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Crime on March 9th, 2013 Term Paper

… This focus on community-level social control is integral to social disorganization theory (Savelsberg, 2006, p. 33). While the results of the study were productive, in that the study helped to demonstrate the detrimental effects of widespread incarceration on the level of the community, the study nevertheless includes an implicit bias because it assumes that, for example, it is more important to nurture and maintain local neighborhoods and communities as methods of social control rather than examine what produces the need for that control in the first place (Rose & Clear, 1998, p. 469-470).

As a result, from the perspective of social disorganization theory, a search for the causes behind the violent and disruptive reaction to Gray's shooting would start with the relative levels of organization…. [read more]

Crime Scene Integrity, Management Essay

… Crime Scene Integrity, Management of Manner of Death, And Mechanisms of Death

This paper describes the delicate details of dealing with a crime scene where an individual victim has died. It first goes on to discuss the importance of keeping the integrity of the crime scene. This means not letting any evidence out of the scene, nor allowing anyone to bring in anything that might otherwise contaminate it. The first few officers on the scene have a very important job to do in securing the area, looking for potential suspects, and calling in a warrant for the rest of the forensic team to come in. Next, the paper moves on to discuss the management of the manner of death. Determining the manner of death is…. [read more]

Crime Prevention Anything That Defies Essay

… All the laws designed by the system are based on the intensity of the crime and the extent to which it is forgivable. Criminal justice system exists to prevent crime however; they are independent of each other in the concept of crime prevention. According to Worrall, crime prevention and criminal justice system both have conflicting nature as toe being liberal and conservative not only on crime related issues but also political ones. Criminal justice plays a role in crime prevention with three basic majors including investigation, prosecution and punishment. The constitution of criminal justice system helps in investigation of crime and the criminal. However, it does not guarantee that the crime would be prevented. In some cases, investigation lead to clues on whether the crime…. [read more]

Crimes Criminal Activities Crimes Against Essay

… 0) the crime of first degree murder requires the defendant to unjustifiably take the life of another human being purposely, knowingly, recklessly, or negligently. ("Homicide") It has been the tradition for centuries that the law incorporate the idea of the free will and knowledge of the accused by incorporating the idea of mens rea, or the intent of the accused. In the case of a first degree murder, the mens rea is the intent to kill another person, while the actus reus would be the intentional and illegal action resulting in the death of another human being. The killing must be also considered to be illegal, so in cases that have been judged to be self-defense, or no-guilt accidents, there is no guilty act.

Discussion…. [read more]

Crime Causation Diversion: Comparison Essay

… (Orange County Sheriff's Department, 2013)

III. School Resource Officer (SRO)

Uniformed officers are placed in schools for various purpose. Most SRO's are assigned to Junior or High Schools in Orange County although they additionally respond to elementary and private schools in the Orange County area. The SRO's are reported to "meet many needs including strengthening relationships between youth and law enforcement, forging cooperative relationships with school staff to meet a variety of student needs, and augmenting existing safety and security planning at our schools. SRO's handle criminal as well as social problems that occur with our youth and regularly attend sporting events, school functions, and parent meetings while still enforcing criminal laws." (Orange County Sheriff's Department, 2013) The average day of an SRO is reported…. [read more]

Crime Prevention and Control Term Paper

… Crime Prevention and Control - U.S. Justice System and Proactive Policing

The prevention and control of crime have hounded American society despite the expanse of its economic and political power in the world. Stanford Professor Friedman traces the failure of the efforts of the U.S. criminal justice system in curbing or preventing crime to the Americans' well-entrenched cultural taboos of their Manifest Destiny as a superior people and their demand for individual freedom and rights. From these taboos grew out prison buildings, the police, the courts, more severe court sentences and the celebrity culture. With the persistently increasing crime rates, preventive measures, like preventive detention, were tried. But preventive detention did not work. President Johnson believed that the root causes of crime were racism, poverty…. [read more]

Crime Rates and Abandoned Buildings Essay

… As a result, the feasibility of the study will highlight how abandoned buildings and crime rates are interconnected with each other. Yet, it will also demonstrate that these issues are a larger part of economic challenges impacting different urban areas. These solutions will vary from one location to the other depending upon the overall scope of the challenges and how they are addressed. (Pickvance, 2001) (Hoffe, 2007)


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Gau, J.M., and Pratt, T.C. (2010). Revisiting broken windows theory: Examining the sources of the discriminant validity of…. [read more]

Crime Increase in Houston TX Since Hurricane Katrina in 2005 Term Paper

… Crime

Hurricane Katrina was the worst natural disaster in American History. Although the storm itself was a destructive force, the social and political issues that arose in its wake are likely to go down in history as even more destructive. One of the most discussed social issues has to do with the increased crime rates that have occurred in cities that absorbed large numbers of Hurricane Katrina Evacuees. The purpose of this discussion is to examine the impact of citizen displacement on cities such as Houston and San Antonio, Texas. In particular the discussion will focus on the rising crime rate in Houston and the theory that may explain why there has been such a significant increase in the amount of crime in the area.…. [read more]

Crime Where on One Hand Literature Review

… It has been found through investigation on the kinds of wording that even trivial variations can influence the answers. Conversely, there was no constant pattern exhibited upon the analysis of connections with the individual dissimilarities prevailing in the respondents.

Article 3: What is known about the Effectiveness of Police Practices?

As illustrated by Telep (2011), researches have focused mainly on possibly the most significant queries present in their analysis. Investigation has been carried out on the kind of policies considered useful and the manner in which such strategies are executed. Numerous fruitful plans and the policies are illustrated which demonstrate robust facts regarding the usefulness of dealing with issues like criminality and anarchy. It has been found that literature available for investigation indicates that previously…. [read more]

Categorizing Crimes: Criminal Law Term Paper

… In this case, the defendant argued that separate convictions violated double jeopardy and that he acted intentionally in kicking the puppy.

However, the court argued that the evidence provided at trial was sufficient to justify separate convictions. The court also concluded that the general or specific rule is inapplicable to the underlying statutes and child abuse is not a particular kind of misdemeanor aggravated battery. With regards to negligent cruelty to animals, the jury concluded that there was sufficient evidence to convict the defendant because he acted with a higher mens rea than required by the statute. The court examined various factors including the temporal proximity of the two charged incidents, location of the victim during each incident, existence of any intervening events, his intentions…. [read more]

White Collar Crime in Contemporary Society Economic Regulation and Social Essay

… White Collar Crime in Contemporary Society Economic Regulation and Social Regulation

Social regulations and economic regulations are branches of regulations that govern a society. Both groups of regulations ensure that the policies implemented by a business are in accordance with economic regulations and social regulations. Economic regulations govern the economic aspect of the nation while social regulations govern the social aspect of the nation. White collar-crimes are becoming a menace that threatens the economy of many nations. There are many challenges that the prosecutor faced in prosecuting this type of case. The function of the office of the attorney general is to prosecute cases after ensuring that adequate evidence is collected.

Distinguish between economic regulation and social regulation. What were the original objectives of regulation,…. [read more]

Crime Has Been Taking Place Essay

… Both real and symbolic barriers can be used with this strategy to give this proportional effect and to warn outsiders that they have entered a private zone (Landman,2008). Physical design is the whole basis of this strategy, all designs aim to increase the level of natural surveillance by residents, open areas with no obstructions deter potential criminals and also lower peoples fear of crime (Landman,2008).

One of the extreme levels of environmental design strategies being used today is through gated communities. Gated communities are small groups of residents who are enclosed and separated from the rest of society. A good example of gated communities can be seen in South Africa, which is known for its extremely high crime rates, it also has the highest amount…. [read more]

Crime Delinquency Teenagers Adolescent Terror Term Paper

… However, most gangsters largely tend to join gangs when they are young, as teenagers. Quite frequently, adult gang members of notorious street gangs such as Crips and Bloods (which originated in Southern California and now can be found throughout the continental U.S.) were 'jumped in' to gangs as teens and have merely continued their membership into their adult lives. Furthermore, older gang members typically look to young members to recruit to preserve the vitality, youthfulness, and ruthlessness of their particular sect.

However, adolescents do not necessarily have to be in a formal street gang to feel the effects of the gang or mob-like mentality that plays such an influential role with peer pressure. Even the most virtuous teenagers endure a period in which they strive…. [read more]

History and Theories of Crime Essay

… Crime Theory

The thirty years that made up the historic era known as the 1950s through the 1970s produced many changes in the way we view the world. Two significant events, the Weather Underground's rise to popularity and the massacre at My Lai both contribute to radical behavior. that contributed to this time in history's quality. These two events share something more important however, and that is the ability of history to reverse outdated roles and expose actions and people for their real humanity instead of fabricated and cliche roles.

The United States of America was constructed in violent and unjust manner. Native Americans were eliminated in a genocidal frenzy that has lasted well over two centuries. The Vietnam War represented for America a turning…. [read more]

Crime Statistics UCR/NIBRS and NCVS Research Paper

… 2010, National Institute of Justice).

In contrast, the UCR only reports on the type of weapons used for violent offenses. It also obeys what is known as a 'hierarchy rule.' This means that during a single incident, it only records the most violent crime. This is designed to streamline reporting on one hand, but it can also result in underreporting of certain types of crimes. In the case of a rape-murder, only the murder would be recorded (Chapter 3: Crime, offenders, and victims, n.d, Exploring Criminal Justice: 63). In fact, only rapes upon females are recorded (on males they are recorded as aggravated assaults) and weapons used in rape cases are not recorded. With NCVS data, all crimes are reported and rape includes both male…. [read more]

Cause Serves as the Legal Requirement Term Paper

… ¶ … Cause serves as the legal requirement for arrests and warrants. The Fourth Amendment bestows the:

right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

Oath or affirmation" used in the Fourth Amendement limiting Warrant issue eludes to the fact that probable cause means there is reasonable certainty that a crime has already been committed and that a particular person is responsibe for that crime. Further, the requirements to describe the place to be searched, and the persons or things…. [read more]

Causes of Criminal Behavior Term Paper

… Ted Bundy, for example, disguised himself as a policeman to gain access to his victims. Some serial killers may even have experienced a traumatic psychological event in their lives, such as Bundy's discovery that his "parents" were actually his "grandparents" and his "sister" was his real mother. (Bell, Ted Bundy-"A Time of Change")

Serial killers themselves have advanced various excuses for their killing sprees. Jeffery Dahmer, for example, said that he was born with a "part" missing; Ted Bundy opined that 'pornography' made him commit the murders, while David Berkowitz said that he was "Son of Sam" and the demons including "Sam" commanded him to kill people. Later, talking to FBI veteran Robert Ressler, he retracted his "son of Sam" story and admitted that his…. [read more]

Crime Control Theory Understanding Criminal Inclination Thesis

… Crime Control Theory

Understanding Criminal Inclination in Society

The Cost of Crime

Crime is one of the most expensive drains on public funds and other resources in the United States. In California, it is particularly costly as result of various factors including widespread gang activity, disaffected youth, the physical proximity to Mexico and the economics of the foreign influx of drugs, as well as the state's tough criminal laws and mandatory sentencing guidelines (Roback Morse, 2003). The cost of maintaining the state's inmate population exceeds 5 billion dollars annually (Roback Morse, 2003), representing a tremendous amount of money that could be better spent on education and infrastructure repair and maintenance, among many other worthwhile public projects and services.

Significance of the Problem

Despite overwhelming evidence…. [read more]

Crime Watch Research Paper

… Crime Watch

Violent Crime Trends: Analysis of Resources

While statistics show a general decline in serious violent crimes such as homicide in the United States since 1991, the homicide rate in the country is remains one the highest in the developed world. There were, for example, 17,034 murders in the United States in 2006 (Deaths by Mass Unpleasantness: Estimated Totals for the Entire 20th Century).

However, according to a CBS report entitled Eye on Crime in America (2006) there has in fact been an increase in the incidence of violent crime in the United States in the last decade; but that this increase is not uniform for every city or area. This report refers to the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program, which indicates an…. [read more]

Crime Statistics in America Essay

… Crime Statistics in America

Over the last several years Clark Country, Nevada has been through a tremendous amount of highs and lows. With the principal city (Las Vegas), experiencing massive boom and bust cycles. As far as crime is concerned, the underlying amounts of volatility and the lingering effects of recession have caused these statistics to vary. To understand these effects requires examining: the current statistics, the underlying amounts of growth / declines that are occurring and what crimes are most significant. Once this takes place, it will provide the greatest insights as to how various economic forces have been impacting crime statistics.

Current Crime Statistics

Clark Country has been experiencing a divergence in crime statistics. Where, certain categories are higher, while others are lower.…. [read more]

Crime Scene Challenges Case Study

… Divers as well must be careful when investigating the crime scene. "Air-containing cavities, such as the sinuses and lungs, react to sudden pressure changes, and divers must pay attention to the effects of decompression. Breathing compressed air underwater can increase gas pressure in the lungs... also 'barotrauma,' or physical damage to body tissues as a result of difference in pressure between an air space inside or beside the body and the surrounding gas or liquid" can cause damage to the lungs (Ramsland 2012: 10).

One of the determinants personnel must make is if the death was due to drowning or to other causes. Signs of drowning, for example, include lungs that are distended by water; water in the stomach; foam at the mouth; diluted blood…. [read more]

Crime All Crime Threatens Law and Order Essay

… Crime

All crime threatens law and order, representing the breakdown of social norms. Moreover, all types of crime impact all strata of society. Violent crime is perhaps the most visible of all types of crime because of widespread media coverage and media sensationalism in reporting on violent crimes. Organized crime spreads its tentacles to almost every level of society. White collar crime is unique in that it is perpetrated by the wealthy and powerful social classes but has its greatest impact on the poor and working classes. Because white collar crime has the potential to impact large groups of people, and because white collar crime reinforces class conflict and social stratification, it is the most menacing type of criminal behavior.

One of the reasons why…. [read more]

Crime in Chicago Research Proposal

… Crime in Chiccago

Organized Crime in Chicago

Starting with the middle of the twentieth century, the city of Chicago has been confronted with increasing criminality rates. The efforts of the police department have materialized in some control over the situations, but drastic improvements have yet to be achieved. In the month from February 27, 2009 to March 29, 2009, 32,554 crimes were registered in Chicago, with a peak on the 6th of March, when 1,258 crimes were committed in a single day. 36% of all crimes refer to battery and theft, followed by criminal damage and narcotics with 12, respectively 10%. In terms of the place where they occur, 25% of the crimes take place in the street, followed by residential areas with 18%, apartments…. [read more]

Crime Scene Investigation: Homicide Term Paper

… The children were not more than a year old. Both were tiny and innocent victims and for moments I considered these parents unworthy of such blessings. Emotionally I wondered what such a tragedy might do to my own family, possibly destroying my motivation for living. There is some indication that the father in this case might be placed on suicide watch, suffering psychologically from these deaths and the death of his wife (who it seems from the investigation took a lethal dose of prescription pills after suffocating the children). The individual lost his life partner but also his children.


This crime is in no way justifiable and reveals just how cruel the world can sometimes be to even the most innocent of victims. Even…. [read more]

Crime Rates and Abandoned Buildings Essay

… After quoting researchers such as Wilson and kelling, Kelling and Coles, as well as Skogan for stating that social and physical disorder leads to crime, the author explains that since not many residents and inhabitants of communities take responsibility to maintain properties and places beyond their own households, the criminal find it easy to flock abandoned properties for carrying out their illegal activities. The authors have also included differing perspectives on social and physical disorder by quoting Sampson & Raudenbush. Sampson mentioned in 1990 that social and physical disorders are symptoms of crime rather than being only causes of crime in neighborhoods.

In order to test their hypothesis, the authors developed an equation relating foreclosures and rate of crime. The abandoned buildings variable is also…. [read more]

Causes of Crime Essay

… Causes of Crime - Categories of Theories:

Unwanted conduct of individuals and societal attempts to control behavior that is dangerous to others or to society as a whole obviously predates recorded history

(Schmalleger, 2001). In the modern era (and the period most recently predating it),

sociologists have suggested many general categories of explanations for the cause of unwanted behavior classified as crime, including: free will, biological, psychobiological, psychological, sociological, social psychological, social conflict, phenomenological, as well as other emergent theories conceived much more recently (Schmalleger, 2001;

Henslin, 2002; Macionis, 2002).

Biological theories of crime, such as phrenology, atavism, criminal families, and somatotypes, conceive of criminal behavior as largely predetermined within the individual by virtue of inherent personal characteristics that distinguish the brains and other fundamental…. [read more]

Attempted Crime Should Be Punished Just as Severely as Completed Essay

… ¶ … Crime

When a person commits a murder, they not only have completed the act but also have engaged in intent, planning and implementation of the planned murder. Accordingly the crime of murder not only consists of the actual killing, but also the steps leading up to the crime. Intent is therefore an integral factor in the crime of murder. But when the crime of murder goes awry and a person's attempt to kill another fails, that person is treated differently than an actual murderer; they are accused of attempted murder. The only difference in the crimes of murder and attempted murder is the result, a death. However, the intent and actions of the person committing the murder are identical, only the outcome is…. [read more]

Crime Theory in the World Essay

… Mr. Keenan might have been driven to these acts by the need to relieve anger or tension. In terms of the differential association theory, he might also have experienced a particular type of conflict that drove him to his destructive actions.

I am not sure that the neutralization theory or social control theory are as relevant as the others here, since these appear to be more relevant in terms of social interaction. Mr. Keenan worked alone, which implies that those theories assuming individual delinquency rather than delinquency in terms of group norms, would be more applicable.

Studying theories of crime helps the criminologist to obtain a sense of the background and underlying reasons for criminal activity. This in turn can help to fight crime in…. [read more]

Crime, Social Crime and Crime Against Research Paper

… Crime, Social Crime and Crime Against the Person: Violence

One of the more challenging aspects of understanding crime is its ever-changing geographic and temporal qualities. Indeed, what is criminal in one place and time may be completely legal in another. Likewise, so-called "social crimes" have similar qualities that require careful analyses to place them into the appropriate context. Similarly, violent acts against another person may also involve contextual issues that must be taken into account when evaluating the criminality of such behaviors. After all, if people are trying to defend themselves and their families from harm, violence may be the only legitimate alternative that is available to them. To gain a further understanding of these three concepts, this paper provides a review of the relevant…. [read more]

Crime Statistics Term Paper

… Crime Statistics

The five cities selected for crime-rate comparison were Tucson, Arizona; Denver, Colorado, Palm Beach County, Florida; Charlotte-Mecklenburg, North Carolina; and Austin, Texas. Of those cities, Charlotte-Mecklenburg had a much greater incidence of violent crime than the other cities, while Tucson had a greater incidence of property crime than the other cities. Denver's property crime rate was the lowest, while the property crime rate in Denver and Palm Beach County was lower than the other cities, depending on the year. The violent crime rate appeared relatively steady in the cities, though Denver saw a tremendous increase in violent crime in the year 2004. The property crime rate saw a general increase in the cities, except for Palm Beach County, which demonstrated a significant drop…. [read more]

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