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Supports for New Teachers Term Paper

… They did not believe that they were respected or valued, despite their advanced levels of education,"

Summary and Conclusion

This study has interviewed a teacher about her graduate program field work and the lessons that she experienced during the graduate program finding that the lessons were excellent but did little to prepare her for on-the-job instructional experiences that were unrelated to actual student instruction. This study has additionally reviewed five studies that report on the supports that new teachers are in need of to support their teaching practice and to reduce the number of teachers who leave the teaching profession which include induction programs that are intensive and that are inclusive of dedicated and experienced mentors. The need for support provision for new teachers is…. [read more]

Teachers as Action Researchers Thesis

… Teachers as Action Researchers

The idea of technology in the classroom is one that is growing in popularity. One of the reasons for this is that it is a kind of cooperative learning technique and promotes interaction between the students as they work on computers with one another. This interaction and the cooperative learning techniques that these students learn help them to succeed in school and in later life as they move into college or into their careers. Cooperative instructional techniques such as working together on a computer to solve a problem have been around for some time and they have been used more widely in recent years as certain topics lend themselves to this type of learning more so than basic and traditional classroom…. [read more]

NYC Education Law Bullying Term Paper

… In addition, Tyler may have been reluctant to speak about his situation to the principal out of fear thus; the principal was not aware of the intensity of the bullying and easily disregarded his parents' claims.


Bullying is confirmed as a degrading activity thus, whenever a student is under constant bullying, the parent should be persistent with the school management regarding the bullying; this helps in two ways. By ensuring a large number of people know about the bullying issue, more individuals will be on the lookout and help whenever the student is bullied. Being unrelenting on the school concerning the bullying by informing the school each time it is conducted, ensures the school takes an action to prevent its spread; this would help…. [read more]

New Perspectives Can Be Gained From Assessments Essay

… ¶ … new perspectives can be gained from assessments, which are done in schools? What challenges do you face when using certain assessments?

Standardized assessments can give teachers a new perspective on the material that they are teaching in class. No matter how thorough a teacher's syllabus, he or she will often have a certain 'routine' and emphasis when presenting everything from basic skills (like teaching fractions) to more sophisticated skills such as analyzing a primary source document in a history class. Standardized assessments force students to use the skills and knowledge they have acquired and apply them in an unfamiliar context, in unexpected ways (Boud 2009). A good example of this can be found regarding the reading passages on the SAT, where students must…. [read more]

Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies for Success Term Paper

… Medical Nursing

Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies for Success

This paper explores three primary challenges a potential graduate student will face on entering a study program while working full-time and attending to family obligations. These include balancing one's life, learning how to socialize in a new setting and overcoming emotional barriers to success in the academic environment. The paper presents three strategies most likely to enable student achievement, including socialization, collaboration and adoption of self-development and self-efficient tools for managing one's daily tasks.

Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies for Success

This paper describes three challenges a new graduate student faces when tasked with part-time family obligations, the obligation to work full-time and the desire to return to school 30-years post graduation. Accompanying this, the paper…. [read more]

New York State Education Department's Special Term Paper


The New York City Department of Education is responsible for providing high-quality educational services to well over a million students in the New York City school system, and a significant percentage of these students have profound learning disabilities that require individualized and specialized services. Because an enormous amount of scarce resources are being allocated for these educational services, it is important to evaluate the effectiveness of these interventions over time. To this end, this paper reviews the relevant literature to determine the extent to which federal and state mandates are being satisfied and an evaluation concerning the effectiveness of the New York City Education Department's special education services in meeting the needs of its students…. [read more]

New Women of the Gilded Term Paper

… Even in popular culture, the image of the Gibson Girl. The "Girl" was a strong, athletic young women who was feminine yet healthy in appearance. She replaced the image of the retiring Victorian maiden in the public consciousness. As women became more visible in the public sphere, conventional ideals of femininity began to change. This "Girl" was not hemmed in by hoop skirts like her fashionable predecessors, but could take an active role in the world around her in sport, education, and industry.

Yet despite all of these economic, political, and social innovations, certain remnants of the separate spheres ideology of the previous era remained. The separate spheres doctrine stressed the inherent biological and emotional differences between men and women. Thus, women's lesser pay was…. [read more]

Challenges That New Teachers Term Paper

… Some students work in class and others find spaces outside at other times depending on how soon the work is needed. Even though it got noisy a few times, most students were industrious and always got the job done in one way or the other. I believe that these types of learning activities make learning fun for the students and significantly contributed to the students' achievements.

I also found double periods to be important for teaching the harder concepts as they provide enough time to expound on the topic and answer any questions from the students. Learning for longer without interruptions also kept the students focused which made it easier for them to understand the more complex topics.

Strengths…. [read more]

Problems Facing New Teachers Term Paper

… ¶ … New Teachers

Discussion and Analysis of Problems Facing New Teachers

Introduction number of studies note that issues and problems facing new or novice teachers have become an important area of concern in modern education. One of the main reasons given for this concern is that "The more known about the difficulties which student teachers encounter and the sources of their concerns, the better the chances for eliminating the problems and enhancing every student teacher's chance for success. (Smith, 2000, p. 633) Therefore, understanding the problems and possible solutions to these problems that face new teachers is seen as an important aspect in developing and furthering creative educational praxis.

Another reason given is that "...many problems faced by student teachers could possibly be an…. [read more]

concise Analysis of Experiences and Problems Facing New Teachers Term Paper

… Controlling the learner's lives and programs for over six hours every day (5 days each week) is not a meager portion of one's life. Almost all learners' need is to feel valued and cared for by their teachers. When these feelings are realized, students are more likely to comply with instruction. Some of the easily applicable techniques to foster a positive teacher-student relationship include

Communicating the positive expectations to the student;


Increased periods of latency when lodging questions to students to respond;

Providing clues, and hints to help students figure out appropriate responses,

Inspiring learners by informing them that they have the capacity to excel,

Constructive criticism,

Bolstering pride in the classroom by individual learners,

Reducing frustration and stress, and showing a caring attitude…. [read more]

Teachers' Perceptions Term Paper

… Teachers' Perceptions of the Impact of the School Guidance Program Prior to and Following the Implementation of the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model in a K-12 School District


The need for effective school counseling programs has never been greater. Policymakers at all levels have recognized that change is needed but continue to struggle to identify effective approaches to effect substantive reform. The good news is that there is a viable approach available in the form of the American School Counselor Association's National Standards for School Counseling Programs. The bad news, though, is that this model continues to be either misunderstood or underutilized in many school districts across the country. School counseling programs represent a team approach to assist students, parents, teachers, administrators…. [read more]

Foreign Policy of China (Beijing Thesis

… But just as China (Beijing consensus)'s economic and military power does not yet match that of the United States, China (Beijing consensus)'s soft power still has a long way to go as demonstrated by a Chicago Council on Global Affairs poll. China (Beijing consensus) does not have cultural industries like Hollywood, and its universities are not yet the equal of the United States. It lacks the many non-governmental organizations that generate much of U.S. soft power. Politically, China (Beijing consensus) suffers from corruption, inequality, and a lack of democracy, human rights, and the rule of law. While that may make the "Beijing consensus" attractive in authoritarian and semi-authoritarian developing countries, it undercuts China (Beijing consensus)'s soft power in the West. Although China (Beijing consensus)'s new…. [read more]

Problems Facing New Classroom Teachers Today Research Paper

… In this regard, Hughes and Valle-Riestra point out that, 'Families are the primary social systems whereby children develop as individuals and increased levels of family involvement can positively influence developmental progress in children' (p. 41).
Therefore, it just makes good sense to encourage the active participation by parents in the education of their children, and this encouragement can assume a number of forms depending on the unique needs of students and their parents. Certainly, educators cannot compel parents to actively participate in their children's school activities or help with homework assignments, but they can provide them with the resources they require for this purpose, again depending on their specific needs. The potential also exists that some parents may not fully realize the significant role they…. [read more]

Motivate Private Kindergarten Teachers Essay

… Because valuable rewards can directly and indirectly influence the performance and motivation level of employees; and (2) it encourages the wide domain of individuals to put in their best and work harder to feel sense of achievement. Work itself is also concluded highly related with job satisfaction. Work Itself is the third best source of teacher's satisfaction to their institution as findings suggest that when employees are entrusted assignments according to their specialization and interest then they start enjoying their assignments like hobby." (Shah, et al., 2012, p. 276) Shah reports more importantly that intrinsic motivation "…is found highly depending upon the job satisfaction among employees. All it shows that when employees feel a sense of accomplishment due to the nature of job and more…. [read more]

Educational Theories Guiding Educational Experience Essay

… It is, therefore, vital that teachers save their students from psychological strain caused by the absence from lecturers. Situations like strikes keep teachers away from teaching their students who are in need of their guidance, and that leaves the students in remote conditions, which do not permit them to have an evaluator assessing their performance and encouraging them forward (Carbonneau, Vallerand, Fernet & Guay, 2008).

As teachers absence increases, perceived psychological distance increases because of lack of interaction. Teachers must develop an interest in the learning of their students by giving them the due attention, which they deserve. However, in the absence of teachers, in the learning process, teacher student interaction is overtaken by student-student interaction as it happened in our case. Student content interaction…. [read more]

Leadership Actions Chapter

… ¶ … leadership actions that might address the issue described in Part a and also refer to Part B below (These should be referenced and informed by relevant literature and research).

Part a stresses the importance of student achievement and emphasizes the relationship between student outcomes and the quality of the teaching they receive. Part a offers a form of self-appraisal as a means for improving the teaching quality and keeping teachers consistently geared towards a high level of educational excellence. As Part a describes, teachers have to reflect on their current level of success and effectiveness in a frank and honest manner, comparing those attributes to a rubric; it is via this reflection and comparison that teachers are able to pinpoint and assert professional…. [read more]

Leading Professional Learning Chapter

… Building Relatinoal Trust

Leading professional organizations

Professional issue: Building relational trust

Fostering an atmosphere of relational trust in which reciprocal dialogue between teachers and administrators can take place is essential for a school to function. This enables an alignment between teaching styles and the goals and objectives of the school as a whole. There also must be mutual respect between teachers and administrators must be willing to learn from the lived experience of teachers in the classroom. A mutually beneficial, trusting relationship ensures that goals are realistic yet the activities of teachers in the classroom support those goals. Unfortunately in my present employment situation, there is a great deal of animosity between teachers and administrators and a reluctance to support current professional development and assessment…. [read more]

Communicative Language Teaching Dissertation

… Communicative Language Teaching in Libya

Communicative Language Teaching

Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) cumulates the goals and processes in classroom learning. According to Cornelius-White and Harbaugh (15)

, the competence of the teacher and students in communicating and understanding the concept is important in communicative language teaching. Communicative competence is an ability to observe social norms associated with language and use the language in a social context. Communicative language teaching is a learning approach which emphasizes on communication as a goal of language learning Akerlind 322()

Competence is defined to entail, interpretation, expression, application and negotiation of looks and meanings used Remesal 27.

Communicative teaching looks at the learners communicative needs in order to provide a curriculum design basis. Putting focus on the leaner needs, a…. [read more]

Local College/University Employs ESL Instructors Essay

… " (Rivera, & Mazak, 2008, p. 1) They designed three-week long intensive summer sessions to allow students to quickly learn English while being immersed in it. They collaborated with other teachers/professors on subject areas such as agriculture in order to provide concrete information to their students.

The students showed marked improvement in English comprehension. Not only were the students eager to learn, but they felt more comfortable the curriculum due in part to the introduction of these new techniques. It proves that attempting to teach a subject from different angles is fruitful at the same time motivating. The main research question that guided the study was: "What is the relationship between language, science content, strategy, and technology learning in a university-level content-based, computer-mediated English classroom?…. [read more]

Lifelong Learning for Teachers Teaching Essay

… This sets aside the traditional model of functional meritocracy as described by Talcott Parsons as well as (in a very different epistemological vein) the idea of the self-reflective teacher (Hargreaves, 1994, p. 89). As Shain notes, much of what has happened in the last generation or so (and certainly the last decade) of the teaching profession is that teachers have been urged and even essentially required to look to external sources for validation of their own skills.

Such a trend may look superficially like an acknowledgement of the skills and professionalism of teachers, but it should more accurately be seen as a de-skilling of the profession with authority to define expertise being removed from the teacher (Tomlinson, 1996). Experience and expertise have been redefined (and…. [read more]

Tenure Elimination in Detail Essay

… At the same time, the peers whose performance is lower than average must be discouraged resulting in their absence and reduced influence over the pupils. It is to be understood by those who support tenure system than only a single teacher who lacks ability to teach effectively can doom hundreds of students unnecessarily. This is because even poor instructions can affect the minds of hundreds and thousands of unfortunate students who are taught by such kinds of teachers (Hassel, Kowal, Ableidinger & Hassel, 2011). The elimination of tenure is not only feasible in a political sense but it is also one of the swifter ways to get schools and districts free from the monetary and tenure-caused costs that also affect student learning.

Despite the fact…. [read more]

K-12 Curriculum and Instruction: Changing Research Proposal

… From what? Boring stuff." (2011)

Robinson states that the instance of ADHD "has risen in parallel with the growth of standardized testing. And these kids are being given Ritalin and Adderall and all manner of things. Often quite dangerous drugs to get them focused and calm them down. But according to this attention deficit disorder increases as you travel east across the country. People start losing interest in Oklahoma. They can hardly think straight in Arkansas. And by the time they get to Washington they've lost it completely." (Robinson, 2011) The model of education is a system of education "…which is modeled on the interest of industrialism. And in the image of it. I'll give you a couple examples. Schools are still pretty much organized…. [read more]

Perceptions of Teachers on the Role Term Paper

… ¶ … Perceptions of Teachers on the Role of the School Guidance Counselor Before and After Implementation of the American School Counseling Association Model (ASCA) K-12

ASCA Model

The purpose of this study is a comparison of teacher perspectives of the role of school guidance counselors before and after implementation of the American School Counseling Association Model (ASCA). Prior to the introduction of this model for counseling, there were no standards available locally, statewide or nationally that examined the efficacy of school guidance counseling programs (USDOE, 2001). The U.S. Department of Education however, has consistently worked to devise tools and methods or paradigms educational institutions and providers can use to measure the progress of students and support systematic improvement of curriculum and learning in and…. [read more]

Classroom Management Learning Environment Essay

… The cartoons serve to teach the children violence and foul language hence they do not reinforce in any way, the attributes taught in school or the academic work covered in school.

The students need also to be given help when it comes to places where they can hang their bags. There is need to have wooden hangers at designated regions where they can leave their bags and concentrate on the classwork instead of having the bags on the ground beside them this distracts the students and is also a safety issue. Further most library walls were observed to be equally busy hence need to be decongested and painted in neutral colors and also the overwhelming coverage of school walls by the entire syllabus must be…. [read more]

Learning Communities: New York State Education Term Paper

… Learning Communities (New York State Education based)

What are they?

What is the mission and purpose?

What are their benefits?

How can they be implemented in the curriculum planning process?

Who established them?

Where did they originate?

When did they become an educational trend?

How do they affect the technology trend?

Strategies to promote the learning culture?

This paper focuses on education-based learning communities, with emphasis on New York State education-based communities. Evaluated are the school district, instructional leaders, teachers, parents, students and community partnerships that comprise the learning community. Learning communities are a not new, but they are gaining popularity as a theoretical framework for developing students' intrinsic motivation and ability to succeed outside the classroom. The premise behind learning communities is the philosophy…. [read more]

Klein and the Educational System Essay

… This group should be chucked off the payroll since they contribute little to the development of the education department. The excess money availed by their retrenchment should be ploughed back to the education department, to sustain other reform plans. In order to reduce the cost of education, Klein should postpone the rubber rooms' idea for the moment until funds become available for the execution of the program.

Question 6

Klein has shown some exemplary performance in several occasions. He was focused on putting in place numerous innovation initiatives. His team took the brutal duty of upgrading individual schools in the area. Apparently, when the authorities attempted to close a school following dismal performance and poor infrastructure, parents in the neighborhood of the school would come…. [read more]

Technology Challenges Explanation Term Paper

… Technology Challenges Explanation

Initiating technology into the curriculum means more than just "making it work." The ideals of adult learning theory can be used in designing technology-based instruction to make it more helpful. Teachers or facilitators should be in a position to structure lessons which are part of a relevant learning environment for adult students. Integration of technology into the curriculum has been given a priority in higher education. As this has taken place, institutions are faced with the many issues that bound making the lessons thrive technologically. Faculty must spend time getting familiar with how to use the technology and making certain that adequate institutional support is present to make the technology work. It is, thus, easy for the instructional design of such curricula…. [read more]

Tylenol Cyanide Case Study

… Tylenol Case Analysis: Johnson and Johnson

In the contemporary world, taking responsibility and immediate action in the face of a huge crisis is a requirement for any U.S. corporation if they are to survive and maintain their market position and reputation. These types of organizations are expected to be socially responsible to their employees and the public not only if they are directly involved in a crisis involving their products or services, but also if there is an indirect association. In 1982 Johnson and Johnson was faced with this challenge. They were indirectly involved in a catastrophe which killed seven people because their leading pain killer Tylenol was tampered with and unassuming consumers became the victim of such an atrocity. The way in which Johnson…. [read more]

Barriers and Challenges to Learning and Training in Clinical Settings Assessment

… Barriers and Challenges in Learning and Teaching in Clinical Settings


Barriers and Challenges to Learning and Training in Clinical Settings

Barriers and Challenges to Learning and Training in Clinical Settings

Generational age differences can also be a serious barrier to the success of teaching and learning nursing processes. It is occurring in classrooms across various institutions in the United States. Notably, nurse educators and tutors are obliged to ensure proper preparation for different expectations and values of students from various generations present in the learning environment. Traditionally, nursing students were most likely to be women who were young and unmarried. Nonetheless, with the current trend of the job market, the field of nursing has been…. [read more]

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