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Civil War and the Forthcoming Color-Blind Society Term Paper

… Civil War and the Forthcoming Color-Blind Society

The American dream… the great job, the picked white fence and the happy faces. People from around the globe have come to the United States to make the dream a reality. But for the dream to exist in the first place, sacrifices in human lives had to be made and equality among citizens had to be enforced, at a high price. Such battles had taken place for several years, and were of a diverse degree, from a simple one-on-one battle, to a street fight, or to the ultimate Civil War.

Generically known as the war in which the country was divided into two parts -- the North and the South, the Civil War was a battle of both…. [read more]

Women of the Civil War Term Paper

… ¶ … Civil War era [...] important women of the Civil War, including the way women were treated and the various roles they played in relation to the civil war. Of course, there were thousands, even millions of women who played crucial roles on both sides fighting the Civil War. Women had to stay home and run the farms and plantations in the South when their men marched off to war. In the North, women turned to nursing and taking care of the homes when their men left to fight. Every woman played a crucial role in their families during the Civil War, but there were some who truly stand out as women and as public servants, and whose accomplishments are still important today.

Women…. [read more]

For Cause and Comrades Why Men Fought in the Civil War James M. Mcpherson Book Review

… ¶ … Men Fought in the Civil War -- James M. McPherson

Reasons for War

James McPherson's non-fictional account of the Civil War, for Cause and Comrades: Why Men Fought in the Civil War, provides a fascinating degree of insight into the principle reasons why young men from the same country would willingly, and in some instances wantonly, engage in armed conflict with one another. The author's primary purpose in writing this manuscript was to explore the motivation and the internal impetus that served these soldiers in battle. His aim of determining what the various causes were that allowed these combatants to wage war for the better part of four years is explored in a non-partisan, objective perspective which is open to a number of…. [read more]

Women and the Home Front Term Paper

… From the beginning of the secession crisis President Abraham Lincoln viewed the supposedly loyalist mountain regions as an ideal base for military operations into vital Confederate territory, and a place to drive a wedge into Southern unity. Politically, not to mention logistically, the mountain regions turned out to be less hospitable, and certainly less cooperative, than Northerners hoped. The Southern Appalachians, however, proved equally troublesome to the Confederate command. After an initial burst of wartime fervor, many mountain residents grew increasingly resistant, and then violently hostile, to coercive Confederate mobilization policies. The mountain regions also provided havens for deserters and increasingly fertile ground for bushwhackers, bandits, and resistance movements. At the same time, the war was particularly cruel to the Southern Appalachians, and residents suffered…. [read more]

Aytch: A Confederate's Memoir Term Paper

… "But in these pages I do not pretend to write the history of the war. I only give a few sketches and incidents that came under the observation of a "high private" in the rear ranks of the rebel army." (3) Given the great deal of personal and emotional political baggage that has been attached to the Confederate struggle, Watkins emerged through the force of his prose from the page as a sympathetic narrator. He was a complex character as a soldier, even if a reader might be diametrically opposed to the cause he chose to fight for. At one point, Watkins refused to take clothes shoes from the feet of a Union soldier, even though he needed the boots to walk and the man's…. [read more]

Battle of Bristoe Station Led Term Paper

… The most prominent geographic feature was the line of the railroad, which was the position defended by Warren's troops. This area is wooded and features a hilly area that became of use to federal troops, who used it to batter Hill's men after Warren's troops had left the line of the railroad.

Hill's men were often want for equipment; even basic supplies such as shoes often had to be scavenged from the dead. By contrast, Meade's men were almost beleaguered by the amount of equipment provided to them. There were tales of disgruntled new recruits tossing aside blankets and other heavy items that they considered unnecessary. The south had few munitions factories; the principles ones were in Virginia and were often susceptible to becoming engaged…. [read more]

Red Badge Stephen Crane Essay

… Crane offers insight into role that self-determination plays in the process of character building. If Henry were a soldier who fought with the ranks, he would not make a strong hero because he would only be blindly following orders. Any soldier can blindly follow orders, but Henry is an individualist. His character is uniquely modern and reveals a distinct shift in cultural norms that was taking place during the late 19th century. It was the Industrial Age, and a time during which the ideas of individualism and self-determination were more salient than ever before.

Because Henry is not innately a good soldier, his character development and evolution are all the more powerful. Henry is a conflicted hero, because he acts against the soldier's code of…. [read more]

1857 Indian Rebellion Been Elusive Research Paper

… 63]

The strategy to fight the war of freedom in 1957 was not only missing but later it is also recorded that the local leadership including the landlords and holders of large land states were also among the rebels. They organized the rebels and supported their fight against the British forces for own reasons. The interests of the local communities to fight against the forces were diversified and so was the strategy to fight. The lack of formulating a strategy for fighting the war not only impacted the outcome but the effects of rebel wars were also diminished. The local forces and rebels remained localized and only small number of country cities was under the rebel fight and disobedience movement.

The shortcoming of national strategy…. [read more]

Killer Angels by Michael Shaara Term Paper

… Lee says, "No blame can be attached to the army for its failure to accomplish what was projected by me.... I alone am to blame, in perhaps expecting too much of its prowess and valor... could I have foreseen that the attack on the last day would fail, I should certainly have tried some other course... But I do not know what better course I could have pursued" (Shaara 349) Shaara shows that Lee was a good general, but was not a flawless hero.


Perhaps the most exciting scene in this story occurs when the Union wins the Battle at Gettysburg. Lee's plan for a massed assault to break the Union line's center proves to be disastrous because Lee does not consider the new…. [read more]

Rome One Could Be Important Essay

… I picture myself being led on into vaster...depths with every forward step. The task undertaken seemed to grow less with the completion of the early stages; now, in anticipation, it seems almost to increase as I proceed (ibid., 288)"

Foreign affairs (Rome's expansion) shaped the social order at home (the struggle of the orders), and vice versa. For instance, in Mellor, Livy, ambassadors were sent out from Rome to Athens to study their laws, a situation that led directly to the formation of a law code in Rome which helped to quell domestic disturbances (ibid., 215-217). Livy's thesis of a struggle of the orders is an over- simplification of a highly complex series of events that had no single cause. This can be seen as…. [read more]

Modern Rhetoric Essay

… ¶ … Hate Begets Hate,"

A piece of writing cannot be rhetorically analyzed in isolation but must be considered within the context in which it was written. This editorial is an excellent example of well-timed rhetoric in that it meets the criterion of exigency. The topic -- currently proposed legislation in Uganda that would impose the death sentence for homosexuality -- is of immediate concern since international criticism may be able to derail the proposed law.

I believe that the editorial writers have properly gauged the nature of their audience in that they have correctly assessed both the emotional and psychological make-up of their readers, who are likely to be both liberal (and so agree with the editorial's criticism of the abridgement of the…. [read more]

Modern Rhetoric Essay

… ¶ … President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech

Since he began his campaign for the presidency of the United States, Barack Obama has been consistently criticize for his "rhetoric." These criticisms seem as prone to using the epithet "high-flown rhetoric" as Homer was likely to describe the sea as "wine-dark." But both general comments on Obama as inclined to the rhetorical and the more specific criticism of him as a producer of high-flown rhetorical speeches. (A Google search for "Obama high-flown rhetoric turns up over 25,000 hits.) The fact that Republicans -- some no doubt still stinging from depictions of George W. Bush as remarkably inarticulate -- should show their partisanship by criticizing the fluency of Obama's speeches is not surprising. But it does…. [read more]

Equality for Women in the Workplace Term Paper

… Emma Goldman

The interesting thing about history is, as the saying goes, "the more things change, the more they stay the same." In the last century, the U.S. has undergone tremendous technological change. In many respects, it has changed in its political philosophy as well. In 1907, the 19th Amendment for women's suffrage was still years away from being ratified and the Civil Rights Act was not signed until 1964. In the 1900s, Emma Goldman was one of the most rebellious individuals who strongly advocated for a number of causes including equality and independence for women, freedom of thought and expression, radical education, sexual freedom and birth control, and union organization and the eight-hour day. Then she was known as "Red Emma" and an anarchist.…. [read more]

George Orwell Wrote Homage Term Paper

… As to why exactly Orwell found it necessary to include the politics of the war in his writings, the reasoning is obvious. Every aspect of the war had some sort of political tie or motivation. Now granted, Orwell was oblivious to that when he first signed up with P.O.U.M., which makes his revelation within his journey so much more honest, and terrible all at once. In fact, if he had realized what a political mud slinging he was signing himself up for; he might have refrained from it all together. Maybe not. Orwell does express how much he missed Spain as soon as he was out of Spain. He wished he could have "stayed to be imprisoned along with the others," which speaks volumes about…. [read more]

Vietnam Term Paper

… When he worked behind the lines, one of his duties was as officer in change of reporting casualties, which were not nearly as high as they became in 1967 and 1968 when the war reached maximum escalation. When he returned to his old unit once after a leave, they were cold as distant with him, and he wondered whether this was because he had been transferred to the rear echelon. Then he learned that a friend of his named Sullivan had been killed by a sniper when out filling the canteens by a river, and that the sniper was a very good shot and had "plowed one helluva hole right through him" (Caputo 158). Another man had been shot through the spine and probably would…. [read more]

Syndrome of War Term Paper

… Hispanic Soldiers PTSD

The American Soldier: From a Hispanic Perspective

Introduction el Movimiento," is the Spanish word that describes the movement of the 1970s. It is a movement about which little is known by people outside of the Hispanic community, but one that came about Chicano Americans asserted themselves into the fabric of American life in ways that caused them to seek equal rights for themselves (Rosales, F. Arturo, 1996, p. vx). Not the least among the actions taken by Chicano and Latino-Americans that made them look to be treated as equals in America was the fact that many thousands of them performed military service for America, and many, too, lost their lives, in the Vietnam conflict. Since Vietnam, thousands of Hispanic men and women…. [read more]

Plays of British Dramatist, Pam Gems Dissertation

… Edith once engages two marines she meets in a pub in a menage a trois; it is possible, that the bartender formed the fourth of this group. There is no indication that Edith is particularly gifted in the art of making love. She just makes her self available as a willing sexual partner. Except with Marcel Cedran, the married boxer, Edith manages to dissociate physical pleasure from any emotional foundations. With Marcel, Edith is truly in love. But this union is not to be. Anecdotes abound, that Edith's jealous sister informs Marcel's wife of her husband's "philandering." Edith's sexual proclivities and escapades are not a manifestation of her femaleness. Her sexual nature transcends gender. It is a flaw in most superstars. In Edith's case, particularly,…. [read more]

Italian Unification Process and Camillo Benso Di Carvour as the Italian Bismarck Research Paper

… Italian Unification Process

Unification processes of Germany and Italy during the second half of the nineteenth century

Cavour and Bismarck

the theoretical explanations of unification process

Ernest Gellner

Eric Habsbawm

Benedict Anderson

Explanation of nationalism in Italy and Germany

The role of Giuseppe Garibaldi

Converging interests of Cavour & Bismarck: From Austria-Prussian War 1866 to Franco-Prussian War 1970

The unification process of both Germany and Italy assumes fundamental importance in the European history. Both the nations struggled hard to attain the unification in the latter half of nineteenth century. Both Italy and Germany had many different states that unified to form a common federation. The culture and language also created an impact on the lives of people in an identical way. The process was lengthy…. [read more]

Dahlgren Affair Term Paper

… ¶ … Duane Schultz book (the Dahlgren Affair) effectively utilizes the themes of history, drama, bloodshed, war, politics and mystery to weave a tale that originated during the Civil War. Schultz's use of high quality characterization and well-paced narrative adds to the value of the book. There are some flaws in the book, and some critics assert that Schultz either fabricated portions of the story, or just made honest errors, and those discrepancies will be reviewed later in this paper.

The genesis of the plot that launches this well-told story is based on an actual attempt to free Union prisoners from the terrible conditions in Libby Prison and Belle Isle prison in Richmond, Virginia. The fact that many Union soldiers had either surrendered or were…. [read more]

Paris Commune Essay

… ¶ … Paris Commune and the Socialist Revolution

The Paris Commune of 1871 was one of the world's first attempts at implementing the principles of a socialist society. Following on the defeat of France in the Franco-Prussian War, the country collapsed into near anarchy. Paris, in particular, became untenable for the newly constituted Government of National Defense -- an organization with royalist leanings. The French capital, always a focus for new and often radical ideas, was quickly taken over by a government comprised of its own city council, the commune. Together the Communards represented the coming together of the variety of leftist movements and ideologies that had grown up during the course of the Nineteenth Century. In a general sense, Communards were both socialists and…. [read more]

Black Hawk Down, Directed Term Paper

… This all came across in the film, and seems to be very accurate from the interviews of actual Rangers who participated in the raid on the Frontline web site. Specialist Mike Kurth summed up the Ranger creed when he said in an interview on the site, "If I get shot and I'm dead, I know my buddies aren't going to leave until they get me with them. I mean who wants to be a part of a unit that when you get shot, they're just gonna leave you out on the street to get mauled?" (Weiss).

Another point of the film that was not clear, and was made more clearly in the historical records was why the Somalis hated us so much. This was very…. [read more]

Gorbachev Attempted Coup Term Paper

… Gorbachev Attempted Coup

The collapse of the Soviet Union, a huge state which used to unite more than 300 million citizens of hundred nationalities, was the most important event of the end of 20th century. In 1985 when Mikhail Gorbachev was elected a head of the state and proclaimed himself a President he planned to democratize and modernize Soviet state which could no longer live without radical and effective reforms. Gorbachev proclaimed politics of -- Perestroika -- (reconstruction) which meant involving elements of capitalism in Soviet national economics, giving citizens an opportunity to live in democratic and prosperous society. First Soviet President noticed that the aim of his politics was to create -- Socialism with human's face -- which had to realize all interests of…. [read more]

Terrorism Final Examination Questions Essay

… Question 3

Why do some terrorist groups use suicide bombing as a strategy? Please include at least three reasons in your answer.

Terrorist groups use suicide bombing as a strategy is because suicide bombs are dramatic public displays of violence often taking place in sensitive areas. Consider suicide bombings in Israel, Palestine, and other areas in what is referred to in the west as the Middle East. The bombings are on public transportation and even school buses. The bombings take place in marketplaces or in other areas where there are high concentrations of civilians as well as military personnel. The targets of suicide bombings are mainly average civilians because their deaths instill the most tragedy and provide the maximum dramatic impact. Shafiq and Sinno state:…. [read more]

George Orwell's Most Powerful Research Paper

… Winston will not live long enough to see that, for as O'Brien promised, "we shall turn you into gas and pour you into the stratosphere" (Orwell, 1984, 254).

Orwell supported the West during the early Cold War years, even though he continued to regard himself as a democratic socialist and supporter of the left. For him, an alliance with the United States was the lesser of two evils, since he had seen Stalinism in action and denounced it in his writings. Even in the early 1930s, he had come to doubt that the Soviet Union was a true example of socialism, but just another type of "hierarchical society" (Baker x). His experiences in Spain only confirmed this, and from 1939 he supported Britain in its…. [read more]

Change Leadership Essay

… " His reference is to the fact that Yoast sacrificed his own inauguration into the coach's hall of fame in order to help the Titans win the championship. Yoast, like Boone, has the potential to be a change leader who understood the principles of social justice that were transcendent to the smaller victory of winning at sports. Yet Yoast needed Boone more than vice-versa. Boone would have become a change leader on his own and without Yoast's assistance, whereas Yoast had been unable to lead the Titans to the winning season they had without Boone.

Change leadership is a complex concept that involves direct experience and knowledge, as well as insight, intelligence, and personality traits like confidence and humility. An active and engaging form of…. [read more]

Soviet Union and Stalin Era Term Paper

… He stood for a peasant's private ownership of land. Collectivization of agriculture, therefore, was a thoroughly political and ideological category, not only an economic one.

Collectivization was a leveling of life in order to stifle everything creative in a human being. Collectivization was a method of national oppression with the help of massive efforts to impose a hostile ideology of life upon a subjugated nation. The French, the English, the Dutch and the Belgians by no means imposed their way of life upon the countries acquired by them. But, the Russian did the contrary. They force their way of life upon the subjugated nations as a means of dominating them. Thus, for instance, in literature or art socialist realism was a form of Russian imperialism.…. [read more]

Military Employee Stress Thesis

… Military Employee Stress

The objective of this work is to compare, contrast and synthesize and evaluate the principles of societal development including an evaluation of the workplace and resulting family stress. In order to understand the effects of how societal development in the workplace has affected the family unit, an evaluation of the workplace and resulting family stress will be conducted. Additionally, this work will compare, contrast and evaluate the work of Weber, Durkheim, Spencer and Marx, the four social theorists upon whose work this study will be based and upon which the integration of current information meaning included in scholarly journals written by experts on family dynamics will be applied to the findings from actual application.


The objectives of the 'Breadth' portion…. [read more]

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