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Childhood Education Proposal Location: Anywhere Business Proposal

… The outdoor area will be green and welcoming. Gardens and growing plants will be accessible and incorporated with play zones. Playground equipment will be age appropriate and surrounded by recycled fall-protection materials. We have identified wooden and other play structures that strive to keep a connection to where the wood comes from, and we will have neighborhood park outings and visits to community sites (see White Hutchinson, 2011).

Inclusivity: One of the most special elements of EcoCare is that parents, staff and children are always encouraged to experience learning together. The facilities and schedules will allow parental drop-in involvement on a regular basis, and all parents will sign agreements to be involved in trips, outing and grounds care inside the play area. All play equipment…. [read more]

Belonging International Students and Web Research Proposal


This work reports a study in which 24 international students were interviewed in a research initiative that seeks to understand how international students adjust to the host culture and specifically how use of the Internet or Web assist them with this integration process. This work conducts an extensive review of literature in this area of study and examines the theoretical framework of what it means to 'belong' to a country or location. Research questions asked in this study are those of: (1) What role does Internet technology (Web 2.0) play in the international student's development and maintenance of a sense of belonging in a new home country? (2) What role does length of residence play in the international student's…. [read more]

Type II Diabetes Prevention in the Adult Population Research Proposal

… Type II Diabetes Prevention

While modern lifestyles and medical care have certainly improved the longevity of humans in the developed world, and contributed to a greater quality of life scenario, those same lifestyles have engendered a number of issues that contribute to disease. Lack of proper diet, fast food, high fat and carbohydrate diets without adequate fruits and vegetables, lack of exercise, smoking and alcohol contribute to an epidemic of obesity which, in turn, contributes to a serious metabolic disorder called Diabetes Mellitus Type 2. While not managed by insulin injections, it is nevertheless quite serious and has a number of progressing symptoms that, if not treated properly, can result in cardiovascular, renal and neurological problems, as well as amputation, ocular issues, and even cognitive…. [read more]

Impact of Asthma on Children in North America Research Proposal

… ¶ … Asthma on Children in North America

Vulnerability of Children to Asthma and its Triggers

Children are incredibly vulnerable to physical stress caused by asthma and the periodic episodes within the context of the disease. The actual physical symptoms of the disease include a restriction of the airways caused by some sort of various stress trigger; "in susceptible individuals inflammatory symptoms are usually associated with widespread but variable airflow obstruction and an increase in airway response to a variety of stimuli," (Iley 2007:25). This then presents itself as a huge vulnerability within the lives of children who tend to exert themselves in physical activity as well as be exposed to various environmental stresses that can potentially bring physical harm to them through an asthmatic…. [read more]

Impressions of War the Most Vivid Imagine Essay

… Impressions of War

The most vivid imagine of war was the beginning of it all. September 11, 2001 changed the United States. It was vividly relived over and over again in the media and in the newspaper. There was this sense that the nation's spirit had been broken and there was no room to live innocently. There were plenty of young individuals, both male and female, that either got summoned or volunteered to go and fight this war on terrorism. It began in the United States with the attack on the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington DC. Although we did not really know it at the time, this was the first image of war and it was the…. [read more]

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