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Chicago Politics Research Proposal

… Chicago Politics: Change for the Better Has Taken Place

"The central city is by far the dominant municipal jurisdiction within the [Chicago] region, and for most local officials across Cook and the five 'collar counties' beyond, the direct benefits of Chicago globalism are difficult to discern" -- Larry Bennett, "Community Power Applied: Chicago's Engagement With 21st Century Globalization."

Viewpoints expressed recently reflect that notwithstanding some encouraging signs to the contrary, Chicago -- and by implication Illinois -- is still a place where political power plays and corruption rule the day. This skepticism has been fueled by scandals involving the governor and other individuals in the Chicago area. It seems that dramatic positives and highly publicized negatives are part of the political landscape in big cities,…. [read more]

Politics on War Research Proposal

… Politics of War - Kennedy and Nixon Administrations

The Kennedy administration decided in 1961 not to assist the Laotian government through military intervention, though President Eisenhower had advised him that Laos, and not Vietnam, was the hotspot in Southeast Asia. Kennedy backed a diplomatic settlement that brought to power a neutral regime. For a candidate who had cast a hard line during the campaign against the communists, this seemed like a pretty soft touch.

Then, in April 1961, Kennedy approved and was humiliated by one of the most disastrous military defeats in American history -- the failed attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro in the Bay of Pigs invasion. Several months after that, he was bullied by the Soviet premier, Nikita Khrushchev at their Vienna, Austria…. [read more]

American Politics in the U.S Essay

… Other characteristic of institution that shapes the politic power groups of U.S. society is the way the institution is changing. The institutional change is sticky as well as, episodic rather than being continuous. Once the institution is established, it becomes so difficult to change it again even if the social forces continuous to evolve. This is because, it rely upon arguments to account for persistence of the institutional characteristics. One is simply that, the institution shapes the group by creating privileges positions mainly for individuals who work hard to perpetuate the institution even if the interests changed (Prothero, 2006).

The demographic and institution also shape the political power of groups in U.S. society through the economic growth. The economic growths in U.S. shape the incentives…. [read more]

Aristotle's Politics According Term Paper

… In such a system of politics, the majority elects the ruling and the ruling that lays a system that establishes laws for the governance. In this way the freedom of the citizens is ensured as the governance is in the hands of the ones who are chosen by the citizen. But on the other hand it is a semi-aristocratic state where the command and authority is in the hands of few people who rules the system. Hence, one aspect of democracy is proved. Now let us look at the other aspect of democracy and that is the citizens are free to live as they desires. I have a small contradistinction relative to this second aspect and that may lead to my opinion against the pure…. [read more]

Gender and Western Art: Gentileschi, Picasso, Chicago Essay

… But it is worth noting that, unlike older models for a war memorial, Lin is here reincorporating the domestic element: what is included here is a roll-call of names of the dead, the sort of thing that would be put together on the home front by those receiving news that their son had been killed in action. Beyond that, however, Lin's work is remarkably understated -- it effaces grandiose gestures in an effort to register quiet grief and gravitas. It is therefore suited to the contentious Vietnam conflict -- which ended ambiguously, and was conducted under vigorous domestic protest in America -- insofar as it does not heroize or glamorize the dead or the conflict in which they died. Instead it seems like a public…. [read more]

International Competitiveness Politics and Policy Essay

… International Competitiveness, Politics and Policy


As Thomas Friedman clearly states in the Lexus and the Olive Tree, globalization is not just a trend. Globalization is not just a trend that countries or companies may choose to follow or not to follow. Globalization is the system that replaces the former system that was ended by the Cold War.

Countries and companies have no choice but to go with the flow, to stand in line, otherwise chaos would probably emerge. Globalization changes the relationships and interdependencies across the world, whether one takes into consideration economics, politics, or culture.

The effects of this process, called globalization, are various, they can be direct or indirect, they can be positive or negative, and they can produce effects on general…. [read more]

Politics and Religion Term Paper

… Politics and Religion in Medieval Europe

This work will research the Christian Church during medieval life which was the center of the individual and community life. The major political figure during this time in history was the pope. This work will provide a very detailed description of this circumstance of life. The culture was consumed by their religion and political life, and individual's salvation was a major worry. A precursor that gave the landscape of medieval politics was the fall of the Roman Empire.

The Medieval Period, commonly known as the 'middle ages' was a period of approximately 1,000 years in European history. This period is also referred to as the 'Dark Ages' because during this time western Europe was tormented by barbarians resulting in…. [read more]

Politics and Civil Rights Term Paper

… Politics and Civil Rights

Booker T. Washington

The White advocates of equality were surpassed by the forces of reaction being fatigued by the efforts and divisions of the Civil War and Reconstruction and the longing for the country to reunite and the destiny of African-Americans was left to the individual states. Most of the states associated with restrictive laws those imposed segregation of the races and the second-class status of African-Americans. The courts, the police, and groups like the Ku Klux Klan all compelled such discriminatory practices. The African-Americans reacted in varied modes. (We Shall Overcome: Introduction)

Booker T. Washington was considered as one of the most influential African-Americans at the turn of the twentieth century. Booker T. Washington became a pioneer in black education…. [read more]

Machine Politics Term Paper

… Origins of Machine Politics - by Amy Bridges

Arguments: Which do the book make? Are they successful? Author Amy Bridges makes several strong arguments in her book, and she makes them believable. She is a well-researched writer, and it comes across to the reader that she is not speculating about her subject, she is making assertions based on her research and scholarship. For one, she argues that in order to understand the dynamics of antebellum urban politics, one has to first understand how class enters into the picture. This is a different approach from other historical works that sought to explain how machine politics got started in America; Bridges mentions that the instability of national political parties (including the collapse of the Whigs) in the…. [read more]

Georgia Politics Researching Congressional Delegation Research Paper

… 437). In 1994, he ran unopposed during the primary and then beat Democrat Craig Mathis by 63% in the general election. To protect his state's interests, then Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, handed him two key committee assignments, Armed Services and Agriculture.

Sen. Chambliss first sought a seat in the U.S. Senate in 2000, but House Speaker Hastert convinced him to stay by offering the possibility of securing a seat on the Budget Committee (Barone and McCutcheon, 2011, p. 437-438). The promised committee assignment fell through and Chambliss entered the race for a senate seat in 2002. Even though this seat was held by a 'favorite son' of Georgia, Max Cleland, who had lost two legs and an arm in Vietnam, George W. Bush…. [read more]

Politics Affect the Outcome Essay

… ¶ … politics affect the outcome of the Vietnam War?

Political wrangling between lawmakers in the United States initially prolonged the war in Vietnam, making it the longest war in American history, second now only to the Persian Gulf War, before bringing it to a bloody close in 1975. Certainly, all wars are political but Vietnam was special for a number of reasons, including the fact that some authorities suggest that U.S. armed forces placed their own "bureaucratic survival ahead of U.S. national interest" in ways that also prolonged the conflict and added thousands of additional names to the Wall in Washington.

Indeed, Brisson, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, emphasizes that, "The military bureaucracy's relationship to the political administrations demonstrates that concerns for domestic…. [read more]

Canadian Politics Term Paper

… Canadian Politics

Canada is a nation that is comprised of ten provinces and three territories. Those provinces and territories span five regions: the Atlantic (Maritime region), Central Canada, the prairies, the West Coast and North (DeRocco 2009, 61). Every province in Canada works with Canada's federal government to make sure that Canada is progressing nicely; however, each of these provinces, it must be noted, has its own government. There is one question that plagues Canadian society and politics: Should Canada become a republic or retain its constitutional monarchy? While there are many arguments out there for keeping the status quo, there are just as many arguments that can debunk pro-monarchy assertions -- for example, most developed nations have moved past the archaic concepts of nobles…. [read more]

World Politics Essay

… ¶ … Politics

The crumbling of the former communist block and the ending of the cold war had led people in thinking that the world would become safer. The cold war had been regarded from the realist politics corner as having had the motive of forming a balance between the two greatest powers in the world. The liberals, on the other side, believe that the balance in the world would be kept with the help of the institutions created by the U.S. with the purpose of maintaining an economical balance within all the countries in the world.

With the ending of the cold war the realists had been somewhat discontented because of the fact that they regarded the conflict between the two world-superpowers as being…. [read more]

Chinese Acquisition of Nuclear Weapon Research Paper

… ¶ … Chinese acquisition of nuclear weapon, which may cause national security threats against the United States, is a matter of much concern. The research addresses the following research question:

What are the national security reasons for the U.S. involvement and political strategy in discouraging the implosion of a nuclear war with China?

The research question is important to address because recent Chinese modernization of nuclear weapons may lead to act of aggression on the United States. With potential destructive nature of nuclear weapons, it is critical for the U.S. To formulate appropriate foreign policy in discouraging the implosion of nuclear war with China since U.S.-China relations have been cordial in the recent years. More importantly, the research question is important to address because of…. [read more]

How Is the Politics of Difference in Nursing Socially Constructed and Maintained? Essay

… ¶ … Politics of Difference in Nursing Socially Constructed and Maintained

The politics of difference and nursing

The significance of the politics of difference

The issue of diversity and the 'politics of difference' have assumed an important and compelling part of modern discourse in many fields and disciplines. This interrogation of difference extends along the axis of culture, ethnicity, gender, race and many other trajectories of diversity in modern society. As Colleen Varcoe (2004) states;

Diversity is a broad yet powerful idea that encompasses the ideas of difference and complexity. Multiple forms of diversity are important in nursing and health care, yet it is often only "cultural" diversity that comes to mind and commands attention. (Varcoe, 2004)

Vaecoe makes the important point germane to any…. [read more]

How Far Do Globalization and External Relations Impact on South Korean Politics Essay

… ¶ … globalization and external relations impact on South Korean politics?

External relations affect and change South Korean politics and its position toward the United States in so far that it may come to contradicting terms for some important issues. The way the United Stated chooses to handle its relationship with North Korea is influencing the political class made mainly of the 368 generation.

South Korea's most important foreign relation, that with its neighbor North Korea went through a series of changes due to two main factors: South Korea's enormous economic advancement since the 1960s and North Korea's downfall. The two opponents changed in economic potential in a reversed proportion. The Bush administration chose not to continue in the spirit of increased cooperation between the…. [read more]

American National Security Term Paper

… American Military Security: The Dangers of Using Hard Power Alone

Almost everyone is familiar with what political scientists call 'hard power.' Its definition is almost self-evident. However, according to strategic theorist Joseph Nye, leaders who solely focus on compellence or military and economically coercive power do so at their peril in the new geopolitical environment. Such leaders of nations are, in his words, one-dimensional thinkers in what is now inexorably a three-dimensional game of international bargaining. A better, more subtle and potent form of influence is that of soft power, the kind of power that is extended through less obvious uses of the term. When nations wish to exert influence over other nations, Nye asserts, although the first and most obvious recourse might seem to…. [read more]

Rationalist Theories of International Relations Essay

… Instead, one must briefly examine what is usually meant when rationalist theories use the term "rational," because upon examination, it becomes clear that for many in the study of international relations, the "rational" choice actually means the most obvious, and a simple explanation will help to demonstrate the danger of this position.

As Hill notes, how rationality is defined has a huge effect on the subsequent analysis of decision-making, so understanding the altogether limited conception of rational provided by rationalist theories of international relations will help to point out the first danger which arises from them. In rationalist theory, nation states are generally though of as selfish entities in much the same way that human beings are generally considered, such that every nation state will…. [read more]

Counting the Dead the Culture and Politics of Human Rights Activism in Columbia Essay

… Counting the Dead

The work Counting the Dead: The Culture and Politics of Human Rights Activism in Columbia by Winifred Tate, offers the reader a core sense of the cultural, political divergence of ideologies of Human Rights and stresses that unity is the essential goal as divergence proved disastrous for many and frequently stifled progress in Columbia with regard to Human Rights development. The work is exhaustive in its depiction of the various key figures in the Human Rights movements and stresses the nature of the lives they led but more importantly the ideas they espoused and how those ideas were supported or rejected by others.

The publishing house that supported Tate's work to completion details that the works timely nature has to do with…. [read more]

Ideology Essay

… "These are left to the judgment of the reader and should not necessarily place a burden on the journalist to report both sides of the story. Instead they should be open to reporting both sides if the opportunity presents itself, but not an obligation" (1991). A comment related to Affirmative Action that supports this claim is "The minority group that has received the most aid through AA are white women" states Sturm and Gunier (2005). Such a remark reported by a journalist does not require a rebuttal unless one is presented according to Eagleton (1991).

Another example from former President Lyndon Johnson who instituted AA gave the following discourse on the topic, "there are unforeseen forces, at work in educating our young people. "The ability…. [read more]

John Locke's Political Theories Term Paper

… Locke

One of the single most influential characters in the history of nation building is John Locke. His theories and writings demonstrate a basis for support of actions that had already been taken to eliminate monarchical rule as well as in the development of doctrine for new nations that came from such changes. This work will be a summation of the three foundational principles associated with Locke and his works; social contract theory, natural rights theory and Locke's express concerns regarding the need for the separation of religion and state. Most of the concepts regarding these three theoretical motivations can be found in Locke's seminal work, the Second Treatise of Government though the First Treatise on Government, (in which he discusses the falsehood of divine…. [read more]

Thinking Through Queer Forms and Politics on the Film v. For Vendetta Term Paper

… Film Analysis: V for Vendetta

The 2005 motion picture V for Vendetta, directed by James McTeigue, is a melding of histories, the past, circa 17th century, the "gun powder treason," rebellion featuring a single man against the government who was apprehended, hanged till dead but the "idea" could not die. Now, 400 years later, once again a man's rebellion against the government, in London, no longer a cosmopolitan city, but now a city in a country that has resorted to extreme social oppression in order to control its population. It is a world that has seen America fall to its knees, post plague, post war, now a "leper colony." Following that introduction, the scene switches to Roger Allam as the television evangelist Lewis Prothero, reminding…. [read more]

Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt Research Proposal

… ¶ … Presidencies of Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt

Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt were both presidents that changed the American presidency through legislation and actually made the presidency more powerful by doing so. Through legislation, both men illustrated how the power of the president can extend beyond 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and extend into the cities and towns across the country. Wilson and Roosevelt were able to pass many measures that allowed them to govern legislatively like no presidents before them. Both men had different ideas in mind but both men made giant steps in directing a new path for government to travel down. Government became bigger and more powerful under the leadership of these men, changing the role of the president forever.

Woodrow Wilson…. [read more]

Parties and Party Systems Essay

… 161). Mass populous support exists in both examples and drives political participation and populous voting, to determine the "platform" which will dominate the control function of the party (Sartori, 2005, p. 224). This popular support is reciprocal to governmental control and influence, in other words the popular support is fed by the perceived power of control and is the basis to some degree of that very control, through voting and economic support by members and non-members in agreement on issues.

Out of necessity mostly in response to funds needed especially for major election races as well as to maintain continuity and momentum in the party creates internal mechanisms to control infrastructure and funding. Funds are necessary for the party to function in and out of…. [read more]

Holocaust Politics Totalitarianism's Controversial Notions Term Paper

… In a philosophy later expounded upon in her work The Human Condition, Arendt believed that human beings had created ideological and technological machinery that subsumed the labor and the citizen's individuality to such an extend that the individual no longer had any control over his or her own destiny -- rather than human-created machines of factory and governance had domination.

Now, one became a laborer, nor a human being, and a German laborer, and then a Nazi German following Hitler specifically. Human beings were no longer even members of the international communist movement, but only Stalin's man or woman, and part of the machinery that politically and economically sustained the state apparatus of USSR.

The Origins of Totalitarianism also alleges that the concrete and positive…. [read more]

Realism in International Relations Term Paper

… The two theories can be combined in some ways to provide guidance vis-a-vis specific relations between states or blocs. Yet for the most part the two theories are rooted in divergent beliefs about human nature and sociology. Ideally, a sound international relations policy uses both theories at different times and in different circumstances.

In some cases, neo-realism offers a more effective approach to international relations than neo-liberalism. States that are hostile to one another, whose diplomatic ties are tenuous or whose core policies prove irreconcilable, should work within a neo-realist framework. For example, the United States and Venezuela may need to approach each other within a neo-realist framework instead of a neo-liberal one. The core economic, political, and social policies at work in each state…. [read more]

Party Machines and Immigrants Term Paper

… 2). Helping politicians get elected and stay in office is part of what big city bosses did in the past, and in this area little has changed as well. For instance, Hamilton adds that, "[Lopez] had a lot of control over nominations and in Brooklyn -- in most of Brooklyn still today -- if you get the Democratic nomination that is tantamount to election. As a result, he had a lot of influence over elected officials" (para. 2). As an example of his significant political clout, Hamilton cites the election of Christine Quinn to the position of council speaker due to the intervention and support of Lopez in 2005. According to Hamilton, "Lopez was one of the leaders that supported Quinn, and he leaned on…. [read more]

Art and Politics "Light Being Essay

… One of the values of the American spirit was certainly practicality and as a result this was embodied in its architecture. The city made the most efficient and effective use of its resources to promote growth and expansion. This was eventually explained in terms of evolution which was made popular by none other than Charles Darwin and his theories of natural selection. Americans had opportunities for economic and social mobility that were not available to other countries. However, to achieve this mobility people had to be creative in regards to their practicality and functionality. The best designs were the ones that produced the most efficient and effective use of both resources and time towards organizational or societal goals.

Other societies had very different goals however.…. [read more]

Discourse Analysis Politics Research Proposal

… Linguistic Politics and the Reinforcement of Social Power Hierarchies

Discussion of language and how it functions socially. This section is meant to stimulate the readers interest and will raise the critical questions which my paper addresses.

Language has the potential to be a deeply powerful instrument when wielded to political, social or hierarchical interests. Distinct power structures are implicated in the nuances of linguistic communication, from the selection of words to the semantics of context; from the seemingly simple colloquialisms which reflect cultural in-groups and out-groups to the complex interactions between differing linguistic traditions; from the imposition of a set of normative cultural terminologies to the construction of meanings centered on certain inherencies within a culture. Indeed, must is as stake in the way our…. [read more]

Urbanization Chicago Case Study

… Urbanization

Chicago has from its beginnings been a city of immigrants and migrants. In the early days, these were German and Irish immigrants. Around the turn of the 20th century, large waves of immigration from Eastern Europe rolled in made up of Poles, Jews and Ukrainians. The era of World War 1, the 1920s. World War 2 and the post-war period saw a migration from the southern United States of poor whites and blacks to work in the smokestack industries located there. The 1960s, 70s and 80s saw a large emptying out of the city (largely by the white population) as the city deindustrialized. In the 90s, this was mitigated greatly by the service industry boom and the city was a magnet again for people…. [read more]

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