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Chadwick Inc. and Balanced Scorecard Case Study

… Chadwick Inc. Case Study & Balanced Scorecard

Greenfield, to begin my presentation on the proposed implementation of the Balanced Scorecard process of performance evaluation, please allow me to outline the various advantages offered by this innovative strategic management tool. Due to the decentralized nature of Chadwick Inc.'s divisional structure, and the diversification of the conglomerate's various holdings, the traditional system of financial measurement currently in place has become convoluted and ineffective. By applying the typically short-term objectives necessitated by Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) to the relatively long-term strategic planning utilized by divisions such as Norwalk Pharmaceutical, Chadwick's upper management has severely limited the ability of divisional managers like yourself to measure performance and present operational results. While purely financial measures like ROCE are indeed…. [read more]

Balanced Scorecard Evaluation the Voice Case Study

… The balanced score card can improve employee satisfaction, efficiency in operations, delivery of services or goods, and improve financial stability of the organization. It is also designed for continued improvement to create future success by concentrating on the critical areas of the business. The management strategy balanced with the mission and company strategy is a design that could change as changes require the strategy of the company to change with external environmental factors.

There are pitfalls if the balanced scorecard is not followed correctly (Davies). The design must have a well-developed and defined clear strategy that includes a link between strategy and budget creation. Key steps and challenges must be adequately worked out and proven linkage between measures and outcomes be created. The measures chosen…. [read more]

Quiksilver Case Study

… Quiksilver, Inc. Case Study

Brief Company Description

Founded in 1976, Quiksilver, Inc. (hereinafter alternatively "the company") is headquartered Huntington Beach, California and competes in the global surf- and sports-apparel and accessories industries. The company initially catered to an exclusive market of surfing enthusiasts by providing innovative utilitarian product designs. For example, the company's promotional literature states that, "When Quiksilver boardshorts arrived on the market in 1970, they were the first to use two snaps and a Velcro closure to ensure they stayed on in the heaviest conditions; the first to utilize a yoked waist and scallop legs to maximize comfort and ease of movement; the first to use durable, quick-drying cotton" (About Us 2012, p. 1). Drawing on the success of its initial offerings, the…. [read more]

Zoning and Development Case Study

… An Economic Feasibility Study;

b. An Amendment to the North County, South County and Downtown City General Plans;

c. An Environmental Impact Report;

d. Annexation;

e. Financing.


Attempted development of the Natomas Joint Vision Project Area gave rise to competing interests among County North, County South, Downtown City, FEMA, Advocacy groups such as the HCP Conservancy, landowners, airport planners and developers. With the recommended Win-Win method of conflict resolution and applying the Charrette method, economic equity can be provided to all stakeholders through drafting an MOU among County South, County North and Downtown City, and implementation of an economic feasibility study, amendment to the general plans of North County, South County and Downtown City, an Environmental Impact Report, appropriate annexation and appropriate financing.

Works…. [read more]

Balanced Scorecard Case Study

… "Metrics based on this perspective allow the managers to know how well their business is running, and whether its products and services conform to customer requirements (the mission)" (Balanced scorecard basics, 2013, Balanced Scorecard). In the case of Bcom plc, the company's focus is on R&D to maximize cost efficiency while outsourcing the actual manufacture of its products elsewhere. Determining what the customer wants is essential, given that the core, base of its revenue is innovation and ideas rather than its manufacturing capabilities. However, also part of the business process perspective is ensuring that the companies to which it outsources produce products of high quality: monitoring for quality and defects is another vital metric to keep in mind.

The customer perspective

Bcom plc remains highly…. [read more]

Office Depot Inc. Situational Analysis Case Study

… ¶ … Office Depot Inc. Case Study

Situational analysis


Sales Plan

Distribution channels




In this report, we present a comprehensive analysis, insights and recommendations on various issues that affect the operations of the Office Depot. We begin with a situational analysis which kicks off with the analysis of the environmental factors that affect the company. This begins with a review of the economic conditions and trends, cultural and social values and trends, political and legal issues, summary of environmental opportunities and threats as well as the implication of these environmental factors for strategy development. We then proceed to the analysis of the industry.Under this we present…. [read more]

Fact Pattern Case Study

… ¶ … Pattern

Case Study (Fact Pattern)

Criminal activities have been on the rise in many states of the United States. To control such criminals from going unpunished in the society, the criminal system uses the aid of prison and correctional facilities. The United States of America is one of the top countries who have a very large number of criminals locked up behind bars (LENNARD, 2012). With so many prisoners in the country, it has been important for the government to categorize prisoners with minor offences with those prisoners who have committed major crimes. Therefore, the Department of Justice in the United States transfers this prison categorization task to the Federal Bureau of Prisons (Redding, 2004).

The Federal Bureau of Prisons is responsible to…. [read more]

Access "Audio File Case Study

… The virtual prototypes allow the company to specify the attributes of a specific product for a select group. These groups allow the company to see how the product will be taken up in the actual market, and help the company to make its financial assessments.

Since the company intends to enter international markets like Japan, it would have to keep innovating its products as the consumers there always expect more innovation. With the current range of product development, the company is able to innovate itself and prepare for the new markets. Scott's CTO clearly defined the company's approach and provides more insight as to why the company has launched these new product developments. The CTO stated that the company is targeting high volume products for…. [read more]

Macular Hole Case Study

… Macular Hole Case Study

Case study of Macular Hole

Macular hole

This paper reviews the presentation, causes, and different treatment options for a patient with a macular hole. The background of the case study is that of a young woman who develops two macular holes in rapid succession, the case initially presenting itself in the form of blurred vision. The conclusion of surgery, although not entirely successful underlines the need for prompt treatment of the condition.

A macular hole may be defined as a small break in the macula, a part of the eye located near the retina (Macular hole, 2014, NIH). The first symptoms of a macular hole from the patient's perspective are blurred vision and difficulty in seeing fine detail during activities such…. [read more]

Tyco Case Study

… This type of thinking influenced him to attempt to evade paying taxes, as doing so would practically mean that he would act in disagreement with the principles that he lived by. This is actually the intriguing thing about the former CEO of Tyco -- he lived by a code and thus felt cheated if he was forced to act in accordance with laws that applied to the masses. He preferred to live by his own laws and keep his money in spite of the fact that he became a criminal by doing so. To a certain degree, he believed that he was entitled to work the system in ways that would put him in an advantage.

Question 2.

Kozlowski had reached a point where he…. [read more]

Care Slide Case Study

… As technologies have become more and more advanced, the philosophies of technology-based living for elderly patients have begun to prefer such patients living outside of hospital facilities as long as their conditions permit. More caretakers are suggesting more comfortable living environments, either at home or at assisted living facilities with the assistance of innovative technology in their strategy for care as an alternative to living in more traditional hospital settings.

This has been a development that has increased over the past ten years and will only continue to increase in the future, as technology continues to advance even more. In the next ten years, more advancement in technology will make it much easier for caretakers to care for elderly patients at home with the help…. [read more]

Stroke Pathophysiology Case Study

… Here, the author explains that the middle cerebral artery, "feeds an enormous territory of brain, including the frontal, temporal, and parietal lobes and the brain's deep structures -- basal ganglia and internal capsule. The MCA has a main stem and several branches arising from it. Occlusion of the main stem affects the entire territory of brain supplied by the MCA" (Tocco, p. 1)

This means that the occlusion has resulted in a loss of blood-flow, and therefore oxygen, to the Basal Ganglia that impacts motor selection, Broca's Area, which impacts speech, and a number of other parts of the brain that have a critical impact on the patient's faculties. There also remains concern given the evidence at hand, of the re-occurrence of a major neurological…. [read more]

Sabmiller Sabmiller Breweries Case Study

… In Russia Miller was the fourth largest brewer while looking for acquisition of potential targets in western markets. This gave it a potential of improving to the leading brewer in Russia. Increasing its ventures in India gave Miller potential for further growth.

Miller was performing well with increased market worldwide like Peru, Columbia and Panama hence putting it at apposition where it had a potential of growth. Improvement of SAB's quality and market brand has increased its dominance in Asia and Africa, while being acceptable internationally. Miler Lite in America boosted SAB amidst its aim of acquiring hard currency.

Worldwide shortage of employees forced companies to reemploy old labor in South Africa. This labor is characterized by non-flexibility and resistance to technology. Critical shortages of…. [read more]

Nursing Managing Case Study

… Measurable outcomes for these goals include the following: 1. No further outbreaks of gastroenteritis in the unit, 2. Symptom control and improved health status in the affected residents 3. Identified possible causes of the gastroenteritis, 4. Review of the unit's infection control practices (Garibaldi, 1999).

A single case of gastroenteritis in an elderly resident in an aged care facility may signal the beginning of an outbreak. (Kirk, Roberts, & Horvath, 2008)

Immediate nursing actions to manage the suspected infected resident include collecting a faecal specimen to confirm infection (Crisp & Taylor, 2009). In terms of the physical assessment, the nurse should palpate, auscultate and percuss the affected abdominal area to isolate the source of the pain. Often, gastroenteritis can be diagnosed by a simple physical…. [read more]

Lehman Brothers Case Study

… Just as noted before, the external auditor cannot twist the company's arm and make them not do something, but if it's clear that the firm being served by the auditor is using the transactions to hide losses or shoddy profits, then the auditing firm should insist that they report things honestly and thus refuse to portray the actual fiscal results for anything more than what they actually are (Ernst & Young, 2013).

This answer comes back to the "intent doesn't matter" question above. If it is clear that the intent is fairly clear, even if the executor of the transaction says otherwise, and especially if it's seen as a means to fool investors or analysts, the results will be far from good and any external…. [read more]

Group Therapy Case Study

… Group Therapy Case Study

John is the group leader during week three of an eight-week psycho-educational group. Until now, the group has been quiet, but John has been setting the scene by providing them with relevant information. John has been told that his role as leader is to inform the group members of strategies and skills that can be used in order to manage their lives. At the beginning of this week's session, there is a palpable sense of unease. The group members seem highly unsettled and eventually, one of them states: "We are not happy being lectured each week." This outburst surprises John, but he continues on with little acknowledgment of the event. Several minutes pass before another group member states: "Well, if you…. [read more]

Mclanahan University Case Study

… Nursing courses must support the future education of the nurse in terms of technical requirements while also investing nurses with the independence and critical thinking abilities to use that knowledge in an effective fashion. This may require nurses to utilize philosophical, ethical, and communication skills which should be an integral part of the curriculum, in addition to the nursing classes. While nursing classes form the core of the nurse's education, they must be complimented by outside paradigms.

Q7.What policies should be taken into account for the curriculum design?

Policies such as institutional ethics; the need to teach nurses specific skills; changes in technology; and the need for a financially feasible structure for both the institution and students must all balance out philosophical considerations.

Case Study…. [read more]

Jollibee Fast Food Case Study

… (For comparison, in the Philippines, approximately 1,200 fast food outlets competed for the business of 75 million people. GNP per capita in both countries was almost at U.S.$2,500)" (Bartlett & O'Connell 2001: 51). However, ignoring the developing world might be a perilous proposition: "In 2010, emerging markets represented 36% of global GDP; these markets already account for the majority of the world's oil and steel consumption, 46% of world retail sales, 52% of all purchases of motor vehicles and 82% of mobile phone subscriptions. With two-thirds of global growth coming from these markets, in a decade they will account for the majority of the world's economic value" (Fernholtz 2013).

Describe your preferred action plan: Why the U.S.

Fast food vendors in the United States have…. [read more]

Blue Ridge Coffee Case Study

… The organization set up decentralized structures on regional basis (Wallace 2004). Sales representatives execute their duties effectively and are accountable to specific managers across the U.S. In effect, the marketing and promotion sections of the organization would operate such that their personnel report to managers at regional levels. Proper organization of the sales force is critical to overall success of the wholesale division and the company in general (Wallace 2004).

Since BRC is a formal organization with clearly defined tasks for salespersons, the promotion and marketing strategies would also tend to be formal (Wallace 2004). If the company had adopted an informal structure to its sale force, the marketing and promotional strategies would also be less formal and less rigid. Overall, the customer service, promotion…. [read more]

Microbiology Case Study

… Microbiology Case Study E. Coli

The increase in cases could be because of a mix up between artificial or real increases. It is important to characterize the reasons for the increase as artificial increases, which are only perceived, versus real increases. Essentially an artificial increase would include such incidents of stools seeing increased culturing. This artificial increase can also be cause by new developments in the testing procedures of the laboratory, where in the past the lab did not fully isolate the microorganism efficiently. Additionally, changes in the population, contamination of cultures, or any possible errors in the data entry process could have resulted in an artificial increase. Yet, real increases are much different. This could result in a large growth in the population size,…. [read more]

AVON Case Study

… It can be stated that the behavioral information can be considered for making decisions about talent moves, which includes promotions or project assignments. It can help in making the transition to easier transparency with the new 360 assessments and report differed from specific tools, which can rate the participants on proficiency in different areas. It can be said that Avon has borrowed specifically from the feed forward principles of Marshall Goldsmith (Effron, Greenslade, & Salob., 2005).

Types of Evaluation Information and Benefits to the Avon

The type of evaluation information collected in Avon is from complex to simple, egalitarian to differentiated, from opaque to transparent, from meaningless to consequential, and from emotional to factual. The leaders of Avon are required to be successful while measuring…. [read more]

Jacob: A Jacob Was Born Case Study

… Jacob: A case study

Jacob was born on January 16, 2005. Jacob is eight years old, is currently in the second grade, and has never been retained. He has never received any remedial or special education services. His absences are infrequent and are usually as a result of school suspension for disorderly behavior in the classroom. Despite these disciplinary problems, Jacob's teachers like him and feel he demonstrates a positive attitude toward his schooling. He is a very bright and inquisitive student. He seems to want to please his teachers and peers and to be well-liked.

Jacob lives with his mother, stepfather, sister and four brothers; he is currently the youngest child in the home but his mother is expecting another child. Jacob was not…. [read more]

Chest Pain the Presenting Patient Case Study

… Chest Pain Case Study

The presenting patient in the present case scenario is Mr. Hay, an 82-year-old male with an existing diagnosis of Cardiac Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). This existing diagnosis will prove relevant in a care plan for Mr. Hay, who has been admitted following a loss of consciousness. Having been discovered by a neighbor after some sustained period of unconsciousness, Mr. Hay would be admitted with an array of treatment issues. The three most pressing would prove to be the patient's Activity Intolerance, his Ineffective Airway Clearance and his Pain management. The discussion here below considers these treatment challenges.

Patient Problem 1: Activity intolerance

In any case where an elderly patient is admitted to the hospital, sedentary conditions can lead to an exacerbation…. [read more]

Dental the Patient Case Study

… His extra-oral exam showed that he has "marked strabismus" and has "proclined maxillary incisors, indentations in lower lip due to pressure from incisors" (Moursi, 298). His intro-oral exam showed that there is: "permanent dentition with rampant cervical dental caries"; "mandibular incisor retrusion can be seen secondary to large overjet and lip pressure"; "gingival enlargement"; "pallor of oral soft tissues"; and "pulp stones" (Moursi, 299).

The boy has "rampant dental caries" and the gingival inflammation is serious; he also has a "deep overbite" (10-mm overjet and 100% overbite) Moursi explains. The boy risks periodontal infection at the time he was examined and the doctors noted that he must be under general anesthesia each time he goes through an exam or a procedure.

Prognosis: A full-mouth series…. [read more]

Rest Case Study

… This limits made them prone to discrimination and prejudice. The other factor is the self-perception that most white American had that made them feel superior to other races which brought about discrimination and prejudice against other races. This may also be attributed to historical practices that positioned whites to be at higher social standing that black (Alexander, 2005).

Q4. Prejudice and discrimination often results to of endless cycle of discrimination and prejudice between the races that have contention. The cycle often begins when race carry out acts of discrimination for against the other. As part of their reaction the race that has been discriminated will then react negatively. The action will often result to acts of discrimination and prejudice to the other race that first…. [read more]

Stella Artois Case Study

… The work that the company engaged in to save the face of the brand, however, was intelligent and strategic (Kotler, 2007). The brand has been a major sponsor of elite film festivals like Cannes and Sundance. "As well as its strong ties with film, it has been associated with tennis for the past 30 years, but the sports tie-up has now ended, replaced by a more unusual project: sponsoring the first commercial airship offering flights over London. Hilger says this type of activity is necessary for Stella Artois to reinforce the image of being an upmarket brand: 'It is a unique experience that people haven't seen before; that is what premium brands should offer. They should be vehicles of new surprising experiences" (brandstrategy, 2008). This…. [read more]

Ethics: To Rescue Case Study

… Secondly, John could follow Margaret as the remaining group waits for help. This is particularly the case given that nobody else (except Margaret who has already descended) appears willing to take the risk. Embracing this course of action would in this case increase the survival chances of those crying out for help. After all, the situation might not be as bad as Joseph paints it with his claim that they would never be able to make it through and survive should they follow Margaret.

Part B

What are the possible consequences for those acceptable alternatives?

Should John and Joseph follow Margaret so as to rescue those trapped downstairs, they could succeed in their mission or fail to find their way back. If everybody elects to…. [read more]

Microbiology Case Study

… Microbiology Case Study:

According to food experts, sprouts and foodborne illness have had a long history to an extent that the association between illness and sprouts has not gone unnoticed by public health agencies and organizations that work towards enhancing the safety of food supply. Actually, these stakeholders usually identify raw sprouts as risky foods to be avoided by individuals with compromised immune systems and pregnant women (Clark par, 3). Some possible explanations for the link between sprouts and illness include selection bias i.e. people with exposure are more likely to be cultured and information bias i.e. cases are more likely to precisely remember diet than controls. Moreover, the association can be attributed to the fact that sprouts may have been linked with certain foods,…. [read more]

Microbiology Case Study

… E Coli Case Study

The increase of cases reported of E. coli, that was seen during the month of June 1997, may be attributed to several different factors. It is first important to remember that this is an increase in reported cases and not actual or documented cases. This preliminary understanding is important due to the threat of an epidemic. It is both wise and prudent to determine what some of the main culprits could be.

One cause may be a stem of human errors that were proceeded by another cause. Lab methods and procedures should definitely be investigated as a possible source in this large increase in reported cases. Any one shipment of contained meat may have been the source of this outbreak and…. [read more]

Josie Case Study

… Young girls need a male and female influence in their life to get the full scope of what they need to learn and grown as a woman (McWhirter, 2013).

Third, the child needs to be given counseling for her depression and acting out and the mother AND father should be present if at all possible. Again, if the father is damaged goods due to illegal or immoral activity, then the father should not be around. However, absent that, both parents need to be completely and unendingly involved in getting Josie on the right track. Her therapy can include cognitive therapy as well as drug interventions as needed (McWhirter, 2013).

There are going to be some roadblocks to the above. First, the father may or may…. [read more]

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