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Changing Role of Human Resource Research Paper

… e.

Employee Engagement:

Since employee engagement is a major priority for many organizations, majority of the organizations have stated that they currently evaluate it. Actually, there has been an emergence of a pattern in which the senior management perceives that human resource is influential on employee engagement. While the economic situation does not severely affect every aspect of employment, it has significant impacts on employee engagement. Generally, recession has contributed to stable employee engagement levels in some cases, while it has also decreased employee engagement in other cases. As a result, for human resource managers, the main challenge is ensuring that employee engagement remains high for all organizational operations to remain stimulated and carried out in light of the current challenges ("The Impact of the…. [read more]

Human Resource Management in International Essay

… In addition, personal or family issues amongst many employees have also been observed as one of the concerns of relocations, which eventually impact employee performance and productivity. Lack of training has also come under observation as one of the major contributing factors to expatriate failures (Harris, Brewster & Sparrow, 2003).

Another challenge that the studies has brought to the forefront with respect to international business is the technological advancements and innovations. Human resource management on international platform needs to be updated with the modern technological innovations in order to sustain competitive edge over others. This is due to the reason that information technology always streamlines the processes and facilitates the employees in being updated with the latest technological instruments (Cooke, 2003).

Apart from these widespread…. [read more]

Human Resources Management Research Paper

… They showed the same video every year, featuring a man at the front desk talking on the phone to a friend about their plans for the evening while guests stood patiently waiting to register. His back to the just arrived guests, he turned for a moment and said, "I'll be right with you," but from his conversation it was obvious he was talking to a friend about a party they would go to.

The HR person put the video on pause; "What's wrong in this picture?" she asked. Someone always immediately pointed out that front desk employee was unprofessional. But I always raised my hand and said, "The real problem is not the employee, but who hired him and who was responsible for training him?"…. [read more]

Human Resource Management Case Study

… The identity is one that is split between the work identity and the personal identity (Tracy, 2000). The question that can be applied in this case study is whether or not transforming full-time employment into part-time employment, the organization apply too much pressure towards balancing the individual's identify more towards the life side of things and lose thus their partial influence on the work side.

This is not necessarily a matter of whether the employee will give the same productivity performance when he is at home against when he is the office, although a discussion can be launched as to whether the employee is potentially subjected to distractions at home that do not exist at work. It is, however, a matter of whether he will…. [read more]

Strategic Human Resource Management (Shrm) Essay

… Managers given the HRM mandate to contribute in making strategic decisions are expected to have a familiar compliance to the legal environment (Pynes, 2009, pg 56).

The utmost purpose of an external legal environment is essential in an organization's human resource management as well to its practitioners. It is vital fro an organization to comprehend laws that regulate a corporation's human resource management actions. Managers given the HRM mandate to contribute in making strategic decisions are expected to have a familiar compliance to the legal environment and associate the experience to their professional expertise (Storey, 2009, pg 71).

Legal circumstances are perceived as a foundation on external environmental subsystems and should be directed towards comparative sectors of business such as HR. A firm is necessitated…. [read more]

Human Resources: Eastman Kodak Term Paper

… Human Resources: Eastman Kodak

In order to understand why the human resource function of a company is so important, it is necessary to understand the fact that many companies have, in recent years, been spending less time on human resource management and more time on finding more ways to make a profit. Because of this, there have been changes that have been made to the human resource function. One of the most significant changes that is taking place in the world today is outsourcing. This involves sending many of the company's jobs to other countries where the labor is less expensive and the work can get done for a lower cost. One company that has done this, and thereby changed the way that their human…. [read more]

Human Resources Contribution to Competitive Research Paper

… Increased Customer Satisfaction

Happy employees project a positive attitude, to which customers will respond well. Individuals with high job satisfaction will be less stressed and more motivated to manage customer needs. A good experience interacting with a company's staff will increase the likelihood of repeat business. Employees who believe their organization values their well-being, provides job security, and ensures that staff members have adequate knowledge and equipment to perform their tasks will reward their employer with loyalty and will be more likely to take ownership of their responsibilities. "An HR perspective that is both unique and powerful is one that establishes the linkages between employee commitment, customer attitudes, and investor returns" (Ulrich & Brockbank, 2005, para. 31). If the human resources team creates programs to…. [read more]

Human Resources Management Term Paper

… Human Resource Management

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) is a term used by the federal government to refer to employment practices that ensure nondiscrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion, color, national origin, physical or mental ability, medical condition, ancestry, or age. The standard behind EEO is that everyone should have the same entrance to opportunities. The purpose of affirmative action programs is to encourage fairness and address the effects of past discrimination in employment by supporting targeted outreach labors to attract underutilized minorities and women (Guide to Managing Human Resources, 2008).

Another purpose of affirmative action is to make certain that equal employment opportunity requires all federal contractors to take affirmative action to prevent discrimination in employment performs and to report on their progress.…. [read more]

Human Resource Management in Multinational Research Paper

… An environment that lacks resources limits the possibilities and effectiveness of employee training (Stahl, Bjo-rkman & Morris, 2012).

c. compensation

The position of a firm in the business cycle will determine how much the firm is capable and willing to give to the employees. For example, if a firm is a start up, possibilities are that it will pay more as it seeks to get the best talent into the company. In addition, most start-ups offer their employees Employee Stock Options where they can redeem their stocks after the lock period (Stahl, Bjo-rkman & Morris, 2012). States tend to have varying regulations pertaining to employee compensation and corporate institutions are obliged to ensure that their employees are compensated in accordance with the reigning laws are…. [read more]

Global Human Resources Management Term Paper

… (ITAP International, nd, p.1) Palthe (2008) reports "HR could also play a leading role in helping to define the values and associated norms organizations should foster in order to generate a corporate culture that fundamentally respects, promotes, and protects the human rights of all its stakeholders. For example, HR departments could proactively build performance management systems that incorporate human rights values and principles in their behavioral expectations." (p.6) Haile (2002) writes that due to the growth of international business operations that there will be a requirement of "… effective international human resource management (IHRM)." (p.2) International HRM is stated to involve "moving people around the world." (Haile, 2002, p.2) Therefore, the job of the HR manager is "to formulate and implement policies and activities in…. [read more]

Human Resource Management Class Focus Essay

… This change in the role of the employees have been due to a series of elements, such as intensifying competition among economic agents (for both customers, as well as the most talented staffs), or the increasing role of services in the detriment of manufacturing and agriculture. Within the United States for instance, nearly 80 per cent of all GDP contributions are generated by the services sector (Central Intelligence Agency, 2012). Subsequently, in a setting in which the economic agents were not selling material products, but services, the satisfaction of the customers (and subsequently the organizational revenues) was directly pegged to the quality of the service delivered by the employees. The staffs as such became critical in the attainment of organizational success and this led to…. [read more]

HRM-340- Human Resource Info Systems Essay

… Some suggestions as to what this HRM program could include refer to the following:

The hiring of a manager specialized on human resource management, rather than the assignment of dual roles to the operational manager

The training and assignment of local managers in the eight different locations of the restaurant. These individuals would be in charge of most HRM issues, such as hiring, answering questions and so on. When additional support is required, this would be received from the human resource manager in the restaurant's offices. This measure would also ensure a stricter control of the scheduling operations.

The implementation of a human resource informational system, which would help to decrease the cots with the HRM operations, as well as reduce their efficiency levels.

4.…. [read more]

Career in Human Resources Research Paper

… ("Choose a Career," 2008)

HR development personnel are involved in training and orientation. A few of the different functions they are emphasizing include: training sessions, administering on-the-job training programs, evaluating training programs and maintaining necessary records of employee participation in all training / development programs. These objectives are achieved by having actual workshops or taking employees on field trips. This allows firms to deal with issues such as: hiring and training everyone (which is streamlining their costs and resources). ("Choose a Career," 2008)

Total rewards are when there is focus on the benefits that everyone is receiving. This means that HR staff is concentrating on a number of areas including: analyzing job duties, writing job descriptions, performing job evaluations / analysis, and conducting / studying…. [read more]

Human Resources a Four Essay

… "

Of course, discharging/firing/terminating an employee is a delicate business. If the employer is in an "at will" state, then they do not have to have a reason for termination. But, the employee can still take any grievance to the labor board, so the employer should have had a rational reason for the action. The employee can also bring other action against the employer if it is a wrongful or biased termination. Another consideration for the human resource manager in this case is unemployment insurance. Different states have differing rules, and the employer must know their rights and inform the exiting employee of theirs. This is a potentially volatile situation and the employer should make every effort to make the transition a safe and smooth…. [read more]

Role of HR Human Resource Term Paper

… Additionally, effective manpower staffing requires that human resources make sure that an organization is not over-staffed as that may lead to a loss of revenues and efficiency, and creates workplace redundancy. To combat this risk, human resources must make sure that they employ competent workers. Furthermore, human resource management must clearly define what jobs entail to help prevent redundancy. Interviews conducted by human resources will further help to determine an employee or candidate's aptitude, achievements, and intelligence (Human Resource Management, 2011).

An employee advocated, one of the most important things that human resource management is responsible for is employee motivation. The evaluation of employees within an organization can be used to figure out to what extent an employee is motivated to perform his or her…. [read more]

Human Resources International Term Paper

… Its strong hierarchical, family-dominated culture propelled the company to global prominence. But as the company looks to defend its leading position in many markets, it adjusted its HR policies to retain employees and attract high-potential local managers. The company recognized that it must now design global HR policies to give important subsidiaries more authority and flexibility to adapt to local habits and business methods (Berger, 2012).

The strong demand for the limited supply of talent in emerging markets, such as China, India, Brazil and the Middle East, ratchets up employee turnover rates into the double digits. Retention is a major issue because many workers don't hesitate to trade jobs for what European observers would view as nominal salary or benefit improvements. In some Indian IT…. [read more]

Human Resource Planning (Hrp) Essay

… (Berger; Dorothy, 2004)

The loss or absence of these valued employees pulls back the organizational growth due to their disproportionately commanding effect on the present and future performance of the organization. To take an example, legendry Bill Gates admitted that even if twenty of the best people are taken away from Microsoft, the company will lose to be an important company. In the process of organizational development, once an organization puts its commitment to excellence, it will requires a thoroughly prepared human resources processes that binds together the important constituents of human resources planning and then links them to strategies, overall policies and finally action plans. (Berger; Dorothy, 2004)


Armstrong, Michael. (2006) "A Handbook on Human Resource Management Practice,"

Kogan Page Limited.

Berger, Lance…. [read more]

Human Resource Management the First Organized Employment Research Paper

… Human Resource Management

The first organized employment structures were formed during the Industrial Revolution, as mechanized work was introduced and the need for labor force in factories increased. From that point on, a massive process of urbanization was commenced and, through it, people moved from the rural to the urban sites in search for better lives. What they found was however not as fruitful as initially hoped. The first employment structures were exploiting the individuals by having them work long hours, in risky conditions, for miserable pay checks; by forcing women and children to do men's work and then underpaying them. Gradually, the first unions were formed and the rights of the employees began to shape. Today, the organizational staff member in developed countries is…. [read more]

Human Resources Dashboard Creating Human Resource Value Research Proposal

… Human Resources Dashboard

Creating Human Resource Value

People are the greatest resource that a company has in its possession. The ability to obtain, retain, and manage human resources has a measurable impact on the company's bottom line. Proper management of human resources can create considerable value for the company. People are an investment, and like any other investment; they must be managed so that their value can be maintained. In order to manage human resources effectively, goals must be established and benchmarking practices must be established. The following discusses the development of a dashboard to help manage human resources at a local hospital.

Human Resources as A Strategic Partner

Human resources is typically considered an operational activity, rather than a strategic one. However, human resources…. [read more]

Human Resource Management Essay

… These packages result in satisfaction, motivation and preservation of the employees in the organization (Youssef, 2012). Compensation is a mode of rewarding the employees for the work done. However, rewarding is only to employees whose efforts and talents aid them (employees) in achieving goals, objectives and performance expectations of their jobs. In addition, the employees contribute towards the attainment of organizational goals, objectives and competitive advantage. The recent developments in Human Resource Management link compensation to performance. Therefore, many Human Resource managers are developing performance-bases pay structures. This new introduction improves employees' performance as they work towards increasing their compensation package.

Rewards in the organization comprise; monetary rewards, non-monetary rewards and intrinsic rewards. Firstly, monetary awards include pay, bonuses and profit sharing. Pay includes salary,…. [read more]

Human Resources Managers From Three Term Paper

… Company number one

The HR department does not get a lot of input into how the department is run, and is essentially told to complete the required tasks (as set out be corporate) in an efficient a manner as possible. The main tasks for HR are to provide training and training schedules for the employees and track which employees are taking advantage of the provided training. The HR department uses a web-based information system that helps them track payroll and address payroll problems and helps employees when signing up for health benefits (which they are allowed to do immediately upon hire).

HR effectiveness for the first company was measured by how quickly and successfully the HR personnel respond to employee inquiries and the data on…. [read more]

Human Resource Management: Discussion Essay

… Recruitment and selection according to Werner and DeSimone (2011) is the basis for selection and placement decisions.

Compensation and benefits as yet another HRM function is concerned with the establishment as well as development of a wage structure and benefits package that can be regarded equitable (Werner and DeSimone, 2011). To spur optimal performance, an organization must amongst other things ensure that the compensation package it offers its employees is competitive. Employee (labor) relations activities on the other hand in the words of Werner and DeSimone (2011), "include developing a communications system through which employees can address their problems and grievances" (p. 9). Key issues in this case according to the author are contract negotiations and enhancement of relations with the relevant labor unions.

The…. [read more]

Human Resource Management -- Questions Research Paper

… 5. In your opinion, which of the HRM functions appears to be the most challenging to implement? Why? The most challenging HRM function to implement is recruitment. There are so many qualified people today, and with the electronic age, many more of them can find out about jobs at a particular company and apply for them. That makes the HRM department's job more daunting, and requires good filters to screen out particular people who are not right for the company. It takes time and effort to set up and maintain recruitment methods in a global society.

6. What difficulties would an HR executive face in assessing and then communicating the contribution of his or her area to the company profit margin? Most often, the profit…. [read more]

Human Resource Management Workers Case Study

… Chapter #6: Recruiting and Labor Markets

Case: Recruiting at KIA

Question #4: Explain how utilizing the Internet, like Kia did and other employers do, is changing how recruiting efforts are occurring for a variety of jobs in employers of different sizes?

* Different organizations are applying internet in the recruitment process since it saves time and incurred finance. It enables a larger base for application in cases of larger companies making it easier for the human resource management quicker screening process. This is to assist in the elimination of the unqualified applicants. Firms have been in the long run applying social network to enable the recruitment process easier especially in finding out of the recruitment related requirements (Mathis & Jackson, 2010).

Chapter#7: Selecting Human Resources…. [read more]

Human Resources as the Global Thesis

… The author lists some reasons for building a learning organization that seem obvious on the surface, but at second glance make good pragmatic sense. The skills needed by individual employees before transitioning into a learning environment for an organization include: being able to leave "old myths" behind and move forward; being understanding of the organization's culture; finding a way to multitask effectively, to change speeds when necessary and to find human and relax when needed (Agarwal).

Most people like to believe that have the skill sets necessary to be effective, but by Agarwal's assessment, there are challenges for even the most efficient, alert employee. Can you insulate your "hot buttons and fears" and remain smoothly, unemotionally connected to your tasks? Can you put yourself in…. [read more]

Human Resources Proposal the Total Reward Model Research Proposal

… Human Resources Proposal

The Total Reward Model: A New Paradigm in Employee Motivation in Technical Fields

Research in employee motivation has focused on which methods result in the most effective means to stimulate employee motivation. Until this point, the body of research has focused on the study of single methods and their effectiveness on employee motivation. For instance, research has focused on pay, benefits, job satisfaction, and employee review as a means to motivate employees. This research approach led to the conclusion that different types and methods of employee motivation led to different results, depending on the personality and individual traits of the employee's personality. Now, a new paradigm has entered into the field of employee motivation. This approach is the total rewards approach. This…. [read more]

Human Resource Management in the Viable Setting Reaction Paper

… Human Resource Management

In the viable setting of the economy, human resource management along with the increased modern movement has become an important issue for the effective running of any business. Human resource management developed from the idea of personnel management and personnel management came from manpower planning. The reflection of the alterations that have taken place in managing human resources has led to changes in strategic HRM. These reflections of the HRM system have jointly led the way for the emergence of strategic human resource management. SHRM has become critical in achieving a company's extended objectives (Evolution of Human Resource Management, 2009).

Progression of Personnel management started during the 19th century. During this period there was an explosion in industrialization which has led to…. [read more]

Changing Role of HR Management the World Research Paper

… Changing Role of HR Management

The world of business today has a dramatically different face than as little as 50 years ago. Technology and ethics have changed along with trends such as globalization, increased diversity and e-business. Today, business is about far more than a bottom line and surviving financially; it is much more complex. Indeed, surviving financially has become dependent on many other aspects, including the public perception of the company, its ethics, and its labor environment. How these elements work together to create sound business practice has become the changing face of Human Resource (HR) management.

According to Grantham and Hook (p. 1), the role of Human Resources have shifted from a passive paradigm of compensation, benefits and compliance to one of proactive…. [read more]

Human Resources Even the Most Rigidly Unwilling Term Paper

… Human Resources

Even the most rigidly unwilling organization can be persuaded to change via its human resources needs. A lack of adequate human resources also means a lack of profit. Profit is a very important part of business for any company, and the motivation to make profitable changes is high. Human Resources are what drives a company towards its goal. The employees of a company perform the actions that are either profitable or contribute to the company's loss. Certainly any company, even those who are unwilling to effect change, will see the wisdom in adjusting human resources towards the company's maximum benefit. Indeed, the very survival of a company could be dependent upon an effective human resources department.

In restructuring and reengineering an organization, human…. [read more]

Human Resources What Motivates Term Paper

… Human Resources

What motivates you as a person?

What is the difference between a leader and a follower? Why do you see yourself as a leader?

What are the qualities that make a stellar manager, as opposed to merely a competent and loyal employee?

The workplace is increasingly diverse. Do you believe that this diversity makes the workplace stronger, weaker, or does not change things very much at all?

How would you mediate a personality conflict between two employees? When would you mediate the conflict yourself, and when would you seek outside help?

Imagine you had the ability to design an ideal, new employee orientation. What sorts of activities would you include? What would be the most important thing that you would stress to incoming…. [read more]

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