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Child Labor and Society Essay

… (Boaz). After a backlash from the public, Hershey recently claimed that it would invest $10 million in the Ivory Coast to cut down on the workforce that employed children and ameliorate the overall cocoa supply chain. (Hershey to invest $10 million in Ivory Coast). In another investigation by the state, fifty seven under age workers were found in a meat packing plant in Iowa. Illegal immigrant workers were being exploited. The environment was dangerous as the children had been working with shark knives and tools, doing prohibited tasks and were exposed to dangerous chemicals. (Preston)

The world has progressed far beyond the Industrial Revolution and is on the verge of entering the age of Knowledge. The entire globe is connected by the delicate thread of…. [read more]

Child Abuse You Are an Experienced Protective Essay

… Child Abuse

You are an experienced protective services social worker. You have just been assigned a new case to investigate as a result of an abuse report. Your first task is to do a home visit to begin the assessment. How will you prepare for this visit? What is your objective for this first visit? Once you arrive, what would you guess might happen? What reactions might the family have? Are there cultural variations to these reactions? How will you attempt to overcome these barriers? What engagement tools will you use? What observable symptoms and/or behaviors will you be watching for in the child, other family members? Other considerations? How will you know if the visit was successful when you leave the family's home? In…. [read more]

Children's Safety on the Internet Essay

… For example, on page 219, Liau reports that while 86% of parents insist they don't allow their children to give out personal information, only 49% of children surveyed say they have actually not given out personal information online (219). Also, while 61% of parents assert that they have strict rules about Internet use, just 38% of adolescents reported that their parents set down rules about online / digital use (Liau, 220).

Teachers can make Internet Safety part of the Learning Environment

Barbara Endicott-Popovsky writes in the peer-reviewed journal Teacher Librarian that there are five important steps teachers can take to ensure online safety. Those five are: a) using safety curricula from which has "a wealth of tools" for setting up school Internet safety programs;…. [read more]

Child Abuse in England Initial Term Paper

… She needs to be told that Dennis is at the center of her life, which should not be the case. She should understand that she is merely replacing her vacant father image with Dennis, and that Dennis' closeness to Clara does not mean that Clara is more loved. She should be made to focus on the irrationality of the jealousy and the harm it causes everyone, yet she can do something about it. Instead, she should focus on reducing the distance between Dennis and Anthony by trying to empathize with both of them as far as she can learn to.

Dennis must also be spoken to, heart-to-heart. He may be aware of Christine's past, but he should be made to understand that merely living with…. [read more]

Child Observation Term: Winter, 2014 Essay

… The teacher offered assistance when John struggled with his cognitive tasks. She also provided instruction to the group of children as a whole and to John particularly. Finally, she encouraged interest and motivation in John by helping him calm down after his temper tantrum and offering assistance in writing his name.

Vygotsky's main belief was that children are a type of apprentice. In other words, they are influence by older and more skilled members of their social world. By this idea, young children learn by guided participation, or with the help of mentors to have social experiences and exploring their universe.

John's cognitive development is enhanced by placing him within a social group with his peers, with the guidance of teachers. Guided participation opportunities are…. [read more]

Child Labor Define Research Paper

… Normative Argument

The problem is that no matter how difficult the United States or international bodies make the restrictions against child labor, there are always going to be some that find ways around the laws. This leads to disenfranchisement of these children. It is difficult to blame companies and countries that do not know that these practices are going on, but for those that do know, the fines should be exceedingly egregious. There are many cases where child labor practices have continued despite the people knowing that the work can be very detrimental. This is usually the result of a financial decision on someone's part (Ellenbogen, 2004).

Abuses continue to happen in nations that are considered enlightened as to the detriments of child labor. "Child…. [read more]

Child Obesity Research Paper

… ¶ … child obesity is and what are the causes that have contributed in the past years to its spread. It also gives many references and explanations on adverse health impacts as well as negative mental impact upon children. In the end, several preventive measures have been given as suggestions including psychotherapies to help children alter their negative thinking resulting due to obesity.

In present world, priorities have greatly shifted from one to many. What makes up a person now has collectively a large number of factors than what it had few centuries ago. One of the things that have changed in these times is the way people eat. Alternatively, more clear to say, the way people eat to live. Just as how many things…. [read more]

Child Adoption Term Paper

… Child adoption is a process sanctioned under the law which makes a new and permanent parent-child relationship. The proceeding of adoption is normally done in front of a Judge. And adoption confers on the parent who adopts all the rights and obligations of that a legal parent and present the adopted child all of the emotional, social and legal duties and rights of a member of the family. Often, the court may use in its language the terms of "as if born to" to define the relationship of the new child-parent. Prior to the assumption of the parental rights by the parents who are adopting, the court finds out that the biologically related parents have in legal terms and with complete appreciation, either willingly renounced…. [read more]

Child Abuse Research Paper

… Works Cited

Boyce, Cheryl Anne. (2008). Reauthorization of the Child Abuse Protection and Treatment

Act (CAPTA). Child Abuse and Neglect Program. U.S. Department of Health & Human

Services. Retrieved March 7, 2012, from

Cheung, Monit, Boutte-Queen, Needha McNeil. (2010). Assessing the Relative Importance of the Child Sexual Abuse Interview Protocol Items to Assist child Victims in Abuse

Disclosure. Journal of Family Violence, 25(1), 11-22.

Ermertcan, Aylin Turel, and Ertan, Pelin. (2010). Skin manifestations of child abuse. Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology, 76(4), 317-326.

Goddard, Chris, and Bedi, Gillinder. (2010). Intimate Partner Violence and Child Abuse: A

Child-Centered Perspective. Child Abuse Review, 19(1), 5-20.

Goldman, Juliette D.G., and Grimbeek, Peter. (2011). Sources of knowledge of departmental policy on child sexual abuse and mandatory…. [read more]

Child and Elder Abuse Essay

… The Medline Plus website (provided by the National Institutes of Health) says that elderly people are mistreated in three basic ways: through physical, sexual and emotional abuse; through "neglect or abandonment"; and through "financial abuse" (Medline Plus).

The National Council on Aging (NCA) has listed "10 scams Targeting Seniors" and they will be listed here with some explanations to accompany some of the topics: a) health care / Medicare / Health Insurance fraud; b) counterfeit prescription drugs (counterfeit drugs are sold online and they are often fake or even harmful); c) funeral & cemetery scams (a grieving elderly widow might fall for rip-off artists' scams); d) fake anti-aging products; e) telemarketing scams (probably the most common crime against seniors is money solicited for charities that…. [read more]

Child Sexual Abuse Research Paper

… When an esteemed and trusted adult carries the sexual abuse, the child would find it challenging when reporting such incident. As a result, this leaves the victim incapable of viewing what occurred as not their fault. Victims have a tendency of blaming themselves and internalizing negative messages regarding themselves. They display more suicidal ideation and self-destructive behavior than their peers who have not been abused. Eating disorders and body issues have been widely cited as long-term impacts of child sexual abuse (Emmelin, Hogan & Nystrom, 2011).

The symptoms of child sexual abuse have been described as body image problems related to feeling unattractive, dirty, dissatisfaction with appearance, obesity, and eating disorders. Victim's distress might as well result in somatic concerns. Related studies discovered that women…. [read more]

Child Abuse in Literature Essay

… David never got the services he, as a child needed.

Particularly, David experienced severe physical abuse, "another blow pushes my head against the tile counter top. I let the tears of mock defeat stream down my face as she storms out of the kitchen, seemingly satisfied with herself" (Pelzer 1993, p.4). According to chapter 5 of Crosson-Tower (2009), physical abuse of a child is an occurrence described through consideration of total social context with emphasis on certain aspects. Physical abuse as a result of an intricate web of variables, factors and attitudes, "Physical abuse is behavior that results from a complex web of attitudes, variables, and factors" (Crosson-Tower 2009, p.102). While it is not easy to predict correctly, which family is abusive, anger, stress, annoyance…. [read more]

Children Being Raised by Stepparents That Are Not of the Same Race or Culture Term Paper

… Children Raised by Stepparents

Of Different Race Or Culture

This work in research investigates the inherent problems that exist in families characterized by parents and stepparents of a biracial union, or of a union that is characterized by diversity in terms of ethnicity, cultural, or religious differences or the diverse households headed by lesbian or gay parents. The conceptual framework of this research is the socio-cultural theory of Tharp and the Spheres of Influence as proposed in the work of Epstein. The literature review in this work notes that there is very little subject matter in this area and this study concludes that longitudinal research is critically needed in this subject area for the purpose of gaining an understanding of the challenges faced by these…. [read more]

Child Welfare Biased in System Term Paper

… Child Welfare Biased in System

Info: "some legal scholars and civil rights activists have raised the challenge that child welfare in the U.S. is biased. they argue that states act against low-income families, particularly single mothers and families of color, far more than middle or upper income families. state child protective service administrators argue that they have explicit criteria to determine child abuse or neglect and caseworkers apply those evenly, case by case. their imperative they point out, is to keep children safe without regard to any other factor" my argument is that children of single mothers suffer more in the system because being a single mother and on welfare has a stigma in society that the government is unwilling to address. that these women…. [read more]

Children Sociology Theorizing Childhood Power Term Paper

… Children Sociology

Child abuse is not an anomaly but part of the structural oppression of children. Assault and exploitation are risks inherent to 'childhood' as it is currently lived. It is not just the abuse of power over children that is the problem but the existence and maintenance of that power itself" (Kitzinger, 1997: 168). The power of the adults over children, given by their social statute, gained by criteria of age (meaning life experience= they know what is best for children) is used sometimes as an excuse of the children abuses.

The last century was significant for the development of children and childhood concept. Protecting the child has become an international rule, so that all the social institutions were forced to change their view…. [read more]

Children, Especially Teenagers, Are at a Vulnerable Essay

… Children, especially teenagers, are at a vulnerable age where desires for acceptance and love reach beyond their families, resulting in a risk that did not exist before. With the increasing popularity and lack of monitoring of the internet within the United States, there is an ever growing risk of internet predatory action, resulting in an increased victimization of children. One of the greatest concerns is the lack of control and protection available to parents and the inability of parents to adequately protect children from these predators.

Children are at a greater risk than ever before for internet predatory actions. With the increasing amount of online social networking sites, including many that are specifically geared toward young children, more and more time is being spent socializing…. [read more]

Child Care Facility Business Plan Business Plan

… Child Care Facility Business Plan

Location and Regulations to be Met

As the contemporaneous society evolves and develops, the needs of children and parents increase exponentially. A most relevant example in this sense is the emergence of more and more specialized and well equipped day care centers. Just like any other businesses, opening a day care center has to follow certain specifications, which can in the end generate significant profits.

The new day care center would handle a total of 84 children, out of which 12 are toddlers and 72 are preschoolers; no infants will be accepted. It will function in the New York City, a highly modern city and with increasing needs for day care centers. New York has a population of over 8,274…. [read more]

Child Soldiers of Sierra Leone Research Paper

… Child Soldiers of Sierra Leone

Childhood is supposed to be a time for innocence, the only time in a person's long life where their cares are allowed to be limited to the enjoyment of life and to the education they receive in school. This is supposed to be the time where they are allowed to indulge in the activities that bring them joy and to develop into the adults that they will one day become. It is not the time when they are supposed to be forced into the world of the adults and to perform actions which will prohibit any chance they have of becoming normal individuals as they age. However, for a large number of very unfortunate young people, childhood is cut short…. [read more]

Child Poverty and Its Effects Essay

… In contrast to teenagers whose parents or guardians finished some education and learning over and above school, these whose parents or guardians didn't finish school are 10.2% points much more likely to experience teenage premarital delivery, whilst those whose parents or guardians finished school however failed to have supplemental education and learning are 5.5% points much more likely to experience a teenage premarital delivery (Ratcliffe and McKernan 2012).


Focusing on susceptible children at birth is actually important, as children's surroundings within the initial years of their life continues to be identified to impact brain growth, as well as poverty at the start of life has been associated with reduced academic accomplishment. For this present age group, nearly all who have been given birth to…. [read more]

Children Being Charged as Adults Essay

… Juveniles are not yet capable of existing within adult circumstances, "as they are still works in progress" (Maroney 1). There are laws outside of correctional facilities that keep juveniles separate from adult situations and activities. For instance, they cannot vote or smoke legally until they reach the adult age of 18, and cannot drink legally until 21 years of age. If we, as a society, are going to have laws in place outside of a prison context that keep adults and children separate, it would make no sense to abandon these rules and regulations within our punitive systems.

Another major reason why juveniles should not be tried as adults is because there is already a supportive punitive system in place to deal with the intricate…. [read more]

Child Abuse This Research Investigates Article Review

… American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 18, 151 -- 158.

Berenson, A.B., Wiemann, C.M., & McCombs, S. (2001). Exposure to violence and associated health-risk behaviors among adolescent girls. Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, 155, 1238 -- 1242.

Briere, J. (1996). A self-trauma model for treating adult survivors of severechild abuse. In J. Briere, L. Berliner, J.A. Bulkley, C. Jenny, & T. Reid (Eds.), The APSAC handbook on child maltreatment (pp. 175 -- 203). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Dube, S.R., Felitti, V.J., Dong, M., Giles, W.H., & Anda, R.F. (2003). The impact of adverse childhood experiences on health problems: Evidence from four birth cohorts dating back to 1900. Preventive Medicine, 37, 268 -- 277.

Rodgers, C.S., Lang, A.J., Laffate, C., Satz, L.E., Dresselhaus, T.R., & Stein,…. [read more]

Children in Foster Care and the Early Stages of Coping Behavior Research Paper

… Children of Incarcerated

Children on Incarcerated

CHILDREN of Incarserated Parents

Children of Incarcerated Parents

Coping with Separation

Children of Incarcerated Parents

This paper will show the issues children face when their parents are arrested and consequently incarcerated. Children are not all the same, and it shows that younger children can easier cope with this issue, while older children are in need for help. Is our system set-up to allow for this help to be provided? Can we ensure that our foster system works the way it should work? All these questions will be answered in the following pages.

We all have seen the scene in a movie or a TV-Show where a person is arrested and brought to jail, and their children are taken away.…. [read more]

Child Grief at Loss Essay

… Child Grief at Loss

Grief is a natural and inevitable part of human existence and most people experience some kind of loss during their lifetimes. In the past the majority of research literature regarding grief has addressed this phenomenon in adults and very little research has addressed the depth of suffering children may experience in response to loss (Bonanno et al., 2007). Until recently, the complexity and breadth of impact with loss events have on children are considered only in terms of adults' experiences rather than concern for the experiences and needs of the children themselves (Melhem et al., 2008). The purpose of this paper is to critically review current literature for a deeper understanding of the potential short-term and long-term deleterious effects of grief…. [read more]

Child Demographics Child Welfare Term Paper

… It found that those placed in unfamiliar foster care had greater problems internalizing than children maltreated by caregivers, those in familiar care and those who received positive care giving. Both groups of institutionalized children and those in foster care were evaluated on emotion tasks at 30 and 40 months of age. These studies suggest that children's conditions can improve by varying the type of care in connection with maltreatment history, baseline adaptation and socioeconomic status.

The Most Affected by Domestic Abuse -- a survey of 265 women showed that 63% of them experienced violence as housewives and represented the most affected by domestic violence (Manoudi et al. 2013). These respondents were 25% managers with severe family problems. Of this number, 39% were battered and of…. [read more]

Child Safety the Safety of Children Term Paper

… Child Safety

The safety of children is a great priority among parents. Every day the media demonstrates just how bad things could go in a worst case scenario. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, over 778,000 individuals go missing nationwide -- eighty percent are children under eighteen (Associated Press, 2009). It is no wonder why parents are consistently monitoring their children. Any slight distraction could lead to a potential danger. While sitting at a children's play area at the mall, I was able to observe the numerous parents interact with their children. Most importantly, I was able to closely watch how well these parents monitored their children in a public space.

The first parent I chose to observe was a mother who was there…. [read more]

Child and Elder Abuse Essay

… However, he later on admitted that he had indeed molested the victim. The accused claimed that he chose to take advantage of the old lady as he was fully aware she was blind and therefore couldn't identify him. Hall in the words of Hollingsworth (2013) "was charged with sexual battery and lewd and lascivious battery on an elderly person."

Forms of Abuse Involved in the Cases Above and their Impact on Victims

In the very first case (i.e. case 1), the form of abuse is child neglect. Neglect in the words of Starr and Wolfe (1991) "is the failure to provide basic necessities for the child that may or does result in damage to the physical, emotional, or intellectual development and well-being of the child."…. [read more]

Children and Television Over Time Thesis

… This strategy can be combined with Hoffman's third approach which encourages parents to watch programs with their children. Watching movies or programs with children helps in offering guidance where it is required. It is important to note that when children watch television alone without any adult guidance, they are more likely than not to arrive at their own conclusions regarding scenes and/or themes presented in the movie. For instance, in movies with significant levels of violence, the parent should explain to the child the acts of violence in real life are unacceptable. This is important so as to ensure that children clearly distinguish between acting and real life. Indeed, in the opinion of Hoffman (1996), parents should ensure they discuss scenes which appear objectionable with…. [read more]

Child Abuse Essay

… Alcohol and drug abuse is among the highest rated reasons for constituting child abuse. Domestic violence is the resulted effect and situation where the head of the house or the male members in usual cases, inflict harm upon the children by abusing them, molesting or sexually tormenting them which has mental and physical implications.

Sometimes child abuse may even be practiced because of family history and past occurrences in the childhood of the parents. If one of the parents was brought up in harsh environments, they may be frustrated and angered by the memories which results in them taking revenge or venting out those bottled up emotions on their own children. They may not be doing it intentionally and sometimes it is mental sickness and…. [read more]

Discipline for Children Understanding Effective Research Paper

… In accordance with the child's age, reponses of parental discipline vary. Studies show us that younger children experience more physical punishments in comparison which older age children (Dietz, 2000; Ghate et al., 2003). Nevertheless, it is also noted that, older age children face, in comparison to younger children, more strict physical punishments than younger children (Nobes and Smith, 2002; Straus and Stewart, 1999). Utilization of physical punishment is common among pre-school age children and toddlers, in North America and UK (Clement et al., 2000; Ghate et al., 2003). According to Durrant (2005), reason behind this high level of disciplinary problems in these ages is because of the combination of age-based influences resulted in demonstration of independence and exploration, along with the element of negativism, impulsive…. [read more]

Children in Foster Care Term Paper

… Children in Foster Homes

Children have an entitlement to safe, stable, and nurturing families. However, to most children, this is a dream that is yet to come true, since abuse and neglect has become part of lives of a significant number of children. Because of abuse and neglect they are subjected to children are quite often denied their fundamental entitlements. The state often intervenes and put such children under foster care. Some of the children put under foster care at later stages realize that foster is not a safe haven. This has been the reason behind children drifting from one foster home to the next. These children have however; remained optimistic that they will one day find a permanent home (Bass, Shields, & Behrman, 2004).…. [read more]

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