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Supply Chain Information Technology Essay

… Sinkula, Baker, & Noordewier (1997) noted that the ability to take actions as well as react to the information that is gathered forms that ultimate degree of learning. Supply chain responsiveness is therefore one of the main elements of an organization's supply chain capabilities. Information technology can therefore effectively leverage this element in order to create a competitive advantage.


All organizations must therefore make efforts to effectively improve their competitiveness by the adoption of the latest information technology inventions in their supply chain management systems. IT therefore form a crucial element of each and every organization that is involved with internal or external logistics


Akkermans, HA, Bogerd, P., Yucesan, E., and Wassenhove, LNV (1999). The impact of ERP on supply chain management: Exploratory…. [read more]

Business Model the Company Essay

… The company also rapidly pays off its debts, thereby preventing long-term debts from building up and providing Costco with limited interest surcharges. Since 2004, therefore, Costco's interest expenses decreased by $24 million. Costco pays its suppliers immediately and procures its supplies at cheap prices.

Atypical, too, to its competitors (certainly in contrast to Sam's Club) is the competitive prices that Costco pays its laborers and the highly motivating conditions its supplies them with. Competitive benefits and salaries are offered, with employee turnover being low and employees many times staying on until retirement.


Although Costco sells products that span into 5 product categories, its percentage of sale per category has been decreasing. It has attempted too to go into other markets in order to strengthen…. [read more]

Business Models Evolution Article

… Business Models

Evolution of Business Models:

From Early 20th Century to Today - a Critical Analysis

Business models continue to grow in complexity and the level of integrative processes that are knowledge and intelligence-based. From the relatively simple production-based business models of the 1900s and early 20th century to the highly orchestrated, knowledge-based business models of Toyota to support their global production and supply chain system (Dyer, Nobeoka, 2000) or Google with its world-class advertising business model (Pynnonen, Hallikas, Ritala, 2012), information and intelligence have replaced manufacturing power. The intent of this analysis is to evaluate the evolution of business models from the 1990s to today, with specific attention paid to their progression from time-and-motion-based production to highly integrated knowedlge networks that seek economics of…. [read more]

Competitive Advantage at Dell, Inc Term Paper

… Competitive Advantage at Dell

What are the advantages to Dell of having manufacturing sites located where they are? And (2) what are the potential disadvantages?

Dell's global manufacturing strategy that includes having manufacturing locations in the United States, specifically in the states of Maryland and Texas. In addition Dell has manufacturing locations in Brazil, China and Malaysia as well. Each of the se manufacturing locations provides a unique competitive advantage to Dell in their core business of producing personal computers, laptops, and servers. The first and greatest advantage is the proximity each of these manufacturing locations are to their larger bases of customers. The U.S. market, which continues to be a dominant source of Dell revenue, has two manufacturing centers so that customer orders will…. [read more]

Competitive Advantage Mnes New Organizational Strategies Term Paper

… competitive advantage MNEs


The objective of this work is to "assume the position of a member of the strategic planning team in a large multinational enterprise (MNE). It has been acknowledged by the team that other MNEs appear to have set out changing the strategies and structures of the organizations in order to obtain competitive advantage in the changing global environment. A written report is required that: (1) examines the major determinants of the control strategies adopted by MNEs and the extent to which they parent companies are prepared to allow their subsidiaries decision making autonomy; and (2) describe the organizational structures used to implement such strategies, the types of control mechanisms…. [read more]

Competitive Forces and SWOT Analysis SWOT

… Competitive Forces and SWOT Analysis

Whole Foods Market Case Study

Trends in retailing of organic foods

The retailing market is affected by frequent changes that influence the companies activating on this market, and that also influence consumers. The retailing market for organic foods makes no exception. Over the past decade, the organic food market has suffered a series of modifications, most of them leading to the development of this market segment.

For example, since 2000 the country's traditional supermarkets have sold more organic food than the 14,500 natural food stores. Even more, since 2002, most supermarkets have expanded the range of the commercialized organic foods, their display ranging from fresh products to wine, cereals, even cheeses, potato chips, different types of meat, and also canned…. [read more]

Competitive Analysis: Cango, Amazon Capstone Project

…; St. John, 1999).

As a strategic venture, B&N decided to push an Android-based book reader beginning in 2009 -- the Nook. This was based on a competitive look at the market, as well as the company's belief that textbooks and other non-pleasure reading material would be going electronic almost exclusively in the next decade. The Nook allows a read in store provision, allowing any customer to browse books for 1 hour while in the store (again, driving customers to the brick and mortar). Nook competes with Kindle almost directly, and in 2012, Microsoft invested $300 million for an 18% share in nook, thus valuing the Nook segment of the business at almost $2 billion (Ovide and Trachtenberg, 2012). Recently, B&N's strategy was to introduce…. [read more]

Supply Chain Management Hypothesis Thesis

… It requires the total dedication from organization within which it SCM implementation is being planned. SCM "expands the scope of the organization being managed beyond the enterprise level to include interorganizational relationships." (Strader et al., 1999)

Supply chain depends heavily on the relationships that organizations can develop and sustain through personal interactions and using the latest technology. Earlier studies in SCM focused on identifying the supply chain network (SCN) developed by organizations. Later, studies focused on supply chain demands, supply chain operation and information sharing. In the present organizational environment, competitive advantages are not just single company or organization-based. Rather, they are supply chain based. (Muralidharan et al., 2002)

There are many independent models within the SCM methodology. Each of these deserve discussion. Some of…. [read more]

Whirlpool Whirl Pool Supply Chain Case Study

… The requirements of the new system were identified in collaboration with IT depart of the organizations. The system requirements and desired results were clearly communicated by the business management. These efforts revealed quantifiable results and improvements in business performance. The business performance results can be stated as following.

Business Performance Results:

The availability of products was increased from 83% to 93% which has gradually improved over the years to currently 97% as of today. The finished goods inventory was reduced yup to 20% as a result the cost associated with maintenance of finished inventory is also reduced. The cost of freight and warehouse is also minimized up to 5%. The cost of the project implementation however remains a secret. The implementation of i2 APS has…. [read more]

SCM Supply Chain Management Term Paper

… Wal-Mart's supply chain creates value for the customer and the company because it allows the customer to save money and as a result is also responsible for the company's competitive advantage.

Wal-Mart has developed highly sophisticated information systems that have automated much of their supply chain. Wal-Mart has implemented some of the world's most advanced enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. The company has also standardized much of their business model in order to create efficiencies. Business functions such as staffing and human resources training programs have benefited from standardization. Through standardization the company also creates cost efficiencies by creating a set of international best practices. However, even Wal-Mart has struggled with standardization efforts in some countries such as Germany who have unique cultural barriers. Standardized…. [read more]

Xiameter Case Analysis Advantages Case Study

… Insights gained through user-based segmentation also gave Dow Corning insights into hwo best they could create a multi-branding strategy as well. The greater the depth of insight and intelligence gained about customers from role-based segmentation the greater the opportunity differentiate on value and solutions over just price and features (Rozin, Magnusson, 2003). Dow's successful launch and continued operation of the Xiameter online selling initiative underscore how quickly the company was able to understand and act on user-based segmentation. Further, the specific segmentation criterion that Dow Corning created including Innovative Solutions, Proven Solutions, Cost-Effective Solutions and Price Seekers effectively can also be used for guiding products throughout each phase of the new product development process as well. Need-based segmentation anchors the product strategies to relevance with…. [read more]

Supply Chain Management in Fmcg Term Paper

… The focus of business in terms of reaching out to new opportunities for growth is also a notable factor in reducing business challenges faced in current environment. Large product volumes and increased customer preferences effects global manufactures and distributors. The internal and external factors influence business performance. The developments in technology have also enabled the manufactures to perform mass customizations and developing environment friendly products and services.

The capabilities of supply chain management have enabled the companies to treat suppliers of raw materials, manufacturers, distributors, and customers as strategic business partners. The concept of one time sales has long been vanished from almost all industries including FMCGs. The strategic partner's status also helps small scale partners to increase their capacity and overcome capacity shortages through…. [read more]

Targeting and Segmentation Competitive Strategies Essay

… In store promotions are also a common feature of their promotional plans. There whole communication is based on the insight that their customers are price conscious yet they need quality products so they have based all their ads targeting that psychic of customers. (Finch J, 2005)

Store Location and Store Atmosphere:

Right location and the right atmosphere plays a critical role for a success of a company therefore the selection of the place should be made carefully and a thorough research should take place. Next Retail stores are located in Copenhagen in places which are not far away from the residential areas so that the shopping experience is convenient for the customers. The following table will help in understanding the atmosphere which is created in…. [read more]

Supply Chain Management Increasingly Positioned Essay

… , 2012). Its financial evolution in the past years is important in the context of the internationalised economic crisis. Specifically, as players in the business community were downsizing, reducing their operations or even going bankrupt, Tesco continued to develop its operations and consolidate its leadership position.

The success of the British retailer is based on a wide array of elements, revolving mostly around a powerful managerial and business model. As part of this model, one should also pin point to the strategies implemented in regard to Supply Chain Management.

Tesco's Supply Chain is a separate construction, wholly owned and operated by the firm. In other words, the company has its own distribution system and network, and the risks posed from the existence of other players…. [read more]

Sony's Supply Chain Management Strategies Essay

… Conclusion

Sony's rapid pace of new product introductions and myriad of product and services strategies continue to give the company a competitive advantage in the high tech, entertainment, gaming and ancillary industries. The challenges for Sony going forward are to continually improve their supply chains for greater agility and time-to-market while increasing quality as well. The approach Sony has taken with regard to The Perfect order framework, heavy reliance on intellectual property (IP) and knowledge sharing all underscore a very metrics-driven organization. Results are immediately quantified and shared across the entire organization's, which further reinforces the strategies of supply chain optimization. What is unique about Sony relative to its competitors is the reliance on a knowledge sharing organization to further enhance and strengthen intellectual property…. [read more]

Supply Chain Logistics Systems Essay

… In terms of the relationship between logistics systems and costs, the greater an organizations' ability to manage the constraints of their unique supply chain logistics the greater the visibility into costs. The advanced planning and scheduling aspects of logistics systems require greater precision in how they manage cost variations by 3rd party and 4th party logistics providers however (Fabbe-Costes, Jahre, Roussat, 2009). The cost aspects of supply chain logistics management is also going through an evolutionary phase of providing greater insight into p[profitability on a per shipment and per product line basis (Colledani, Tolio, 2011). This will in turn make the operation of advanced supply chain logistics systems more efficient and targeted to specific goals.

Techniques For Performing Logistics Systems Analysis

There are a myriad…. [read more]

Creating Competitive Advantages Through New Essay

… This however forces companies with business models based on digital products to concentrate more on continually refining and improving the NPD process itself, continually seeking approaches to streamlining it and taking costs and time out of each step

(Kettunen, 2009). For the digital products manufacturer or software developer, the continual pursuit of NPD performance gains is part of the DNA of their industries (Porter, 2008). This is why successful software companies design their NPD process to capitalize on continual advances in software coding and technology first (Cooper, 2000). For digital products firms the NPD process is often the most potent competitive differentiator they have.

Analysis of the New Product Development Process (NPD) at Digital Firms

The Agile development methodology dominates the NPD process in companies…. [read more]

Lewis Group Sustainability Model Essay

… Therefore, it provides a means to lower environmental impacts through the value chain and improves the legitimacy and reputation through engaging stakeholders in the performance of ongoing operations.


Similar to many retailers in South Africa, the Lewis Group has continued to perform below par in terms of sustainability. The relatively poor performance is also attributed to the lack of a comprehensive sustainability development policy in its business model and corporate strategy. In order to enhance its competitiveness, the Lewis Group needs to incorporate sustainability in its business model through various sustainability strategies. The most suitable strategy to create more sustainability value for the firm is product stewardship and eco-branding.


Chamberlain, T. (n.d.). Sustainable Development -- Retailing. Retrieved August 25, 2012, from

"Environmental…. [read more]

Strategic Advantage Competitive Essay

… As noted by Porter (1985), information technology is the most dominant force that can rapidly alter the rules of competition. More specifically Wal-Mart, Metro AG, Carrefour and Tesco. These companies have managed to gain a sustainable competitive advantage directly via the development as well as implementation of various innovative pieces of software.

The e-retail strategy

Wal-Mart is the top global retailer with international operations in fifteen countries excluding the U.S.Its international operations generates less than 25% of its annual sales (Deloitte,2012).The company has employed an elaborate e-commerce strategy to support its retail operations. The sales through its online portal has allowed it to maintain its lead within the global retail industry (Epstein,2004).Wal-Mart has success fully used IT to leverage its logistical functions thereby allowing it…. [read more]

Supply Chain Management Systems Literature Review

… Supply chain management systems have become a common solution that firms are using to address a host of challenges. In order to determine the impact of different strategies there will be a focus on their long-term effects, potential weaknesses and how they can be addressed. These elements will provide specific insights that will help in analyzing the best approaches firms can use to enhance their procurement and logistics procedures.

Over the last several years, a variety of firms have been focusing on improving supply chain management. This is because these practices are shown to be an effective way for them to increase productivity and reduce costs. According to Singh (2011), this is becoming a vital area that is helping companies to address the needs of…. [read more]

Product and Supply Chain Essay

… Manufacturers must come up with long-term plan to enable them find a distinctive way of competing in order to guarantee profitability over a limited time span. The plan has to take into account its aims and objectives of establishing competitive advantage that can allow the company to outperform others in the same industry (Cetinkaya, Cuthbertson, Ewer, Klaas-Wissing, Piotrowicz & Tyssen, 2011). To have competitive advantage over other market players, the manufacturer can pursue cost leadership, differentiation and focus. The manufacturer can become the lowest cost producer in the industry and develop product and services perceived as unique in the industry. Any strategy that a manufacturer comes up with must take into consideration the demand, supply and the general factors. Talking of demand, the customers and…. [read more]

Chain Restaurant SWOT

… Bennigan's simply did not have the ability to compete on price and was unable to compete on service, brand strength or food quality. Without a source of competitive advantage or a clear point of differentiation, Bennigan's was vulnerable if it had a poor financial position. It had a poor financial position, so it was unable to weather the difficult external environment.

Bennigan's could have anticipated that in difficult financial circumstances, its competitors would move to enhance brand loyalty and would also compete more vigorously on price. However, Bennigan's either did not anticipate these moves or was unable to respond in an effective manner. The company had few resources that would have helped it to succeed -- there is no evidence that it had the right…. [read more]

Whole Foods Market Instructions Competitive Essay

… Additionally, not all consumers want to purchase more expensive 'green' paper towels and toiletries, but Whole Foods does not stock discount versions of these products. The second factor, the threat of new market entrants, will thus increase as more and more companies offer organic foods to customers.

The bargaining power of buyers is also quite high within the industry, given that consumers have many options in terms of places to buy foods. While some consumers, such as those with celiac disease, may have fewer places to buy their special products, overall the average customer can pick and choose where he wishes to grocery shop -- or to eat out as an alternative. Threat of substitute products is very high. And, particularly for Whole Foods' dependency…. [read more]

Leagility Supply Chain Design Term Paper

… Leagility

Supply Chain Design and Leagility

Leagility with regard to the supply chain may simply be defined as the ability of a supply chain design to maintain a balance of lean and agile supply chain practices during the course of productivity. Critical to this concept is the notion that a supplier must maintain a lean production schedule up to the decoupling point, followed by an agile one that responds and takes advantage of volatile market conditions thereafter.

A supply chain would have to take advantage of volatile markets with high demand for products that may or may not be stable in the long-term, after the decoupling point in production. Up until this point in time organizations would focus more on lean supply chain practices, which…. [read more]

Five Competitive Forces Analysis for Gilt Groupe Research Paper

… Fashion brand suppliers have a huge bargaining power, especially if the company wants to have the latest designer products and accessories. The suppliers of brand products are able to charge high prices for the same products because there are many companies willing to purchase the products. The suppliers have resulted to producing fewer products in order to reduce their inventory remnants. This affects Gilt, as it has to compete for the few products with the other companies. Since the suppliers do not depend on the flash sales industry for its revenues, they are able to maximize on their profits from each sale. The suppliers will determine how much discount the flash sales companies can offer for their products. The fashion houses are the sole producers…. [read more]

Organization Behavior Business Model Development Research Paper

… National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has specifically designed the regulatory policies for businesses in this industry so that they meet the minimum criteria for operating in the industry and contribute towards the economy and overall Global aerospace industry.

Human Resource Planning:

The human resource needs for the company are also becoming more and more complex day by day. Whenever some new technology is introduced in the industry, Virgin Galactic has to train its present engineers and technicians so that they get equipped with the most advanced knowledge and skills in the Space Sciences. In addition, it has to recruit engineers from the outside market that are well-trained and highly skillful in the required areas. These recruitment and training costs are a major part of…. [read more]

KO Advantages Coca-Cola Pursues Essay

… Coca-Cola's management may not agree with that assessment, since the company has been careful not to diversify out of non-alcoholic beverages, but this is a threat to the company that it has not addressed in a meaningful. Pepsi has diversified out of beverages, in contrast to Coca-Cola, and is now a larger company overall. In addition, Coca-Cola may not have adequately addressed the weather issue. We know that Coke's sales increase when the weather is good, but aside from a strong Christmas promotional strategy for its core brand, Coca-Cola does not do a great job pursuing cold weather beverages. If Coke had a better position for colder climates, it might find that its sales were less affected by the weather -- consumers would simply switch…. [read more]

Duration Supply Chain Audit Methodology Essay

… ¶ … Duration Supply Chain Audit Methodology

Even though every supply chain is unique, it is also relatively straightforward in concept; however, in most cases, supply chains are complex in their real-world settings and such complexity can easily result in inefficiencies and duplicative practices that represent diminished profitability for the organizations involved. Therefore, auditing the supply chain from time to time represents a potentially valuable enterprise because substantive improvements in supply chain management can provide substantial reductions in total supply chain costs as well as inventory levels and resulting warehousing costs. In addition, auditing the supply chain can identify opportunities to improve the accuracy of forecasts and the organization's order fulfillment cycle time can be significantly improved (Auditing the supply chain, 2009). To this end,…. [read more]

Mcdonald's the Largest Fast-Food Chain Essay

… One of the substantial implications of internationalisation is the increase in the level of profits and revenues within the financial year. Increase in the volume of franchises is an indication of increment in the volume of revenues as all outlets contribute to the overall revenues of the organization. Venturing into global market provides an opportunity for the organization to increase its target base thus the increase in the level of profitability and revenues (Gerhardt et al., 2011).

Internationalisation is also vital in the development of an effective and efficient image and reputation. The organization gets to meet numerous consumers willing and able to work with the corporation towards the achievement of the goals and objectives in the internal and international markets. Reputation or image of…. [read more]

Employing Strategy a Competitive Environment Essay

… In order to compete with this firm, the Amber Snack Company can capitalize on its advantages, such as its small size and flexibility. The firm will as such compete within local markets, by serving niche sectors. It will target final consumers in means that are convenient for them and will even seek to create specific products which serve specific customer needs, e.g. particularly spiced snacks for culturally diverse customers (guacamole, hot chili, wasabi and so on).

4. Strategy modification

In a context in which the American economy was in a state of decline, the company would have to reshape its organizational strategy in order to better respond to the new realities. In this specific setting, the strategy would be reshaped at an internal level, in…. [read more]

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