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Chicano Studies Segregation Helped Form an Intense Term Paper

… Chicano Studies

Segregation helped form an intense cultural exchange between different ethnic groups in 1940s Los Angeles, mostly because the ethnic groups all existed in the same basic area, which means they attended the same schools, shopped in the same stores, and socialized in the same clubs and restaurants. Of course, this was not always the case, but it occurred enough to crate true cultural exchange and social relations among the many different immigrant groups converging on Los Angeles and other U.S. cities. They were determined by the segregation of ethnic minorities from the white communities, and they have continued to form youth identity, as these communities tend to continue to exist, even after segregation ended, but discrimination and misunderstanding continued.

Ethnic boundaries are the…. [read more]

Utilizing the Law for Latino Empowerment Thesis

… Latino Empowerment Through Successful Legal Challenge
1. Case Description
Moments of legal empowerment and critical social reflection are often
incited by an intensification of the negative conditions demanding these
impulses. This has been especially true in the context of America's
challenges to resolve its own racial identity. During the 1930s, America
was in the throes of an intense reactionary abuse of its immigrant
populations, which came to a head in the so-called Lemon Grove Incident.
Here, Caucasian parents residing in the California region from which the
incident draws its name objected to what they perceived as a dramatic
influx of Mexican children in their schools, and to the detriment of their
children. Thus, they complained that "the Mexican children were so
deficient in English in…. [read more]

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