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Women Throughout Chinese History Term Paper

… " (Watson & Ebrey, 1991, 235). The girl split from her first family with the understanding that she was never going back to them nor even allowed to communicate with them unless she had the permission of the man. On the surface the procedure is very much like a father marrying off his daughter, making the same arrangements as if it was a legal marriage. However there were a few things that distinguished the wife's status over that of the concubine. Legally, a Chinese man can only have one wife but could possess innumerable concubines. So the status of wife was more special than that of the concubines. Wives were also allocated property upon their marriage while concubines were not. Concubines did not have dowries…. [read more]

Emilia, Wife of Iago Essay

… But how far would that day be? Would his deviousness be caught? Sometimes I wondered if his character feels a semblance of guilt within his plotting.[footnoteRef:8] I doubt it. [7: Theme: Dark secrets of dangerous knowledge (Frankenstein by Mary Shelley)] [8: Theme: The idea of keeping secrets due to a guilty or ugly conscience (Frankenstein by Mary Shelley)]

'Tis not a year or two shows us a man: They are all but stomachs, and we all but food; To eat us hungerly, and when they are full, They belch us.[footnoteRef:9] [9: Othello, Act III, Scene iv.]

No truer words could be said. If only I had told Desdemona this earlier. Had I warned her and entreated her to be wary, such plots could not have…. [read more]

Women in Afghanistan and China Research Paper

… ¶ … rhythm and blues artist James Brown, "This is a man's world (Newsome)." In his song, It's a Man's, Man's Man's World, Brown goes on to list things that the male gender has created and contributed to society, such as the train, boats, and the car; all to ease the heavy load of life. Following these chauvinistic statements is the hard-hitting line that gives the song a chance at redemption. It would mean nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl. Throughout history, and even biblically, women have commonly existed in tandem to men, having to follow and hardly being given the chance to lead.

Walking into this class I could have never have anticipated what I was to learn this past semester. Growing…. [read more]

Ho Women Are Portrayed in Late 19th Century Art Term Paper

… ¶ … Women are Portrayed in Late 19th Century Art

Throughout history, women have served as the subjects of compelling and poignant works of art, reflecting in large part how society viewed them and what roles they were expected to play. These gender differences were especially pronounced during the 19th century when women were women and men were men, and these differences can be readily discerned in the portraiture that emerged during this period. This paper provides an analysis of how women were portrayed in late 19th century art in general and in the paintings of women by John Singer Sargent and James Abbott McNeal Whistler in particular. An examination of how women are portrayed in paintings in general before the 19th century is provided,…. [read more]

Chinese Wives the Treatment of Women Term Paper

… Chinese Wives

The treatment of women in China has long been a subject of debate. The strict traditional views have restricted the rights and privileges of Chinese women form many years. For the purposes of this discussion, we will focus on the role of the ideal wife as it relates to the late Qing Dynasty and the Revolutionary period. The paper will investigate how the idea of the ideal wife changed during these periods. Let us begin our discussion with a historic overview of the role of woman and marriage during much of the Qing Dynasty.

Historic Overview

Indeed, under the Qing dynasty marriage was expected of all young men and women. The point at which marriage was seen as necessary was during the teenage…. [read more]

Unprivileged Chinese Women in the 18th Century Research Paper

… Women in 18th Century China

The Unprivileged Chinese women in the 18th Century

The role of Chinese men has always been dominant in the China. In the 18th century, unmarried Chinese women consistently lived what most would consider an underprivileged life. The unmarried Chinese female was restricted to traditional customs and did not receive equal treatment from society. Their status as a woman was inferior to the status of men as both children and adults. Once a female was born to the family, it seems that their fate has been made by their family without their consent or input. The research on this subject has been extensive, though often associated with an external view, sighting sources from western onlookers and minimal masculine sources from within…. [read more]

Asian Women Term Paper

… Asian Women

South Asia consists of seven separate independent states, having varied socio-economic and ethnic habitations, an array of religious beliefs, enactment of laws, economic and political obligations, everything which influence upon the lives of women in this part of the world. In the midst of this multiplicity, the areas bears a cohesive feature on several points and the women of South Asia also, experience identical circumstances on several issues. Gradually with the passage of time, on several indicators of welfare, South Asian women are found to be currently prosperous compared to what their condition was several decades back- their life span has been constantly going up, more women have achieved education and are in jobs; a lot of them have joined politics at the…. [read more]

Women and Patriarchy Term Paper

… Structural adjustment programs and women

Structural adjustment programs are economic measures geared towards reorienting a failing economy, particularly in developing countries. They are usually administered under the auspices of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Structural adjustment programs are usually systemic steps towards an efficient reallocation of resources geared towards boosting export and increasing employment. Opening the economy to international trade would supposedly result in more income, triggering a trickle-down effect that would benefit everyone in the long run (Alarcon-Gonzales and McKinley, 1999).

The costs of structural adjustment programs to human development, however, are not readily apparent. These programs were intended to improve a country's economy and perhaps result in better jobs. However, these programs can also often affect less-competitive sectors of…. [read more]

Australian Legal System Essay

… Australian Legal System

Migrant women constitute a growing proportion of the childbearing population in many high-income countries (McLachlan and Waldenstrom, 2005). Migrant women are often classified as unskilled, and they constitute the largest and most vulnerable category among migrants (Piper, 2004). Women who do not belong to the dominant culture, or who are different because of their race, sexual orientation or disability, continue to confront marginalization in the policymaking process and require different strategies to integrate their agendas into the public policy process (Rankin and Vickers, 2001).

During 1989-1990, women made up just over 40% of those classified as principal applicants for settlement in Australia. The eligibility of these people to immigrate was looked at, and if successful, other members of their immediate family were…. [read more]

Chinese-American History the Exclusion Act Research Paper

… Chinese exclusion forced society to redefine what it meant by citizenship. Power distribution in the United States was unequal. The power between the immigrants and the immigration official could not even be called on the same level. Ti was almost as if America was working on a caste system based on the color of the skin. Those that were anything but Caucasian were automatically reduced to a lower caste.

Identity Crisis

Research into the Chinese Exclusion Act is can be divided into a number of disciplines. The most prominent area of Historiography on the subject is examining how the act came about. There is little legal evidence on the development of the Act. Legal historian have had to fill in the missing gaps. The Chinese…. [read more]

Liaoming the King of Xuan and Population Census in the West Zhou Dynasty Essay

… "

This shows that she always tried her best until she was not able to fight any longer. Her kidnapping and the conquering of her army were two major events that really set back her success. Regardless, she did not let them get in the way and continued fighting.

Compare and Contrast

Over all, it is seen that the Deng Chanyu was a strong yet sensitive woman. She knew how to deal with the political and strategic tactics that came her way but many a times emotions did get in her way. She was attracted towards Taigong Wang, yet she never got to be with him forever. Even though she was attracted to him, she wasn't necessarily dependent on him. It shows that she could…. [read more]

Meiji Masculinity Japanese Men and Their Encounter With the West Thesis

… ¶ … Japanese history attribute Meiji masculinity to the peculiar customs of the Meiji period, its specific characteristics of the Emperor, and, in some related way, its association with the Western world. Investigation of the relevant material actually denotes Meiji masculinity to have roots that go back far earlier, and it is this essay's suggestion that these roots trace themselves to an influence that was strong on Japanese thinking of that period: Confucianism.

Using primary sources, this essay summarily describes the Meiji period, elaborates on Meiji masculinity, shows the impact that Confucianism had on the early to pre-modern Japanese mindset, delineates Meiji treatment towards women, and concludes by demonstrating how Confucianism integrated with Western influences resulted in Meiji masculinity particularly in their impression of and…. [read more]

Good Earth Research Proposal

… ¶ … Family Depicted in Pearl Buck's

The Good Earth

Pearl Buck's novel, the Good Earth, illustrates many notions about Chinese culture through Wang Lung and his relationship with his family. From the time that he is married until the time that he realizes he is dying, Wang Lung demonstrates the strengths and weaknesses of familial ties. Wang Lung treats his wife and his children differently over the years and this treatment can be seen as the result of the culture in which he was raised.

Wang Lung's emotions toward his wife change over time. Early in the novel, Wang Lung is somewhat nervous around O-Lan and wonders if she is pleased with him. As he watches her after they are newlyweds, he "desired suddenly…. [read more]

Vietnamese American Women Case Study

… Vietnamese Women Case Study

Vietnamese Case Study Year

Noglak is a Vietnamese American woman that goes by "Judy." Recently wed, Judy participated in a traditional cultural wedding ceremony. In this type of setting... child rearing beliefs... Judy is 23 and completed college study of nursing, and desires employment; however her husband and family insist she have a baby instead.

Counseling Need/Concern & History

This case study involves a Vietnamese woman that does not want to follow traditional Vietnamese cultural protocol with regard to her family. The patient expresses no desire to stay home, cook or clean; rather she would prefer to live on her own and work, without consideration for a baby for many years. Judy feels pressure from her family to stay home and…. [read more]

Women Played an Important Role in WWII and Were Changed Forever Because of Their Involvement Research Proposal

… The Important Roles Played by Women During World War II

The scope of World War II was unprecedented in its time and thus far
has yet to be succeeded by anything which remotely resembles it in such
capacities as its number of participants, the geographical range of its
impact or the sheer extremity of its horror and carnage. Likewise, there
has rarely been a catastrophic, man-made event on such a scale as to fully
re-calibrate the entire globe through its aftermath as occurred in the
postscript to this international conflict. This is the impetus which
drives this discussion on the oft-overlooked impact of war on women.
Throughout history, where war has been fought, the emphasis on combat roles
and administrative leadership responsibilities-both facilities
significantly and…. [read more]

Korean Culture Examination of Cultural Term Paper

… The intention of the second half of this study is to examine to what extent traditional gender roles are carried over among collegiate female students of Japanese and Korean decent. The aim of this study is to explore to what extent female students exhibit achievement once exposed to a more democratic philosophy and gender equality within the educational system.

The purpose of the field research portion of the study is to examine the extent to which Korean and Japanese culture and family expectation impact female student achievement. This study assumes that the home study environment and parental encouragement may or may not affect the ability of students to achieve.

Hypothesis 1: Achievement among Korean and Japanese female students is affected by familial and cultural influences,…. [read more]

Marriage and Courtship in Modern Essay

… In this story, Mr. Fan is representative of all males in Asian countries, China in particular. The women are so determined to have any suitable person marry their daughters that they literally offer up one and then the other when the first one is not accepted by the man in question (Chang 123). Because he has the money and because he is an eligible male, then the community fall all over him and try to force him or coerce him into taking their daughters off of their hands. Knowing that being male gives him automatic power and having money even more so, Mr. Fan has become a product of the patriarchy, indulging and dwelling in on the ability to dominate.

Liusu does not actually seem…. [read more]

Confucianism, Neo-Confucianism in Chinese Term Paper

… Such influence to the Chinese culture is obedience to elders and upholding the power of authorities.

The "code of conduct" of Confucianism regarding morality and relationships are quite conservative. The treatment to women it emphasizes are somehow repressive, less humane, and makes the female genders less dignified. As illustrated in Ju Dou, the female character is dominated by her husband and must follow all his wills. The film demonstrates the oppressions suffered by the Chinese women during the past.

Confucianism teaches that human relationships are basic to human life. The nature of society and the relationship to it provides the moral principles of living. Ju Dou, Yang Tian-qing, and Yang Jin-shan portray the examples of obtaining the moral values from relationships with other individuals. The…. [read more]

Madame Bovary: A Woman Who Had Laid Thesis

… ¶ … Madame Bovary:

A woman who had laid on herself such sacrifices could well allow herself certain whims. She bought a Gothic prie-dieu, and in a month spent fourteen francs on lemons for polishing her nails; she wrote to Rouen for a blue cashmere gown; she chose one of Lheureux's finest scarves, and wore it knotted around her waist over her dressing-gown; and, with closed blinds and a book in her hand, she lay stretched out on a couch in this garb. She often changed her coiffure; she did her hair a la Chinoise, in flowing curls, in plaited coils; she parted in on one side and rolled it under like a man's. She wanted to learn Italian; she bought dictionaries, a grammar, and…. [read more]

AVON Calls on Foreign Markets Essay

… As is evident in the first sections of the case, Avon lacks a galvanizing strategy that can unify the entire organization to a common strategic marketing plan. Fragmentation of the new product development process, market planning, market strategy, sales and distribution are evident in the first sections of the case. It is also clearly a chaotic situation and one, if left unchecked, will proliferate and lead to a complete lack of governance. With no governance in place, Avon will find creating even the most simplistic process a challenge.

The warning signs of what Avon will be like in an increasingly deteriorating level of governance are evident in the case. The core areas of new product development, procurement, supply chain management are out of synchronization with…. [read more]

Man's Ability to Treat Humans Term Paper

… Apart from central theme of keeping hope, the implied storyline of "The Rose that Grew from Concrete" is about how Tupac rose from his hazardous surroundings by following his ambitions and became successful in the rap industry. This involves simple analogy, where the word "rose" in the title represents Tupac as a person and the word "concrete" signifies the unforgiving streets of Marin City. Tupac has presented the experience of his own life and depicted the ways by which he surmounted his dangerous environment and kept on following his dreams consistently, which ultimately bestowed him with fame and success (McQuillar & Johnson 75). This is analogous to how a flower grew out of the cold and non-nurturing concrete by breathing air, and eventually blooms and…. [read more]

American Dream Is a Concept Case Study

… ¶ … American Dream is a concept that most contemporary people have aspired to at some point in their lives, expressing their desire to take advantage of a community promoting freedom and equality for all, regardless of their backgrounds. However, people sometimes have the tendency to ignore certain matters standing before them because of the fact that they are dazzled by promises giving them false hope. The three essays, "The Squatter and the Don," "Chinese Immigration" and "The Tortilla Curtain" are all related by the fact that they undergo the task of provinging how, in spite of the fact that it has always displayed an image supporting values such as liberty, the American government has often let down immigrants coming to the U.S. with great…. [read more]

Asian Racism and Stereotypes Term Paper

… America is supposedly the Melting Pot of the world, where people of many different ethnicities, cultures, and backgrounds come together in peace to establish one united and equal society. As one of the most developed countries in the world, the United States is, to many individuals, a symbol of enlightenment and advancement in all areas of the arts, sciences, and all aspects of life. The Melting Pot may indeed be an accurate metaphor for America, and the contents of that pot do originate from many nations and cultures. However, there are implications of that metaphor that may not be thoroughly analyzed by gung-ho, idealistic, patriotic American citizens. Is a Melting Pot really that desirable of a place to be contained? Consider, for a moment, the…. [read more]

Ghosts in Two Novels Immigration Term Paper

… "

In the end, the author describes ethnic ghosts that she encountered when she came to American. These ghosts persist till both the author and her mother find their own unique way of fighting them away. While the author was absolutely in favor of the freedom that American culture granted to everyone, her mother could not come to terms with that kind of independence. Thus while she tries to ignore American culture in the hope that this would help her get rid of ghosts, Kingston on the other hand makes use of assimilation. Being a member of the younger Chinese generation, she realizes that the only way to find some acceptance in American crowd was by bridging the gap that existed in the two cultures.…. [read more]

AVON Calls on Foreign Markets Term Paper

… AVON Calls on Foreign Markets Case Study

Avon's decision to create a highly distributed organization with regional and national new product development and supply chain operations was initially designed to increase time-to-market and speed of response to regional customers preferences. While that vision of decentralized efficiency and customer focus was a good one at the time, its actual performance is far below expectations and the duplication of effort is slowing down the entire corporation. The case shows how a highly decentralized marketing, new product development and merchandising organizational structure can become more of a liability than an asset however. The intent of this case analysis is to explain and recommend how Avon will be able to attain a higher level of efficiency and profits through…. [read more]

Stacy Unhitched Term Paper

… Stacey, Judith. Unhitched: Love, Marriage, and Family Values from West Hollywood to Western

China. New York: NYU Press, 2011.

Sociologist and NYU professor Judith Stacey's 2011 book Unhitched: Love, Marriage, and Family Values from West Hollywood to Western China is the result of ten years of exhaustive research on the part of the author regarding the subject of changing family values in America and the world. Stacey blends historical and anthropological research to support her central contention, namely that what we think of as the 'natural' family structure is anything but, and what constitutes a union varies considerably from culture to culture, epoch to epoch. In fact, in many societies there is no 'marriage' at all as we would think of it in the Ozzie…. [read more]

Adolescent Substance Use Screening Instruments Term Paper

… " (Zoccolillo et al., 1999) Thus, the AAOD student is at a clear disadvantage in terms of successfully completing a high-school diploma and moving on to a career-oriented post-secondary education.

Additionally, high school is generally also a milieu in which the adolescent learns other non-academic life skills, including mature means of relating to peers and supervisors, responsible treatment of deadlines and priorities, and the perspective-broadening value of sports and other extracurricular interests.

Absenteeism limits the opportunities for acquiring such skills, and even while attending, the AAOD student in all likelihood will not maximize the chance to participate in meaningful relationships and activities. Playing sports while drunk or stoned, or both, obviously also risks serious injury for the student and his or her teammates.

At its…. [read more]

Subtext Analysis of the Kardashians Show and Current Armenians Research Paper

… Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Since its debut in 2007, E! Entertainment's reality series Keeping Up With the Kardashians has become one of the most successful ongoing reality series, resulting in seven seasons and at least three successful spin-off series. As a result, it represents one of the most prominent representations of Armenians in America, and can offer some insight into the representation of Armenians in general. Examining the first episode of the entire series and evaluating the implications of the show on the representations of Armenians in Los Angeles can help reveal how the show interprets the interpersonal relationships of the family it covers, as well as the way in which the publicity and public relations related to the show can actually serve to…. [read more]

Hockey in the United States Essay

… Hockey

In the United States, hockey is sometimes the subject of light-hearted mockery about its being the "whitest of sports." Part of the reason is that it is true - few sports in North America have a higher percentage of white players. But the other part of the reason is that hockey's racial makeup often goes undocumented or consigned to the curiosity bin. Canadians celebrate that Jackie Robinson played in Montreal before breaking baseball's colour barrier, but few would recognize the name of Willie O'Ree. Fans are familiar with names like Bryan Trottier, Wade Redden and Sheldon Souray, but few could tell you that they are all Metis. This paper will explore the topic of race as it relates to Canada's national game. Is the…. [read more]

Prestige: Where Theatrical Conventions Meet the Real Research Proposal

… ¶ … Prestige: Where theatrical conventions meet the real life of cinema in Tesla's laboratory

Christopher Nolan rose to prominence as the director of Memento, a film that challenged conventional narrative structure and notions of cinematic time. Nolan's 2007 film the Prestige is a similar cinematic artifact: a curiously plot-driven film that disdains linear time and the viewer's innate urge to make sense of what he or she is seeing in a coherent fashion. It calls upon the viewer to follow the events of the film very closely, and often seeks to confuse rather than to satisfy the viewer with its use of illusion. It deploys the tools of magical tools of cinema to destabilize the viewer's sense of reality and security, much like one…. [read more]

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