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Change Proposal Imagine a Midlevel Essay

… The executives liked what they heard and agreed" (Smashing the clock, 2006, Businessweek).

The second dimension is managing 'down' decisions -- either through a hierarchy (in which management issues directives) or via collective wisdom (Birkinshaw's Four Dimensions of Management, 2013, Mind Tools). Once again, a balance is required. The impetus for change is to improve working conditions, thus workers can have input but managers may need to create a formal training program (as was the case at Best Buy) to convince employees that it is 'okay' to deploy a flexible schedule and they will not be penalized (Smashing the clock, 2006, Businessweek). Some workers may resist, fearing they will be 'let go' if they don't work 9-5.

The third dimension is 'managing objectives:' with some…. [read more]

Change Project Research Paper

… Effecting Change

The use of ecstasy amongst ravers has become a very distressing trend in the United States. Ecstasy is a synthetic psychoactive drug assigned the scientific term 3, 4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine. In view of the pervasive abuse of the drug, the primary objective of this study is to create a non-profit organization is to provide authentic, unbiased information highlighting the dangers of excessive consumption of ecstasy. As part of the study, a fictitious non-profit organization identified as Responsible Ravers will focus on reducing the number of people overdosing at raves by urging them to make better decisions and stay safe and healthy. Responsible Ravers enforces a new dynamic of change as espoused in Kotter and Cohen's the Heart of Change Real: Life Stories of How People…. [read more]

Change Management Plan for Palms Essay

… Quantitative data will be derived from hospital records and accounting reports and records. Comparative analysis that compares these measures after implementation of EMR to those one year prior to implementation of EMR will provide a clear quantitative picture of the success of the change strategy.

Quantitative measures are only one facet of the success of the project. If the project is successful in terms of cost savings, but it results in disgruntled staff then the change will harm the hospital's reputation in the long run. Workers that are happy and satisfied will provide better customer service and be more productive. The attitudes of workers will be measured through the conduct of a survey concerning how they feel about the EMR system. The survey will utilize…. [read more]

Dealing Effectively With Organizational Change Research Proposal

… Dealing Effectively With Organizational Change

This study seeks to investigate how effectively individuals deal with organizational change. This literature will show how changes within organizations can be a stressful event that effects the emotions of employees, thus having implications on the degree of support and attitudes towards change when various strategies and tactics are utilized. A sample of 69 respondents; both military and civilian responded to an employee satisfaction / organizational change survey. Participants of this study consisted of 52 active duty military personnel and 17 civilian government employees; all with diverse backgrounds. All 69 personnel are affiliated with two separate Medical Readiness organizations.

Dealing Effectively With Organizational Change


Organizational change is a growing area of importance for modern organizations' strategic development. Effective organizational…. [read more]

Change Management Initiatives of HP Term Paper

… Kodak was forced to enact change very quickly after long periods of foot-lagging and complacently assuming that its industry would not change. Thus, it was incapable of removing the necessary obstacles for change in the form of resistant employees.


Planning by the company in earlier years with the knowledge that its high-cost film/low cost camera sales model would not survive in the age of the Internet could have made the transition more painful than its 'shock' model of change.

Change model

Kodak's reactive 'shock therapy' model could not sustain it in the 21st century.

McDonald's: Three significant errors

McDonald's too was facing a profound cultural shift in terms of how its product was perceived. Instead of a family-friendly company that had once sponsored the…. [read more]

Leading Organizational Change for Results White Paper

… Leading Organizational Change for Results

Leadership of organizations face challenges in policy and decision-making, implementation, evaluation, and directing of individuals and organization in today's dynamic business environment. One of the greatest challenges is organizational transition since it affects not only the organization, but also the people who have to accept and implement the changes. Bridges & Bridges (2009) identifies that for management the most difficult task is the management of workplace change. This is because poor management of change can result to poor morale and workplace stability. Successful organizational change occurs when employees have a picture, plan, purpose, and are part of the implementation of change (Bridges & Bridges, 2009). This is a detailed report of an organizational change challenge that faced the Federal Housing…. [read more]

Change Process Term Paper

… ¶ … Change Process

Over the last several years, a number of different leadership issues have arisen in the health care environment to include: a lack of coordination and improving the atmosphere of the facility. This is problematic, because it can contribute to a host of challenges that could affect the quality of care and productivity. As a result, some kind of change process needs to be introduced, to prevent a facility from falling into this kind of inefficiency (which has been known to embrace the most successful organizations). To achieve this objective means examining Beaudan's concepts of change fatigue. This will be accomplished by looking at: possible signs of exhaustion, critical questions to be asked at the mid -- course phase and how the…. [read more]

Change Improving Hospice Urinary Infection Essay

… Apart from this, resistance also can be reduced by good, open communication throughout the process of change. These changes that are to be undertaken, example who are to be involved and in what role and how these changes will directly or indirectly affect everybody in the organization which must be ensured by the changer to be shared by all staffs.

To evaluate the change, besides distributing a checklist to nursing staff to assess their performance, verbal feedback will be obtained from all the senior staffs nurses whom have been assigned to keep the new staffs under observation. Besides, outcomes evaluation as according to Urden and Walston (2001) can also be obtained through the satisfaction of the physicians concerning the progress of this staff during this…. [read more]

Change and Upheaval in Balance of Fragile Things Book Report

… He writes in his blog, "I have found butterflies that match parts of this description. Perhaps it's a new breed I've found, or perhaps nature has created a freak, like me" (Chadha 51). The butterfly represents the new hybrid existence the family must come to terms with. They are not fully the embodiment of their past, but they have not yet found the perfect balance of the future. For now, they are a hybrid breed.

Yet, even with their attempts to create a new balance, all the dramatic change in their lives continues to make this difficult. First, their grandparents move in to the family home, which disrupts the balance of the family hierarchy. Papaji upsets the order where Paul is the head of the…. [read more]

Changes the Only Thing Constant Term Paper

… ¶ … Changes

The only thing constant in this world is change. The idea of change can incorporate many different ideas such as evolution, devolution, growth, unfoldment and decay. The idea of change is natural and holistic in nature. Matter is always in motion at the smallest and largest levels and the days cannot be stopped even by the most powerful and dominant forces. Although we live in the eternal now, it is always morphing into something different as we experience the phenomenon known as time which is the measuring device for all change.

Within the complex organization known as the intelligence community, incorporating change into a strategic plan is essential in building success and achieving objectives. While there are many small and minute changes…. [read more]

How Individuals Respond to Change Term Paper

… Response 1

In response to student 1, change cannot always be positive, and hence our response to the same cannot be always warm. This effectively means that at some point, it is highly likely that an individual will try to resist change. There is, therefore, need for Student 1 to engage in deeper self-reflection so as to correctly evaluate how they respond to change. Overall, however, we ought to be appreciative of change, especially when such change is positive or inevitable.

Response 2

Student's 2's view of change is largely correct. In their view, in general, change is necessary. Again, as they point out, we cannot improve, as individuals, without being appreciative of change. Just as is the case with individuals, organizations cannot become more…. [read more]

Change Theories Term Paper

… Change Theories

Change management and resistance in healthcare: A seven-step model

It is often said that the one constant in any organization is change. Healthcare organizations have had to weather tremendous changes over the past decade. A number of social factors, including changes in the health insurance system and the need for more nurses and other staff members to treat an aging population have demanded greater responsiveness and flexibility amongst nurse practitioners. Yet resistance to change in healthcare organizations, partially because of the need for routines to dispense high-level care, can be great amongst nurses and other trained professionals. Varying routines and standard operating procedures while still providing consistently high-quality care is an eternal challenge. A Clinical Nurse Leader must understand why individuals may be…. [read more]

Change Proposal the Situation Spending Term Paper

… They pressed their case with middle-level managers, to the point of a shouting match with both NASA and contractor managers the night before the fatal launch. But the top officials in charge never heard the full story. Why? Because after a number of embarrassing delays, they didn't want to hear any more excuses, no matter how real," Kettl noted.

This is similar in every way to the deaf ear the Artistic Director turned to warning from his marketing department regarding bad choices of plays; to the deaf ear he turned to company members who questioned financial/artistic decisions; to the stunning figures regarding turnover among the non-performing members of the staff.

Perhaps worse, these matters were taken to the Board of Directors several times, and they,…. [read more]

Changing Job Market Term Paper

… Changing Job Market

Globalization has been causing major changes in the labor market. As a number of workers in developed countries, are forced to adapt to increased amounts of immigration and outsourcing. This is problematic, because when these kinds of changes being to shape, is the point that the job market evolves dramatically. As once secured jobs are no longer what they use to be, as layoffs and other factors will become increasingly common. To understand what is taking place requires, being able to examine the labor market and how these changes could affect future employment.

Over the last several years, globalization has been having a profound impact on the job market. Where, a number of different companies have begun to outsource a variety of…. [read more]

Tim Obrien Essay

… There are hardly any references to lavender in the text that do not state that he is the soldier who gets murdered. These constant references to Lavender's death indicate to the reader that this death will be a central factor in the plot of this tale. Lavender is essentially a pawn in this story who is sacrificed to demonstrate that Cross's inattentiveness would cause another burden for him to shoulder for the remainder of the war. This type of psychological burden is intermingled with the physical burdens that the soldiers took along with them in their duties, which the following quotation indicates. "Dave Jensen carried night-sight vitamins…Lee Strunk carried his slingshot…Rat Kiley carried brandy and M&M's. Until he was shot, Ted Lavender carried the starlight…. [read more]

Things They Carried Essay

… For instance, Lt. Cross attempts to persuade himself of his own competence by relying on standard operating procedure after Lavender is killed as a means to exonerate himself from feelings of personal culpability in Lavender's death as well as his pathetic neediness for Martha's love (Karnow, 1983).

Another flaw that is obvious in the character of Cross are the fluctuation on his personal and emotional part and his inability due these factors to lead his team. He is also shown to be homesick as his jealousy guards the picture of Martha who is not his girlfriend, but he keeps the picture so that his link with homeland can remain throughout. However he fails to understand one simple fact that love and war are interlinked, rather…. [read more]

Organizational Culture Change Is Noted Essay

… The main aim of organizational change is noted by Barr, Stimpert and Huff (1992) to be to cause adaptation to a given environment or to improve performance (Keck and Tushman,1993).

The four dimensions of change and how they apply to this situation

The four dimensions of change include the interior, exterior, individual as well as group dimensions. The interior and individual dimensions are important since it is concerned with the motives and intensions of the organizations while the exterior and group dimensions are important since they affect the alignment of the individual and group as well as the absorption of techniques, technologies, systems, organizational cultures as well as the realization of collaborative agreements (Exterior)

How project management approach would be used in explaining how organizational…. [read more]

Organizational Change the Adage "Different Strokes Term Paper

… Organizational Change

The adage "different strokes for different folks" may seem to be apropos only to people; however, looking at the matter in depth, it is apparent that the same goes true for various organizations. This is especially relevant when it comes to implementing changes in the organization. The research paper entitled The Strategic Management of Corporate Change as presented by Dunphy and Stace (1993, p. 905) "investigated the controversy between universal and contingent approaches to corporate change by studying 13 service sector organizations." The study they did was not only confined to the types of changes implemented by the organization but delved also in the leadership styles used to facilitate the change management. Dunphy and Stace identified four scale types of change management and…. [read more]

Changing Role of Women Term Paper

… But she was not systematic; she had inspiration but not discipline, and her mother mourned more over the days when Alma left the whole dinner to the Irish girl than she rejoiced in those when one of Alma's great thoughts took form in a chicken-pie of incomparable savor or in a matchless pudding." (Howells Part Second, Chapter I)

Mrs. Marsh prides herself on doing all of the practical tasks. Alma is unstructured and undisciplined, causing her mother heartache.

Alma's conversation with her mother, after Alma ends any chance of an intimate relationship with Beaton, indicates Alma's independence from convention.

[Mrs. Leighton] "And you certainly can't say, my dear, that he hasn't been very kind -- every useful to you, in that matter."

[Alma] "And so…. [read more]

Causes of Climate Change? Research Paper

… Zhouting & Crystal Krause executed a research/case study in the context of Xinjiang China. The main objective of the case study was examination of climate change and human activities. According to the findings of the research, there is a relationship or correlation among population, climate, land cover, land use, and greenhouse gas emissions. This relationship or correlation is vital in the mitigation and adaptation of the global change. Another perspective of the study notes faster population growth in the context of North Xinjiang. In the same region, there is also more extensive change in relation to land cover, higher rates of greenhouse gas emissions, faster rate of global warming, and greater environmental obstacles or challenges in comparison to the southern part of Xinjiang. It is…. [read more]

Things Fall Apart Chinua Achebe Term Paper

… The disruption is in fact caused by the missionaries that arrive in Nigeria, and the protagonist of the novel, Okonkwo, who returns after a brief seven-year exile, to Nigeria, finds that his village is almost unrecognizable, and he is amazed at all the various changes that have taken place in Nigeria and also in his tribe of Igbo people, just because the Europeans and colonization had arrived in his country. What made it even worse for Okonkwo is the fact that his own tribe members are now unable to recognize him at all. Instead, what everybody wanted was the "new religion and government and trading stores," which "were very much in the people's eyes and minds ... they talked and thought about little else, and…. [read more]

Organization Change - Leveraging Power Term Paper

… In the case that such cultural considerations are disregarded, there is likelihood that the proposed or impending change will meet a lot of resistance at the implementation stages.

3. Leadership and change

Leading change consists of eight distinct stages; establishment of sense of urgency, creation of guiding coalition, development of vision and strategy, communication of the vision, empowerment of employees for broad-based action, generation of short-term wins, consolidation of gains and production of changes and anchoring new approaches into the organizational culture (Burke, 2009). Most of the efforts by administrators, managers and executives to change the organization they lead do not often work. This can be due to the fact that it is difficult, often hard to make case for change especially in an organization…. [read more]

Managing Changing Managing Change Case Study

… The manager should therefore have a close and an understanding relationship with the employees in order to understand their personality and group them. This would help them in effecting change.

The aptitude of a corporation to act in response to changes amounts to its ability to have global fitness. The case study of Apple Inc. is an example of how the company's responsiveness to change has made it successful. Global business fitness at the Apple Company is evidenced by the ability of the firm to align its business strategies with the changing business environment. The organization is responsive to changes which constitutes one of its major sources of competitive advantage in the competitive electronics industry Carr et al., 2000.

The firm is able to prepare…. [read more]

Real-Time Language Change "The Moral Essay

… Using the past to understand the future becomes a key element of what real-time assessments have to offer (Turell, 2003:7).

In many ways, this approach is favored because it mirrors many of the techniques that quality social sciences expect to have value. Returning to groups or places many years later and looking at what they did is one way to achieve a level of authenticity, as might be turning directly to the same people who were previously studied. Sampling and replication studies where considered good models for this kind of review (Turell, 2003:8). But so too, if they could be found, would be actual data collection archives. These types of "dialect atlases" have begun to be uncovered, only to discover that the complexity of what…. [read more]

Leading Organizational Change in American Schools Research Paper

… Leading Organizational Change in America's K-12 Schools: A Literature Review

Creating positive changes in America's schools is a key responsibility of educational leaders. Researching best practices via the relevant scholarly literature can assist those seeking to manage and improve the learning environment in America's K-12 schools, in contributing to the creation of a thriving instructional atmosphere. By integrating the knowledge of 'what works best' into their curriculum planning and decision-making processes, educational leaders can help to bring about the positive changes that the American school system so critically needs.

Best Practices and Related Theories

Using various types of proven best practices will create a positive learning culture in which education for students (and teachers) becomes less of a chore and more of an adventure. For…. [read more]

Internet Changes Lives Research Paper

… Internet Changes Lives

How the Internet Changes People's Lives:

A Fantastic Story of a Once-in-a-Lifetime Discovery

How Internet Changes Lifestyles

The Internet technology revolution has been the single greatest story for the success of capitalism and innovation in the post-Cold War world. Beginning in the 1990s and until today, the Internet has affected nearly every human being on Earth, whether through his or her own direct interaction with it, or through the effect of globalization, which was expanded dramatically as a result of instant communication. Remote villages and islands that had previously been inaccessible by telephone lines are now patched into satellite television and Internet communications.

While there are many advantages to having an open communication channel to all the world's citizens, there are many…. [read more]

Change Leading Effective Public Policy Term Paper

… Merely being charismatic or having a big, striking idea is not enough: there must be technical competence and awareness behind the leader's proposal for pioneering, radical change -- and this is borne of education both inside the classroom as well as outside of it.

Confidence -- real confidence -- comes from competence, but the ability to achieve competence requires awareness of one's own potential. A confident person must be able to believe his or her career and education is worth investing in, and understands that that sharpening his or her skill set means that every day on the job is part of the active learning process. Doing what worked twenty years ago, even doing what worked yesterday will not necessarily work today.

The must also…. [read more]

Affecting Change at Smith and Falmouth Company Term Paper

… ¶ … Change at Smith & Falmouth Company

The Smith & Falmouth Company is currently structured onto three distinct levels -- web development, logistics and marketing. The Chief Operating Officer (COO) is in direct and constant relationships with the nine members of the web development and logistics teams. In terms of the relationship between COO and the marketing team, this is less intense. The Chief Operating Officer, in turn, is subordinated to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), to whom he must defend his decisions. Given the multitude of relationships and interactions within the internal environment of the organization, several managerial styles are implemented, including direct leadership or delegative leadership.

The Organizational culture promotes the necessity for everyone to dedicate its efforts to the competition of…. [read more]

Climate Change Everything Changes in This Era Thesis

… Climate Change

Everything changes in this era of rapid technological developments. More and better machineries are being developed to ease our everyday chores, but also to make our leisure time more pleasurable. Then, with globalization and market liberalization, organizations based their growth on the benefits of several countries' comparative advantage, most commonly cheaper resources. Customers now have a wide palette of products and services from which to choose those that best suit their needs. This advancement in all domains has not however been without side effects. The most important negative impact has been felt by our natural environment.

Some examples of the toll excessive industrialization has had upon the environment include: large corporations dump their waste in inadequate conditions and pollute the surrounding waters and…. [read more]

Leading Change for Patient Essay

… Lee et al. (2000) described the main medical services, Haywood-Farmer & Stuart, 1988 explained the fundamental features of medical service which included benefits, appropriateness, effectiveness to the patient and professional skills, Brown and Swartz, 1989 evaluated knowledge, level of training and expertise of the personnel which were discovered as another aspect to responsiveness, sympathy, dependence, assurance and tangibles in assessing the quality of the healthcare service. A four feature structure was presented by Choi, Hanjoon, Chankon, and Sunhee (2005) which included the staff concerned, the physician concerned, tangibles and ease of process of care and this structure exposed the characteristics of administrative, environmental, technical and functional quality (Buyukozkan, 2011).

A similar kind of scale was presented by Dageer et al. (2007) which completely assessed the…. [read more]

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