do not think of European-Americans as a homogenous group, there may be a temptation to elide the differences between different Hispanic-American identities. It is important to honor the differences of different…. [read more]

Benjamin Franklin Was Born on January 17 Term Paper

… Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 in Boston, Massachusetts to Josiah and Abiah Folger (Kelly 2007, the Electric Benjamin Franklin 2007). He was the 15th of Josiah's 20 children by two marriages. He had only two years of formal schooling but continued to pursue an education by reading. His father had wanted him to be a clergy man. But he could afford to send Benjamin to school only for one year. Entering the clergy required many years of schooling. Josiah worked as a candle maker and also a devoted Anglican. But Benjamin loved to read so he was taken in by his brother, James, a printer, to apprentice at the age of 12. He helped James compose pamphlets and set printing types of…. [read more]

International Regulation of Tourism Term Paper

… "

Lake Vostok has since become one of the few causes of disagreement between the international college of nations with interests in Antarctica; the Lake Vostok problems will be outlined later in this report. It is notable, however, even before the controversy and scientific quandaries that have vexed scientists and nations the past few years. Not since 1858, when Africa explore John Speke first stood on the banks of Lake Victoria, the headwaters of the Nile, has a formerly undiscovered body of water of such magnitude been added to the map of the globe. (In the case of Lake Victoria, however, it was only a 'discovery' to Europeans and Americans and those of other continents; Africans had known of it all along. The same cannot…. [read more]

Roman Catholicism Thesis

… Roman Catholicism

According to many Roman Catholics, the history of Catholicism is the history of Christianity. This claim may not be that farfetched, since the Roman Catholic Church was fully functioning as a church by the middle of the first century, near the advent of Christianity. Roman Catholics believe that Jesus "assigned to Peter the responsibility of establishing the Christian church. Peter traveled to Rome where he was the first pope. At his death, his work was continued by a continuous succession of popes." (Robinson). Catholics believe that "Jesus' Apostles ordained bishops, who in turn ordained the next generation of bishops" in a tradition that continues today, so that each modern ordained bishop can trace his line of succession back to Jesus. (Robinson). Jesus was…. [read more]

America at War 1865-Present Essay

… The following year, the economy would collapse, and Hoover would show his impotency at dealing with domestic problems, and the man who had ran against the Wet-ticket candidate, would finally repeal the 18th Amendment in 1932, as the number of jobless reached into the tens of millions.

The economy would continue to dwell in the sewers despite FDR's Alphabet programs, designed to put Americans back to work with social and environmental jobs. However, the real jobs would be in manufacturing for the war machine -- and that would come with America's entry into World War II following the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor. Under Roosevelt, America became known as "the great arsenal of democracy" -- an insightful use of terminology (Jarecki, 2008, p. 37).

The…. [read more]

Servant Leadership in a Conflicted Church Thesis

Applying Servant Leadership within a Conflicted Church: The Project as an Act of Ministry

My church, the South Iowa Chapel, like many modern churches, is a church in conflict. Conflicted churches are problematic because they drive parishioners away from the church, and, possibly, away from Christ. Conflict in a church can also be a difficult situation to remedy, because of the different personality types and leadership styles of people involved in the church. However, I feel that a significant part of the problem is that people are using traditional leadership styles in church. Jesus Christ was not a traditional leader. On the contrary, He was the epitome of a servant leader, one who leads through service to others. Obviously, He did a wonderful job leading…. [read more]

Anarchy in the 19th Century Research Paper

… When the revolution came to Dresden, Wagner was in full support of it. When it failed -- Wagner was exiled and "entirely cut off from the public musical life in which he had immersed himself since his first post in Wurzburg in 1833."

It was in exile in Zurich that he began to create his revolutionary magnum opus, the Ring cycle.

Nietzsche, a Wagner-devotee, and a kind of personification of Dostoevsky's Underground Man, lent his own voice to the Revolution. For Nietzsche, Wagner was a revolutionary whose works were modes through which the uprising could be realized: "It is this Wagner that Nietzsche, whose favorite Wagnerian hero was the revolutionary Siegfried, wanted to be heir to."

Nietzsche, of course, would become famous for his pronouncement…. [read more]

Media Framing Mosque at Ground Zero Research Paper

… ¶ … media framing in relation to the construction of a mosque at ground zero. We identify the various frames used by various media houses in America and compare and contrast them. We analyze the related literature and the basic concepts involved in media framing. A general overview of the concept of media framing is also provided.

Entman (1993) describes framing as a scattered concept where previous researchers lack clear conceptual meanings and depend on context-based definitions, rather than general applicability. Brosius and Eps (1995) proceeds that framing may not be clear in explication and generally used but can be seen as a metaphor which does not convert directly into research setting.

While different authors agree that there is lack of commonality in the definition…. [read more]

American Religious History Term Paper

… American Religious History

Both Laurence Moore's book Touchdown Jesus. The Mixing of Sacred and Secular in American History and the collection of texts in the book entitled Major Problems in American Religious History: Documents and Essays, edited by Patrick Allitt, focus on the same subject: the multicultural environment created both by the colonization of the Americas and by the present day immigration on the United States territory, and the religious problems that the multicultural mix-up creates. Moreover, the texts under discussion note the recurrent clashes that take place between the democratic political system and the religious doctrines and beliefs. The authors interpret these problems slightly different, but their commentaries share a common point-of-view, which they subsequently demonstrate: colonization of the Americas brought not only political…. [read more]

Art Violence and Social Engagement in Colombia Research Proposal

… ¶ … Colombia is the third-largest recipient of military aid from the United States and is at a critical juncture in its turbulent history. More than three million people have been displaced in Colombia during the past decade alone, and violent deaths and kidnappings remain alarmingly high. While violence is nothing new to the people of Colombia, their response to its sources and causes have been portrayed in the visual arts in various ways, with one of the most recent manifestations of this being portrayal such as the "The Skin of Memory," developed by the anthropologist Pilar Riano-Alcala and the artist Suzanne Lacy in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team in Colombia. Because art must also serve a social function and civic responsibility, this thesis evaluates…. [read more]

Attitudes Towards the Environment in the Developed Term Paper

… ¶ … Attitudes Towards the Environment in the Developed and Developing World

The objective of this work is to examine the differences in attitudes towards the environment in the developed and developing world.

The work of Riley E. Dunlap (1994) entitled: "International Attitudes Towards Environment and Development" relates: "Conventional wisdom holds that concern for the environment is limited to residents of the wealthy industrialized nations of the Northern hemisphere, as those who live in the poorer, Southern nations are assumed to be too preoccupied with economic survival to worry about environmental quality." Dunlap additionally states: "Conventional wisdom also holds the perceptions of the roots of the global environment 'problematique', and how it ought to be mitigated, differ drastically between residents of the economically advanced nations…. [read more]

Latin American History Essay

… When Bello was installed as rector of the University of Chile in 1843, he gave an address praising the liberal, humanistic spirit of the Renaissance and Enlightenment. Modernity and progress began when the "intellectual heritage of Greece and Rome" was "reclaimed by the human spirit after a long era of darkness" (Bello 53). After one thousand years of feudalism, science, morality and politics began to advance again, proving that humanistic learning and cultivated minds were essential for the progress and happiness of society. Although Bello strongly supported the provision of primary and elementary education to the lower classes, he did not believe it possible to educate the masses without first training an educated elite, because "where science and letters do not exist, elementary instruction cannot…. [read more]

Western Civilization Scholasticism Was a Method Term Paper

… Western Civilization

Scholasticism was a method of learning initiated in medieval universities in the 12th century which lasted for approximately four centuries. The main aim of scholasticism was to find an answer to a certain question through a specific method of inquiry. This method consisted of selecting a certain piece of writing by a renowned scholar which would become the object of investigation. Scholars would read it thoroughly and critically, and ultimately clearly formulate the theories of the author. Other documents could also be used. The final step of the inquiry consisted of identifying the points of disagreement and contention between the sources which would be written down and known as "sententiae." The critics of scholasticism argued that practitioners of scholasticism were only compilers of…. [read more]

Roots of International Terrorism Term Paper

… International Terrorism

Acts of international terrorism can be traced as far back as 1931, with the first documented hijacking of an airline passenger jet in Peru. However, depending upon how you define "international terrorism," international terrorism might be traced even further back, during the Christian crusades in the Holy Land. There was, too, the French Revolution, which was preceded by acts of violence committed by covert agents of change. The American Revolution was effectuated in large part by covert agents acting against British law and authority and perpetrating acts of violence against the British soldiers. Authors Brenda J. Lutz and James M. Lutz define terrorism as an evil act of indiscriminate violence, or brutality. While this definition may accurately define that which might be considered…. [read more]

International Relations Treaty of Westphalia the Region Research Paper

… International Relations

Treaty of Westphalia

The region in north western Germany known as Westphalia gave its name to the treaty that ended the Thirty Years War, which was one of the most harmful disagreements in European history. The sequence of wars in 1618 began when the Austrian Habsburgs attempted to force Roman Catholicism on their Protestant subjects in Bohemia. This war put Protestant's in opposition to Catholic's, the Hold Roman Empire in opposition to France, the German princes in opposition to the emperor and France in opposition to the Habsburgs of Spain (Cavendish, 1998, p.1).

The Treaty of Westphalia of 1648 conveyed a conclusion to the Thirty Years' War, which had covered Europe in blood in clashes over religious conviction, explained the values of power…. [read more]

Political, Legal, Economic Risk Analysis Term Paper

… Turkey suffers from a problem of over regulation and businesses are being hampered and affected by a weak financial system which is prevalent in the country. (Turkey a new corporate world for Europe) Besides, there are instances of human rights violation cases that range from tortures to treatment of humans. Turkey fares baldy in human rights violation issues. The government disagrees with the accusations against them, however the human rights commission does not agree with the Turkish Government. (Turkey: Economic Policy Analysis)

(c) Economic Risks: Turkey is currently in a debt trap which is so severe that even if they were to pay just the interest, they will not be capable to repay the debt within the next 100 years. Turkish economy is among the…. [read more]

Green). The Science - Literature Review Essay

… ¶ … Green).

The Science - Literature Review is right after the uncompleted essay

Ironically, it was during the early Middle Ages -- when scientific knowledge was in retreat -- that science initiated a break with philosophy and became its own master (Saliba 32). The Byzantine Empire kept alive the discoveries of Greece and Rome, especially in the areas of science, mathematics, and medicine. They preserved the writings of Galen, Ptolemy, and Aristotle, and religious scholars like Aquinas and Buridan added extensive commentaries. While these were religious men, they were also dedicated to the spirit of early scientific inquiry. Byzantine scholars pursued advances in mathematical knowledge by interacting with Greek and Arabic sources. There was a similar cross-pollination between Europe and the Near East in…. [read more]

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