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Chemistry Pre-Labs Lab Report

… Measurement and Density Determination

Measurement is a critical tool that must be applied in an experimental science such as chemistry. The values are measured using the metric system, a common standard among scientists of the world, with the basic units being measured in multiples of ten. The basic units are different for each type of measurement; mass is measured in grams, distance in meters, temperature in degrees, and density in mass per volume (grams per liter). In each case the equations and measurement needs to have a corresponding unit associated with it or the measurement loses its meaning. In addition to this, the measurement precision and significant figures need to be careful considered. A measurement should be made to the number of decimal places specified…. [read more]

Polymers and Absorbency Lab Report

… Thirsty Polymer That Lives in Diapers

Polymers are a class of chemical compound materials made up of a chain of repeating structures (commonly referred to as monomers). These repeating structures occur both in nature and can be prepared synthetically. (Strobl, 2007) Common natural polymers are DNA molecules and cellulose, the basic building block of any tree or plant. One particularly interesting category of synthetic polymers is called polyacrylate. This material is commonly used now in disposable diapers and is known for its ability to hold up to 30 times its own weight in water. The particular type used in diapers is formed by mixing sodium salts with polyacrylic acid to form sodium polyacrylate. (Buchholz, 1994) as it is used in close proximity with humans, this…. [read more]

Chromatography the Purpose of This Experiment Lab Report

… Chromatography

The purpose of this experiment is to observe/demonstrate one technique for separating mixtures or compounds we find in the world, and to understand the principles behind this technique. This knowledge and experience provides insights into the scientific method and some of the knowledge derived through this method of empirical investigation.

Much if not most of the world we interact with is made up of mixtures or compounds, from the clothes we wear to the drinks we imbibe to the fuels we put in out cars. Sometimes it becomes necessary to separate the individual constituent parts from each other and identify them and their quantities, for a variety of reasons. Chromatography is a broad set of techniques that enable this separation and identification by using…. [read more]

Separation of Powders Lab Report

… Separation of Powders

The purpose of this experiment is to test the solubility of salt and sand in water, and determine whether or not salt is soluble, sand is soluble, or both sand and salt are soluble.

What is solubility?

"The solubility of a substance is the amount of that substance that will dissolve in a given amount of solvent. Solubility is a quantitative term. The terms soluble and insoluble are relative. A substance is said to be soluble if more than 0.1 g of that substance dissolves in 100 mL solvent. If less than 0.1 g dissolves in 100 mL solvent, the substance is said to be insoluble or, more exactly, sparingly soluble." (Rogers, 2000). In order for a substance to be considered soluble,…. [read more]

Grant Proposal for Computers and Software Term Paper

… ¶ … Reading Comprehension Among Middle School Students (Grades K6-K8) in Title I Programs - Grant Proposal

Project Summary/Introduction

The purpose of this project is to increase reading comprehension among middle school students (grades K6-K8) in Title I programs at XYZ SCHOOL by providing high quality, engaging content through a mini classroom lab using interactive software from Plato Learning. These Title I students face challenges in developing vocabulary, locating and recalling information and reading for meaning and critical analysis.

Many research reviews have found evidence of a positive association between use of discrete educational software (DES) products and student achievement in reading (Murphy, Penuel, Means, Korbak & Whaley, 2001; Kulik & Kulik, 1991; Kulik, 1994; Fletcher-Flinn & Gravatt, 1995; Ryan, 1991). These findings reveal that…. [read more]

Artificial Intelligence What Is AI? Term Paper

… It has yet to impress the people that really count: financial officers, corporate treasurers, and the like. This is quite understandable, however; who is willing to sink money into a system that they do not understand? Until a track record is set for chaos, most will be unwilling to try, but to gain the track record, someone has to be the first to attempt to understand 'it'; the "catch-22."

The chaos theory can be useful in other places, as well. Kazuyuki Aihara, an engineering professor at Tokyo's Denki University, claims that chaos engineering can be applied to analyzing heart patients. The pattern of the beating heart changes slightly and each person's pattern is different (Ono 41).

Considering this discovery, a Japanese data processing company has…. [read more]

Biotechnology Business Focused on Charles River Laboratories Term Paper

… Biotechnology Business Focused on Charles River Laboratories

The biotechnology industry is relatively new, but is has been responsible for some of the most important scientific discoveries that have benefited humanity to date. A concomitant to these contributions by the biotechnology community, though, has been the increased use of animals that are bred specifically for this purpose, a practice that has been roundly criticized by animal rights activists and the general public alike in recent years. Despite these criticisms, though, the use of animals in scientific experimentation is a highly regulated practice, but even these safeguards fall far short of providing any ultimate protections for laboratory animals and calls for an end to the practice continue today. Nevertheless, laboratory animals are big business and the industry…. [read more]

Personal Statement I've Had a Life Tougher Term Paper

… Personal Statement

I've had a life tougher than most. A woman born and raised in Afghanistan, I have been a refuge more than once. In pre-Taliban Afghanistan, I eagerly finished high school with a clear and decisive career objective: to become a pharmacist. When I was still in grade school, I thrived in chemistry classes. Because of positive personal experiences with medicines and pharmaceuticals in general, I had no other dream than to pursue pharmacy as a career. Before the Taliban came to power, such a dream was realistic for a young woman, and I did not foresee that political situations might somehow prevent me from fulfilling my goal. I entered pharmacy school in Kabul, a freshman with eager eyes and an energetic heart on…. [read more]

Redefining Health and Safety in Educational Institutions in the Republic of Mauritius Research Proposal

… ¶ … Republic of Mauritius has progressed rapidly in some areas of economic and social development over recent years, there are still areas that have been failed to be addressed sufficiently as this study will demonstrate. This study is qualitative in nature having been conducted through an extension review of literature. Findings in this study include the fact that The Republic of Maritius has implemented health and safety regulations in schools and that this includes an operational food control system for ensuring health protection of consumers and that the food control system has four primary components and specifically those of: (1) food legislation; (2) the administration; (3) the enforcement; and (4) the supporting bodies. (Subratty, Chan, and Kassean, 2008) It is related in the work…. [read more]

Physician Essay

… Personal reasons for practicing medicine

When I was growing up, all the little girls I knew wanted to be movie stars; all the boys wanted to be professional athletes. I, however, always wanted to be a doctor -- I even insisted on wearing scrubs for Halloween one year. As I grew older, my interest in science and medicine deepened. I know that when I come home from work every night that I will have made a difference in the lives of people in a meaningful way. I do not want to come home from a desk job with the same routine: every patient is an individual, every case a different experience. Medicine unites my interest in humanity with the scientific, logical way I approach the…. [read more]

Gender Gap and Science Term Paper

… Gender Gap and Science

For quite a number of years researchers have delved deep into the gender equity in science, engineering and technology educational programs. These studies have utilized for interalia raise the consciousness of gender discrimination; convey regarding policy decisions; as also as a drive to tackle instances of gender discrimination. At the moment there is paucity at the national level of computer scientist, engineers and programmers and its effect has fallen badly on USA. The Commission on the Advancement of Women and Minorities in Science, Engineering and Technology Development reports which indicate that in spite of the growth in science, mathematics, and technology jobs, the representation of women in both the jobs is less. The jobs which are marching the fastest are exactly…. [read more]

Laboratory-Based Practical Work Undertaken Assessment

… This can overestimate original values. Other methods for creatinine estimation include the enzymatic method. This method requires a smaller sample size and is faster. (Kanagasabapathy & Kumari, 2000)


C reactive protein, CRP, is an acute phase reactant. This protein is produced by liver in response to ongoing inflammation in the body. The measurement of CRP is not specific for SLE and is produced in a variety of other inflammatory disorders, such as infection, myocardial infarction, inflammatory bowel disease, malignancy or other connective tissue disorders. A positive result for CRP provides evidence for SLE if there are other clinical features present that are specific for the disease. The measurement of CRP is more valuable when trying to decide whether the disease is active…. [read more]

Pharmacy My Personal Statement of Purpose Term Paper

… Pharmacy

My Personal Statement of Purpose: Why I want to be a Pharmacist

To be an effective pharmacist, an individual must not simply possess a sense of personal interest in the scientific aspects of the medical field. A pharmacist must also be a compassionate and concerned human being. An effective pharmacist must be willing to extend a patient ear to the concerns of the individual seeking appropriate medical advice regarding his or her medication.

A majored in biochemistry in college and excelled academically, except for my senior year, due to difficult family circumstances. I was and a member of the Golden Key International Honor Society. Thus, my passion for medical and pharmaceutical science is evident from my resume and my transcript. But I am also…. [read more]

Bpd Is Related to Secure Attachment Term Paper

… ¶ … Bpd Is Related to Secure Attachment


Overview of Borderline Personality Disorder

Diagnostic Criteria of BPD

Overview of Attachment Theory

Summary of Literature Reviewed


The objective of this work is to write a critical review of the literature about borderline personality disorder (BPD) from an attachment theories perspective. This work will contain references from Bowbly, Ainsworth, and Main in the discussion of secure vs. insecure attachment. Insecure attachment will then be researched regarding insecure attachment as a contributor to BPD. It should also discuss the potential benefits of viewing BPD from an attachment perspective in terms of prevention and treatment of the BPD.

Introduction…. [read more]

Future of DNA Testing Research Proposal

… Future of DNA Testing

The Beginnings of Genetic Identity Testing

DNA fingerprinting

Genetic identity testing establishes the patterns of genetic material, which is specific and unique for almost every human being.1 The sequence differences between individuals are used as basis for identity testing. The techniques applied are DNA fingerprinting, DNA profiling, and DNA typing. Identity testing in crime investigation began with the analysis of the ABO blood group. Later, it proved useful in identity and paternity identification. But two decades ago, Professor and geneticist Alec Jeffreys of the University of Leicester in the UK found and introduced DNA-based identity testing.1

DNA is deoxynucleaic acid, the hereditary material in the nucleus of the human cell, according to the Department of Health and Human Services.

DNA analysis…. [read more]

Science Definitions Term Paper

… Science Definitions

Science is a varied and dynamic issue and term, within it there is a sense of many definitions and variations on a theme of mans' unique ability to reason in a manner that is at least limitedly influenced by emotion. The term "science" means many things to many people and different things to nearly everyone, with the general undercurrent that "science" is a respectable inquiry-based process of human discovery. The history of science is relatively infinite, beginning with the very first human question about how things, the world, the universe and society works yet what we think of as Science today is directly associated with the development of naturalism and its emphasis on observational standards for the discovery of the truths about nature…. [read more]

Enviroprop Business Proposal

… Enviroprop

The following project is proposed in order to promote awareness by citizens towards the environment; on-going field trips and summer camps conducted by concerned environmentalists, scientists and instructors. These excursions will be offered to students from Baltimore schools that will be grouped by ages and interests. These groups will then spend the bulk of each day of the camp exploring forests, swamps, the ocean and lakes as well as spending time in a camp laboratory and classrooms.

Educational materials will be provided for each student, as well as hands-on experiences including; water testing for salinity, pH., turbidity, water temperature and tides, as well as crab tagging, investigating plankton, fish feeding behavior, humidity, acid rain, hot and cold convection, currents, under pressure, salinity in soil,…. [read more]

Listening to Everyone's Stories, the Prejudice Powerpoint Essay

… ¶ … listening to everyone's stories, the prejudice powerpoint tour and reflecting on your own behavior and attitudes.

Discrimination is something all people come across during their lives and its intensity varies depending on the environment one lives in. Being part of a single parent family, from an Ecuadorian one living in the U.S., from an Asian community in the U.S., and basically having any kind of features associated with a group in particular are elements which can predispose a person's differentiation. Nonetheless, the fact that a person is discriminated does not exempt the respective person for displaying a biased behavior toward other individuals.

Society teaches people that it is likely for other people to behave similar to those in the community they frequent. People…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Program Essay

… That said, the criminal justice program still sees the old building on Amsterdam Avenue as a beacon or headquarters: this is the building with the antiquated architecture and small classrooms which acts as a living symbol of the integrity and history and values of the institution.

The communal spaces that the new building provides cannot be underestimated. "The Office of Student Life creates an environment where students can explore their interests, leadership, civic engagement, cultural diversity and spirituality. It offers a wealth of opportunities to become engaged on campus" ( Alliances between students help to build strong student organizations which can help students to launch their careers, work well together and to make new discoveries in the field, essentially helping them to help each other…. [read more]

Goal-Setting and Task Performance Term Paper

… Spieker and Hisz's (2004) study centered on similar objectives as Strickland and Galimba's study. In their study, the authors also found out that those (undergraduate) students who have specific set of goals have higher efficacy in terms of task performance compared to those who did not have specific goals upon the accomplishment of the task. Another important implication of the study is that the authors showed how a comparison of previous and present goal-setting among students further increase the chances of "repeated" efficacy in the tasks they seek to accomplish.

Works cited

Spieker, C. And V. Hinsz. (2004). "Repeated success and failure influences on self-efficacy and personal goals." Social Behavior & Personality: An International Journal, Vol. 32, Issue 2.

Strickland, O. And M. Galimba. (2001).…. [read more]

Leadership Skills Impact International Education Term Paper

… However, many people do not understand what leadership is and how it applies to the school environment. In their 1997 study of visionary companies, James Collins and Jerry Porras define leaders as people who "displayed high levels of persistence, overcame significant obstacles, attracted dedicated people, influenced groups of people toward the achievement of goals, and played key roles in guiding their companies through crucial episodes in their history."

This definition is very much in line with the definitions currently used for school leaders, although this definition has changed in recent years (Education Week, 2004). Until recent years, most research assumed that leadership did not have to come from the school principal (Riordan, 2003). The realization that improving instruction requires shifts in the behavior of school…. [read more]

Career in Medicine Term Paper

… My areas of interest, however, are not only confined to patient care. I found my work in the lab, viewing the results of blood tests to be quite fascinating. It never ceased to amaze me how so much about a patient's condition could be revealed by a simple prick, by a simple drop of blood. The knowledge I gained through my studies at my university seemed to have more relevance and immediacy with the experiences I had at the medical center. I hope to have a similar and greater sense of awakening when training as a physician.

My other areas of work in the medical field were similarly varied and instructive. At the emergency room of Gottlieb Memorial Hospital in Melrose Park, IL, I gained…. [read more]

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