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Children Need to Play Not Compete Book Report

… Children Need to Play, Not Compete

A century ago, children were considered "little people," and treated accordingly. Play was for the very young child; once a child was old enough to work or help on the farm the child was put to task to help in whatever capacity the family needed. In the contemporary world, however, the concept of childhood has evolved. Children are expected to live in a world of happiness, wonder, socializing, and exploring -- all designed to prepare them for adolescence and adulthood. Part of the way children learn is through the concept of play, which is essential for the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of children (Ginsburg, 2007). Play, though, can take on many attributes, some of which may not…. [read more]

Child Abuse and Neglect Are the Child Protection Services Protecting Our Children Term Paper

… ¶ … child abuse from all angles to try to understand what we as a society may be doing wrong, and also what we may be doing right to help the young victims of child abuse. What part does the Child Protection Agencies play in protecting our children? Are the States laws helping or hindering the process? I will present research data, which will show the increase of child abuse from year to year. Additionally, the discussion will review the history of child abuse, tracing the changes in the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, and discusses the challenges that are faced today by the child protection system.

Child abuse and neglect has been a topic of discussion for many years. In recent years it…. [read more]

Child Observation Term: Winter, 2014 Essay

… The teacher offered assistance when John struggled with his cognitive tasks. She also provided instruction to the group of children as a whole and to John particularly. Finally, she encouraged interest and motivation in John by helping him calm down after his temper tantrum and offering assistance in writing his name.

Vygotsky's main belief was that children are a type of apprentice. In other words, they are influence by older and more skilled members of their social world. By this idea, young children learn by guided participation, or with the help of mentors to have social experiences and exploring their universe.

John's cognitive development is enhanced by placing him within a social group with his peers, with the guidance of teachers. Guided participation opportunities are…. [read more]

Child Abuse in Literature Essay

… David never got the services he, as a child needed.

Particularly, David experienced severe physical abuse, "another blow pushes my head against the tile counter top. I let the tears of mock defeat stream down my face as she storms out of the kitchen, seemingly satisfied with herself" (Pelzer 1993, p.4). According to chapter 5 of Crosson-Tower (2009), physical abuse of a child is an occurrence described through consideration of total social context with emphasis on certain aspects. Physical abuse as a result of an intricate web of variables, factors and attitudes, "Physical abuse is behavior that results from a complex web of attitudes, variables, and factors" (Crosson-Tower 2009, p.102). While it is not easy to predict correctly, which family is abusive, anger, stress, annoyance…. [read more]

Child's Play Term Paper

… Child Play

Different Play Behaviors in Indoor and Outdoor Play Amongst Members of an Early Childhood Educational Group

One of the major issues facing modern Western society, especially within the United States but increasingly in Europe and other industrialized nations as well, is a growing prevalence of obesity among both children and adults. The evidence for this can be seen all around -- sizes sold in standard stores have increased, news stories regarding new airline policies stemming from irate passengers that could not fit into a single seat became quite common for a period, and the number of diet plans and weight loss products has also noticeably increased in recent decades. A major industry has been built out of feeding people to the point of…. [read more]

Child Safety the Safety of Children Term Paper

… Child Safety

The safety of children is a great priority among parents. Every day the media demonstrates just how bad things could go in a worst case scenario. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, over 778,000 individuals go missing nationwide -- eighty percent are children under eighteen (Associated Press, 2009). It is no wonder why parents are consistently monitoring their children. Any slight distraction could lead to a potential danger. While sitting at a children's play area at the mall, I was able to observe the numerous parents interact with their children. Most importantly, I was able to closely watch how well these parents monitored their children in a public space.

The first parent I chose to observe was a mother who was there…. [read more]

Child Clinical Intervention Term Paper

… Nonetheless, the behavioral changes of sexually abused children might provide an indicator.

Behavioral Warning Signs A Child May Have Been Abused

Any one sign doesn't mean the child was abused, but several of them mean that you should begin asking questions

Nightmares, trouble sleeping, fear of the dark, or other sleeping problems.

Extreme fear of 'monsters'.

Spacing out at odd times.

Loss of appetite, or trouble eating or swallowing.

Sudden mood swings: rage, fear, anger, or withdrawal.

Fear of certain people or places (e.g., a child may not want to be left alone with a baby-sitter, a friend, a relative, or some other child or adult; or a child who is usually talkative and cheery may become quiet and distant when around a certain person).…. [read more]

Children and Television Over Time Thesis

… This strategy can be combined with Hoffman's third approach which encourages parents to watch programs with their children. Watching movies or programs with children helps in offering guidance where it is required. It is important to note that when children watch television alone without any adult guidance, they are more likely than not to arrive at their own conclusions regarding scenes and/or themes presented in the movie. For instance, in movies with significant levels of violence, the parent should explain to the child the acts of violence in real life are unacceptable. This is important so as to ensure that children clearly distinguish between acting and real life. Indeed, in the opinion of Hoffman (1996), parents should ensure they discuss scenes which appear objectionable with…. [read more]

Child Temperament Term Paper

… Child Temperament

Temperament can be defined as behavioral inclination rather than behavior itself. Temperament, according to the temperament theorists is a natural and steady basis of later development of personality (Cicchetti; Toth, 1995). Although the theorists have the same opinion that formation of temperament is in the initial stage of life, yet they have different vision about what can be considered as temperamental components. According to Goldsmith temperament is the manifestation of primary emotions. He persisted that emotions give a tendency to the behaviors and psychological processes (Cicchetti; Toth, 1995).

On the other hand, Goldsmith, Buss and Plomin define limited temperament as negative emotionality like distress. In addition, they included negative emotionality as sociability and activity for instance cadence, vigor or behavioral arousal. Whereas, Thomas…. [read more]

Children in Foster Care Term Paper

… Children in Foster Homes

Children have an entitlement to safe, stable, and nurturing families. However, to most children, this is a dream that is yet to come true, since abuse and neglect has become part of lives of a significant number of children. Because of abuse and neglect they are subjected to children are quite often denied their fundamental entitlements. The state often intervenes and put such children under foster care. Some of the children put under foster care at later stages realize that foster is not a safe haven. This has been the reason behind children drifting from one foster home to the next. These children have however; remained optimistic that they will one day find a permanent home (Bass, Shields, & Behrman, 2004).…. [read more]

Children's Safety on the Internet Essay

… For example, on page 219, Liau reports that while 86% of parents insist they don't allow their children to give out personal information, only 49% of children surveyed say they have actually not given out personal information online (219). Also, while 61% of parents assert that they have strict rules about Internet use, just 38% of adolescents reported that their parents set down rules about online / digital use (Liau, 220).

Teachers can make Internet Safety part of the Learning Environment

Barbara Endicott-Popovsky writes in the peer-reviewed journal Teacher Librarian that there are five important steps teachers can take to ensure online safety. Those five are: a) using safety curricula from which has "a wealth of tools" for setting up school Internet safety programs;…. [read more]

Child Soldiers of Sierra Leone Research Paper

… Child Soldiers of Sierra Leone

Childhood is supposed to be a time for innocence, the only time in a person's long life where their cares are allowed to be limited to the enjoyment of life and to the education they receive in school. This is supposed to be the time where they are allowed to indulge in the activities that bring them joy and to develop into the adults that they will one day become. It is not the time when they are supposed to be forced into the world of the adults and to perform actions which will prohibit any chance they have of becoming normal individuals as they age. However, for a large number of very unfortunate young people, childhood is cut short…. [read more]

Child and Elder Abuse Essay

… However, he later on admitted that he had indeed molested the victim. The accused claimed that he chose to take advantage of the old lady as he was fully aware she was blind and therefore couldn't identify him. Hall in the words of Hollingsworth (2013) "was charged with sexual battery and lewd and lascivious battery on an elderly person."

Forms of Abuse Involved in the Cases Above and their Impact on Victims

In the very first case (i.e. case 1), the form of abuse is child neglect. Neglect in the words of Starr and Wolfe (1991) "is the failure to provide basic necessities for the child that may or does result in damage to the physical, emotional, or intellectual development and well-being of the child."…. [read more]

Unstructured Play and Child's Development Research Paper

… This requires a review of the current child education curriculum to incorporate effectively the child development needs putting too much emphasis on educational needs. The policy on child education needs to enforce the need for the child's exposure to unstructured play and come up with advocacy programs. The advocacy programs should target to enlighten parents and school administrators and child caregivers on the need and benefits for unstructured out-door child play.

Community leaders and policy makers should take up initiative to set aside community playgrounds amidst the growing scarcity land areas due to developments in housing. The policy makers and the community leaders should also take up measures that will guarantee safety within these grounds for children to utilize them. The need to encourage parents…. [read more]

Children, a Boy Term Paper

… The first child and the fourth child were most likely the ones selected to use strategic memory devises. They did not make any motion to play with the toys, as the other two children did. Moreover, the fourth child, the girl in the dress, actually pointed and systematically counted all the objects and later declared that she was "ready." This indicated that she was provided with some kind of instructions for the exercise. The first boy also seemed quite serious in his approach to the exercise, as he stared intently at the objects. Adults, let alone-six-year-olds, would be more likely to at least touch some of the objects unless they were told not to.

The second and third children, on the other hand, actively played…. [read more]

Child and Adolescent Counseling Golden Case Study

… She also drew a secret tunnel that had a hidden picture. While playing through the secret tunnel, he asked St. Thomas to ask her various questions. She made the list of questions her self and all were related to loneliness and fear. Most of the time Kathy used to answer in a babyish voice that St. Thomas concluded as the voice of Kim. During her drawing sessions, she used to make critical statements. The boy and the blue birds she drew were only because she did not want to feel alone. Her use of colors (specifically pink and yellow) allowed her to express her conflicts and feelings. Her paintings and drawings portrayed Kathy as an adult.

Throughout the therapy process, the art materials helped her…. [read more]

Integrating Children With Autism Article Review

… The children are the future, and even children who have severe handicaps can have purpose and can receive joy. With that in mind, it was concluded that the ability to play with other children had an effect on the quality of life of the handicapped children. (Schleien, et al., 1987). These children were also more likely to feel happier and avoid inappropriate behavior if they felt more accepted by their peers. The way that they were treated by the other children made a difference in how they reacted to stimuli and how much they cooperated with one another and with the other children. Additionally, it also affected how they reacted to instructions and rules, and how they felt about being told to do something or…. [read more]

Religion Good for Children? Faith Thesis

… The process of raising a child with religious awareness or practice is a relatively difficult process for parents without a particular religious practice. However, these parents can experience a seemingly easy process through showing respect for religious customs while informing their children about sections that don't seem relevant to the family. With regards to religion and children, it's important to note the religion appears to be relatively comforting to children since it provides some stability that is acceptable by kids in the ever-changing world.

Is Religion Good for Kids?

According to the findings of a recent research, religion is good for children because of the numerous advantages it provides to kids. Based on this study, children with parents who regularly engage in religious services and…. [read more]

Child Obesity Research Paper

… ¶ … child obesity is and what are the causes that have contributed in the past years to its spread. It also gives many references and explanations on adverse health impacts as well as negative mental impact upon children. In the end, several preventive measures have been given as suggestions including psychotherapies to help children alter their negative thinking resulting due to obesity.

In present world, priorities have greatly shifted from one to many. What makes up a person now has collectively a large number of factors than what it had few centuries ago. One of the things that have changed in these times is the way people eat. Alternatively, more clear to say, the way people eat to live. Just as how many things…. [read more]

Children's Drawing Ability and Cognitive Essay

… Drawing ability, even as operationalized by the CDAT, remains highly subjective based on a number of potential confounders, including the small number of participants involved in this study. Interpreting this small number of results will therefore limit the generalization of these findings, but the outcome should serve to confirm or refute, at least in a general way, the study's guiding hypotheses.

. Summary and Conclusion

The research showed that researchers have identified a relationship between children's drawing ability and their cognitive development and that the Clark Drawing Abilities Test can be used to evaluate this development in young learners over the age of 10 years, including the convenience sample of 10 participants described in the methods section above.


Braswell, G.S. & Callanan, M.A. (2003).…. [read more]

Basis for Child Support Obligations Essay

… ¶ … Child Support Obligations

Generally speaking, child support law argues that the behavior of the parent or guardian makes them have child support obligations. Traditionally, child support obligations were only granted on the basis of the biological relationship between the parent and the child. However, currently it is not a must that the person should be the biological parent of the child. Neither is it a must for the parent to have a legal obligation to the child by virtue of being a relative or the father/mother Pirog-Good, 1993.

This is founded on the equitable doctrine of estoppel. Under the equitable doctrine of estoppel, the court may hold that since the person acted as a parent to the child and the child ended up…. [read more]

Child Sex Trafficking Human Research Paper

… Because they are so young and emotionally immature when they are recruited, they have only a 7th or 8th grade mentality over time even when much older.

For men or 'johns' arrested, the penalty is also light as they are directed to attend 'john' school and pay a fee of about $300. The mentality of most adult men is that there is no victim in prostitution, they assume the girls are all 18 years old and getting paid for their consensual services (Eisenmenger, 2011).


Something everyone can do is to be aware of signs to recognize if a youth may be a victim of Sex Trafficking. Signs that a young person may be a victim of abuse or Sex trafficking are (Hastings, 2012):

If…. [read more]

Child Poverty Effects Crime Rates Capstone Project

… This fierce competition within the industry requires the professionals to be more skillful and competent than ever. In this race, the people with the lowest income group fall behind other because they did not got the opportunity to attain education with facilities that can enhance their skills and talents. In fact, these people have been deprived with the basic educational facilities at many instances. This lack of educational attainment causes them to stand in the last position in the job market. Adverse consequences of it create anger and frustration, which promotes them to be engaged in activities that are considered offensive and criminal (Maynard & Feldman, 2011).

Empirical studies have concluded the fact that young adults and teens who belonged to the family of unemployed…. [read more]

Child Sexual Abuse Research Paper

… When an esteemed and trusted adult carries the sexual abuse, the child would find it challenging when reporting such incident. As a result, this leaves the victim incapable of viewing what occurred as not their fault. Victims have a tendency of blaming themselves and internalizing negative messages regarding themselves. They display more suicidal ideation and self-destructive behavior than their peers who have not been abused. Eating disorders and body issues have been widely cited as long-term impacts of child sexual abuse (Emmelin, Hogan & Nystrom, 2011).

The symptoms of child sexual abuse have been described as body image problems related to feeling unattractive, dirty, dissatisfaction with appearance, obesity, and eating disorders. Victim's distress might as well result in somatic concerns. Related studies discovered that women…. [read more]

Children's Rights Term Paper

… One example can be provided in Article 3 which states:

1. In all actions concerning children, whether undertaken by public or private social welfare institutions, courts of law, administrative authorities or legislative bodies, the best interests of the child shall be a primary consideration.

2. States Parties undertake to ensure the child such protection and care as is necessary for his or her well-being, taking into account the rights and duties of his or her parents, legal guardians, or other individuals legally responsible for him or her, and, to this end, shall take all appropriate legislative and administrative measures.

Therefore this takes into account the fact that the guardian certainly has a role to play in the child's development.

3. What is the Central debate…. [read more]

Child Abuse Maltreatment Limited Essay

… "Known as liquid gold, colostrum is the thick yellow first breast milk that you make during pregnancy and just after birth. This milk is very rich in nutrients and antibodies to protect your baby" (Why breastfeeding is important, 2012, Women's Health). As the baby grows, the mother's milk changes in composition to adjust to the nutritional needs of the baby. No bottled formula, however advanced, can do this. Breast milk is easier to digest, and bottle-fed babies experience more ear infections and diarrhea. There is a correlation between breast-feeding and lower rates of type 1 diabetes, childhood leukemia, and atopic dermatitis. "Breastfeeding has also been shown to lower the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome" (Why breastfeeding is important, 2012, Women's Health). Babies who…. [read more]

Child Development Evaluating Essay

… The writer herself is a doctor and with the inclusion of opinion of other experts and their scientific findings this topics becomes more interesting and answers our question as to why most of us are not able to recall our early childhood memories (Klass).

The theoretical perspective that the author seem to use are biological and psychoanalytic. This can also be seen in the experts' point-of-view and in the scientific findings included in this article. At one point, we are told in this article that due to revolutionary reasons babies have to go through an extensive learning process, which indicates biological perspective, and on the other hand, we see in this article that memory test of two different children belonging to two different cultures showed…. [read more]

Child Observation Term Paper

… Child Observation

For my child observation, some people I know agreed to meet me at the play area of a mall with their two young children. I know the children's father, but I have never met the kids. The family has a son who just turned four named Will and a two-year-old girl named Sara. I was already seated near the play area when the Dad arrived with the kids. He did not introduce me to his children, but just released them to play. I had about 45 minutes to make my observations while the kids played on the spongy play area. I chose to watch the four-year-old boy the most closely.

The play area contained two slides coming out of a fake tree which…. [read more]

Child Development the Middle Childhood Term Paper

… Child Development

The middle childhood is generally considered to be six to twelve years of age. I observed an eight-year-old boy playing at a playground. The boy's name is Chris.

He is smiling a lot so it can be seen that he has lost his baby teeth. Chris is rather tall for his age and he seems to be full of strength He is running, playing on a slide, ascending stairs, playing with a ball. His play is performed in the presence of his father. Chris is a very social individual who is making friends and exploring the world. He is interested in being out in the world with other people, going places, doing things.At eight, children evaluate themselves against the standards of others -parents,…. [read more]

Psychology Developmental Children's Use Term Paper

… Games can be motivational intellectually in the pre-school and primary school curriculum. (Kamii & Devries, 1980, Kamii, 1985)

Adults Interaction and Role in Children's Play:

The adult role in children's play should follow guidelines. The adult should value children's play and talk to the child about their play. When appropriate, play with the child, most specifically during the early years. Creation of a playful atmosphere as well as provision of materials that are conducive to exploration in play is important. Sometimes offering a new prop or suggesting new roles can provide more productive experiences through play. The adult should intervene to assure safety in play as well as negotiating conflicts between children that the children are unable to find a solution to themselves. (Caldwell, 1977).…. [read more]

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