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Channel Management B2B Marketing Essay

… Although, the Atlantic Computer was the largest player in the computer industry with 30-year of selling high quality servers, however, the company was facing a stiff competition from Ontario Computer. Typically, Ontario Computer focused its market effort on low-end server market. Unlike Atlantic Computer, majority of Ontario Computer's sales were generated online, and overview of Ontario business model reveals that the company focused on operational excellence.

A list of alternatives

Jason Jowers contemplated on different pricing decision, and the first strategy was to identify "an exemplary customer from the most viable segment in discussing his proposed pricing strategy." (Sharadwaj, Gordon, 2007, P 3). Thus, Jason considered the following pricing strategies:

Status-quo pricing,

Competition-based pricing,

Cost-plus pricing,

Value-in-using pricing.


The report recommends that the company…. [read more]

Channel Management B2B Marketing Essay

… PPCo's selling to OEM, distributor, commercial distributors, and large distributors was the main cause of the gray market. The 5.25 floppy drives price competition had forced them to the seller at the same price. This option will allow them recap profits over time because the product offered at lowest realized gross margins will enable the introduction of products into the market.

The post analysis of the recommendations is that if each of the methods outline above would serve effectively to hundreds of customers buying in small but aggregate accounts. Eighty percent of the drives are sold to OEMs, with each customer buying a million dollars a year with the rest being sold over six hundred accounts. With the constant emergence of EOMs, PPCo must be…. [read more]

Channel Structures Assessing the Effectiveness Essay

… The fact that branding has become an essential aspect for any company's social media strategies also supports this aspect of its contribution to profitability (Melo, Galan, 2011). Branding and global advertising campaigns are best managed as part of a global integrated marketing communications (IMC) strategy that have quantified goals as every other area of the marketing mix of a company (Kim, 2010). By having this focus on the contributions of branding and global advertising campaigns at a measurable level their impacts can be easily attributed to one type of program or platform decision vs. another, tying back to the effectiveness of a given social media strategy for example. All of the attributes of branding and advertising campaigns serve also serve as catalysts of activity throughout…. [read more]

Channel Management Strategy for Edible Greeting Cards Research Paper

… Channel Management Strategy for Edible Greeting Cards

Edible greeting cards need to have a hybrid distribution channel that includes the traditional components of greeting cards, yet also capitalize on where consumers choose to purchase gifts and chocolates. Studies of consumers who are the most brand- and product loyal indicate they rely on multiple channels in making their purchasing decisions and choosing when and were to buy (Lee, Kim, 2009). This has been shown across many different product categories and underscores the criticality of the edible greeting cards having a well-define multichannel-based strategy.

Multichannel Management Considerations

In defining the channel management strategy for edible greeting cards, it's critical to focus on having a balance of in-store retail and online channels that can compliment each other. Online…. [read more]

Channel Management and B2B Marketing Essay

… Both these alternatives have their own advantages and disadvantages which the company has to evaluate in order to decide its future roadmap in the selling and distribution divisions (Rangan & Scott, 1994).

c. Recommendations:

The Management of Lotus Development Corporation is completely struck between the interests of two different stakeholders that are also indirect competitors to each other. If it chooses to close its personal selling division, it will have to lose the strong customer relationships which its 90-person sales force has built with individuals and corporate clients over the years. On the other hand, if it shows favor in the interests of its sales force, its dealers and distributors will switch to its competitors in order to safeguard themselves from the risk of poor…. [read more]

Coach Channel Management Analysis Essay

… Due to this affluent and highly loyal customer base, Coach can afford to operation 169 department store shop-in-shops that are based on alliances with Japanese department stores (IBIS Research, 2012). Un addition the company has over two dozen factory stores in Japan and over a dozen factory stores in Hong Kong, Macau, and mainland China.

The following is an overview of their current distribution channel strategy:

Coach Inc., SWOT Analysis

Coach continues to be successful in a highly commoditized industry due to the following strengths, and the unique approach the company is taking to address weaknesses and threats. The opportunities are also very significant for the company, which could easily lead to Coach being over $5B in revenue by 2015 according to financial analysts' forecasts…. [read more]

Ballard Communications Channel Term Paper

… Communication elements

Ballard will place an emphasis on formal communication channels that enable it to disseminate information in a rich and complex fashion.

Advertising: On a formal level, Ballard's primary method of advertising will be to deploy its website in a strategic fashion to persuade potential clients that its technology can generate value for their organization; informally, Ballard can advertise its services via 'word of mouth,' as clients within different industries witness the benefits of its green technology amongst competitors (Communication channels, 2012, Exploring Business). Websites are inexpensive, once designed, and effective in their broad outreach.

PR: Public relations outreach is achieved primarily through an information rich, data-driven approach. Ballard uses information about its past successes and current innovations to demonstrate to clients its commitment…. [read more]

Pricing Strategy and Channel Distribution Essay

… So theoretically if a customer used two servers for file management with an Ontario system then this could be replaced with one Atlantic server running the PESA tool. The price for the two servers from Ontario would be $3,400. If you subtracted the cost of one Atlantic server from this amount then the balance would be $1,550. This is what the price is recommended to be charged for the PESA tool.

Sales professionals would be able leverage the value of the tool for the file sharing segment fairly easily. If the upfront costs were roughly similar then the customers would most likely consider other issues to base their decision upon. Since the Atlantic system would also provide countless other benefits such as savings in licensing,…. [read more]

Channel Strategy for Kudler Fine Essay

… At the same time, the imported merchandise (through free trade agreements) will give the company a viable option of offering competitive products. When you put these different elements together, this means that Kudler Fine Foods will be able to address the challenges of rising prices, by offering a wide range of foods to consumers.

These environmental factors would have an effect upon the organizational choices that are made. As they could have an impact upon domestic spending in Korea, which could cause some of the higher priced items to see lower sales. As a result, the actions from the different governmental entities and the policies that they are using will have a direct effect upon how quickly the business is able to grow in Korea.…. [read more]

Distribution Analysis Report Channels Essay

… As the business model for Erb Asia is to initially sell entirely over the Internet and eventually branch into supporting a multitier distribution strategy that includes distributors, dealers, resellers and partners, the needs of channel partners is critical for the long-term success of any marketing strategy. For Erb Asia to grow into a globally-based brand, they will eventually need to also rely on distribution channels for the majority of their revenues as well. All of these factors are the most critical characteristics of their business, and the specific needs of their channel partners are discussed in this section.

Erb Asia needs to concentrate on how to make their resellers and channel partners successful over the long-term by concentrating on three distinct phases of the marketing…. [read more]

Sales Channel Comparison Consumer Essay

… Costco uses this scarcity concept to motivate customers to buy the high-end furniture and electronics products especially (Hu, Chuang, 2009). All of these factors contribute to the urgency to buy even if a customer doesn't necessarily need the quantity needed. Costco has this down to a science and can predict across its demographic segments that will buy what level of products and spend how much per trip (Hu, Chuang, 2009). In addition to this approach of scarcity vs. abundance on product selections, the company is a heavy user of the customer experience for marketing. The pervasive use of samples throughout the stores is a case in point (Wu, 2010).

The cost of a yearly membership is worth it. The coupons and deals deliver a good…. [read more]

Internet Marketing Strategy Essay

… " (European e-Business Market Watch Case Study, 2011) Argos has been known since the 1970s for innovative use of technology with computer systems affecting Argos retail functioning since that time. ICT has been used in monitoring Argos stock levels and in recognizing market trends early on for avoiding "stock out situations." (European e-Business Market Watch Case Study, 2011)

Argo has an electronic point-of-sale system, which have resulted in higher levels of accuracy in financial transactions. Communication has been impacted greatly by new technologies at Argos affecting how Argos communicates with its suppliers and its customers. Argos collects feedback through various channels of communication and is reported to have "implemented an innovative system of regular customer feedback sessions in which customers are invited to attend 'open…. [read more]

Distribution Channels Assessing Dell Essay

… Dell benefits significantly from having a multi-channel distribution system as their product strategies are so diverse, product lifecycles so varied in depth and complexity, and they serve a diverse array of customers. The best multi-channel distribution systems are those that allow a company to tailor their unique value proposition to the needs of a given market while still retaining their core strength in innovation and thought leadership (Frazier, 1999). Dell's greatest costs are in coordinating on the high-volume, low-margin products that they are most famous for. The laptops and desktop PCs rely on a strong horizontal market system for brad distribution. Dell's costs in this area include price protection on the existing inventory, significant costs for training and detailing of retail stores, and heavy costs…. [read more]

Distribution Channels I Email File Essay

… They will also be given other incentives such as bonuses for each time they beat targets Dent, 2011()

EndovileTire Solutions will also set up regional offices to help divide the country into sales territories. These will be headed by regional managers who will be in charge of developing dealerships and increasing brand recognition and awareness. For key areas, area managers will also be appointed. They will be based at the company's regional office and area offices will be opened as the company's sales grow in specific areas.

Variations in distribution by target market

Since EndovileTire's market targeting focuses majorly on a top down mechanism, targets will be set for each target market based on prevailing conditions and the potential that the market has. These targets…. [read more]

Fashion Channel Was Established in Mid 1990s Case Study

… ¶ … Fashion Channel was established in mid 1990s and its success was immediate. It addressed mostly women interested in fashion topics and had the competitive edge of offering unique selections of programs. In time however, other players within the entertainment industry have recognized the ability of fashion TV to make money and they begun to offer the respective services, significantly increasing competition in the field. Today, The Fashion Channel remains one of the preferred stations of fashion passionate viewers, with above the average ratings, but a reputation and performance that are overshadowed by competition. Given this status quo then, the managerial team has reluctantly decided to implement the process of organizational change. Despite their reticence with fixing something that is not broken, survival in…. [read more]

Advertising on Specialty Channels Term Paper

… ¶ … advertising on specialty channels. Discuss how both large national advertisers and small local companies might use cable TV effectively in their media plans.

Specialty channels have made it possible to more precisely segment prospects for a product or service based on their specific interests. Specialty channels attract highly unique and differentiated audiences, many of which share common demographic and psychographic profiles, making advertising on these channels the most efficient approach to reaching specific prospects of interest. Compared to the national channels that have a very wide demographic base that requires a correspondingly broader message, specialty channels offer large national advertisers and local companies alike the opportunity to reach more precisely defined audiences with more focused messages. These specialty channels then a much more…. [read more]

Distribution Channels Term Paper

… Distribution Channels

Wal-Mart's Impact on the Toy Industry

The toy industry is experiencing premature market consolidation due to the pricing, distribution and marketing strategies and influences of Wal-Mart. The low cost retailers' approach to competing aggressively on price specifically over the holiday season continues to have significant financial impact on Toys-R-Us profitability. Following Thanksgiving, Wal-Mart has in the past launched an aggressive loss leader campaign to capture the majority of holiday toy sales every year. This strategy has been very successful for Wal-Mart, and is considered by many industry and financial analysts to be one of the reasons for Toys-R-Us has lower sales and profits. Competing aggressively on price and availability of a select set of toys every holiday season, Wal-Mart directly impacts the manufacturers…. [read more]

B2B Marketing the Distribution Channel Term Paper

… B2B Marketing

The distribution channel is "the route by which a product or service is moved from a producer or supplier to customers. A distribution channel usually consists of a chain of intermediaries, including wholesalers, retailers, and distributors, that is designed to transport goods from the point of production to the point of consumption in the most efficient way." When we speak about Cycles Lambert, we speak about one of the largest bicycle parts distributors in Canada. They have a strong policy and their main aim is to "offer the best value, selection and quality of cycling products" to all bike dealers in the country into one-stop shop distribution center. Although they started as simple retailers, since 1984 they have been focusing on the distribution…. [read more]

Marketing Channels and Methods Term Paper

… "What is the right strategy to follow in a highly competitive market in which demand is relatively flat?" stated one executive recently. "The answer for us is to identify what our niche is in the market. For us, it is producing ... hamburgers." Healthy hamburgers! (Collins, 2002) Stressing return traffic for those hamburgers is an acknowledgement that McDonald's "fries and soda are where the fat [profit] margins really lie," for fast food companies -- but that does not have to mean fat consumers! (Munarriz, 2003)

Core Strategy

A value proposition is a clear statement of the tangible results a customer gets from using a company's products and services (Konrath, 2005). McDonald's has always offered its customers financial value, in the form of cheap, tasty food.…. [read more]

Multi-Channel (Ussd, NFC,2D Barcode RFID,,WAP) Essay

… According to FDIC (2009), one of the main variable in the level of attractiveness of the existing mobile payments in nations where a large number of the population is unbaked is the convenience of mobile payment gateways. This is because they can act also as mobile phone-based micro-finance systems.

In the United States however, it is never the phenomenon of mobile phones that will make mobile payment systems to be embraced. Rather, it is the number of Smartphone users that will spike its growth. This is the reason why our system is a futuristic one that embodies all smart technologies that are all readily available in the existing and future Smartphones. According to a recent PEW study two-thirds of young adults as well as individuals…. [read more]

Organizational Behaviour This Report Focuses Essay

… These values determine to a great level how individual put their psychological energies into action. The outcomes of these can either be negative or positive (Dean, 2011). Further, they can advance beyond the group level and affect the relationship between different groups in organizations. The correlation between these values and those instituted at the corporate levels of the organization, to a large extent determine how operations are accomplished within the workplace and how goals are achieved within the same. In light of such group dynamics, managers within organizations are required to put into consideration certain factors in order to oversee and facilitate group performance. Different approaches can be used by management in achieving this end. These include actions like, the establishment of appropriate communication channels,…. [read more]

Media Focus Article Review

… Media Focus

Will the Televising of Executions Act as a Deterrent to Potential Offenders?

The death sentence is one of the more controversial aspects of law. Equally controversial is the way in which it is handled; in the U.S. It is behind closed doors, with only a few people, including the victims' families, able to witness the actual execution. For each execution there will usually be the applications of television channel to broadcast the event, but to date this has not been permitted by the U.S. courts. The execution which came the closest was that of Timothy McVeigh in June 2001, when there were arrangements for the use of closed circuit television to accommodate the large number of people from the victims' families who wished…. [read more]

Marketing Response There Are Several Significant Advantages Term Paper

… Marketing


There are several significant advantages of using qualitative measurements in marketing research. The most significant is the ability to capture the voice of customers that may have evaded the more structured, numerically-based approaches that force respondents to provide a specific set of answers. Qualitative research can also lead to entirely new insights into a new market or service that has not been seen in the past, given the open-ended questions inherent in this approach to research. Qualitative research techniques also can be used to capture the shared knowledge of experts as well, as the Delphi Technique is so well-known and used for. Capturing the tacit expertise and knowledge of a specific group of thought leaders can also be accomplished using qualitative techniques as…. [read more]

Communication Technologies Term Paper

… Communication Technologies

Rapid advancements in the field of Information Technologies have completely shaped the way we communicate and interact with the people in our society, social circle, workplace, and the outside world (Ruff). Through a variety of modern communication mediums, we are largely exposed to what is happening in our external environment (Picot, Reichwald, & Wigand,73). The super-fast internet, social media networking sites, blogs, television channels, radio, cell phones, and newspapers are the top communication channels widely used around the world (Costigan & Perry, 319). These channels make a huge flow of information 24 hours a day; keeping everyone highly open to the comings and goings in the world. The flow of information that comes from a variety of communication channels is considered to have…. [read more]

B2B Marketing What Role Do Buyers Term Paper

… B2B Marketing

what role do buyers and prospective buyers play in the development of new products? Give an example of and industry where they play a significant role.

Given the highly synchronized nature of companies selling products and services to one another, where products to have be precisely created to integrate with another company's machinery or processes, the role of buyers and prospective buyers is critical. These two groups, buyers, who are existing customers, and prospective buyers, who are potential customers, both have a major influence on the design, development and manufacture of B2B-oriented products. The processes by which companies gather and analyze their customers are collectively called Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs and they are specifically designed to capture the unique requirements of…. [read more]

Williams Sonoma Case Study

… Williams Sonoma Case Analysis

If the Williams-Sonoma continues with its present strategies and objectives, where will it be in 5 years?

During the timeframe of the case study, Williams-Sonoma is creating a multi-channel-based business model that lacks the level of integration between online and brock-and-mortar stores to scale profitably. While the sales are increasing quickly for Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn and outlet stores, there is little evidence of online buying behavior driving in-store purchases. Worse yet, there is no indication that the high-end stores in their business are enjoying greater sales as a result of their e-comemrce sites. Without a concerted strategy to drive greater upsell and across channels, Williams-Sonoma will eventually end up being two or more companies. This is exactly why the industry they…. [read more]

Smart Phone Pricing and Distribution Essay

… All pricing tactics need to underscore the need for communicating value as a platform and pervasive communications device first, with the series of applications supported and available due to the decision on using the Android operating system being mentioned second.

Legal and Ethical Issues of Pricing Tactics

The unethical and illegal traps marketers at times fall into with regard to pricing decisions include pricing fixing, price discrimination, and predatory pricing. All of these practices are often the result of companies facing severe price competition and a lack of product differentiation to the feature level. Choosing a value-based pricing strategy can help to alleviate the circumstances that lead marketers to engage in price fixing with competitors or engaging in price discrimination. Predatory pricing often occurs in…. [read more]

Pricing Strategy and Distribution Build-To-Order Marketing Plan

… As opposed to other approaches to defining pricing, this approach is equitable to each channel member and member of the value chain. There is also less room for price discrimination and fraudulent transactions when this is approach is used compared to more complex and challenging pricing schemes.

Distribution Channel Analysis

There will be a multichannel distribution channel strategy developed for the Eleftria netbook, as the build-to-order strategy can scale across indirect channel partners, online product configurators, and value-added resellers. The customization capability of the Eleftria netbook is ideally suited for a multichannel strategy as well. The following is an overview of the Eleftria Netbook distribution channel strategy. This channel strategy is deliberately designed to support multiple channels while also creating the opportunity to sell the…. [read more]

Branding Pricing and Distribution Research Paper

… Mochalicious: Branding, Pricing, And Distribution Marketing Plan

The objective of this study is to create the domestic and global product branding strategy for Mochalicious coffee and to determine and detail the optimum pricing strategy. This study will examine how pricing strategy supports branding strategy and prepare a distribution channel analysis that identifies the wholesaler, distributors and retailer relationships including any e-Commerce. This study will also discuss a push or pull strategy and justify the rationale. Finally, this study will discuss how the distribution strategy fits the product / service, target market, and overall marketing strategy for the company.

Domestic and Global Product Branding Strategy

The work of Cooper (2010) reports that there is an emergence of a new generation of global brands. It is reported…. [read more]

Mcdonald's Australia the Characteristics Essay

… McDonald's has found that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs that show through stories and examples how they as a corporation are working to be more eco-friendly help the company to gain new customers across cultures more effectively than if they used just price or features to promote themselves (Vignali, 2001). The emphasis on CSR initiatives and the development of localized programs to foster education around eco-friendly and healthy foods has been very effective in the U.S. And throughout westernized nations (Arndorfer, 2005). The focus on learning and education has also significantly assisted the McDonald's brand in gaining global traction and becoming trusted by parents (Smith, 2007).

What McDonald's does exceptionally well is create multichannel strategies that are solid and stable enough to create marketing programs…. [read more]

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