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Global Environment ATandT Atandt's Code Term Paper

… Saying three times over that it will behave ethically means nothing -- it needs to define ethics and provide examples of how its ethical philosophy will be applied to different components of its business. These types of baselines are important no matter what changes occur, because they set the foundation for how the company will act.

AT&T has not current methods to manage environment issues. Whatever is meant by "environment" -- it means a lot of different things -- there is nothing in its code that talks about that. So the laissez-faire approach is probably not going to be very effective in the long run.


AT&T has taken the approach of investing in technological advancements, and trying to market on the basis of being…. [read more]

Business Plan for an Imaginary Software Company Business Plan

… ¶ … business plan for an imaginary software company, Techno soft which aims to enter South Asian market as a part of its international business expansion strategy. The paper is divided into different sections. The first section presents an ample introduction to the company; its location, products, mission, vision, and strategy, the source of competitive advantage, and the nature of business opportunity which it wishes to avail in the new market. The second section presents environmental and industry analysis of the firm using different tools; like PEST Analysis, Five Forces of Competition, CAGE Model, and future outlook. The third section is dedicated for the marketing plan of the company which describes the company's target market and marketing mix strategies.

The fourth section presents an organizational…. [read more]

Describing Apple's Marketing Strategy Term Paper

… Apple's Marketing Strategy

Business Environment: What factors in the Business environment impact the company at this time?(today) How do they impact the company?

Apple continues to successfully orchestrate its strategy to gain the greatest advantage from the series of macro- and micro-environmental factors it contends with daily in the global markets it competes in. The micro-environmental factors include globally entrenched and formidable competitors in the PC industry including Acer, Dell, HP and others (Apple Investor Relations, 2013) in addition to competitors in the high end design systems market and the highly popular smartphone, tablet PC and slimline PC models as well (Cusumano, 2008). Compounding these micro-environmental factors that Apple must contend with is the nature of the supply chain in their industry, including the costs…. [read more]

Describing Apple's Marketing Strategy Essay

… ¶ … Apple's Marketing Strategy

Steve Jobs and Steve Worzniak are the founders of Apple Computer Inc. In 1976, apple started manufacturing personalized personal computers. This was after IBM changed personal computers into open systems; Windows Intel systems structure dominated personal computers back then. Apple, formally known as Apple computer Inc. is a multinational organization based in California. The company specializes in developing personal computers, consumer electronics, computer software and hardware. Apple rose in popularity, in the United States, in the year 2008 due to increase in sale margins of the firm. Majority of American consumers purchased iphones increasing revenue of the firm. From the year, 2008 to 2012, Apple sold most of its products in the international market thus making it a global leader…. [read more]

Environments the Real World Companies Essay

… However, Apple has found itself facing a challenging social environment with the latest scandal about working conditions in its factories. Forced to deal with the situation, the company made a strong move and hopes that the situation is over.

Overall, Apple's innovation and its branding have been its biggest competitive advantages. The ability of the company to take old ideas, refresh them, give them a redesign and turn them into hit products is exceptional, and requires a tremendous amount of both vision and execution. There is question as to whether or not Apple can continue to deliver such innovation in the absence of Steve Jobs, who led much of the innovation effort at Apple. For now, however, the company has continued its strong run of…. [read more]

Business and Human Resources Apple Essay

… Effectiveness of the HR strategy

Companies seeking to implement and integrate innovation on a continuous and sustainable basis need to consider the level of personal involvement the top management have in sponsoring the innovational activities of the organization. This can be also perceived as the level of support that is enjoyed by the innovation agenda because of the leaders and their long-term commitment to the idea of sustainable innovation. Well managed change management programs are a necessity for many organizations for creating and developing a creative corporate culture. In the initial phases, the management of change begins from the support and buy-in by the C-suite. Other useful aspects that are included in the strategy are:

• The level of integration of innovation in the overall…. [read more]

Global Business 8081 Technological Essay

… The online platform has played the significant impact on the educational sector of China in such a way that the students from any part of the globe can access the educational institutes (Altbach, et al., 2011; Bangay & Blum, 2010; Gertler, 2010; Goldin & Katz, 2009; Moore & Kearsley, 2011; Manacorda, et al., 2010).

The excel in technology in dominating the educational sector of China with the help of similar tools as implemented in the educational sector of North America. The impact of technology is evident on the economy of the country, which is evident in the form the economic development. The growth of the economy of China is evident with the increase in the labor forces of the country with increased efficient skills. The…. [read more]

Motorola Business Organization Must Keep Essay

… Opportunities:

There are a lot of opportunities for Motorola to grow in a competitive way and revive its market leadership in the industry. There are various un-reached potential markets which can be targeted to gain a higher market share and strengthen the brand image. It can expend more on Research and Development section in order to improve its current business processes and bring innovative features in its products. Further, it can make strategic investments in manufacturing smart phones that are the need for Today's young generation (Kurtz, MacKenzie, & Snow, 2010). Potential customers can be attracted to buy Motorola products if effective promotional campaigns are run on different marketing mediums. Motorola can give emphasis on the process and product designs in order to enhance the…. [read more]

Apple Inc. Globalization Initiatives Essay

… In addition to obsession with privacy, Apple Inc. has continued to achieve its business objectives through stealth product developments even as it strives for global markets. Secrecy or privacy in this corporation is both internal and external with which the firm uses to keep its products and practices hidden from competitors and the rest of the world. The internal secrecy has been maintained by the mysterious walls and off-limits areas that the firm has built. Generally, Apple Inc. is a cooperative and collaborative environment that is devoid of obvious politicking because of the use of command-and-control structure. The structure and modus operandi not only helps in enforcing secrecy but has also acted as the major factor in the seamless integration between various parts in the…. [read more]

Apple's Current Position on Its Ethical and Social Responsibilities Research Paper

… Despite the widespread media coverage, Apple has not suffered any loss with regards to demand for its products. The demand for the products has continued to grow unabated and is enjoying the extensive customer loyalty despite the knowledge that workers are subjected to adverse working conditions. Product boycotts are normally short-lived, except for those products that threaten consumer's safety and health. Media coverage and public pressures decline when the worker's problems stop being a news event and other matters that are newsworthy catch media attention (Schneider & Valenti, 2010).

Apple is not afraid of its competitors because they all use similar labor practices and similar cost structures. On the contrary, they are likely to be afraid of Apple since its higher profitability rates and market…. [read more]

Business as an Ethical Calling Term Paper

… One of the greatest sticking points for many companies is that of the ethics of employing workers in developing nations for low wages. Using lower-wage workers enables the company to sell products at a lower price point, making them more accessible to a wider range of American consumers. But critics contend that it is unfair for large, wealthy corporations to pay workers a pittance, while they make products for the first world which they could ill-afford to buy themselves. Large companies also do not necessarily invest in the infrastructure of the developing world nations out of which they operate. However, others believe that such labor can help workers. An example of a beneficial arrangement is the college sports apparel company Knights Apparel, which opened up…. [read more]

Challenges in Apple Global Business Environment Research Paper

… Apple Case Study

In recent years, Apple has done a complete re-haul to its code of conduct especially with regards to its suppliers. There have been numerous allegations of human rights violations by the suppliers specially its suppliers based in China. Therefore the company had to set up new codes of conduct that were stricter and more rigid (Apple, 2015). Here are some examples.

Apple created new codes of conduct with respect to unethical hiring and eliminating excessive work hours for the employees of the suppliers. The new code of conduct with respect to ethical hiring Apple made it clear that hiring of students, juveniles, dispatch, and foreign should not be appointed in the supplier's factories (Apple, 2015). Apple states that these groups of employees…. [read more]

Apple Inc. Forbe's Fortune Research SWOT

… The Figure 1 depicts the Sales by Quarter whereas the Figure 2 shows the Sales by Year from all the primary and secondary sources of revenues. If the sales for both these years are compared, the most notable thing is the irregular slumps and growths which the company experienced during this period. 2007 was a tremendous year for Apple Inc. In terms of competitiveness and success in the market. The First Generation iPhone was introduced this year which required huge investments on the marketing and promotional efforts. The decline in sales revenues in the second and third quarter of 2007 was mainly due to these extra expenditures which Apple had to make for its iPhone.

Year 2008 is considered as one of the most successful…. [read more]

Risk That Apple Inc Term Paper

… Sales have surged, growing by 87% in FY2011 and 71% in FY2012. The iPad grew 311% in FY2011 and 59% in FY2012 (2012 Annual Report). The growth in these products, however, relates specifically to the growth of these industries as a whole. Despite the incredible growth figures of the Apple products, Apple has actually been losing market share in these mobile consumer products over the past couple of years. Apple had first mover advantage in tablets and the iPhone revolutionized the smartphone industry giving it de facto first mover advantage there. However, Apple's global market share in smartphones is now down to 14.9% compared with Android's 75% share (Perez, 2012) and in the U.S. Apple's share is 48.1%, with the company only regaining the lead…. [read more]

Apple Jobs Apple's Post-Jobs Shift Research Paper

… The ruthless quest to drive the company forward would often be seen at the root of the Jobs leadership philosophy. But evidence is gathering today that shareholders and the observing public expect greater ethical acquiescence on the part of Apple. Perhaps now beyond the era of concentrated innovation, the company may begin to prioritize the achievement of greater ethical fortitude both internally and in the way it interacts with the market.


Rumors were that Jobs had prepared for his demise and for the assumption of leadership responsibilities for his successor. Jobs was notorious as a Controller of company processes, taking a level of involvement in the company's regular affairs tat distinguished him as both an admirable hands-on leader and as an insufferable micro-manager. However,…. [read more]

Apple iPhone Company) Essay

… This is an expression and illustration of differentiation of innovations thus effective and efficient control of the cost, resources, and stability. Apple Company applies familiar engineering design and disciplines for the purposes of reviewing and schedules. This is vital for the realization of competitive advantage within the market without compromising the experience of the consumer for time and cost. Apple Company also aligns its marketing strategies to their consumers rather than Wall Street or stakeholders within the market or industry of operation. In normal circumstances, organizations, at the heart of their size and success usually focus on the needs of stakeholders needs that might prove harmful to their needs and objectives. Apple Company focuses on the realization of the goals and objectives without compromising the…. [read more]

Outsourcing Business Operations Hold Research Paper

… ¶ … Outsourcing

Business operations hold the objective of maximizing profits on each and every transaction undertaken . To achieve this, economies of scale are sought and decisions on how best to maximize the same preferred Brooks, Weatherston and Wilkinson ()

Increase in this realization and embrace of the notion of efficiency has seen a trend towards outsourcing those services that companies inefficient to undertake. They concentrate on those services that are efficient and don't bear too much weight on cost outlay. Shenkar ()

define outsourcing as the art of turning a part of business activity to an outside vendor. They go ahead and say that the actions are a measure to cut cost and improve efficiency in operation Shenkar ()

International business involves business…. [read more]

Members of Apples Supply Chain Violate Environmental Labor and Safety Practices Annotated Bibliography

… Members of Apple

One of the biggest challenges facing most firms is supply chain issues. This is because there are a number of practices which could be in violation of specific environmental, labor and safety regulations. In the case of Apple, the firm has redesigned its supply chain and the approach that it is taking. To fully understand what happening requires conducting an annotated bibliography. That will examine if the company's supply chain is in violation of these provisions. This will determine if the procedures used by Apple will benefit the different stakeholders (which is supporting or refuting the hypothesis that believes it is violation these practices). (Monczka, 2010, pg. 15)

Monczka, R. (2008). Purchasing and Supply Chain Management. Mason, OH: South Western.

There are…. [read more]

Strategic Direction of Apple Essay

… Michael Porter provides the foundation for analyzing how Apple is successfully reacting to the many turbulent areas of their business model. As can be seen from the analysis, Apple is primarily focused on making the price competition in adjacent markets work to their advantage by concentrating on time-to-market and quality management advantages from suppliers (Apple Investor Relations, 2012). Apple also realizes that the average smartphone early adopter customer will swap out their smartphone every 18 months or less, which opens up a significant revenue opportunity in upsells of new models (Apple Investor Relations, 2012). Apple is concentrating on their software development to drive high-margin, highly profitable products, averting price wars with low-end competitors. This strategy is central to their attaining a $623B market cap as…. [read more]

Apple Corporation SWOT Analysis SWOT

… Revenues and profitability of the corporation to a large degree may be impacted due to this fierce competition (McDonald & Keegan, 2002).

Having a look at the pricing of the Apple products, one cannot ignore the high prices of the products offered by them in contrast to its competitors for instance Dell, Nokia and many others. This creates a dramatic impact on to the sale figures of the products as the buying power of international market is not equal to that of U.S. market, particularly in the underdeveloped nations where consumers are normally price conscious (McDonald & Keegan, 2002).

The uncertain economic conditions on a universal basis have become a huge threat in the current epoch that has altered the buying patterns in many countries…. [read more]

Apple Inc. Organization's Product Life Essay

… The principal benefit of an efficient and the automated system is that it enables Apple to respond to reduced inventory levels quickly. Apple can be equipped pull back on stock while ramping up inventory in different product categories as customer interests and needs change (Thomas, 2013).

Inventory Costs: Reduction of inventory management expenses is an essential driver and profit of just-in time practices. Management of inventory has costs, and when Apple reduces the amount of holding space and staff needed with JIT, the organization can invest funds other opportunities and business development. Apple will additionally have less probability of throwing items that expire or get old. This means waste will be reduced (Thomas, 2013).


Quantitative Forecasting method

Market Growth: While it is impossible for…. [read more]

Altria and Apple Stock Analysis Research Proposal

… Altria & Apple

In this exercise, I selected two different stocks to purchase. One was Altria, the cigarette company and the other was Apple, the computer company. Each of these companies has distinctly different characteristics in terms of revenue stream stability, stock price volatility, sensitivity to economic conditions, dividend policy and other key variables. I felt that this contrast would make for an interesting study. Over the study period, both companies lost value, as did the market overall. One of the most interesting things to come out of this study, however, was that the results did not come in as expected. While the market brought both firms down, there were significant performance differences to do differences in firm-specific variables.


Altria (NYSE: MO), the former…. [read more]

Apple Products Case Study

… One of the major challenges that the company is still faced with is justifying its higher price tag. The company charges over twice of what their competitors charge and they still manage not to price themselves out of the market. The company has a clear justification for doing so: their products are beautiful and their fanbase of consumers is absolutely devoted to them. The company is also able to justify their price with features and benefits of the product that can't be matched elsewhere. As one fan explains, "No software is more intuitive, no product more valuable than the Apple product. Any other smartphone looks like it was developed by rookies when compared to an iPhone 4. You simply cannot compare the two. Critics will…. [read more]

International Marketing Dell Technology Essay

… However, these successful strategies are not only in reach of Dell but other leading companies are also following the same methods. Therefore, Dell has to further improve the quality and international strategies so that to prosper and maintain its position in the market.

Since, Dell offers unique and customized products at low cost and easy availability; therefore it captures the large international market share but in recent times, the attitude of the customers is changing. Like in China, people first want to try the product and then purchase so such an attitude can create risk for the Dell Corporation. For this purpose, it is important for the company to expand its plants. In past, the company didn't focus on the promotion of products as like…. [read more]

Sociology History of Business Science Research Proposal

… Delimitations

Today, modern business systems help an increasingly globalized world function in seamless ways. In fact, English is rapidly becoming the lingua franca of the business world and transnational borders and cross-cultural factors no longer operate as major barriers to commerce. Further, a wide range of financial instruments exist such as letters of credit and bills of lading whose purpose and operation are readily understood by businesspeople from New York to New Delhi. Business correspondence too has a fairly standardized format that businesspeople all over the world both use and understand and all of these features have helped create a modern business system that is both efficient and effective in achieving the movement of goods and services around the world. All of these business systems,…. [read more]

Webliography Critic Term Paper

… ¶ … Diversity, Culture, and Implications for Business" provides an excellent background on the challenges that businesses face when operating abroad. With globalization and the liberalism approach in global economics also came the challenges of cultural differences. When moving around Europe, these differences may be less observable from country to country, but when it involves a country like Japan (mentioned as an example in the article), where culture plays an important role in the business approach, in terms of the ways by which you address the others, by how you present yourself etc., it becomes useful to have someone teach you the basics of the new culture.

On the other hand, the article "Withdrawal from NAFTA and WTO" brings forth a reverse perspective: globalization also…. [read more]

Global Leadership Find a Video Term Paper

… This process would lead to acquisition of numerous levels of expertise such as cognitive skills, global knowledge, intercultural competence, and global organizing competency (Osland et al., 2006 p. 198).

Part 2: Bangkok Scenario

Determine how to prepare yourself to be successful in this new position

Bangkok scenario is a different location for the implementation of leadership competency because of the differences in culture, behavior, norms, and geographical location. This requires an essential aspect towards the achievement of success in the new leadership position in Bangkok. The first aspect towards realization of effective training and development in relation to the new leadership position is evaluation or examination of the leadership styles of the new area. This is vital towards adoption and integration of familiar, effective, and…. [read more]

Technological Knowledge in the Modern Global Economy Essay

… ¶ … Technological Knowledge in the Modern Global Economy

Discuss the role of technology in the practical application of business management. Can a charismatic leader with tremendous interpersonal skills be effective in management if he/she lacks technical expertise? If you were starting an organization from scratch, how much emphasis would you place on technical infrastructure, marketing, and staff? Specify how technology has impacted the scope of global business.

Once upon a time, what an individual majored in college was thought to have very little impact on what he or she did in 'the real world.' in-house training meant everything. Even MBA programs had 'math camps,' or grilling sessions in the basic mathematical skills for an individual to assume a role of senior manager. In other…. [read more]

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