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Organizational Performance Management Emergency Medical Essay

… Leadership would be charged with information analysis, process development, human resource development, and strategic planning. To properly gauge an organization's performance, leaders will have to collect data that they will use in making strategic decisions. The leaders will then have to ensure that their employees are well informed in regards to what the data actually means, and advise the employees on how to interpret the results. The goal for this process is maximizing patient care.

When the employees are involved in the processes that are currently taking place within the organization, it would allow for an easy buy-in by the employees. This is because they will readily understand and accept the changes been proposed. As they understand what the organization is intending to achieve, it…. [read more]

Organization Behavior Management and Organizational Essay

… Performance bonuses, promotion to a higher job position, a 'well-done' note, 'employee of the year' award, appreciation in front of superiors and coworkers, etc. are some most effective motivational techniques managers use to motivate their subordinates (DuBrin 2009).

At Europcar Sydney International, Sohun motivates his team members through both monetary and non-monetary motivational techniques. He uses reward systems, bonuses, and lunch offers on regular basis for high performers while gives special attention to those who are unable to show desired results. For these low performers, Sohun arranges discussion sessions in which they are asked to present their views and feedback to their manager. He listens to their issues in a friendly manner and provides further guidance on their job tasks. This leadership persuades them to…. [read more]

Managing Organizations/Hotel Management Essay

… For long-term benefit, they feel that the variables should be changed to become more congruent as a system." (Leadersphere, 2009)

"The Six Sigma Management Process Project used a DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control) approach to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a company's management of its Six Sigma effort. By looking at the "lives" of numerous Six Sigma projects from a process perspective, the project team was able to identify "defects" in the process, isolate root causes for these defects, and improve the process to eliminate them. This presentation includes real data on the causes of Six Sigma project failures (cancelled and late projects) from a company with a two-year-old deployment. Attendees from companies with existing Six Sigma systems will discover some opportunities to improve their process; those…. [read more]

Organizational Change and Stress Case Study

… The key in this case remains the removal of present obstacles by ensuring that others are empowered to act on the vision.

Sixth, efforts should be made to ensure that short-term wins are systematically planned and catered for. The reasoning here is that the change process may take time for the ultimate benefits to be realized and hence in such a case, the organization risks loosing momentum. The creation of short-term wins is a way to motivate organizational members as in this case, they have evidence that their efforts are not going to waste.

Next, Kotter (1995) warns against declaring victory prematurely. In this case, if victory tends to be declared too early, chances are that momentum will be lost. This will in turn reverse…. [read more]

Organizational Change Management Plan Essay

… Both Six Sigma and SERVQUAL

are essential for measuring patient outcomes and also defining the overall level of patient satisfaction achieved. The defining of performance benchmarks for these systems must be a shared task or responsibility throughout the company if these two approaches to elevating performance are to succeed (Beaubien, 2013). Finally the integration of Six Sigma and SERVQUAL results to evaluate both the overall performance of the treatment programs and IT systems performance areas must also be included in the change management program to reflect the information needs of the employees and healthcare professionals using them as well (Lam, 1997).


Beaubien, L. (2013). Technology, change, and management control: A temporal perspective. Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, 26(1), 48-74.

Benamati, J., & Lederer, A.L.…. [read more]

Organizational Reframing Program Four Frames Research Paper

… It is like a cycle that an organization is in fit then the contingency factor changes and the organization goes into misfit this should be followed by the adaptation process so that the organization goes into fit again.

Structural Contingency Theory in Human Resource Management

The structural contingency theory deals with every individual in the organization the whole combine workforce and that's what human resource is concerned with the whole workforce of the organization. The human resource department is responsible for keeping the morale of each and every individual high so their performance graphs should also move upwards. This department is responsible for sorting out the disputes between other departments and keeping a healthy environment in the organization, it also has a job to make…. [read more]

Change Plan Effectiveness Essay

… When measuring the cost the budgeted amount is compared against the actual costs. If the amount that has been used to implement create the new department is more than what had been budgeted for then it means that the plan implementation was not effective. On the other hand if the actual amount of money used to create the new department is less or exact as that which had been budgeted for it means that the implementation process was a success (Landahl, 2010).

The other factor to be measured is quality this can be measured through looking for benchmark practices of organizations in the field of long-term healthcare. If the quality of services provided is on the same level as the benchmark organization then it means…. [read more]

Management and Organizational Behavior Research Paper

… Management & Organizational Behavior

Management and Organizational Behavior

Using the Management Skill Set Assessment by Alan Chapman an analysis has been completed comparing my self-assessment to my immediate manager's perception of my performance on the 22 factors that comprise this framework. 13 of the factors were classified as a level factors, seven as B. factors and 2 as C. factors. Across the entire set of 22 factors, the average score of the rankings I gave myself was 8.36 and my supervisor's was 6.86. This difference of approximately 1.5 points across all factors held consistent across all three categories of factors (a, B and C). The greatest variation however was in the C. class of factors with a deviation of 2 in the average scores (8.75…. [read more]

Organizational Management Models Change Essay

… The fifth step it to empower the employees to execute the change; by creating short-term goals, we assist the employees to accept the change by showing them progress. Rewards are very important at this step also. The seventh step is about persistence because we should influence more change even after the short-term goals are met or the original plan for change will cease and die. The final step is to make the change permanent by moving fitting it into the company's culture and practices, such as promotion.

Using Kotter's 8-Step Change Model

The Kotter's 8-step change model can be successfully used by an organization to manage the change process. For this model, the organization should make the employees aware that the change is essential for…. [read more]

Definition of Change Essay


Definition of change

Change is a circumstance that disrupts ordinary patterns of association and calls for new contributors to endorse new patterns.

In what ways change agents can contribute to change resistance.

The role of change agents to resistance goes further than the labeling that consequences from their own sense making to breaking agreements and violating trust, communication breakdowns, misrepresentation, and their own resistance to change.

Broken agreements and violation of trust

Change agents add to recipient reactions by breaking agreements both prior to and all through change and failure to bring back the ensuing loss of trust. Agreements, including implied and psychological contracts are breached or broken when agents of the organization unknowingly or knowingly go against the promise or an understood and…. [read more]

Management Theory Organizational Behavior Management Theory Article Term Paper

… Management Theory

Organizational Behavior Management Theory

Article Review Scavenger Hunt


Wilpert, B. (1995). Organizational behavior.

In his review of organizational behavior and psychology, Wilpert (1995) reviews subjects pertinent to the field of psychology and organizational behavior and leadership, including language, technology, leadership and social constructs created in the workforce using a multivariate analysis approach. On reviewing theoretical developments in the field of organizational behavior and psychology, Wilpert notes many researchers now view organizational phenomena including behavior as something that is "constructed through the interaction of relevant actors" and that said constructions may be more myth than reality; more gossip or visionary goal than something of a more concrete nature (p. 59).

Wilpert provides a meta-analysis of multiple studies including those reviewing organizational behavior from…. [read more]

Diversity Profile and Plan Term Paper

… These values not only indicate the ASD's qualities but also tell how it works, treats and values the employees. These values represent the inclusion initiatives and diversity management.

Integrity should be maintained not only in working relationship but also in the decision-making process. Excellence must reflect in every individual as well as collective action. In order to enhance the working environment everybody should respect one another s' point-of-view and role in the organization. Appropriate services must be provided to those who were affected by the firm. Proper coordination or cooperation should be there in management, planning and other organizational operations. Organization must be committed to protect public health. Openness is very essential in communicating and the decision making process, hence open culture should be adopted.…. [read more]

Organizational Dynamics of Coffee Essay

… The structure of any organization gives the primary template that help secure the continuation of the norms, culture, values philosophies and informal activities that part and parcel of the organization.

Duncan (1979) in his Article," What is the Right Organization?," argues that all organizations are undergoing change. These changes move from matrix to horizontal and finally to virtual according to An and Daft (2006).

There exist two general theories that are used to design the structures of organizations. First is the universalistic approach commonly called the standard hierarchical design? This approach is based on the belief that that there is only one way that best suits all the organizations during the structuring process the situations and prevailing conditions notwithstanding. This approach is also base on…. [read more]

Personal Assessment Written Change Plan Essay

… Gilley, Godek, & Gilley (2009) refer to the "organizational immune system that defends the status quo and resists change," (p. 4). Robbins & Judge (2011) identify several methods that can be used to overcome resistance to change. These include education, communication, participation, building support and commitment, implementing change fairly, manipulation, selecting people who accept change, and coercion (slide 6). During my personal process of change, I drew on several of these helpful resources. For example, I attended a weekend seminar related to the issue I wanted to address and also purchased books. This showed an interest in educating myself about the logic behind the change. In an organizational environment, leaders can also take advantage of the wealth of books and seminars available to suit their…. [read more]

Management Control Essay

… These involve seamless integration and top-notch performance from all our divisions. It is in this way that connectivity to strategic initiatives in all departments of the company from Finance to HR is integrated and working well. Goals for all departments must be SMART (specific, measurable, acceptable, realistic, and time-bound) with standards and weights accorded to goals as well as measurable outcome, with the brunt of our objective of these goals, outcome, and activity focused on inter and intra-communication. To that end, each division must have his specific goals outlined in specific terms. They must be measurable and acceptable not only to the ends of the specific division but to the ends of the organization as a whole. They must be realistic fulfilling the division's sub-goal…. [read more]

Organizational Change "Change Implementation Research Paper

… Too frequently the senior executives in an organization overlook what the authors call "the 'softer' skills their leaders will need" to implement changes in the company (Smet, 2012). What are "softer skills"? Smet explains that these skills include: a) the ability to keep the managers and the employees "…inspired when they feel overwhelmed"; b) being able to promote "collaboration across organizational boundaries"; and c) showing the skills needed to help managers "…embrace change programs through dialogue, not dictation" (Smet, p. 1).

The bottom line in this article is that before a company launches a campaign for major changes -- either in the company's culture or in the manufacturing / production process -- the right kind of leadership must be in place.

The World Bank --…. [read more]

Organizational Behavior Term Paper

… Apart from reason, a heterogeneous organization should also understand the culture and personality of each member of the organization in order to become effective in managing change.

8. The scarcity of resources alone would be ground enough for diagnostic information to be unavailable; thus, it is imperative that members have sufficient resources to work efficiently.

9. Evaluation in OD programs are needed because it takes into account external and internal forces that are vital to the implementation of intervention in the organization. However, it is important to note that OD program evaluations are also difficult to accomplish, simply because it tests an intervention program at its first level; thus, it is also important to create follow-up evaluations to check whether the evaluations are as effective…. [read more]

Change Project Essay

… Members must be talented leaders with realistic sense of own to avoid egos, and avoid those that slither and destroy the union in form of snakes.

The third step is the development of a strategy and visions for the specific change. This implies the creation of a well-defined vision and strategy especially in the buy-in step when the project manager uses the expertise and leadership of other coalition members to create a vision and strategy for the project (Cameron & Green, 2012). Vision and strategic plans can arise from active participation of coalition members as they provide value to the decision-making process and from their sense of ownership. For vision to be created, change managers must lead the coalition team to adopt characteristics like desirability,…. [read more]

Organizational Change in the Public Capstone Project

… These eight factors affect the outcome of results of change organizational levels during the change process.

This discussion also considers each factor as potentially leading to the successful implementation of change or improving implementation process. Conclusively, in spite of what some researchers might view as the coherent nature of these determinants and suggestions (Saarinen & Tinnila, 2002).

Factor 1: Need for change

It is the role of managerial leaders to authenticate and convincingly address the need for change. Research shows that the discharge of intended change usually requires that leaders confirm the need for change and plead with other members of the organization and significant external stakeholders that it is indispensable (Richards & Rodrigues, 1993; Middlemist & Hitt, 1988, Walters, 1990; Abramson & Paul, 2001).…. [read more]

Change Management in Public Organizations Essay

… Then they will be able to handle anything that comes their way, and still stay "on track" to make sure the changes that are needed and required get implemented on time and in the right way. Having delays and other problems can derail an effort for change, and can stop employees from getting things done in a timely fashion. That can hurt not only the organization and the people who work there, but also the people who are served by that particular organization (Kotter, 2011).

That is especially true if a shutdown or partial shutdown of at least some parts of the organization is required in order to make sure the change takes place. The employees who are making the change happen must have the…. [read more]

Change Management Plan for Palms Essay

… Quantitative data will be derived from hospital records and accounting reports and records. Comparative analysis that compares these measures after implementation of EMR to those one year prior to implementation of EMR will provide a clear quantitative picture of the success of the change strategy.

Quantitative measures are only one facet of the success of the project. If the project is successful in terms of cost savings, but it results in disgruntled staff then the change will harm the hospital's reputation in the long run. Workers that are happy and satisfied will provide better customer service and be more productive. The attitudes of workers will be measured through the conduct of a survey concerning how they feel about the EMR system. The survey will utilize…. [read more]

Change Management Fabrication International Case Study

… Such a fixation would prevent capital investment projects that the firm desperately needs to develop its capacity to meet the demands for cost, quality and reliability from its customers. According to Reid & Smith (2008), long-term investors accept a maximum payback period of six years while short-term investors demand a payback period of around one to two and a half years. It is apparent from the board's handling of the CWS project that it failed to deliver on all these counts to its customers, making it even more uncompetitive due to its flawed appraisal process.

Q. 1. (ii) Major Mistakes with the CWS Adoption

The faulty appraisal process and unrealistic assumptions of the board of directors were primarily responsible for the faulty adoption of the…. [read more]

Organizational Behavior Case Study

… As stated above, the most important change brought by her was in the communication system of the facility. Open environment increased the communication between all people of the facility; including staff, leads, residents and their family members. She encouraged upward communication that opened ways for staff to openly express their problems with seniors.

Number of meetings was also increased for improving the communication culture. Monthly staff's meetings were changed to weekly meetings and residents meetings the frequency was also changed from three months to bi-monthly. The feedback on issues raised by people of facility was given through publishing and distribution of posters and newsletters. This satisfied facility people that their concerns are considered important and resolved.

Manager came up with a new mission and vision…. [read more]

Management Control System Designing Essay

… In order to facilitate people-based energy savings, the organization need to determine energy usage profile. This information would supplement ideas in relation to employees and understanding of the use of energy within the organization.

This is critical in enabling the entity determine effective and efficient energy savings opportunities. Implementation of advanced metering data would allow the organization to identify and estimate effects of adopting the energy savings opportunities and their relevant impacts in accordance with the time. One of the common examples of people-based energy savings opportunities is encouragement of employees to turn off production equipment when, not in use. The organization should also find it critical to provide extensive feedback to relevant employees in relation to energy savings opportunities. The employees should know that…. [read more]

Organizational Culture Change Is Noted Essay

… The main aim of organizational change is noted by Barr, Stimpert and Huff (1992) to be to cause adaptation to a given environment or to improve performance (Keck and Tushman,1993).

The four dimensions of change and how they apply to this situation

The four dimensions of change include the interior, exterior, individual as well as group dimensions. The interior and individual dimensions are important since it is concerned with the motives and intensions of the organizations while the exterior and group dimensions are important since they affect the alignment of the individual and group as well as the absorption of techniques, technologies, systems, organizational cultures as well as the realization of collaborative agreements (Exterior)

How project management approach would be used in explaining how organizational…. [read more]

Organization Analysis Analysing Organisation Essay

… The conversion of inputs into outputs is how any company's main task gets accomplished and the company design is usually around this tasks Wijnhoven, 2003.

Therefore each department within the company gets its design from its specific subtask. A company has integrated and yet differentiated units that are based on these three factors technology, time and geographical location. Reduction in the number of conflicts is achieved if the departments are integrated and differentiated effectively within the company and thus the company effectively gets its design around the main task Zorab & Lloyd, 1995()

As all the departments within Compulyzed Telecommunications will be integrated and differentiated there will be fewer conflicts between the various employees in these departments. Conflicts within Compulyzed Telecommunications arise from the fact…. [read more]

Change Proposal the Situation Spending Term Paper

… They pressed their case with middle-level managers, to the point of a shouting match with both NASA and contractor managers the night before the fatal launch. But the top officials in charge never heard the full story. Why? Because after a number of embarrassing delays, they didn't want to hear any more excuses, no matter how real," Kettl noted.

This is similar in every way to the deaf ear the Artistic Director turned to warning from his marketing department regarding bad choices of plays; to the deaf ear he turned to company members who questioned financial/artistic decisions; to the stunning figures regarding turnover among the non-performing members of the staff.

Perhaps worse, these matters were taken to the Board of Directors several times, and they,…. [read more]

Management Philosophies Samsung Group Essay

… Another article by Kamii & Ewing (1996), states that it is impossible for learners to establish high levels of relationships with what they observe unless they incorporate certain levels of knowledge to it. According to Kamii & Ewing (1996), cooperative learning methodology brings great maintenance of material and an increase in the transfer of learning. Jean Piaget insisted that constructivism would advance to other philosophical theories because the ideas are innovative and concepts can change with time.


The article by Ruth-Sahd is about social collectivism. The article bases on concepts of observation in a nursing clinical setting. The article also incorporates personal experiences of nurses. Observation and personal experiences help nurses in learn of effective management practices that will help them in their nursing…. [read more]

Organizational Theory #2 What Core Essay

… Revolutionary change, therefore, can often mean providing something new to customers.

Three ways to implement revolutionary change are reengineering, restructuring, and innovation (Jones, 2010). Reengineering involves the fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business processes to achieve improvements in critical measures of performance such as cost, quality, service and speed. Restructuring is a process by which managers change task and authority relationships and redesign organizational structure and culture to improve organizational effectiveness. It can involve tactics such as downsizing or leveraging technology to improve performance. Innovation is the process by which an organization uses its skills and resource to develop new goods and services or to develop new production and operating systems to better respond to the needs of customers. Innovation is one of the…. [read more]

Change Management Essay

… Consolidate Improvement and Produce Still More Change

Since failure is caused by early declaration in mind, the seventh step by Kotter requires quick implementation of changes that have been achieved even in production of additional change. Concisely, the momentum should be maintained. The more your staff gains knowledge and agrees to need for the business change, the more positively they are bound to respond to the process of change. The staff members of the organization invest themselves in the duties they perform in the organization. The organization should be aware the knowledge of these duties making significant contributions to financial security, professional development, self-confidence, purpose or sense and identity. Changes that influence their duties may have a big personal and professional outcome (Goonan & American…. [read more]

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