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Child Care Facility Essay

… Child Care Facility

One of the most profound influences on preschool education has been the trend towards mothers joining the workforce. This has led to an increase in children enrolled in daycare, although mothers were not quite satisfied with the informal way in which this was handled. Concomitantly, an increase in the gap between the rich and the poor has made it clear that an upliftment program would be necessary in order to help children from poor communities to find quality education. Through programs such as "Head Start," this was made possible. As poverty historically increased, so did the need for women to join the workforce, and there was an increase in the need for child care facilities, where children would receive a formal, pre-school…. [read more]

Child Care Facility Business Plan Business Plan

… Child Care Facility Business Plan

Location and Regulations to be Met

As the contemporaneous society evolves and develops, the needs of children and parents increase exponentially. A most relevant example in this sense is the emergence of more and more specialized and well equipped day care centers. Just like any other businesses, opening a day care center has to follow certain specifications, which can in the end generate significant profits.

The new day care center would handle a total of 84 children, out of which 12 are toddlers and 72 are preschoolers; no infants will be accepted. It will function in the New York City, a highly modern city and with increasing needs for day care centers. New York has a population of over 8,274…. [read more]

Childcare Facilities Term Paper

… Childcare Facilities

Persuasive Speech:

Crying Need -- Americans Require More Access to 24-hour Daycare

It's seven p.m. Your boss says that you have to stay and finish an important project at work. Do you know where you child is? She's at daycare, true, and she should be safe and sound, but the daycare facility is due to close any minute. You're in a double bind. You can leave and risk losing that promotion you've been praying for, for years. But your day care center has a strict policy. If you are late to pick up your child after it closes for too many times, your child will no longer be welcome there and you will lose the ability to leave the child at a place…. [read more]

Community Child Care Services Essay

… It has authority over the Global Partnership on Children with Disabilities, a community of hundreds of organizations created with the purpose to promote the rights of disabled children on a global level. "With a rights-based approach, the Partnership provides a platform for advocacy and collective action to ensure the rights of children with disabilities are included and prioritized by both the Disability and Child Rights Movement." (Global Partnership on Children with Disabilities) The magnitude of this project reflects positively on children with disabilities worldwide, as its ideas are promoted in a series of areas and this encourages the masses to contribute to helping children with disabilities.

Children with a disability are in a particularly critical situation, as many are likely to be abandoned when they…. [read more]

Childcare Facility Research Proposal

… Child Care Policy

Childcare Policies

The difficulty with case studies regarding care of sick children is that both sides are correct. The childcare center has an obligation to provide a safe and healthy environment for the children under their care. When a child is sick, it threatens the ability of the childcare facility to provide a healthy environment for the rest of the children and staff. This case study addresses two separate issues: sick children and payment issues. They are both violations of daycare policy, but they are two entirely separate issues. This analysis will address the implications of policies regarding both of these issues.

The most difficult of the issues is that of sick children and the parent who refuses to pick up their…. [read more]

Child Care on Single Parents Term Paper

… The issues of availability, flexibility and cost are of utmost importance to single parents. While the government and community will not be able to solve all of their childcare needs, it is important that efforts be made to improve the cost and quality of childcare.

In the end, with efforts from the community and government, new and improved childcare options could be created for single parents, relieving them of many of the urgent financial and social burdens placed on them by the existing system.

Benefits to Special Population and People of Color

Since many single parents are minorities and people of color, the need for childcare is a growing concern. Many welfare recipients have traditionally been minorities, especially women and people of color.

Various new…. [read more]

Finding Quality Child Care in California Essay

… If there are too many children and too few teachers (or staff), that can mean the child is neglected. Also, the guideline that also matters a lot is the licensing data; using Oliver's Law, the parents can research any complaints that have been lodged against any particular child care center.

FIVE: I would not be willing to place my child in a facility that meets minimum standards. Why? First of all, in Fresno there are a number of child care facilities and among those are high quality centers, so why would I settle for less? My child is precious to me, as all children are to their parents, and the very thought of my child not receiving the highest possible quality care is repugnant to…. [read more]

Observing Child Care Center Thesis

… ¶ … Valley Interfaith Child Care Center.

Program Basics:

The program name was Valley Interfaith Child Care Center, located at 948 Heather Drive, Blacksburg, Virginia. The center's hours of operation are 7:00 A.M. To 6:00 P.M.. Tuition for Valley Interfaith Child Care Center is $145.00 per week ($623.50 per month) for full-time child care. This includes children from the age of infant up to those turning 5 after September 30th. For those who are 5 years old by September 30th, these children transition to kindergarten or another program. There is also a one-time $50 registration fee. It includes the summer activity fee. However, there are no reduction in fees for missed days, vacation time, or center observed closings, vacations or holidays ("Tuition, 2008). Valley Interfaith…. [read more]

Infant Child Care and Attachment Term Paper

… The converse is equally applicable.

It is believed that stress and parent anxiety render the experience of separation and also adjustment to the foreign care environment a difficult one for the infant.

Conversely, the supplementary nature of a sound care-giving environment can act as a genuine support in the alleviation of family stresses and difficulties, improving the infant's chances of favorable socio-emotional development.

If we are to accept that it is a reality of modern family life that mothers will be joint if not sole breadwinners, are we not then to turn our attention toward the education of those mothers in the provision of such care that engenders positive and secure attachment emotions in their children? This is an important issue in the contemporary problematics…. [read more]

Workplace Child Care the World Research Proposal

… In conclusion, most literature seems to be in agreement that achieving a work-life balance is an important component of the workplace for most employees. One important part of this is child care. Any company that can viably provide on-site child care facilities for their workers at a lower cost than external providers should do so.

The benefits are many, ranging from the general mental and emotional state of employees to material and financial savings for the company. Employees are saved the mental agony of leaving their children at an offsite facility while also saving money and time in terms of commuting. Employers save on employee turnover and absenteeism, while also gaining a higher quality of work from their employees.

In the light of the above,…. [read more]

Facility Planning Long-Term Care Essay

… Once they acquire the skill, the staff and the patients will be asked for feedback to know I the renovation brought any positive changes. On the basis of the feedback and evaluation, the hospital will offer maintenance services.

11. Conclusion

The health care facilities are in need of updated equipment and skills so that they can offer better healthcare services to more people than they are serving already. This is also the case with PP hospital. The hospital can easily acquire goods and the training services but the costs are a big concern. The costs will be backed by equity and loan financing. The cost analysis has shown that the training, investment and operational costs will be higher and thus the company needs to carefully…. [read more]

Feasibility Study for Establishing a Child Care Facility Term Paper

… Childcare

In addition to the other topics mentioned in the literature review thus far there are some challenges that are specific to the starting of a childcare business. These challenges are associated with the rules and regulations that are present as it relates to local, state and federal laws that govern childcare centers.

According to the Small business Administration, those that desire to start a childcare center should have good motives because the challenges they will face will be significant. According to the SBA having poor motives for starting a business may result in failure (How to Start a Quality Childcare Business).

The SBA also reports that as it relates to the actual creation of the childcare business the creation of a legal name for…. [read more]

Daycare on Children Effects Research Paper

… Children were found to do better in day-care settings that were orderly, hygienic, safe and sound, and arranged. The availability of age-appropriate educational equipments and toys together with teachers' behavior encourage children's advanced development in a day care setting and ultimately helps him/her to do better once they are enrolled in school (Clarke-Stewart, Gruber & Fitzgerald, 1994).

The performance of children in day care is also affected by the qualification and behavior of the caregivers. The social and intellectual development of development, the research reveals, is also related to the amount of attention given to them by the caregiver. Children who have teachers who converse with them more have highly developed communication and language skills and attain top scores on intelligence tests. More than that,…. [read more]

Good vs. Bad Child Care: Impact on Developing Children Term Paper

… ¶ … Quality Day Care Services on the Developing Child

Young children's healthy development must proceed properly to insure that they develop into adults capable of achieving their best potentials. More and more parents of young children today must go to work or school and entrust this healthy development to child care centers or caregivers in their absence (Medline Plus 2007). The need to choose the one best fit for the purpose is paramount, considering the length of time their young children stay in these centers or with these caregivers. Their children's experiences in these centers or with caregivers can enhance or harm their healthy development. Some offer quality care and some offer poor quality care. Under the circumstances, parents take a calculated risk.

Literature…. [read more]

Australian Human Services: Child Protective Term Paper

… Australian Human Services: Child Protective Services

Child protective service programs in Australia are a mix of state, territory, local, and national level laws and guidelines, which often leave children underprotected, despite significant overlap in scope and intention among these various governmental entities. This is largely due to the fact that child protection laws vary across the country. "Australia has eight different systems in a country of some twenty million people" (Liddell et al., 2007). Therefore, it is critical to recognize that there is no standardized national response to child abuse. Instead, "statutory child protection is the responsibility of State and Territory Governments; however, Australian Government funded services that focus of prevention and early intervention aim to complement State and Territory Government services" (Bromfield & Holzer,…. [read more]

Child Observation (Deviant Behavior) Labeling Term Paper

… Timmy began signing his drawings "Fagg" instead of writing his name. By the time I observed the facility, Timmy introduced himself as such, and was actively cross-dressing and wearing play make-up. I asked Timmy why he was wearing lipstick, and his response was, "I have to be the best Fag I can be!" Timmy now chants along with the other children when they taunt his behavior, and he seems to be striving for more and more extreme ways to express his identity as "Fagg." Later, I showed one of Timmy's drawings to him and asked him to point to his name on the piece of paper. He pointed to the letters FAGG he had written on the page, not to the name "Timmy" that the…. [read more]

Children Being Charged as Adults Essay

… Juveniles are not yet capable of existing within adult circumstances, "as they are still works in progress" (Maroney 1). There are laws outside of correctional facilities that keep juveniles separate from adult situations and activities. For instance, they cannot vote or smoke legally until they reach the adult age of 18, and cannot drink legally until 21 years of age. If we, as a society, are going to have laws in place outside of a prison context that keep adults and children separate, it would make no sense to abandon these rules and regulations within our punitive systems.

Another major reason why juveniles should not be tried as adults is because there is already a supportive punitive system in place to deal with the intricate…. [read more]

Child Welfare Biased in System Term Paper

… Child Welfare Biased in System

Info: "some legal scholars and civil rights activists have raised the challenge that child welfare in the U.S. is biased. they argue that states act against low-income families, particularly single mothers and families of color, far more than middle or upper income families. state child protective service administrators argue that they have explicit criteria to determine child abuse or neglect and caseworkers apply those evenly, case by case. their imperative they point out, is to keep children safe without regard to any other factor" my argument is that children of single mothers suffer more in the system because being a single mother and on welfare has a stigma in society that the government is unwilling to address. that these women…. [read more]

Child Abuse You Are an Experienced Protective Essay

… Child Abuse

You are an experienced protective services social worker. You have just been assigned a new case to investigate as a result of an abuse report. Your first task is to do a home visit to begin the assessment. How will you prepare for this visit? What is your objective for this first visit? Once you arrive, what would you guess might happen? What reactions might the family have? Are there cultural variations to these reactions? How will you attempt to overcome these barriers? What engagement tools will you use? What observable symptoms and/or behaviors will you be watching for in the child, other family members? Other considerations? How will you know if the visit was successful when you leave the family's home? In…. [read more]

Children's Rights in the Children Act 1989 United Kingdom Term Paper

… Children Act 1989

Many legal frameworks both national and international make particular provision for the protection of children, a recognition both that children are weaker and require protection and also that children are threatened and so, again, require protection. In the United Kingdom, the Children Act 1989 is a law intended to provide special protection for children.

Under this law, all child care relating to children being accommodated by the Local Authority is covered. The law is based on certain beliefs, notably the following:

The best place for children to be protected is within their own homes.

The welfare of the child is the paramount consideration.

Parents should continue to be involved with their children and with any legal proceedings that may concern them, and…. [read more]

Disabilities Common in Children Aged Essay

… The characteristics of autism displayed by children aged between 3 and five are;

Difficulty applying multiple non-verbal behaviors concurrently

Difficulty developing and maintaining relationships with age mates

Lack of interest in sharing achievements and enjoyment with peers

Lack of emotional and social reciprocity

Inadequate speech, with no incentive to improve

Inability to instigate and sustain a conversation with peers

Unwillingness to play

Difficulty adhering to routines

Consistent motor manners, for instance, persistent finger-twisting or flapping

Consistent pre-occupation with objects


Importance of Family Involvement in Educational Settings for Children With Disabilities

Family instills in a child, the need to achieve more, even from a different setting

Family creates a lasting and direct impact on a child's competence development

Family engagement builds and sustains valuable ECP-family…. [read more]

Child and Elder Abuse Essay

… However, he later on admitted that he had indeed molested the victim. The accused claimed that he chose to take advantage of the old lady as he was fully aware she was blind and therefore couldn't identify him. Hall in the words of Hollingsworth (2013) "was charged with sexual battery and lewd and lascivious battery on an elderly person."

Forms of Abuse Involved in the Cases Above and their Impact on Victims

In the very first case (i.e. case 1), the form of abuse is child neglect. Neglect in the words of Starr and Wolfe (1991) "is the failure to provide basic necessities for the child that may or does result in damage to the physical, emotional, or intellectual development and well-being of the child."…. [read more]

Organizational Values of Child Care Essay

… Procedures for ensuring confidentiality and the appropriate release of information are reviewed with all staff upon hiring and at staff meetings as well as being included in the personnel policy and employee handbook. Upon hiring each employee agrees to and signs a confidentiality agreement in regards to the information within the center. In addition, disciplinary repercussions if confidentiality is breached are reviewed with staff to assist them to understand their role and the expectations of the center. This will underline the seriousness of their responsibility and will help ensure breaches are limited.


Barrett, D.J. (2006). Strong communication skills a must for today's leaders. Handbook of Business Strategy, 7 (1), 385-390. Retrieved from Emerald.

Foote, D.A., Seipel, S.J., Johnson, N.B., & Duffy, M.K. (2005). Employee…. [read more]

Child Poverty Effects Crime Rates Capstone Project

… This fierce competition within the industry requires the professionals to be more skillful and competent than ever. In this race, the people with the lowest income group fall behind other because they did not got the opportunity to attain education with facilities that can enhance their skills and talents. In fact, these people have been deprived with the basic educational facilities at many instances. This lack of educational attainment causes them to stand in the last position in the job market. Adverse consequences of it create anger and frustration, which promotes them to be engaged in activities that are considered offensive and criminal (Maynard & Feldman, 2011).

Empirical studies have concluded the fact that young adults and teens who belonged to the family of unemployed…. [read more]

Turn of the Screw Term Paper

… The Governess, however, is actively abusing them by obsessing over the ghosts and tormenting the children because she suspects them of being under evil influence. It is also possible to interpret the Governess as being as innocent as the children, perhaps even more so. "The governess' youthfulness and inexperience are important to note, and the suggestion is that the age difference between her and Miles is no greater than that between her and Douglas." (Chase) the Governess may also be an innocent being, and perhaps the children are actually the source of corruption at work; after all, why have so many involved in their lives died? This may touch, intentionally or not on the part of James, on one aspect of child abuse which is…. [read more]

Child Adoption Term Paper

… Child adoption is a process sanctioned under the law which makes a new and permanent parent-child relationship. The proceeding of adoption is normally done in front of a Judge. And adoption confers on the parent who adopts all the rights and obligations of that a legal parent and present the adopted child all of the emotional, social and legal duties and rights of a member of the family. Often, the court may use in its language the terms of "as if born to" to define the relationship of the new child-parent. Prior to the assumption of the parental rights by the parents who are adopting, the court finds out that the biologically related parents have in legal terms and with complete appreciation, either willingly renounced…. [read more]

Why Child Sponsorship Is an Effective Method for Funding International Community Development Term Paper

… ¶ … Child Sponsorship is an effective method for funding intenational community development

Child sponsorship has known a rapid growth in the number of its supporters in the past couple of decades and continues to be one of the most effective methods of support towards the developing countries.

Child sponsorship is a humanitarian method of support for children in developing nations. In most cases, the sponsor of a child belongs to a developed nation and not only that he financially supports a child, but he also maintains contact with the child he sponsors during the sponsorship period. So, the support is not only related to financing, but also to interaction between two people belonging to different worlds.

The programs involving child sponsorship can refer to…. [read more]

Child's Play Term Paper

… Child Play

Different Play Behaviors in Indoor and Outdoor Play Amongst Members of an Early Childhood Educational Group

One of the major issues facing modern Western society, especially within the United States but increasingly in Europe and other industrialized nations as well, is a growing prevalence of obesity among both children and adults. The evidence for this can be seen all around -- sizes sold in standard stores have increased, news stories regarding new airline policies stemming from irate passengers that could not fit into a single seat became quite common for a period, and the number of diet plans and weight loss products has also noticeably increased in recent decades. A major industry has been built out of feeding people to the point of…. [read more]

Children, Grief, and Attachment Theory Term Paper

… Children, Grief, And Attachment Theory

When a child, age 7 to 11, experiences the death of a nuclear or extended family member, the experi-ence generates subsequent grief reaction/s. During the mixed methods study, the researcher investigates ways attachment theory may positively compliment grief reaction/s and concerns challenging the grieving child that may include feelings which include, but not limited to anger, confusion, fear, and self-blame. When not addressed, these reactions may link to the child experiencing ensuing health and/or mental health problems in his/her later life. The study also relates a number of ways to help to confront bereavement issues that children experience.

Relating to Death

Addressing "Something Else"

Statement of the Problem

Purpose of Study

Significance of Study

Scope of Study

Rationale of Study…. [read more]

Child Abuse and Neglect Discussion the Resiliency Discussion Chapter

… Child Abuse and Neglect Discussion

The resiliency model is an innovative and interesting move in a new direction in terms of childcare. It relies on the concept that the majority of kids who have struggled do come back to do well and challenges the idea that kids with difficulties will never succeed. The resiliency model was created to provide a more effective strategy compared to the deficit weakness model. It features six environmental protective factors -- conditions that help kids bounce back from adversity focusing on protective factors "that help an individual bounce back from adversity" (Henderson 2012). This could be a viable approach for the child welfare system, because it incorporates tools that can be used both by parents and educators. It helps provide…. [read more]

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